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Was Terminator Genisys Really That Bad?

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Text Comments (878)
The Dave Cullen Show (3 months ago)
Though I will appeal it, This video was demonetized because of the line: "Bastardization of a Terminator movie" at 2 minutes 33 seconds. Honestly YouTube, is truly a joke at this point. They can't even understand context.
Joseph Bratcher (1 month ago)
My mother, RIP, was devoutly religious and did not condone cursing - even using euphemisms such as dang for damn. Further, she never turned on a computer in her life, although she did turn my MS-DOS machine off a few times. Even she knew the meaning of "bastardization" and would not have objected to its appropriate use in this video. Damn, just damn. I mean Dang, just dang, er I mean, that's ridiculous.
All American Slacker (1 month ago)
They screwed up the series before this one even came out by explaining that Skynet was developed using technology salvaged from the terminator that was destroyed at the end of the original, and turning it into a paradox in the process. For Skynet to be created, a terminator has to be sent back in time to be reverse engineered, but one won't get sent back in time if Skynet isn't created.
Lorn Roberts (2 months ago)
They can understand contex. You've said bad things about the SJW holy war, you're going to get scourged every time they can get you. You're an apostate, suffering the wrath of the zealots. You're lucky YouTube doesn't have death camps yet.
Shadowsega V3 (2 months ago)
Susan Wojiciki the Stephanie McMahon of Google.
Dade L. Murphy (2 months ago)
i have to disagree, Dave. Jai Courtney is one of the MANY things that ruined this movie for me. He's a meandering pretentious plodding insufferable bore. Clarke isn't much better. Come to think of it. Arnie must have needed the money.
Tim Martin (1 day ago)
I saw it when drunk and sober... I liked it better drunk.
Pan Dixon (12 days ago)
Its a trash reboot that gave the finger to 4 of my favorite movies ever made. So to answer your question no. Its not that bad. Its worse.
Space Skeletor (15 days ago)
after terminator 3 it just gets bad
Space Skeletor (15 days ago)
the movie made me cringe fast
Mercenary Knight (16 days ago)
Salvation destroys this piece of shit film. I would love to hear your thoughts on it, Dave. ^^
Mercenary Knight (12 days ago)
Indeed, it attempts to not copy the first two (like 3 and Genishit do) and try to be different and it can work ads a prequel to the first, being that it takes place in the Future War. ^^
Horrormaster13 (12 days ago)
Mercenary Knight Yep. Compared to Terminator: Genishit is Terminator: Salvation a cinematic masterpiece.
Fabermain (23 days ago)
missing the point of terminator entirely.. great job. the point of going back in time is to change the future but everytime they do that the past of the future changes too. thats why what we see is the return same past in different timelines due to the changes from the original movie.
Sterling Archer (27 days ago)
jason clark is a horrible pick for John Connor
17R3W (1 month ago)
If you haven't already, would you done one for T4? I really like that one, and I think it's truely Erie.
Wade Tisthammer (1 month ago)
To be fair, John Connor was mind controlled.
Mercenary Knight (16 days ago)
Even if so, again, the film does not make this clear. It makes it seem as if he turned at the drop of a hat. That is how it comes off to me.
Wade Tisthammer (16 days ago)
Mercenary Knight I'm pretty sure it was. Even if I'm remembering wrong about it not being said explicitly, I'm pretty sure Skynet wouldn't infect its mortal enemy (John Connor) with nanites to make him powerful and just hope for the best rather than using the opportunity to reprogram his brain.
Mercenary Knight (16 days ago)
The film does not explain this, though.
RustyMcSteel (1 month ago)
I enjoyed it the movie
Still a better love story than Twilight
Constantine XI (1 month ago)
I thought this movie was really mediocre but watchable and then I saw the Star Wars Sequels ...
G Cros (1 month ago)
Thanks for providing a shortcut. Terminator Genesis is on my DVR. Instead of watching it & being disappointed, I'll just go straight to the delete & save myself some time.
Alexandre Martins (1 month ago)
You say this movie was empty, without any heart or substance. Well, that's nearly all Hollywood movies of the past15 years, including (especially, perhaps) the recent Disney Rats Wars.
Alexandre Martins (1 month ago)
It's "Gen-I-sys" XD They could not even spell Genesys right.
