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Bentonite Clay: Heavy Metal Detoxification from Lead & Mercury

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Today we're discussing a really cool subject, bentonite clay. I've recently talked about a few things for detoxifying your body. If you have a healthy liver, the liver can naturally detoxify most things from the body. However, if you don't have a healthy liver, some naturally compounds may be able to help speed along the process. Bentonite clay is good at pulling heavy metals from the body. This is useful because a lot of us live our lives, where maybe you're starting to become more aware of true health and getting rid of heavy metals in the body and eating correctly to fuel your hormones and metabolism, but a lot of us are just now starting to realize how important this stuff is. The average person has quite a large amount of heavy metals in their body, mostly due to the use of heavy metals as pesticides, in packaged food products, and even the fact that dentists used to use mercury in our fillings for cavities. Lead is also commonly found in water. Bentonite clay is very helpful for pulling these heavy metals out of the body. Bentonite clay is ash from volcanoes, from Benton Wyoming. It contains quite a few nutrients as well, including calcium, magnesium, silica, sodium, copper, iron, and potassium. So when you do bentonite clay detox, you're not only allowing it to pull out the heavy metals but you're also supplying the body with these key nutrients. It will also produce an electrical charge when it comes into contact with water. It does something similar to grounding or earthing. This charge helps to attract the heavy metals to it where they bind and can be passed out of the body. Follow Me On Social Media: Website: https://truthnutra.com/yt Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/truthnutra/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/truthnutra/ Personal Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/_christopherwalker/ Truth Nutra Products: Shop For Supplements - https://truthnutra.com/supplements Shop For Books - https://truthnutra.com/books Shop For Apparel - https://truthnutra.com/apparel Use code "YOUTUBE" For 10% Off! Find Out If You Have Estrogen Dominance - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fCBD39qf528
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Genosuke Sama (3 months ago)
Distilled water has a negative charge as well.. Drink distilled water.
Sirena petite (3 months ago)
Great info.
McIlwain Solutions (4 months ago)
Bentonite clay is a polycation, correct? Do you know the mechanism for binding positively charged heavy metals?
KarsonsChannel (4 months ago)
Hey Chris, great stuff. Could you do a video about which bentonite clay is the best? Also would you do a video about mycotoxins (mold) and it's effects on the body (especially how it increases estrogen). I know Dr Shoemaker and Dave Asprey have a lot of good information about it.
A R (4 months ago)
I use CD enemas and bentonite clay, advanced TRS, liquid manna Rad. Detox and parasite protocols and rid myself of chronic cystic acne eczema and for the first time in my life got off sleeping pills and no longer feel like I’m in a fog. I detoxed so many parasites I never knew I had. My whole life has been changed and bentonite clay may be one of only option to get BPA and other pesticides that block your detox channels in your cells and after doing CD enemas for a few weeks I began getting this foul smelling chemical dark orange in color out of my colon and that’s the week I started having real success with my body and health. I’ve never looked better and I’ve had two kids and I’m almost 30 and I run faster times than I did in high school cross country (I was fast and have boxes of metals from track and cross country growing up) I run faster I feel so much happier it’s hard to explain the clarity I now have
Mike Ivsin (4 months ago)
Need to back up your detox claims. Show or refer to sources.
We are getting there. (4 months ago)
Christopher could you please do a video on how to get rid of candida?
We are getting there. (4 months ago)
Christopher Walker Keep doing your thing Neuroscientist lifter; ethical pursuit of revolution in a dogma of pills n feels
Christopher Walker (4 months ago)
Michelle Grier (4 months ago)
Hello, I'm new to your channel and I have to say I love your video and the way you shared this info, I brush my teeth with bentonite clay in addition to a couple other ingredients, I will start taking it, because of your video. Thank you👍.
Jimbo Wimbo (4 months ago)
There are chelating salts in bentonite that are soluble. They will fuck your body up so badly if you eat it for the small benefit of being able to chelate heavy metals. Stop spreading bullshit
Ashley Presley (4 months ago)
If you were diagnosed with something akin to burning/gnawing in the stomach (I.e. ulcer, gastritis) would it heal that? I read that bentonite clay could actually deposit lead into your body or the clay could get stuck in the intestines. I actually would like to try it since nothing else seems to work, I’m just a little concerned. Thanks for any advice.
♂TheSilverlover999♂ (4 months ago)
how about Diatomaeceous earth does it also remove heavy metals?
LetTheStory Begins (4 months ago)
Merury filling are still present to this day!
Richard Siegler (4 months ago)
You can also use Food grade Diatomaceous Earth...it’s a silica that binds to heavy metals to help flush from the body. Remember to not let Bennonite or D.E. Come in contact with a metal spoon or cup when making.
Nicole C. (4 months ago)
Richard Siegler bamboo is also great without side effects. High in silica!
