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6 Reasons Gamers Hate Microtransactions

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Purchasing a video game is always a reason for joy but when you bump into pesky downloadable content that asks you for just a little bit more money, you cannot help but feel totally betrayed. Unfortunately, the microtransactions trend has invaded the video gaming market and it is present in a myriad of otherwise valuable titles, definitely ruining them for an important number of gamers who hate these kind of dealings. In what follows we’re going to be discussing six main reasons why people despise microtransactions so much. Narrator: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUCk04fYQnFeqhtvY0HWyyA http://www.fraghero.com http://www.facebook.com/fraghero
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Eric Lee (3 months ago)
True. I don't mind that cosmetics should cost money as long as it doesn't affect gameplay as much as pay-to-win, overpowered weapons, grenades, potions, or characters to make games so easy to beat within a short amount of time for lazy scrubs and shit-heads, since it is only there to appeal players with colors or costumes, so it is not that bad. I rather have micro transactions with cosmetics the most than broken pay-to-win things as long as its cost is very cheap, it doesn't involve with random loot boxes or slot machines, like casinos in the real world, and it really appeals to us so much that we want to buy these things to impress our friends or family. Also, cosmetics should be kept to a minimum of how many we can buy colors or costumes, but all maps, weapons, potions, or characters should have been free from the start at a game's release as a starter availability or unlockable availability, which gives us determination to unlock these things by completing challenges as well as these things helps us to become more skilled and unlocking these things by completing challenges are way more fun than easily paying with your wallet, similar to the old days of gaming. However, it is too bad we are already in the dark age of gaming, and now gaming is becoming bigger than Hollywood's movies, yet I hope we get another video game crash to clean up greedy scammers' mess and getting rid of those scammers at gaming companies, such as EA, Activision, Ubisoft, Capcom, Konami, Square Enix, Nintendo, Microsoft, Intelligent Systems, and 343 Industries. The only way to make the Second Video Game Crash happen is for gamers to stop buying games from gaming companies.
I Always Asked For This (6 months ago)
If you're sick of microtransactions then make your own non paytowin game. You're gonna need money but again you can do what everyone else is doing and make shitty mobile games designed to get people addicted into feeding you their wallet. But again, people who are that successful would alternatively spend it on private jets drugs and hookers... And I don't blame them.
Louise Jacobs (7 months ago)
automobile challenge black horse domain heat indicate host honor.
mono kuma (7 months ago)
It should exist only in f2p games
Rose Supreme (7 months ago)
Why are microtransactions a thing in the first place anyway? So that devs can make money when putting out a F2P game? But then comes the games that aren't F2P, yet have microtransactions anyway. Either I thought of this theory or heard it from someone else - every year games are getting more and more expensive to make, so they need a way to make back their money since probably game sales aren't enough, especially if said games don't sell that well.
king of silent (7 months ago)
ea and ubisoft, and overwatch does use micro transactions and i do agree what you say in this video .
Jesus Christ (7 months ago)
David Rodriguez No, retard. You're not seeing my point. EA and ubisoft are development companies. Overwatch is a video game. It was also made by a development company.
Jesus Christ (7 months ago)
David Rodriguez Because over watch is a development company?
mr bleach (7 months ago)
Will ea ever learn
Robert Wolf (7 months ago)
Mr Pickles they probably won't. Greedy bastards.
your mom gay . no i (7 months ago)
And this is why kids clickbait is cancer
your mom gay . no i (7 months ago)
All this is one reason showed in different words
MMO Introvert (7 months ago)
FragHero follow me on twitter @cyanide_gb
SkankHunt42 (7 months ago)
Fuck microtransactions nigga
spectr (7 months ago)
Of course we need to complain, but stop buying them. If without microtransactions the game is bad, the game is simply bad. Buy something else.
Gay Lord (7 months ago)
and thats why more ppl will start pirating games, if u think about it this is what these devs/publishers deserve.
Suck Deeznutz (7 months ago)
Fuck ea.
AgeOfChange (7 months ago)
mobile strike is all that you needed to put up here
Noob Fury (7 months ago)
I don't think people need to be told why we don't like to gamble in video games.
Mayank Taneja (7 months ago)
The only reason a game should have microtransactions is if it's a free game or what the player get from paying can be unlocked by grinding . Something like a 'pack' or loot crate is actual gambling even if a player does purchase then with ingame currency , totally luck based
Steve (7 months ago)
Not only do we hate microtransactions but the stories of games have gone downhill a lot. We need to go back to the days of KOTOR when you got the full game with a great story for one price.
Dj Striker (7 months ago)
Kill me...
a roll of fucking tape (7 months ago)
background music pl0x
Griselda Cordero (7 months ago)
Mike L (7 months ago)
I completely boycotted R* when they added shark cards and i will not buy another microsoft console ever again! They literally stole $20 from me 3 times in one month and tried to pass it off as "auto renewal" even though i never enabled it. I suggest boycotting those scumbags until they realize WE THE PEOPLE control their future, WE decide whether they stay in business or go bankrupt!
Yabba Dabba (3 months ago)
Boycotting doesn't work for almost any game or company you wish to boycott. You're just one little fella among millions who give zero fucks about whatever you're enraged about. The rest will gladly pay up without question. A company would have to do something very horrendous to have any chance of having a boycott hurting them. The only game I can think of where this applies is EA's SWBF2. Others might point at Destiny 2, but loot boxes are just one of it's many problems and if they solved every other issue and left Eververse as is, they would still likely do just fine. I'm sure Rockstar doesn't miss your purchases at all.
Steve (7 months ago)
I agree, I believe everyone should only buy base/standard versions of games and ignore all DLC and Microtransactions. Developers will then be forced to supply fully functioning games.
Pat (7 months ago)
That background gameplay
Akumu Synx (7 months ago)
Is there a reason NOT to hate them
Exoticmewcatz YT (7 months ago)
FebreezyXD (7 months ago)
I don't we need to know why we hate microtransactions.
Dan Data (7 months ago)
Sorry but how is anyone understanding this comment which makes zero sense?
Honeymoonrapsody22 (7 months ago)
Heck i barely know what microtransactions are
Suck Deeznutz (7 months ago)
Portoweeb Shut up Ea.
Adderall (7 months ago)
Nice english
Portoweeb (7 months ago)
that bcoz you are gay
Colman Legrand (7 months ago)
Why people hate microtransactions : Reason number one : because if you pay the full price for a game you're supposed to have the full game End
Jesus Christ (7 months ago)
But what if they gave you the opportunity to have more game play instead of you just expecting it for free?
The Seneschal (7 months ago)
Colman Legrand That's literally the only reason we need, everything else is just adding wood to the fire
Bloody (7 months ago)
3 rd
Robert Druce (7 months ago)
Chris Coy (7 months ago)
Ghost Life (7 months ago)
Chris Coy who cares

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