Rhys Lloyd (1 month ago)
Genisys has fallen in the same category as transformers films. Unless something drastic happens I'm just gonna not bother to watch it unless it's on TV and nothnig else is on
vulpixgrant (1 month ago)
Long time Terminator fanboy here, grew up with the movies after all. Like what everybody is saying 1 and 2 are pure gold, even people who don't care for Sci-Fi could enjoy them. I enjoy 3 though don't care for how it nerfed the ending of 2, and Salvation is bleh but watchable IMHO... Genisys I though was actually really enjoyable to watch if you accept that John Connor was 'Killed' by the Time Lord Terminator and replaced with a T-3000 with his memories installed. I though Arnie was great as Pops and it was so sweet to see Arnie survive to the ending for once. This one is as good as 3 but will never be in the same league as 1 and 2.
Jakobe (1 month ago)
I miss when we could have strong female protagonists without them shoving the fact that they're strong female protagonists down our throats, this movie shoves it down our throat where as T2 has Sarah just being a pure badass without shoving that fact that she is a badass down our throat
Jakobe (1 month ago)
The franchise has been shit since Terminator 3
Mercenary Knight (16 days ago)
Salvation was the best of the lot after T2.
Luke Freeman (1 month ago)
Bit strong to say "writers can't come up with anything original nowadays". They can, absolutely they can. It's just producers/financiers and studios are unwilling to take a gamble on building a new franchise when reworking old material is a much safer bet.
sciguyjeff (1 month ago)
So very true about Hollywood. Truly, how many reboots of Batman or Spider-Man or Superman do you need before actually telling a story? With so many good stories available, even video games like Injustice, would do far better than what comes out these days. I have yet to see a reboot that was worth seeing. There are a few classics I would dearly love to see up dated but with the lack of TRUE actors and the overuse of special effects to try and make up the difference, I would just as soon Hollywood not do remakes.
Victor VonDoom (1 month ago)
Totally agree, it was indeed *that* bad.
wakesake (1 month ago)
why does this piece of shit even exist btw F U C K YouTube aka ShitTube
bastardjustice (1 month ago)
I have nothing else to say about this. I was kinda hoping it would be better than T Salvation and T3 but nope. This is like dumping on the fans faces and we payed for the shit. Wtf where they thinking? The overall plot is so confusing. Jae Courtney's reactions perfectly shows what the fans reactions were. This story is more fitted on fan made stories by 13 year old kids on their basements. Damn. I kinda feel bad for the actors specially Arnie.
scottieman2 (1 month ago)
My thing is why when they send Kyle Reese back in time why was it like the first movie should it be all different if the t-800 picked up Sarah when she was 11,??
Tenderfoot Prepper (2 months ago)
I liked parts of Genysis, in particular the remake of the opening sequence. It didn't seem so much like a ripoff as a tribute, like BTTF III. I just wish they had gone to the trouble of re-creating a CGI Bill Paxton too. Sigh.
MarCuseusFX (2 months ago)
A Z (2 months ago)
I didn't think it was a good film, but I don't agree that the filmmakers had no originality. We saw two new types of Terminators. But more importantly, we saw a new time travel theory being explored. The first movie dealt with a Fixed Timeline theory, the sequels dealt with the Dynamic Timeline theory, but this was the first time we saw a Multiverse theory being hinted at.
Rock Universe Gaming (2 months ago)
its bad enough John Connor becomes the villain but to then spoil it in the trailer!!!
davsny5 (2 months ago)
I enjoyed the movie for what it was, beautiful 3-D effects and the scenes in the future are visually stunning, decent action for a watered down to make more money PG-13 film and the acting is decent enough. I also did enjoy the subtle Doctor Who reference having Matt Smith grab Jason Clarke while Jai Courtney is going through the time displacement shield. That was pretty brilliant. Again these movies should be R rated and appeal to their audiences, people like me who are in their 30's and 40's who grew up loving the sci-fi elements that Cameron took from Harlan Ellison's works. I think Salvation was the worst, but it still had three good parts to it and was somewhat entertaining.
Pickles Mcgee (2 months ago)
why does jim cameron like it is my wonder in life
Mihai Pascu REZERVA (2 months ago)
This movie has been targeted for termination.
experiment54 (2 months ago)
Kyle looked like a pedo hooking up with Sarah in this movie. She looked way too young for him.
