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The Wolfen Remake

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The Wolfen were not wolves in the book. Therefore the original movie was nothing like the book. If it were remade today, it could be GREAT.
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Charles Small (3 years ago)
Totally agree! Look at the CGI dire wolves in Game of Thrones to get an idea of what the could look like. If they could show their unique paws, give the relatable facial expressions and get across their sophisticated communication methods that woul really rock.
Eric Shelman (4 years ago)
Na, Raider is out in left field.  I was also a HUGE fan of the book and I was tremendously disappointed in the movie.  Certain people like the movie because they see it as a New York "scenery" movie.  Well, I didn't watch the damned thing for the scenery - I watched it for the freaking story told in the book - and I did not get it.  Yes, go FULL ON CGI to tell the story, and use closed captions to relate what the Wolfen are saying.  That's fine.   PLEASE!!!

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