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Donald Trump on the G7 photo- BBC News

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A reporter asks Mr Trump if the row following the G7 meeting will damage the US's relations with its long-standing allies. He says he had "a very good" meeting with the G7 but the US is being "taken advantage of". Please subscribe HERE http://bit.ly/1rbfUog
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Masked Singer (1 month ago)
Trump should be named leader of G7. We have the largest army and economy so we should have the biggest say.
M M (1 month ago)
All librals ! Some closet librals,some openly
Jamie (1 month ago)
The BBC fake news agenda!
林浩澄 (1 month ago)
do anyone think trump trump speak like a kid trying to explain after he did something bad
ClarksonsinUSA (1 month ago)
America's Voice,not a representative of the World!!! An American President,that interest is America First!!! Bretton Woods is at an END!!
cstuff (1 month ago)
#impeach the dotard and prosecute team treason
Bernie Slanders (1 month ago)
The EU needs to elect a bunch of Trumps.
Bernie Slanders (1 month ago)
I would trade the EU for Russia and I think you all know why.
DOM KIM (1 month ago)
They don't have much oil money as Europe so...
rokmole (1 month ago)
justine is a weak soyboy betamale cuck
Candy (1 month ago)
*Trump blew Trudeau's eyebrows off with TRUTH!*
RightWingEye (1 month ago)
Free Tommy
KEVIN HESKETH (1 month ago)
Today I found the name of a torturer a collaborator working with the criminal scientist with a sonic Weapon.The name Keith.Also Paul.These two committed assault with a sonic weapon.They must be arrested for the human rights crime of torture.The Goverment gave them the use of this weapon so The prime minister must be arrested for the human rights crime of Torture .She has allowed a scientist with a sonic weapon to be used without consent to deliberately inflict torture.They must be arrested.A sonic weapon is a weapon.Is the police and judicial system independent in the UK?Then arrest This Keith,Paul and the scientist together and with Theresa May.Now!
dAn (1 month ago)
666 vs Trump Revelation 13.
Hi, it's me (1 month ago)
We want no more of this globalism and tariff free trade with countries. The US has the largest market in the world so why should we allow a tiny country like Canada tariff free access to our market so they can flood us with products and compete with our US companies. Enough is enough
Hi, it's me (1 month ago)
Trump is the greatest President in our lifetime.
Kim Chi (1 month ago)
Merkel will go down in history as the leader of a great country that she destroyed with her policies against the German people
yaping wu (1 month ago)
Trump is a liar , whom can’t be trusted by every country
Novocastrian Winter (1 month ago)
yaping wu No it is Merkel and her acolytes like Trudeau who can't be trusted.
Michael Collins (1 month ago)
Free Tommy Robinson now .
Atomix Music (1 month ago)
This comment section gives me cancer.⚠
Novocastrian Winter (1 month ago)
Atomix Music yes all the dumbed down lefties, it's sad all the histrionics over one man.
pablo9364 (1 month ago)
Watch the entire speech on the whitehouse you tube channel . Great job president Trump
Jamal Abbasi (1 month ago)
https://youtu.be/TcV4B-74pDk Yup shows what american believe in.. Killing innocent humans for Oil and money and to sell weapons to make the pigfat americans fatter.
Moses Serukwaya (1 month ago)
But the problem is despite that explanation,what transpired at the end of that meeting was that even the communiqué was rejected,Tradeu of Canada and also the host of that G 7 denounced bitterly,then still that photo exemplifies the real tone of that meeting.
having fun (1 month ago)
Don't worry Canada, when Trudeau loses the trade war with us, we'll buy a few moose burgers from you to keep some shoes on your feet for them cold winters. If your women want to start hooking to make a few bucks we could give you a little business there too.
Justin Beaird (1 month ago)
having fun after the trade war fails the USA may just buy Canada
Feeling good (1 month ago)
We have Trump who is a financial genius and businessman that amassed a ten billion dollar fortune in our corner and Canada has Trudeau that hasn't even ran a hot dog stand and wears moose print socks. It's like Mike Tyson being in the ring with Pee Wee Herman.