Wiam L. (4 months ago)
I've been drinking bentonite clay for 6 months now and I really feel great. I had a hormonal imbalance for a while now and it really improved my health
jason thrash (4 months ago)
Bentonite, zeolite and chlorella are all great for chelation! I even have a glass of bentonite with water which makes a paste in the shower and rub it all over my body before soaping up.
Jakob (4 months ago)
Do you have any studies to validate your claim?
Sleeve Of Wizard (4 months ago)
If your not raw vegan going through cleansing protocol dont waste your time. SAD diet lamestream drone mofos that dont care about Bio photons and LIVE FOOD dont even bother.
Theodore Root (1 month ago)
Green Space lolllll there is much more antinutrients in raw food and people actually cook food to reduce the antinutrients .Although SOME plant foods although containing things like oxalic acid, they actually have a net mineral total that will still give you decent nutrition so it’s on an individual basis. But MOST plants we deal with in this day and age are hybrids with very poor nutritional value .
Naturalmom7 (4 months ago)
Sleeve Of Wizard actually there’s not enough minerals in the soil to give us what we need fully so we should supplement organic like dr josh axe has great ones etc
Green Space (4 months ago)
You're being extremely vague, Sleeve Of Wizard. There are antinutrients in most grains, legumes, seeds, nuts, and even greens. "There are no anti nutrients in raw food..." ..... That's the type of food where most anti nutrients lie....
Sleeve Of Wizard (4 months ago)
Gnarly the only live food is raw food. Cooked food is dead food. You're obnoxious for not knowing what you're talking about. What nuts are you talking about Einstein? Some cooked roasted nuts? Again back to the cooked food is dead food.
Bob (4 months ago)
Sleeve Of Wizard i mean nuts do. In any case you can cleanse your body and have a positive effect on the body without a raw diet. That's obnoxious that you need to be raw to have any type of good effect.
Squares (4 months ago)
I wish you would go more into the mechanisms and what research shows effectiveness. For example, Why do heavy metals have a positive charge? To my knowledge, Modified Citrus Pectin (MCP) is the best, most effective (proven) and safe way to chelate heavy metals. (It's used by smart pilots that want to avoid accumulation of big radioactive atoms in their body) Just my thoughts, constructive criticism ;)
David Hickey (4 months ago)
Does this clay work like activated charcoal in the body? Similar effect?
David Hickey (4 months ago)
Wow.. New one on me.. Thanks for the info Cris
NstyFantasy (4 months ago)
Budapest Great Market Hall at 1:52?
Michael Hodson (4 months ago)
I would like to see a video about your thoughts on colloidal silver. Also do you guys have bentonite clay supplements in your store?
Bryant C (4 months ago)
Michael Hodson I take it when I don't feel good. Usually couple of times in the winter. Helps to kill bad batteria. Good shit! (Col. Silver)
Marco Guerra (4 months ago)
Kelso305 (4 months ago)
Hey bro is there any research on how moringa affects testosterone?
jason thrash (4 months ago)
I am 50 and I can tell you in my opinion Moringa is one of the best healing plants on earth! As far as testosterone I would think it would be great for that as well.
Asura (4 months ago)
How does it differentiate between positively charged heavy metals and just minerals like potassium or magnesium which are positively charged as well?
Marco Romero (4 months ago)
Chris are u guys hiring? In Boulder
Power Wolf (4 months ago)
What about Diatomaceous earth food grade?
Naturalmom7 (4 months ago)
Power Wolf it kills parasites inside
Daniel Earl (4 months ago)
Great!! I've been wondering about heavy metal detox without resorting to crazy or dangerous methods.
jon hamm (4 months ago)
can you talk about iron overdose, how to know and where to start with chronic fatigue ? coffee doesnt do anything for me anymore
Naturalmom7 (4 months ago)
jon hamm parasites could be sucking nutrients from your intestines buy food grade Demascus earth research it
jon hamm (4 months ago)
and thanks for writing me your experience!
jon hamm (4 months ago)
a metal spoon will demagnetize the clay. thats very interesting. I must have ruined a few batches because I used to use the stuff. Need to get more
Paul Baltas (4 months ago)
Almost everything we eat has Iron including the flour they make bread, I am glad he talked about Bentonite Clay today because that will take all that you don't need out of your body. I am 72 and I have not use any medication as far as I can remember not even aspirin
Paul Baltas (4 months ago)
I been using Bentonite Clay for sometime in natural form with yogurt, you cannot use any metal plate or spoon because you will eliminate the benefits you get, As to my knowledge the best benefits are the removal of parasites. Parasites like metals and our body like them because they are attached to metal but they carry those metals everywhere in our body including our brain. Bentonite Clay removes the metals and with them the attached parasites, please check it yourself because I am not in medical profession and please don't take my word for it
Pier Strusi (4 months ago)
Talking about detoxifying the body: natural unprocessed alkaline foods ( Veggies, fruits, water... ) can set a better healthy platform, many issues are corrected or prevented by this. In my personal case, I've checked how simply change my breakfast from Eggs+Coffe to Veggie Smoothie ( Carrot, banana, coconut and cucumber ) has lowered uric acid levels and symptoms. Perhaps a subject or myth to explore. Thanks!
