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My Emeals Review

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UPDATE: In the video I state that you cannot mix and match meals from different plans in a single week. I found out you can! Check out my blog below for more information. Thanks! blog: www.fitfabflorida.com *NEW* facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Fit-Fab-Florida-Homeschool-Mom-307347399693231/ Instagram @FitFabFlorida_HomeschoolMom
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Text Comments (11)
I.T.mom (5 months ago)
So no more E Meals for you? I tried to look up Treehouse Table but no luck. Is it on Iphone App store?
Kimberly Maass (8 months ago)
This video made my decision thanks so much
Food Box HQ (9 months ago)
Have you tried any others?
Angie McCann (2 months ago)
HomeschoolMom I can't find the Table app. Is there more to the name?
De Ike (2 months ago)
Can't find table either
Angie McCann (3 months ago)
FitFabFlorida, hi there. Very informative video, thank you! I need a service this in my life. You mentioned an app, Table. I couldn't locate it. Is there more to the name? Is in an Apple or Andoid app? Thanks!!
Food Box HQ (9 months ago)
Thanks so much for letting me know!
Farmhouse in the Suburbs (9 months ago)
Food Box HQ I ended up paying for emeals, but I found something that I like more and it is FREE! It is an app called Table. I like it because there are images for all the meals, unlike emeals, and the app is easier to use.
The Executive Farmer (11 months ago)
I was looking up reviews on emeals when I came across your video, and it just made my day. Can I just say that I think you're adorable. I remember that season in my life with little kids and car seats and I would totally have taken advantage of the walmart delivery if they had it at that time. I think what you're doing is great, keep up the good work helping young moms, I love how you were making the video while you were nursing a baby, it just brought back a flood of memories of trying to keep it all together.
Farmhouse in the Suburbs (11 months ago)
The Executive Farmer "Treehouse Table" *
Farmhouse in the Suburbs (11 months ago)
The Executive Farmer Thank you so much for your kind words! It made my day! Also, I did end up paying for emeals and a week later I came across a FREE app called "Table" that does the same thing and more! You might want to check that out and save yourself the emails fee!

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