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5 Shadow People Caught on Camera & Spotted In Real Life!

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Text Comments (108)
Carol Berwind (17 hours ago)
i saw a shadow man in daylight. kept rubbing my eyes and looking finally it just turned and walked back in the house
the body chute
Olga Pagan (2 days ago)
So the cameras suffer from sleep paralysis also? Hummn 🤔
zain sayed (5 days ago)
beware of the shadow people
Keely Ridgeway (6 days ago)
I have seen the hat man on my wall!! My husband has sleep paralysis, almost every time he sleeps on his back. One night I heard him making grunting noises, that's when I know he is "stuck". So as I sit up to wake him up I see the hat man!! He's on the wall next to my husbands side of the bed. So I get that the person with the sleep paralysis may see him but knowing what I've seen I think they watch the stuck person. Its truly a creepy experience.
Lorinda Bates (6 days ago)
He narrates with such glee. Lol Love it!
Kamei John Bosco (7 days ago)
true shadow of spirit of evil
pure trooper (7 days ago)
It looks like Michael Jackson doing the moonwalk 😂
Lorraine Magnotto (8 days ago)
I've seen Shadow People my entire life and usually they move quickly as I turn to look at them. I saw hatman one Halloween night several years ago and he was completely different than most Shadow People. I was wide awake waiting for more trick-or-treaters to come to my door and he glided into my living room through the wall. He was solid not transparent and glided across my room and disappeared into the other wall. I have never seen anything like that before or since and it was very creepy.
Lupe Medrano (8 days ago)
I see them all the time I’ve seen the hat man but he was tall almost slender man style he was walking towards me I see them all the time now it doesn’t scare me anymore I’ve learned to embrace them and they don’t seem to want to bother me anymore
elven prince (9 days ago)
#4 Michael Jackson is coming back to see us
Chuong Do (10 days ago)
If you need to rely on dramatic narration, your content's not as scary as you'd thought. It's a list video, not a movie trailer.
Marc Manahan (10 days ago)
Shadow People exist. I have witnessed shadow people three times before my mother passed away. I was at the laundry in the basement by myself late at night and did saw a tall shadow man. I knew it was my deceased father who died years ago. The other one was in the hallway. That one casted a shadow while I was in the laundry in the basement. It look like it was running but didn't hear any footsteps. The third one was in my mother's bedroom. During that time she only had a small lamp in the bedroom.
Thibault Roussel (10 days ago)
worth wherever well giant path quarter appoint law call okay.
sonny eli (10 days ago)
I have and see shadow people they don't bug us but they follow us the only time they will bug you is running at you
Funny Vines (10 days ago)
Number one can be a fish
Funny Vines (10 days ago)
I also saw a shadow in my video
Bradley Taylor (10 days ago)
F******creepy 😬😬
HardDie (10 days ago)
Look here!! These dang ghost,ghouls, demons, and hat things have had there time when alive !! Leave the living the fuck alone!! If I get haunted by ghosts I don't know, when I die, I'm going to track those assholes down and beat the dog shit out of each and everyone of em!! Any screaming Ghost phenomenon is explained by annoying ass ghosts getting asses beat by the people they haunted/annoyed, who have died. At least 1 phenomenon solved
conor mcoil (10 days ago)
Zain Langille (10 days ago)
David Fejsa (10 days ago)
Ron Owens (11 days ago)
When your body dies, your spirit leaves the dead body. Most of the time they transition into the afterlife easily but sometimes they choose to remain Earthbound or are confused about how to cross over. These spirits are rarely dangerous.
Jessica Torres (11 days ago)
Finally a person with no Clickbait....Great job!👍
beezer1225 (11 days ago)
I've been to Waverly Hills with a couple of friends. Besides feeling that someone was watching us, we didn't see anything or captured anything on film. It's a creepy place to check out though.
Bryce Holmes (11 days ago)
I’ve been seeing lots of full black bodies in both my houses you just get a Glimse of their body it’s scary
Ultra instinct Goku (11 days ago)
The Hat 🎩 man is the undertaker WWE wrestling 🤼‍♀️ Dead man walking 😂
Bytele (11 days ago)
OMFG!!!! When I was a child, I saw THE HAT MAN next to my bed! I thought it was my mom back in the time, but in later years I was sure it was death himself that I saw. And now, about 30 years later, this video comes up. This is giving me chills....