DarthRushy (2 months ago)
Attlanttizz (2 months ago)
You cannot stand women standing up for themselves, can you? To you, they are the helpless cooks that should blow you when you feel like it, right? I enjoy criticism as much as the next man, but come on, do you really need to cram that into every of your videos?
Sabbatxxx (2 months ago)
Don´t agree.. So many flaws.. gosh.. Especially the actors selection was horrible.. The score.. The CGI.. The plot.. The villain.. absolutely horrible..
Lorn Roberts (2 months ago)
I took it as a time loop that degenerated and is literally shredding that universe. The time battle between the robots and the humans is live a a virus overwriting E'arth's space time with repetitive garbage, the end of that movie was the end of that universe.
Nick McCabe (2 months ago)
The casting of Clarke because of her size might have been a bad decision, but her acting was still solid. At the very least, it is no way near the main reason it was such a horrible movie. Time traveling way too much and Connor being a villain are
Jonathan83X (2 months ago)
To sum it up, Terminator Genisys is nothing more than a pathetic copy and paste of the first 2 Terminator movies. Adds nothing creative to it whatsoever. Any of the new elements were as you said, awful and bastardized. Ironically, I don't think John Conner being the villain was that bad of an idea. Don't get me wrong. I get the fact he's the iconic hero of the franchise and this move tarnishes his character completely, but at the same time, it's not an idea that couldn't ever work. Yes, it would require alot of thought to pull off, but if written properly, I think it could have been a nice twist. Like say for example, John Conner was turned into a villain against his will, but is still alive enough inside to possibly have that fate reversed and be restored. You know, something like Sonic Satam did with Mobians being turned into machines, but still alive inside, unable to do anything about it. Had they gone for that angle, that actually would have been a clever way to do this premise. Maybe even have it so John Conner being restored is crucial to the timeline and if they kill him, everything they fought for would be gone. But no... instead, they make it seem like John Conner is happy being evil and doesn't care about his fate. I get the fact the Terminator took over his mind and body, but c'mon, this was just plain dumb how they decide, "Welp, John Conner is evil now, so let's kill him." -.- Also, could we please have someone else play a hero Terminator besides Arnold for once? I get it, he's the iconic actor for this, but he's way too old to do this anymore. If they insist on this, at least have a CGI version of him like his younger days and just voice act. That would be acceptable and an interesting way to have him continue his role. Seriously, Arnold is way too old for this role now. The fact he's even trying to do it again was baffling.
Max Mustermann (2 months ago)
I'm ok with captain kirk being the villian. Just call it Star Trek: Into the Mirror or something like that lol
Sommer57 (2 months ago)
When I got it on DVD years ago, I watched it at least half a dozen times. It is very enjoyable.
James Hardaker (2 months ago)
she is a terrible actor
Maximum Gawnage (2 months ago)
What would have made this better (still not good, but better than it was): John goes back in time. Terminator knows it's not John (but it's not revealed to the audience) and tries to shoot John. John convinces Sarah and Kyle that Pops is malfunctioning due to, let's say, his aging circuitry. The movie is Terminator pursuing John but the others think Pops is after them. Movie carries on as normal with stunts. At the end, when they reach the building, "John" reveals his true form. Then flashbacks are shown where Skynet kills or knocks out John Connor. Skynet takes Connors form - possibly make it look a little like a regeneration as a knowing nod to Doctor Who fans. Pops shows up, saves the day, Kyle meets young Kyle. End.
Maximum Gawnage (2 months ago)
To me, it feels like the makers of reboots are taking the "Be Kind, Rewind" approach to film making, but with more budget and less passion than Jack Black and Mos Def's characters had.
chaosg5 (2 months ago)
I liked it :)
Wolfgang1224 (2 months ago)
Didn't watch it, didn't want to after seeing the preview.
Gabriel Acelasi (2 months ago)
the hole plot of this movie shoots itself in the foot. John Coonor is the child of Sarah and Kyle, but keep in mind he was conceived at a specific time. change the sex time with even minutes, change the mood, or even what they eat previous to that and that particular sperm never reaches the egg. GAME OVER. so by sending a t800 way way back in time, this changes everything including the moment of conception. Also if Skynet needs evil John to help then by default john cant attack or even interact with his parents, since they haven't had sex yet. So...yah the movie plot was stupid from the start.