shooting shark (1 month ago)
Trudeau stabbed Trump in the back, when he got on TV and said Trump was a bully, after he and Trump shook hands and had a friendly chit chat just hours before. Trudeau also lost Canada's auto industry over his little rage boy tirade, accusing us of bullying him and making threats against us "I will not be pushed around, I will fight back" Canada has a GDP smaller than the state of Texas, so Trudeau has zero leverage to wage a trade war against us. His tirade where he said he's gonna hit the US with all these counter tariffs, just cost him his whole auto industry. Trump is now putting a 25% tariff on cars entering the US, and last year Canada sold us 54 billion dollars worth of cars. This 54 billion will now be gone due to Trudeau's BS, and there will be more tariffs since he's started a trade war. 70% of the Canadian economy is dependent on US trade, and if Trudeau loses trade with us, his economy will collapse, and we will walk away unscathed. He's willing to risk 70% of the people's jobs by waging a trade war and rejecting the steel quotas that were offered him? He opens his mouth and gets cocky and loses the Canadian auto industry. What next, is he gonna start bashing Trump again and lose his lumber industry, which we already have some tariffs on? Trudeau took the people's freedom of speech with those hate speech laws, but apparently those laws don't apply to him. He can incite hatred and hurl hateful comments, that would land his poor people in prison. Trudeau also wants to put all this LGBH garbage in the trade agreement, but we should instead demand that before we agree to any future trade deal, Canada abolish the hate speech laws and release all people imprisoned by them. This is a criminal act being committed against the people of Canada and an abuse of basic human rights. We should do this with all countries, you want a trade deal, you decriminalize speech and free your political prisoners or you don't get a deal.
Locomotive (1 month ago)
Just imagine the media if that lazy suit wearing soundbite gibbon Obama had pulled this off. The people can clearly see how bias and full of shit the Liberal media are. The BBC are one of the worse culprits for Liberal/leftist bias. Trump will win even "biggerly" in 2020. Wait and see..
Comic Book Guy (1 month ago)
Unlike most politicians, Trump isn't a guy to wear a cheesy, fake, Cheshire cat smile for the cameras
just4visit (1 month ago)
just found: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UAqCQmRCHZc
Borode Adewumi (1 month ago)
sean love (1 month ago)
It is such ashame you have to explain yourself Trump. Trump 2020 🇺🇸✌🏼💓
Privacy Goodbye (1 month ago)
The EU is nothing more than a fascist dictatorship, but the people are waking up. The photo of President Trump sitting with his arms folded saying No No No that's not happening 😁 priceless
sparkee666 (1 month ago)
Trying to explain his way out of a bad photo opp., and thinks Trudeau had no idea that Air-force One had T.V's. How can someone be so bloody ignorant. he's been president for almost 2 years, you would think he would have picked something up at-least through osmosis.
sparkee666 (1 month ago)
nope, That is ridiculous notion, and what you said is as stupid as Trump is crazy. Trudeau made those comments in front of reporters from all over the world in a planned press conference. The only reason he didn't say it to Trumps face is because he left the G7 before the press conference started. Trump has less guts and is more of a two faced snake than 1000 Justin Trudeau's
Feeling good (1 month ago)
You missed the point of what he was saying. He was saying Trudeau is a weasel that waited until he got on the plane before he started saying the nasty things about Trump. He wouldn't say these things to trump's face and was kissing Trump's a*s in the meeting and being all nicy nice. Trudeau is a 2 faced coward.
Donna McDonald (1 month ago)
You can't read .
Goldfinga Sliverfinga (1 month ago)
BBC is not telling u ppl the truth.. brain washing u into a lamb ..bheeeeeeeeh
sheehan1able (1 month ago)
No world leader speaks in this friendly honest tone with this great detail to the press. Still Trump is called the villain.
Crazy Eric (1 month ago)
Jason342 (1 month ago)
13 months is nothing bro.
Crazy Eric (1 month ago)
redolence 100 (1 month ago)
https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=pKor2m3F5tg 🌿🌿🌿🌿
Chetan Biswas (1 month ago)
Wendy Alexander (1 month ago)
What an idiot! Get along with? The G7 meeting was a bust.
TRUMP job well done !!!... KEEP THE PEACE !!!!!!!!.. disarm the WHOLE WORLD of NUKES !!!!!!....
Dirty Ralph . Dance (1 month ago)
Poorest of the day at the end of the day , the BBC so poor , so weak .
A_Z Productions (1 month ago)
This comment section is a war zone of angry sjw's and hillbillies.
Atomix Music (1 month ago)
A_Z Productions (1 month ago)
Wonder if he discussed the upcoming release of gangnam style 2?
C Mc (1 month ago)
Does Justin actually know what FAIR trade means? It doesn't mean adding a 270% tariff on dairy and then getting mad when people call you out for taking advantage.
shooting shark (1 month ago)
I totally agree Mr. President. You are doing a great job and the people of America love you.