Fox Warner (11 days ago)
I call the Shadow people Phantoms. Because their bodies are completely colored in black. Just like the purple Phantom in the newspapers.
lifelessdead89 (11 days ago)
Im pretty sure my room is haunted. Because someone keeps farting in here and I've had enough of it. Im calling the warrens
Carly Sagan (11 days ago)
I could give you nightmares. I’ve seen these things all my life. When google first became a thing I typed in what I called them ‘shadow people’ and even then got dozens of hits with people describing the same things the same way. Freaking eerie.
OptimisticBleach (11 days ago)
Hat man? Like, TimTheHatMan?
You Make Me Laugh (11 days ago)
😲😲😲😲😲Wouldn't hurt to be blind as a 🦇 you can't see shit peeking at you trying to sleep! Idk 😴😨
Pro King2959 (11 days ago)
I don’t know why people just don’t ask the person do the house have any history that need to know
Angelfish S (11 days ago)
Your voice is grating 🤔
INTERNET passenger (11 days ago)
I was just watching a 2 years old video of this channel. This changed soo much.
Jacob Smith (11 days ago)
You want to see shadow ppl try self induce psychosis. Lol!
Ced Roy (11 days ago)
Scariest video !
mindfuk (11 days ago)
I've seen the hat man when I was eight years old he was looking in my window.
Big E (11 days ago)
I saw a shadow people before long time ago I was scary when I saw it but I like your video 👍👍👊👊
Michael Stone (11 days ago)
This is true man I've been seeing them since I was a teen after a died for a few minutes in a bike accident. Now I see them manynly in the night all wis fast and all wis in corner of the eye. Im that you to it now I don't even get scead any more
Richard Silva (11 days ago)
I was walking the pooch and am late . I like stories about shadow people 👍
Big Chop (11 days ago)
#2 is too explainable, i didn't know a black dude with a blue backpack who clearly moved his head causing the blur was considered a black mysterious shadow. lls😂😂
Damarys Dingui (11 days ago)
I love the creepy stuff.. Thanks for the awesome and scary video..😊
Zanel Makhosazane (11 days ago)
I keep seeing strange things in my room ...God only know what that is I don't what to believe that the are shadows that are creeping around in my room while am asleep 😨😨😨
Miss Leia Skywalker11 (11 days ago)
Creepy af
King Clash (11 days ago)
I actually saw a shadow person in the corner of my eye, I thought it was my eyes messing with me
Kyle Ojala (7 days ago)
The creepiest thing I've ever noticed in a picture was one that I happened to be in. It looked normal enough until I saw something in the background, something wearing a black suit and a red tie...
Brian Meers (11 days ago)
I went to Waverly! It was awesome but couldn’t experience anything do to to many people investigating
RyanCoolVids (11 days ago)
I once caught a shadow figure on camera once. It was pretty freaky!
thalles silva (11 days ago)
this shadow of man with hat could be a guardia that we call of EXU it's really comum here in brazil seach about exu tranca ruas, exu capa preta , exu tiriri you guys don't need worry it's a spirit that protect every bory .
syko stan (11 days ago)
QUICK CALL DEAN WINCHESTER!! Lol cool creepy video!
ChillWii (11 days ago)
*Can you please start checking your " FACTS " Please? Like seriously you guys used to make good content but now it's just clickbait thumbnails and horrible repeated stories from previous videos and shit like that, Like my comment to get to the top so the creator can see this.*
👻 👻 spooky channel
pLaYs (11 days ago)
I just figured It out. The hat man is... ... Peter Pan!
Great 👍 video honey
Forge Dunnzo (11 days ago)
this channel has Way Too Many ADs On Such A Short Video
Adeili Maya (11 days ago)
These are the djinn...and the hat man is simply a djinn trying to appear more human by disguising itself with a hat.
Rafael Pagan (11 days ago)
crap, crap, crap...
