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Was Terminator Genisys Really That Bad?

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Text Comments (997)
The Dave Cullen Show (8 months ago)
Though I will appeal it, This video was demonetized because of the line: "Bastardization of a Terminator movie" at 2 minutes 33 seconds. Honestly YouTube, is truly a joke at this point. They can't even understand context.
Robert Whitcomb (8 days ago)
Andrew Cabral (27 days ago)
Hey man I love this movie I was so hyped for it and I like that twist that John is the bad guy of this film not some other more super advance Terminator then the T-1000 or the T-X.
Joseph Bratcher (5 months ago)
My mother, RIP, was devoutly religious and did not condone cursing - even using euphemisms such as dang for damn. Further, she never turned on a computer in her life, although she did turn my MS-DOS machine off a few times. Even she knew the meaning of "bastardization" and would not have objected to its appropriate use in this video. Damn, just damn. I mean Dang, just dang, er I mean, that's ridiculous.
All American Slacker (6 months ago)
They screwed up the series before this one even came out by explaining that Skynet was developed using technology salvaged from the terminator that was destroyed at the end of the original, and turning it into a paradox in the process. For Skynet to be created, a terminator has to be sent back in time to be reverse engineered, but one won't get sent back in time if Skynet isn't created.
Lorn Roberts (7 months ago)
They can understand contex. You've said bad things about the SJW holy war, you're going to get scourged every time they can get you. You're an apostate, suffering the wrath of the zealots. You're lucky YouTube doesn't have death camps yet.
Lensman (9 days ago)
Yes. Yes it was ...
chronoss chiron (10 days ago)
chronoss chiron (10 days ago)
no the other movies said he died .....before they won so ...
chronoss chiron (10 days ago)
i enjoyed it....
augustusreagle (12 days ago)
Yes it was terrible, I mean there are worse films in existence but this one is really up there
Destraex Destraex (17 days ago)
I liked it. It's Terminator. But I do agree that hollywood has no time to really do mature well thought out movies that are not art house or intentionally slow. The best movies come from books because the content is already thought about by intelligent people. Lord of the Rings and Band of Brothers are good examples of this. Did you watch the Terminator TV series? I enjoyed that as well until they canned it before the new terminator movies started coming out.
JediOfTheRepublic (17 days ago)
You are not thinking 4th dimensionally.
Mazroon M (18 days ago)
I thought it was stupid but fun. Lots of good action scenes.
Dan Welch (18 days ago)
If you think this was bad. Go watch "the Predator". horrible movie. AVP was better than it.
school of shred (18 days ago)
Sjw garbage movie
Ofis Dorionas (19 days ago)
The screenplay of this movie was ridiculous
WELambert01 (19 days ago)
Yes, it was. It began so promising. The triple threat: plot sucked, acting terrible and actors (even Arnold) zero charisma. You wanna know bad? The polar opposite of The Terminator.
Luis Kern (20 days ago)
it was the best since T2
TheBloodyHound (21 days ago)
Better question. Has any Terminator movie past the second one been "good"?
John Fic (21 days ago)
I liked it. It was better than 3 and 4. I went to just enjoy it as another action movie.
Lee Croft (21 days ago)
Honestly I never had an issues with Conner being the villain of the movie. Actually Conner wasn't technically the villain, he was taken over by Skynet. Personally I thought it was a nice spin on the typical story, just wish it was spoiled in the trailer. The main problem I had with the movie was the casting, while not terrible it certainly wasn't of the calibre of the original two movie's. I enjoyed it but comparing it to the first two it just lacks. The franchise has a strange history with me. I love one and two. T3, I love the final act. Salvation, always had a soft spot for it. Genisys, dodgy casting and script.
Clymax01 (22 days ago)
The Terminator - 9/10 T2 - 10/10 T3 - 3/10 Salvation - 4/10 Genisys - 5/10
Miroljub Ilic (22 days ago)
For me not so I'll look at words toxic fans differently and i do think we killed some movies just not the one that movie makers claim we did
Matt Marvitz (22 days ago)
I think if they were shooting for a trilogy this movie wasn't a bad start. There's a lot to imply they were drawing from the Darkhorse theme of all potential future outcomes lead to the same results vs the theory of all possible outcomes lead to an Evil A.I.
Ben Quinney (23 days ago)
The KING (23 days ago)
For those who didn't like Terminator 3, now that THIS movie exists, I bit everyone is started to appreciate T3 now lol
- ICE - 125 - (23 days ago)
Terminator genesis has to be the worst sequal in the history of sequels films and I didn't mind 1-4 people hate salvation but I never watched the trailer that spoilt the film so that was a plus
McDangerously (23 days ago)
Whats even worse is that they spoiled the twist in the trailers. There was no need to go see it after that
portland 182 (23 days ago)
Emilia Clarke 5'2" unbeliveable as a bad ass. Linda Hamilton 5'4.5" total bad ass. I guess that's a vital 2.5"
it was pretty fucking terrible, yeah.
