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Star Flyer Cruise Ship Tour - Star Clippers Cruise Line

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English Captions Available!!! Star Flyer is a four masted barquentine worked as a voyage send, and worked by Star Clippers Ltd of Sweden. An luxury vessel, Star Flyer is a sister ship to Star Clipper. Both cruised under the Luxembourg signal until 2010, and now cruise under the Maltese banner. As the name proposes, Star Flyer is both a sparkling case to different boats of her kind and a vessel that slices through the water with all the finesse of a flying creature in full flight. She may well be a duplicate of her sister Star Clipper, however despite everything she offers her own style and character to any individual who ventures on board. In case you're taken by the exhibition and loftiness connected with the specialty of customary cruising, yet need to spend your vacation in the agreeable and extravagant limits offered by a routine journey, then a trek on board Star Flyer is precisely what you are searching for. Her evidently established attributes are a gesture of gratefulness to her antecedents, while her propelled route frameworks and refined complete demonstrate she is in no way, shape or form obsolete. With stroll outside space for a full limit of 170 visitors and sizeable lodges, finish with all the mod-cons, you will never feel cramped on board this astounding boat. Truth be told, in light of the fact that we nullify any inflexible timetables or dress and eating confinements, you will feel as freed as ever as the salty ocean breeze races through your hair. The general environment is much the same as that found on a private yacht, as everybody meets up to share their fervor for the experiences that anticipate. Isolation can at present be found notwithstanding, either in the solace of your own stateroom or while drenched in a book from the locally available library. The shining stylistic layout is suitably completed with artistic creations of well known boats which again mirror the vintage nautical nature of this superb vessel. It's anything but difficult to see the impact of Star Clippers' legacy and the teak decks alongside the warm mahogany rails supplement everything impeccably. When you are not finding new terrains, there is bounty to do while on load up the decks of Star Flyer. There's the choice to take a cooling plunge in one of two swimming pools, or locate a tall glass of refreshment in the open air Tropical Bar. You can test the tasty menu that has been affectionately arranged by the cook, as you sit down in the rich Clipper Dining Room, or just essentially unwind in the quiet surroundings of the indoor Piano Bar. The Star Flyer cruises sail to the Panama Canal, Cuba, the Western Mediterranean and the Caribbean, so book yours today and find another approach to see the world in style. --- Cruise Ships Info Youtube channel: youtube.com/cruiseshipsinfo Cruise Ships Info Facebook Page: facebook.com/cruiseshipsinfo Cruise Ships Info Twitter Page: twitter.com/cruiseship_info Cruise Ships Info Pinterest Page: pinterest.com/cruiseshipinfo
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Adam Duncan (5 months ago)
This video's narration is dystopian.
Nicole Summers (9 months ago)
Don't like auto voice
Hamdankaiman Akkie (1 year ago)
youtube not for slide show pic..
Costel Vaman (1 year ago)
I liked when I saw the clear water
Hussain Saherwala (1 year ago)
Pathetic narration. Voice is bad.

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