Jolt Gaming (11 days ago)
Subscribed and great video
scherz keks (11 days ago)
Check "Ghost Disneyland" you will see similar stuff
leonid lukaroski (11 days ago)
Ge-ezes H freak
UndeadWolfHunter (11 days ago)
I'm the house I live in, apparently, on a certain night a shadow will appear and it's a guy with his arms folded and it's actually true cause on that one night me and my sister's where awake talking and it was pitch black other than the light that was shining threw the bathroom window, well while talking we saw a shadow figure in the hallway and we didn't have a door or a curtain hanging up at that time so we saw it perfectly clear. My sister where scared and so was I and I didn't wanna look but I keep peeking and not to be half it all, no1 else was awake walking around the house , everyone was in bed sleeping and my house is filled with girls no guys and my step dad was off on a job for about 5 months or so. Honestly I wanted to get up to check it out but I was afraid to do it xD. The shadow figure mainly appears in the bedroom my sister appears in that used to be a closet for clothing and stuff we don't need.
UndeadWolfHunter (10 days ago)
HardDie slash did u even understand what I said??? Also to be known a man died in the house I live in and it happened in the use to be closet. Last but not least , this is not a fake story, this is actually 100% real, I don't lie to people, it's stupid and obnoxious, just like how u commented to my post.
UndeadWolfHunter (10 days ago)
HardDie ??? We all older than 13 years old now
HardDie (10 days ago)
UndeadWolfHunter You and sister better still be in 4th grade!@@ talking bout some pitch black talking to each other mess
UndeadWolfHunter (11 days ago)
Christopher Walsh Sr i didn't think anyone would read it :D and thaankkx
Christopher Walsh Sr (11 days ago)
UndeadWolfHunter that's a great story
rhea barbeau (11 days ago)
they are demons
Kyle Carson (2 days ago)
Sorry rhea shadow people arent demons there not spirits either they watch humans there shy but if they were a certain hat means your in a world of hurt
Justin Alexander (10 days ago)
Oh believe me I know all about my brother and sisters....
rhea barbeau (11 days ago)
Justin Alexander sorry your wrong. there are many different kinds of demons.
Justin Alexander (11 days ago)
rhea barbeau sorry but is demons dont take pics! We're way to cunning for that shit
Rick Robinson (11 days ago)
Science doesn’t explain the photos, unlikely so many people have the same hallucination.
Kyle Carson (2 days ago)
Wrong rhea there not demons shadow people are just beings that watch humans there shy and either have red or pale blue eyes if there wearing a hat in front of u your screwed
rhea barbeau (11 days ago)
Rick Robinson they are not hallucinations their demonic entities
heidi walpole (11 days ago)
Hey guys
Darius Johnson (11 days ago)
Forever last but cool VID
puppy lover (11 days ago)
Nice video man, i subscribed btw Hi
BlocBoyJb Offical (11 days ago)
Dead people wow.
BABY GIRL (11 days ago)
Jennifer Cavazos (11 days ago)
Love your videos
Jennifer Cavazos (11 days ago)
Jaystayon 3am
ShoutLatios (11 days ago)
Shadow creatures are both spoopy and cute uwu
lifelessdead89 (11 days ago)
ShoutLatios whats spoopy
sky rimJOB432 (11 days ago)
I have a photo that has a shadow figure
sky rimJOB432 (11 days ago)
lifelessdead89 L I’m Mexican not black. Get ur race right captain dipshit. Where is ur dad at? Oh I forgot he wasn’t around 😂🤷🏽‍♂️
WildeSchildpad (11 days ago)
lifelessdead89 hahaha😂😂
sky rimJOB432 (11 days ago)
WWE Evelyn Rayne Real name Kamil Watson what’s ur instagram I’ll show you the photo. Shits scary af
lifelessdead89 (11 days ago)
sky rimJOB432 your black step dad doesn't count
sky rimJOB432 i do to but my grandma got scared when she saw it and she burned it
Cesar Sosa (11 days ago)
Hi people 👋
kristi miers (11 days ago)
Amber Love (11 days ago)
Cesar Sosa heyyyyy
Damarys Dingui (11 days ago)
Cesar Sosa.. Aye..👋
heidi walpole (11 days ago)
Cesar Sosa hey
Jeremy Orta 'student' (11 days ago)
Last :C
Kitten Cat (11 days ago)
Avocados Are Lit (11 days ago)
Iran Vizcaino (11 days ago)
Joe King (11 days ago)
Mr.bubble Nuggets (11 days ago)

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