TJH15 (24 days ago)
This film bastardized the franchise and the next film coming out looks just as bad but in a different continuity.
Bad? No, not at all... I even want a sequel to answer the questions it raises. Who sent Pops back and why? What will Genesys do to return as it obviously wasn't destroyed completely? What happened in the future after Skynet took out John Connor? It is a time travel paradox movie franchise. You can keep writing fresh stories without having to reboot it.
JustCause I Said So (25 days ago)
The execution was bad. They shouldn't have explained that skynet attacked john so early. The moment kyle starts speaking to Sarah they already know what went wrong. Then there's no suspense as to why everything is changing. Also the 80s timeline should've been the last area they went to. Not the beginning
J P (25 days ago)
No One (25 days ago)
perfect review, couldn't have said it better myself
EmperorTaebok (26 days ago)
I liked it. I don't care if others didn't. Fuck 'em.
BRIAN KRIENS (26 days ago)
Everything beyond T2 doesn't exist to me..
Andrew Holka (26 days ago)
The movie itself felt like a bad meme, something that takes an original idea and distorts it so far that it is barely recognisable.
JasonScott (26 days ago)
Dr Cringe (26 days ago)
Genisys SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Row Danilov (27 days ago)
yes it was really that bad.. (before watching video)
Relaxing Topology (27 days ago)
Perfect summation. This movie made me realize Hollywood is ALWAYS capable of new lows. Like going into the heart of a beloved franchise's mythos and reveling in its utter disdain for it.
Scott Wheeler (27 days ago)
Mom and dad saw and loved it but they are approaching or over 60 so I think 🤔 they were riding off nostalgia fueled rose colored glasses so I just said yeah whatever and did not go . Thankfully in life there’s the individualistic protest of non-participation which is great if one detects cinematic bullshit .
jime6688 (27 days ago)
I really think you're over thinking this movie in a need to pick it apart. I thought it was really good.
Jetstoanywhere (27 days ago)
terminator 1 & 2 are good ,3 onward is trash
Raymond St Paul (27 days ago)
If considered as a separate film of the franchise its pretty good I enjoyed it. The bad news I'm getting annoyed by the time travel nonsense its basically a re-hash of the previous films after T2. We need a movie that concentrates on the future war. Salvation was poorly done though had great CGI. It didn't resemble the first film at all in content example daylight fighting? Nope it was made clear the resistance fought at night an barely had the means to fight Skynet. In Salvation it seemed humanity went to Walmart got stuff on sale on Black Friday. Did Skynet suddenly forget it has Satellites in orbit an decided not to nuke the resistance base? Terminator 3 was just one long chase nothing more yeah it was fun to watch but the same routine except for the ending. I do want more Terminator films but the time travel is getting annoying. Turning John into the bad guy? Bad idea in my opinion it should have instead had a Terminator pretend to be John that would make sense.
TJPhoenix (27 days ago)
If I was a good writer I know how to do my Terminator trilogy that or just have the second film the true end to Terminator like it was supposed to be and not do any sequels. Number 3 wasn't bad it didn't hold anything to the first 2 but was still better than they did after that it also at least try to have an original idea which helped.
misterlobsterman (27 days ago)
Only good thing was the design of the Connorminator.
I R (27 days ago)
I liked the recreation and asthetics at the beginning of the movie (absent in the previous movie), but after reece goes back kinda lost interest
CSM101 (27 days ago)
Movie was complete shit
Nick Bon Jovi (27 days ago)
I didn't liked the movie but have seen it couple of times now. And I never had a will to turn it off. Arnold to blame. :) This review is great. That cool feeling when you agree with someone on that many points.
Wraith Designz (28 days ago)
It was rushed and over hyped. that was the major problem, the story idea was pretty cool to see unfold, but they rushed it and they counted on the actor who plays sarah, to be the saving grace because......QUEEN OF DRAGONS!.....after that, the rest was cleshay and the very same BS others failed from. Was cool to see paradox scenes and the same type of scenes was pretty cool. The biggest part that ruined it and shoves hipster writers who are probably like early 20s wrote this film? GENESYS! yeah, lets just do the FB clone thing for the 10000000000000th time, and make it seem like everybody is so happy its coming to take over their lives!!! like REALLY? we are sick and tired of FB or social media and crappy webcams being huge parts in all these movies...YES! we get it! yes! we know there is FB and social media.....i get it, we all do but you won't listen hollywood....WE GET IT!!!!! but they did it anyways! XD lol
Alexander Kolchev (28 days ago)
Yes, it was (didn't even watch the video)
BlazingOwnager (29 days ago)
The real big problem with Jai Courtney isn't his performance, it's the fact he's a giant Arnold like big bodybuilder guy. Kyle Reese was a scrapper, with an average body type; not super tall, not super buff, etc. I could NEVER get over the massive difference in that casting.