Snake Plisken (1 month ago)
Also note, if we had all disarmed our nukes, right now North Korea would be the only people with nukes and and they wouldn’t be disarming
Kyota Tsushima (1 month ago)
Not my name (1 month ago)
Sheeple are Lame (1 month ago)
Nigel Johnson (1 month ago)
There are a couple of problems with this meeting. First it is between a psychopath and an egotist. The world knows that Kim is responsible for the deaths of a large number of his countrymen and allegedly gave orders for the assassination of a number of his family members in the most horrible ways, yet the media appears to be suffering from amnesia and is lionising this monster for not attempting to kill millions more. Trump, the master of the bad deal, appears to have given Kim all he wanted for very little in return, if reports of the deal content is true. In exchange for vague promises from the North Korean side, Trump appears to have agreed to suspend military operations with the south and to withdraw US forces from Korea. If true we can expect NK to use any reduction in sanctions as a way to increase the strength of its forces, with the eventual intention to overrun the south. Trump is rubbing his hands with glee and the expectation of a Nobel peace prize. The world is understandable so desparate to avoid a devastating nuclear war it has suspended its critical faculties. No one wants to mention the unpalatable for fear of jinxing a deal that might avoid war. There is also a question about what China's roll is in this affair and what they expect to get out of it. A cynic might note that China is not known for its altruism and therefore there will be a significant price to pay. As a minimum, Trump has reduced US influence close to the Chinese border, but this is likely to be only part of the price to be paid. One can only hope that in the long run the world has moved a little away from nuclear annihilation, but again the cynic might think in the long term the opposite may have occurred.
Check these dubs (1 month ago)
Di Barg (1 month ago)
Snake Plisken (1 month ago)
So we’re still heading toward ww3?
vera747 (1 month ago)
He made a deal with the Hitler he was most afraid of. Dignified him like an ambassador simply to get a nobel prize. Kim should be in prison for his evil,,,,, birds of a feather
Privacy Goodbye (1 month ago)
vera747 they only gave out the Nobel prize to Obomber because they believed his FAKE PROMISES which as you know turned out to be a whole pack of lies - Obomber was at WAR for EVERY DAY of his 8yrs reading from his TelePROMPTER pretending to be a somebody - President Trump is the REAL DEAL
Geth Creator (1 month ago)
vera747 only if we could of made a deal with hitler back then like lifting all the unfair sanctions on Germany and avoiding war which would of saved millions of lives. No matter what good Trump does it won't matter because you just want to bash him
Wahyu Biru (1 month ago)
trump is great world leader. he make progress in this world. make every work is done. he will punch all president in this world.
jeek (1 month ago)
It's easier to deal ith North Korean than Canadians.. PERIOD !
Mariusz Furman (1 month ago)
This will be very friendly war.
rick Woods (1 month ago)
errr couple months ago BBC were citing all out war between and Trump and N Korea ? give it break already the guy made an idiot out of you lot... which really makes msm look shite !
There's always two sides to a story so maybe there's some truth to what trump said... ... On the other hand, it's trump...
Yoyo Mofo (1 month ago)
PROOF THAT Media tries to influence EVERYTHING!!!
Drummer1000George (1 month ago)
Where? What proof?
Damon Hazell (1 month ago)
That Kim is so nice and trust worthy, after all his entire country isn't imprisoned with a penalty of death if caught trying to reach the free world...yes he's so trusting like he probably still making that nuclear bomb small enough to fit on that missile yes he is so loving all those people never disappear it's all make believe , what makes it worse is people want to believe and except him so much he doesn't even need to hide anything now wake up smell the roses...
LokiV (1 month ago)
Donald Trump leader of the free world 👍🏻 BBC Leader of the gutter press race baiting crap pure filth 👎🏿 🖕🏻
Mason504 (1 month ago)
I love me some President Donald J. Trump.. Free UK Political Prisoner Tommy Robinson~! #FreeTommy
A. Q. (1 month ago)
Hey, Robert de Niro,!..................🤣
geoff birchall (1 month ago)
laurejon (1 month ago)
Its about time May gave the EU the Trump treatment. Playing nicely gets nowhere with the European Union, they only understand hardball politics.
rokmole (1 month ago)
+clickaccept may is a weak lib tard
clickaccept (1 month ago)
May is part of the problem. She can't change. Globalist progressive wishy-washy ethics born out of compassion, not love.
laurejon (1 month ago)
A lesson learnt by Trump. Never trust a Canadian bearing false eyebrows.
dan mitchell (1 month ago)
by cutting your taxpayer money we could save millions of pounds and lives afterall spreading lies and fake news is harmful and dangerous just a fyi
Raja J (1 month ago)
Frankly speaking president good for the world
Morgan Clarke (1 month ago)
Quem vê até fala "tadinho dele, foi enganado. Que dó"
Grey Bar0n (1 month ago)
Like a child making excuses.