(2 months ago)
Two things could have helped this film, Tech Noir and Christian Bale.
Neil Vance (2 months ago)
The Helicopter scene really pee's me
tim yo (2 months ago)
this particular movie isn't really that bad, it's really even worse.
Endless Nameless (2 months ago)
Wait, I didn’t finish watching this film, Arnold becomes a t 1000?
Endless Nameless (2 months ago)
Arnold isn’t 6ft 6
capt rodgers (2 months ago)
i hate that they are trying to shit on franchise by trying to add surprise twist and the guy picked as john conner is dumb and ugly as hell
Pedro Coimbra (2 months ago)
I actually liked it, the rehashing and the iconic scenes revisited feeling to me like an homage, while the bad John Connor was not a slap in the face, but a hell of a twist. Remember that this is just an alternate timeline (I think), there is still somewhere in the multiverse the original timeline. See all this as "what if" scenarios, parallel dimensions, or alternative universes. Lots of time travels can screw the timeline(s) As for the comedy, Arnold smiling etc, ok, it isn't as dark as the original, but if it was it would also be the same old stuff yet again, and there isn't much more that a Terminator movie with a story in the present can do: it will always be 2 terminators sent from the future, one wants to kill someone or sabotage this and that, the other was sent by the resistance to save someone and blablabla you know the rest, everyone does already. It's hard to take it to new directions from this point. There could be a movie solely dedicated to the future war, however... By the way, the future war but in Genisys was *awesome*
Darth Bane (2 months ago)
Wasnt what fans have been wanting. We want a movie all in the present future not another time machine.
forge52100 (2 months ago)
Ehh, it's OK. Not great, not crazy about John becoming the villain, and a few plot points, but it was fun to watch. Don't want to watch over and over, but I enjoyed it once.
DrewPicklesTheDark (2 months ago)
I didn't _hate_ the movie, but it was considerably worse then the other four. It's best enjoyed as sort of a "detached" story if that makes any sense.
Shadowsega V3 (2 months ago)
Was Terminator: Genisys this bad? Yes it is. The acting was total shit, miscast actors, mediocre plot and the scriptwriting is pathetic. Paramount is the wrong studio and production company to handle it. They could've got Orion since MGM revived them or have Universal do it. I downloaded this piece of crap on PSN and I really couldn't sit through it. My brother didn't care for it at all as this sums up that Hollywood pretty much doesn't give a shit to us consumers and tarnish our favorite franchises with crappy remakes, reboots and pointless unnecessary sequels until the original directors put their foot down and fix their beloved franchises they worked on that these hacks that failed to qualify to work at Walmart let alone a Burger King, McDonalds, Carl Jr's and Pizza Hut have destroyed! Thank god James Cameron and Tim Miller is getting to the bottom of this and giving us Terminator 6 now that Linda Hamilton is back and so does Arnold as it'll ignore this pathetic excuse of a Terminator movie.
pianotm (2 months ago)
Is it...is it the kind of bad that's worth seeing just to see how bad it is?
Brian Fuller (2 months ago)
Genisys and The Last Jedi both did the the same thing - trashing their resp. franchises. Both also disrespectful of fans and showed a complete lack of respect for their respective lores.
Brian Fuller (2 months ago)
Nithin KH That is true,
Nithin KH (2 months ago)
At least Genisys director and producer didn't call the fans sexist, racist,..... and many other ists.
JoCo (2 months ago)
Great movie - those that say otherwise should go back to watching their Disney/Marvel box sets.
Rj Diggs (2 months ago)
It's only cheesy fun at best for a one time viewing. Nothing more.