SlCKB0Y (29 days ago)
short answer : yes. long answer : oh fuck yes.
Alex Coradini (29 days ago)
Yesssss, it was
A Ha (29 days ago)
alternate time line movie.... not a movie in sequence...
mierpub8lam (29 days ago)
Geoff Shaw (1 month ago)
The Nezk (1 month ago)
acid flashback (1 month ago)
Yes. Mediocre sums it up.
TJ Bowman (1 month ago)
I was first introduced to the Terminator as a small kid in the 80's and I was genuinely horrified. T2 broke that fear though.
Daniel Maycock (1 month ago)
Certainly summed up the film pretty well for me. For me, everything after Terminator 2 was just a money grabbing franchise. When it got Three, you could easily tell they were struggling. But this was a mess. I don't hate it, in fact (as you said) the CGI Arnie was impressive and even the T-1000 was pretty good, the actor they choose was very close to the original actor who played the T-1000. But the whole time travel thing just messed it all up. From the first film it was made clear the fight was just between Kyle Reese and the T-800 and that's how it is should have stayed. Despite a good entry for Terminator 2, it is start to look a bit dated with the whole 'save the world' thing and I really disliked the actor they picked for the young John Conner who sounded more like a whiny kid with a screechy voice than possible leader of the resistance. But at least it gave you a reason why he needed to be trained.
Darth Stigater (1 month ago)
I think there may be a bit of misrepresentation here. You say that writers are unable to come up with anything original. There is the possibility that they are writing original stories, but Hollywood execs don't want to risk the money on them and opt for rehashes, reboots and remakes instead because they think they will get more money from name recognition than a good original story.
Justin Lynch (1 month ago)
Oh boy people ain't going to like this, but well, to be honest I enjoyed the plot twist of Skynet finding a way to take control of their biggest rival and make him their greatest asset. Yes I said it, I liked John Connor becoming evil.
Neinka (1 month ago)
I really liked it, except the actor who played Connor.
Scott Browning (1 month ago)
I own this movie on DVD. I forgot I had it. I forgot I watched it. It took watching this video to remember the movie ever existed. Enough said.
Rensune (1 month ago)
Better than 3, not as good as Salvation.
Alex Wilson (1 month ago)
I didn't mind the beginning of the movie too much, I enjoyed the idea of using the scenes from T1 and switching them half way through, but hey, each to their own!
filipstruhar (1 month ago)
I saw it, i dont remember wath about, but i remember that i wasnt angry, it wasnt memorable, but wasnt that bad
Degrelle Holt (1 month ago)
So Reese doesn't even behave like a man. Most would have said: Ok, good bye.
The Reynolds (1 month ago)
I don't think the idea was terrible, because time travel allows you to do the kind of whacky things we see in the film. But I do think it was poorly done. I would like to know who sent Pops back to save young Sarah though.
Pedro (1 month ago)
I liked it.
Reinoldi (1 month ago)
terminator 1 was the best, very dark ^^ yeah special affekts wasnt that good for today standards, but it was a great movie.^^
Shock Wave (1 month ago)
I was 10 when i saw it and i loved it. It still holds a place in my heart but my favorite is t2.
mikeyh0 (1 month ago)
It was better than I expected. I love time travel movies. It's Arnold Schwarzenegger, for crying out loud. [But I also liked Bruce Willis in Hudson Hawk.] These are MOVIES - not the answer to some cosmic riddle. Every time I hear that phrase - "Well, it was okay as a movie but not that realistic" I cringe. Jai is not a good actor, particularly. He is best suited to play vapid, disoriented - but loyal - nincompoops. Was Kyle Reese such a character? He is now.
Terimator Genesis is only okay.
markalexander774 (1 month ago)
I 100% disagree with you that Emilia Clarke is a good actress. She has been shite in every movie in which she has been and her character in Game of Thrones is one of the easiest roles an actor can play: Be a somewhat wooden monarch that does not really know what he/she is doing. I can do that, you can do that, everyone that watched this video can do that. She is not good at acting, she just has an easy role on a show that is otherwise full of great actors and even greater writing (up until season 7).
barbiquearea (1 month ago)
I guess this is essentially Terminator's own version of Jaws 4.
CrazyChiv (1 month ago)
Genisys isn't so bad IF you watch it as a parody. I think of it like Repossessed vs The Exorcist. Even though some of the original cast appear, the existance of Repossessed dosn't deminish the original Exorcist - it's just a bit of fun. But, if you watch Genisys as a serious canonical entry to the franchise, then no - it sucks balls. Big fat hairy balls.
Ryan Brennan (1 month ago)
Almost everyone was completely miscast for this movie. One of the largest problems, I think.