Pier Strusi m
Pier Strusi (4 months ago)
Yes, Eggs don't have uric acid but they are rather a neutral food. So, since I continue taking my coffee still notable progress watched. The big source of uric acid is the body itself, so if we are able to help it a little bit with diet to "neutralize" that excess, it's worth to try it
Tom Jones (4 months ago)
Pier Strusi There is no Uric Acid in eggs so they were not the problem, it was your coffee! Your smoothie is only good because of the cucumber, which lowers uric acid (so does celery and cherries). Some smoothies and veges are actuall bad for elevating uric acid. Spinach and kale smoothies are very high in uric acid. I found out the hard way! Asparagus, peas and cauliflower are high as well.
Helen Wood (4 months ago)
Pier Strusi I agree. We have become spoiled in being able to access any form of med aka natural remedies. What's starting to tickle the back of my head is that if we loose access to things we've become depend on for our health. Hey, I am not judging, just pulling your coat tail to get your attention. A year ago I started on some supplements and I keep up with world affairs. Lots of the ingredients come from other countries. What would you do if you could not get them? Just asking. I have started to learn how to use whats here and available. There is a lot of research involed, but it will help heal you and your pockets.
TheGreen Jarret (4 months ago)
Ima try this. As a former mecanic/welder, i was exposed to a shit ton of synthetic molecules and positive ions. What is your take on phase 2 conjugation detox pathways ?
Bob M (4 months ago)
This is what I need. My mercury and Aluminum levels are high. Thanks!
Jonay Perez (4 months ago)
The thing with Bentonite clay, is a binder . You’ll need to make the cells release the heavy metals and after that consume the bentonite clay. And one downside is it will bind to you supplements and your vitamins .....
citticat2 (4 months ago)
Donna Pessin (Utube) did a whole study on that subject and believed that the clay only removed toxic substances and not supplements and vitamins. However she ended up dying from Cancer because she OD'd on the clay. I only used the clay on my tooth a few times and along with other regimes my tooth infection is completely gone, for now, but I stopped because I have a metal wire and I found out she died.
Jonay Perez I really don't see how that would break ur fast
Jonay Perez (4 months ago)
Gnarly I’m in restricted feeding window, and betonite will break my fast.....I’d rather use it on my prolonged fasts along activated charcoal .... and I’d settle for high intake of chlorella, no only it binds to metals but doesn’t deplete you , quite contrary, it. Provides with tons of nutrients
Jonay Perez (4 months ago)
mr anti everything ¿¿¿ I’m in restricted feeding window, and betonite will break my fast.....I’d rather use it on my prolonged fasts along activated charcoal .... and I’d settle for high intake of chlorella, no only it binds to metals but doesn’t deplete you , quite contrary, it. Provides with tons of nutrients
Bob (4 months ago)
Jonay Perez u take bentonite clay and a few hours the first meal. Heavy metals inhibit good health anyways
aliamr nourmokhtar (4 months ago)
Great info many people do have a lot of heavy metals in there bodies and this could be a great tool to help them fight that keep up the awesome work
bisztro (4 months ago)
How do you know, that the lava itself was not containing any heavy metals? How does the detoxification actually happens? Pulling mercury from the body is no easy task since it dissolves in fat tissue, like your brain. Isn't it just safer to take minerals from Truthnutra supplements?:)
bisztro (4 months ago)
Also you have no way to know the dosages...
b p (4 months ago)
What about chlorella instead? Thought it pulled heavy metals from your body?
Ben T. (1 month ago)
tm4tare Spirulina don’t
tm4tare (4 months ago)
It does!Spirulina too!
Sandra levi (4 months ago)
Rachid Choukri (4 months ago)
Hi Christopher what brand do you advise? Is or available @TruthNutra
Seb Hazel (4 months ago)
Very interesting topic! How should you consume it? How much, how often? Just mixed in a drink of water or with food?
jason thrash (4 months ago)
You can buy it already mixed with water in health food stores but it is pricy. I buy it in powder form and mix anywhere from 1 to 2 TBSP with clean water. It will make a paste so you can take it orally. Taking the powder straight does not work out very well.
Ruud Atlas (4 months ago)
Thanks for the info. But what is right the dose per day?
Jay Money (4 months ago)
Great info

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