BigHairyMarty314 (2 months ago)
Terminator Genisys was the absolute worst. The other four movies follow a simple straightforward plot of having to protect John and keep him alive for his victory against Skynet. The decision to turn him into the main baddie and have him try to kill his parents before they have a chance to mate (as "Pops" so eloquently puts it) just goes to show that the writers stopped giving a fuck halfway through the film, and if they don't give a fuck, then why should I? The 1984 part of the film was decent enough though, and it actually would have been much better had the entire film just taken place there with the T-1000 as the main villain, even if the end result would have been like a bizarre mashup of T1 & T2. It'd be much better than what we actually got.
hunter hornet (2 months ago)
this movie sucked. they should have continued the Salvation storyline. Sam Worthington was a better terminator... even if he was a prototype with emotions. im tired of seeing all the time crap. i want to see the war. if they have to do another time movie go back to medieval times and let the terminator take on a whole medieval army. he he
Henry Lawrence (2 months ago)
gianni bude (2 months ago)
Was a Nice movie
john hoskins (2 months ago)
I could honestly have a drinking game with your death boner with Terminator Genisys lol
Angus Ng (2 months ago)
I liked how they improved the cast, the story, the characters, and the special effects but it is written poorly. Too bad, we are getting Terminator 6 which means it won't suck.
riopato2009 (2 months ago)
The Sarah Connor in this time line was trying to take control of her destiny, not fulfill it. She wasn't trying to be a spokes person of the feminist agenda. This Sarah Connor grew up knowing about her future and her life was basically written for her before she even knew it. This is a total mindfuck for her. Her attitude was less "feminist agenda" and more about the fact of knowing the love of her life will die almost immediately of just being with her. In fact this version of Sarah had to live her entire life knowing that everyone she loves will die because of her. In a way, this Sarah had to go through what John went through when he was a child. The difference is she didn't want to be the person she was destined to be. I would've like to see where the franchise would go with this now that Kyle actually gets to live the rest of his life with Sarah and the fact that John wasn't conceived yet. It's possible that John doesn't even exist in this timeline which makes Kyle and Sarah the leaders of the Human resistance. This makes me curious what James Cameron would do now that he has the rights back with the franchise and he has already mentioned that Genysis inspired new ideas with concepts in this movie the he saw has potential.
Jason Valerio (2 months ago)
Terminator 2 The Best.. (Terminator 1 pretty close) Terminator 3 the cheesiest 50/50 (some good aspects) Terminator Salvation 60% was good. Genisys 70% was good but dumb story (all the 90s parts were cool, asian T-1000 was nice too)
Leonidas Thanatos (2 months ago)
So what made you a "badass" exactly? "I was raised by a machine." OK, but that's 99% of people that grew up with a TV.
Dana Ripley (2 months ago)
I consider Terminator: Genysis as canon. It was more of a "what if" scenario, caused by frequent temporal violations throughout the previous films and tv show. So we get this alternate Terminator universe...Which didn't blow over well. Don't get me wrong, I did like the action sequences.
nova1972x (2 months ago)
Agreed. It is a terrible movie.
robertsd247 (2 months ago)
When I saw this and Salvation were rated PG-13, I knew right there they would suck ass.
James Roper (2 months ago)
Going to the theater these days just isn't worth it anymore. I mean how many bad movies is Hollywood going to spit out?
Kron Hertz (2 months ago)
Genisys is an abomination of a movie. It suffers from terrible casting and poor writing; stolen from the previous movies and the TV series as well! I'm glad Emilia Clarke realize what a terrible actress she is and opt'ed out of playing any future roles of Sarah Connor.
Sean Moonshine (2 months ago)
im sorry, Emilia Clark is a great at emoting but an average actor at best
Kane Bunce (2 months ago)
Emila Clark can pull off bad ass when she has dragons and/or horse riding savages to back her up... but anyone that cannot pull it off in those scenarios is just an awful actor/actress. She definitely is not bad ass in Genysis. Ironically, the much smaller Maisse Willaims pulls it off much better as both Arya in Game of Thrones and as Me in Doctor Who. The highlights of the movie actor were Arnie and Matt Smith.
S. Fox (2 months ago)
Got my money on this being a separate tangent timeline. And a good version of skynet is what sent pops back in time.
Greg Bowman (2 months ago)
I love Terminator: Genisys. Sure, it had its fair share of WTF moments, like who sent Pops back to save Sara when she was a child. But comparted to T3, it was a good movie.
ArcanePath360 (2 months ago)
So bad I had to time travel back to a 2 hour younger version of me and talk myself out of watching it.
Carl Wilson (2 months ago)
T3 was worse IMO
Rowland Buck (2 months ago)
I liked it. The beginning was for nostalgia. Seems like a lot of people had expectations. Every Terminator movie has been completely different from each other. Also "feminism". Just because there is a strong female character doesn't mean it's preaching neo feminism . Didn't see it in rogue on and didn't see it in this movie either.
zachanikwano (2 months ago)
Ralphthemoviemaker made a wonderful review. And a skit at the end, please go watch it, I was crying and had to pause a few times, so I could breathe.