Hefty Alan (2 months ago)
Best review of a film. I wrote on another vid how much I disliked Genisys and got a lot of stick with one person agreeing with me. I saw T2 at the cinema and even now one of the best films I have seen in a theatre and still stands up over 25 years on which is very rare for a film of this genre. "You could be mine" Perfect accompaniment.
Hefty Alan (2 months ago)
For me yes it really was that bad. I really didn't like this one at all and was disrespectful to the fans. Glad I am not the only one who dislikes this film and agree the little girl was miscast. I was cheering on Genisys :)
SRT8Driver (2 months ago)
they should've quit while they were ahead but.....
Michael Klump (2 months ago)
If they hadn't tried to retcon the entire series and ruin John Connor, then the answer would be "No." But considering they did, it is objectively *the worst Terminator movie to ever be made.* It's not even entertaining, either. It's just SO SO stupid.
Faffy Waffle (2 months ago)
Also, they spoiled it in the trailer. AGAIN.
Bad End Happy (2 months ago)
Future war parts were damn cool.
Erick Santos (2 months ago)
This movie destroy the franchise timeline, this movie has the worst John Connor, Arnold was completely stupid on this movie. The first three movies was easier too think about it, but this?! Always mess my mind when I got to think about that evil John Connor and the old ass T-800. This movie it's completely garbage!
Terminator: Genysis was visually great. That's it.
ijzerkoekie (3 months ago)
Okay, so T2 it is not and yes, there are regurgitated elements and the actors for Kyle and Sarah are horrible horrible fits. However, I love it, It has heart and it has a message about world unity and centralized control that serves very well, even if simply, to warn us of things to come. It's not about Skynet, it feels more like Biblical prophecy and I realize that it makes the movie campy, but it strikes a true chord as well. I love it despite its heavy flaws and the idiotic feminism. What really does it for me is how it handles an aging Arnold / Terminator. As an obviously sentient machine, he has learned to love. This was previously and dramatically covered at the end of T2, but never fleshed out, and Genisys does that - it answers that question of sentience and does it well. It's a simplistic feel good movie with a thoughtful look at things to come.
ChilledKubes (3 months ago)
I actually liked it, pretty good IMO, the effects were great, acting was good, one of the better films of 2015
Igor Wojtyna (3 months ago)
Poorly casted do you believe there exists a man better suited for this role than Schwarzenegger
The Jazz King (4 months ago)
It sucks!!!!!
Adam Bunda (4 months ago)
To be honest this was a guilty pleasure of mine.
Tim Martin (4 months ago)
I saw it when drunk and sober... I liked it better drunk.
Pan Dixon (5 months ago)
Its a trash reboot that gave the finger to 4 of my favorite movies ever made. So to answer your question no. Its not that bad. Its worse.
JediOfTheRepublic (17 days ago)
You are weak minded then if you T3 and Salvation were you top 4 movies every made. It's not even a reboot.
Space Skeletor (5 months ago)
after terminator 3 it just gets bad
Mercenary Knight (3 months ago)
Salvation was the best of the lot after the 2nd.
Angus Ng (4 months ago)
Space Skeletor Terminator 6 will flop miserably because of Terminator getting lesser known.
Space Skeletor (5 months ago)
the movie made me cringe fast
Mercenary Knight (5 months ago)
Salvation destroys this piece of shit film. I would love to hear your thoughts on it, Dave. ^^
Mercenary Knight (5 months ago)
Indeed, it attempts to not copy the first two (like 3 and Genishit do) and try to be different and it can work ads a prequel to the first, being that it takes place in the Future War. ^^
Horrormaster13 (5 months ago)
Mercenary Knight Yep. Compared to Terminator: Genishit is Terminator: Salvation a cinematic masterpiece.
Fabermain (5 months ago)
missing the point of terminator entirely.. great job. the point of going back in time is to change the future but everytime they do that the past of the future changes too. thats why what we see is the return same past in different timelines due to the changes from the original movie.
17R3W (6 months ago)
If you haven't already, would you done one for T4? I really like that one, and I think it's truely Erie.
Wade Tisthammer (6 months ago)
To be fair, John Connor was mind controlled.
Mercenary Knight (5 months ago)
Even if so, again, the film does not make this clear. It makes it seem as if he turned at the drop of a hat. That is how it comes off to me.
Wade Tisthammer (5 months ago)
Mercenary Knight I'm pretty sure it was. Even if I'm remembering wrong about it not being said explicitly, I'm pretty sure Skynet wouldn't infect its mortal enemy (John Connor) with nanites to make him powerful and just hope for the best rather than using the opportunity to reprogram his brain.
Mercenary Knight (5 months ago)
The film does not explain this, though.
Shockingly Neil (6 months ago)
I enjoyed it the movie

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