TMA L X (1 month ago)
®™ ALX ⚖ Observations ✍✍ Trump moronic meglomaniacal goofball President has started a tariff war that America can't win.
TMA L X (1 month ago)
shooting shark ©™ ALX 🌍 Reply ✍✍ It's not a matter of stopping trade it's the fact that costs to the American citizen goes up. If China tariffs lots of consumer goods???? Which they may not, that's bad considering how much is made in China and too beef soybeans etc. The trade deficits are a different issue the world holds trillions in US Treasury Bills. Dumping them would screw the US economy.
shooting shark (1 month ago)
Canada's GDP is smaller than the state of Texas, but Trudeau thinks he can win a trade war against us?? 70% of Canadian jobs are related to US trade and if we stopped all trade, they would be knocked out and on the canvas , while we would walk away with a few scratches. Trudeau has no leverage to win a trade war and he's stupid for starting this war. What's he gonna say "Well if you don't do what I want, I'll just stop all trade"? We have a 100 billion dollar deficit with Canada, so it will save us billions if he stops trade. Even if we didn't have a deficit, our economy is the largest in the world, and we can take a hit and still be standing, while Trudeau is laid out on the canvas.
TMA L X (1 month ago)
Geth Creator ©™ ALX 🌍 Reply ✍ Much too soon to tell. Wait awhile for the counter tariffs to put thousands of people out of work.
Geth Creator (1 month ago)
Armed Liberation Xecutive pretty sure he is winning it though haaaa
John Brown (1 month ago)
John Brown (1 month ago)
Reading with Mike (1 month ago)
Fuckin die!
John Brown (1 month ago)
John Brown (1 month ago)
David (1 month ago)
Everyones ignoring that NKorea haz pulled stunts like this before. They want something so they start up their nuclear program. They then use that as a bargaining chip to get whatever they want from weak leaders. People are praising Trump but the guy just got played.
Kesar Taj (1 month ago)
world is shit u cant trust anyone
Cenk Uyger (1 month ago)
This is your daily reminder that the BBC is Cancer.
Mihir Patel (1 month ago)
concernedamerican (1 month ago)
Is BBC News real News or are they a Rag Mag like CNN?
Geth Creator (1 month ago)
wesley rodgers they push a left marrative just like CNN, they ignore whats going on in the middle class of Britain and worst of all its all funded through our money. The BBC are not neutral and are very bias
wesley rodgers (1 month ago)
List your examples dear.
Geth Creator (1 month ago)
concernedamerican worse than cnn
tui tui (1 month ago)
Never forget that the BBC are purveyors of FAKE NEWS.
Snakey (1 month ago)
as usual, media companies using trickery and deception to push an agenda
Dr Nurallah Muhammad (1 month ago)
This is a bad clip and so unprofessional coming from you BBC! How could you give us an inconclusive vid like this?!
pablo9364 (1 month ago)
Dr Nurallah Muhammad agree watch it on the whitehouse you tube channel to see it in its entirety and in its real context
NATO Spear Head (1 month ago)
Trump is a loser, there was absolutely nothing friendly about the G7 meeting... and Justin Trudeau was talking about the tariffs which remained in place after the meeting.
Mr Deadpool (1 month ago)
All the snow flakes in the comments
Oh, a virtue signalling post about other posts. Chalk that one up to originality, edgy and not in anyway the very thing he himself is describing.
Kasual7 (1 month ago)
Where's the Despacito 2?
Rustom Cadet (1 month ago)
Kasual7 😂😂 I needed this comment thx!
Punkster (1 month ago)
You need to go to NASA's YT channel for that news.
simon chacko (1 month ago)
Donald Trump 📈💯
fredo1070 (1 month ago)
Would there be this peace conference if Hillary was President?
ClarksonsinUSA (1 month ago)
Strategic Patience ,the Neville Chamberlain approach ... Is the Obamas /Hillarys doctrine...
the r34 porg (1 month ago)
fredo1070 No because we'd all be dead
Jeremy Jackson (1 month ago)
fredo1070 funny how lopici shut up after the nobel prize remark.
Jeremy Jackson (1 month ago)
fuck no. we'd be in world war 3 by now.