Angus Ng (2 months ago)
zachanikwano I watched his review and he did say that this movie doesn't to exist.
David george (2 months ago)
Terminator Genisys was really good. Was it perfect? not even close. I would not even consider it canon, but it was very good fanservice. When you consider what a shitty greedy money grabbing world we live in, I feel they went above and beyond. The movie would have probably been much better if they did not already have Terminator 3 and 4 out there muddying the waters. As for nothing original, I don't really see how you can say that, given that they introduced a totally new kind of terminator made on nano bots, and did more or less flip the whole story on its head with how much they messed with the time line. I think it was very smart of them to link skynet to our modern shitty mobile phone obcessed world, and all in all thought it was a good movie. Personally, I feel it was worth watching even if it was just to see young Arnold battle it out with old Arnold, even if it was short lived. When Terminator 6 comes out, if it really is good and continues from where Terminator 2 left off, to me, Terminator 1, 2 and 6 will be the real canon movies, with Terminator Genisys being the best "fan fiction" one, that you can watch just for a bit of extra fun. Having said that, it is still just more modern movie garbage, but that is the world we live in now. It is no longer the 1980, and I don't think we have the tools and infrastructure to make anything else. Each generation has its own style. Even Terminator 2 was much more modern than Terminator 1. Movies are a product of their time.
Alexander Inget (2 months ago)
They should have some moments in the movie where John' attempts to stopp himself, like Arnie did at the end in T3. There should have been a few moments like that in the movie. John is fighting his MOTHER and his FATHER (whom he more or less raised as his freaking son...). I find it difficult to believe that a character like John would not try to fight his "programming" when he actually laid his eyes on his mother..... I buy him as the villain, but really no scene whith John attempting to controll himself? Other than the few seconds where we see him get the virus from Skynet...
BunBun299 (2 months ago)
I'd have to disagree. While this movie was in no way as good as the first 2 films, it was for me the strongest of the later sequels. I just wish the trailers hadn't spoiled evil John Connor. That could have been a great twist, if we hadn't all known it was coming from the trailers.
KAD3N_04 (2 months ago)
Shrek: Genesis is better.
xMoTioN VeNoMz (2 months ago)
I hate the fact that John Connor is a bad guy, it shouldn't be like that because he is a person that can stop the war. John Connor is my favourite character
Arcade Alchemist (2 months ago)
Emilia Clarke is not STRONG and was no way combat ready in this movie they basically wanted to make Sarah stonger than Kyle in the movie so it utterly destroyed the point of kyle going back in time to begin with. Take Game of thrones costar Lena Headey and her version of Sarah Connor, SHE NAILED IT as T2's Sarah Connor! stong firm and motherly Jai Courtney is a spastic & in no way embodies a SOLDIER from the future. it's like he was LARPING. now Tim miller and jim cameron have the movie back again lets hope they don't fuck things up by turning John in to a jane or some shit.
Nithin KH (2 months ago)
Lena Headey was Sarah Connor in the TV show not T2. I however agree that she would be a good choice for upcoming T6. Every role she plays is iconic and memorable.
RobotShlomo (2 months ago)
This is the result of the Millennial screenwriting and story telling ethos of "their fictional characters, you can do anything you want with them".
Dade L. Murphy (2 months ago)
i got nothing good to say about this movie.
360whiplash (2 months ago)
I didn't think the movie was that bad. I didn't like that the first two evil terminator units in the beginning were easily defeated in the first half of the film. And I just couldn't but Emilia Clarke as a tough action heroine. Plus it didn't help that the film was rated PG-13 and the first movie trailer basically gave away the entire plot of the film.
Natalie52 (2 months ago)
I miss Edward Furlong
sonrouge (2 months ago)
To be fair, it was a good idea that was execute poorly.
Andy Web (2 months ago)
creapsmantic (2 months ago)
Final Terminator 2: 3-D showing at Universal Studios Florida
Fidan Rexhepi (2 months ago)
yes it was
JimSweet (2 months ago)
This movie totally went against the time loop idea theory set up by the first movie which makes all the ideas in this movie not make any sense at all.

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