Privacy Goodbye (1 month ago)
Robert Smith absolutely - can't wait for the uranium one indictments to unleash
J Jee (1 month ago)
14 Trump videos in the last 8 hours by the BBC. That's a record.
abhisek pradhan (1 month ago)
Obama,bush,clinton- Lets invade & massacre children & half population to solve this conflict. . Trump: Lets sit & talk. Now that's what a leader is.🙆
Geth Creator (1 month ago)
bharat chamakuri no but majority do not believe or say that shit and get labelled alt right for speaking up on genuine issues the left want to ignore Thats why I said majority and not all
ALLAHbless RUSSIA (1 month ago)
Geth Creator obama bombed more Nations and deported more ppl from US than any other president.
bharat chamakuri (1 month ago)
Geth Creator So media labelling people who say "kill all the jews" and "white power" as alt right is wrong. Gotcha. Man I love the US. So entertaining
Geth Creator (1 month ago)
bharat chamakuri i stopped at alt right The alt right are majority in the middle of politics l, regular people who are sick of the pc bullshit so people like you and the media labelled them all alt right to try and discredit them. Progressive lefties are aids
bharat chamakuri (1 month ago)
Have I Got Fake News For You Well... Failed to condemn alt right, stood by Roy Moore, distancing Canada - apparantly it's a national security threat (tf?), took away health care with no plan B in hand just to undermine Obama, comes up with a conspiracy every week and have you looked at his everyday time table. I'm not from the USA, but I started following US's politics since the day this clown gave his nomination just because I really found him "amusing", just as one would find a bunch of monkeys in a zoo amusing
Yacobus Fitri (1 month ago)
Trump loves everyone! He is a friendly man.
NATO Spear Head (1 month ago)
Yes, Trump gives everyone 10/10 but then sanctions them. Very friendly.
; (1 month ago)
mcesmy did he grab your mother. Cuz u know many things
mcesmy (1 month ago)
Yacobus Fitri, yes, and he likes to grab them by the pu55y
Left Is Best (1 month ago)
Orange sexual psychopath.
Greg Jones (1 month ago)
Well you're the self-identifying sexual deviant so I guess you'd know all about cocks but you know nothing about wombles so stop pretending you do.
Left Is Best (1 month ago)
Greg Jones - Fuck off back to the Daily Mail cockwomble.
Greg Jones (1 month ago)
Are you really! Why do you feel the need to tell everyone?
Punkster (1 month ago)
If Trump got the whole world to disarm their nukes, the Trump Derangement Syndrome would still be in full force.
Jamie (1 month ago)
Punkster liberalism is a delusional mass psychosis.
Justin Beaird (1 month ago)
Yea the left would spin it that the whole world is now defenceless
Bert (1 month ago)
Punkster Trump could solve world hunger and peace and they would still hate him.
Ivor Scrotumic (1 month ago)
Punkster Maybe he should lead by example then & get USA to disarm their nukes first..??
Novocastrian Winter (1 month ago)
Punkster yep!
The lord of verbal diarrhea
Monarchist 18 (1 month ago)
Yes, you are!
Mervin Zavaleta (1 month ago)
cary bary (1 month ago)
Go trump. Steptoe Ira loving corbyn couldn’t achieve that
BullitT (1 month ago)
The lord of verbal diarrhea.
Bernie Slanders (1 month ago)
mikeissweet (1 month ago)
BullitT No president has ever given so much access and off-the-cuff remarks. He is a master at creating controversy, and when the media broadcast his words to "fact check" his exaggerated claims, his message comes across with it. This has been incredibly successful for him. Donald Trump has a fantastic team guiding him with an economically sound agenda and he is the ultimate, and very brash, tip of the spear. He has cultivated an avatar of the quintessential deal maker throughout his life, and this has made the Trump brand iconic and also earned him a top tv show. Trump has projected this persona throughout the election and his presidency, and is already working on deals with North Korea, China, Canada, Mexico, the EU, and soon Iran. While Trump appears to be bumbling his way through the presidency, he didn't get there by accident. This perception is actually crucial to his success because it allows him to take risks that previous presidents would get crushed for. His impulsive and unpredictable image is also incredibly terrifying to anybody that needs to deal with him.
Peter Hendry (1 month ago)
Punkster oooofff
Greg Jones (1 month ago)
BullitT - Woah, you're over-analysing, I'm only repeating what other people told me about you.
RT TH (1 month ago)
BullitT , it is one of the liberals many gods.
betty swollox (1 month ago)
betty swollox (1 month ago)
Wesley...no one cares what your answer is....Now get yourself sat down on the sofa and wait for nob enders to start....
wesley rodgers (1 month ago)
My answer rhymes with swollox.
Maxi O (1 month ago)
Their bosses definitely are.
John Brown (1 month ago)
betty swollox 😂 Correct! An illegal pedophile ring, that ride the cock of the Nazi Totalitarian government

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