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Hey guys! Yes we did it!! So many of you guys have been requesting me to do the adopted prank! We finally pulled it off, and yes he did cry! In this video my dad acted like he wasn't Bailey's real dad! After bailey realises my dad was serious he started crying. FOLLOW US: @itsbrookeroberts & @itsbaileyroberts Business Inquires: brookeroberts911@gmail.com SNAPCHAT: brooke-roberts Instagram: @itsbrookeroberts & @itsbaileyroberts Twitter: Pranknati0n Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/itsbrookeroberts/ Follow us on YouNow! https://www.younow.com/BrookeRoberts
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Text Comments (658)
Brooke Roberts (11 months ago)
Let me know how I should prank him next!
Mohamed Ali Ammar (1 month ago)
I felt bad for you bro
harman singh (1 month ago)
that was fuck dup 💔
Redy Rendragraha (1 day ago)
Lovely daddd!!!! Cool..
Charlie Levitt (4 days ago)
I don't like the blond hair it's weird the brown one is better
HomyBoy PH (4 days ago)
the subtitle is creepy 😨
Kali Gadi (6 days ago)
Oh god that hurts...poor boy your dad is a good prankster. Knowing I'm adopted doesn't hurt but what hurting is that knowing I'm not a product of you and mom's love factory.👍👍👍
Kamran Mahar (7 days ago)
HaHa Happy2 (12 days ago)
I really hope my mother to told me that I was adopted 22 years ago. But unfortunately she is my birth mother. 😄
Cerys Ireland (18 days ago)
tf you mean by "little kid" he was fucking 16
Zachary Robinson (18 days ago)
Dad Joke Dad I'm hungry Hi adopted I'm dad
lasike kulanoa (20 days ago)
no homo but you kinda T H I C C
kim hyun ji (1 month ago)
I can't stop laughing😂😂😂😂 bailey is so cute😅😍😍😍😍
Amrosasa Leckyes (1 month ago)
How cute 😘
William Gwillam (1 month ago)
You're a total cockwomble.
Sophie Olivia roos (1 month ago)
Jaylene Mcfarlane (1 month ago)
poor kid
lemme die (1 month ago)
YOU'RE NOT MY DAD!, ugly aSs fUcKInG-
Pupin Siang (1 month ago)
You hurt his feeling ohh deep emotional 😔😭😭😭
skittleslayer21 popop (1 month ago)
So funny
Manoel Correa (1 month ago)
Street Drummer (1 month ago)
Subbed and turned on notifications!
Alexis Paige (1 month ago)
“No dad your not my dad”
Faith Brookes (1 month ago)
His like sobbing his eyes out 😢❤️
Sharon Ong (1 month ago)
if its me, i would say at least they wanted me
David g (2 months ago)
Whos leugh was that it was great
Ehab Hmd (2 months ago)
No don’t dont do that I think the little brother has to do some pranks too
Angel Reincke (2 months ago)
Poor Bailey 😔
ThatssoHaley (2 months ago)
Why did He go straight to crying
Grace Tayco (2 months ago)
“No dad. Your not my Dad!! Why dad”. Lol 😂
Rina Negrido (2 months ago)
omg this is so cool
Kisa Greene (2 months ago)
John Fagan (2 months ago)
Good acting
Les Lisek (2 months ago)
They made cry a little teenager just for views, that’s very bad
George Mounce (2 months ago)
u guys are fucking cunts
jeremy liu (2 months ago)
u have a great dad
elizabeth the wolf (2 months ago)
The_King _Mega (2 months ago)
Brookaedoo YOUR NOT MY DAD calls him DAD
Fazren Justin3112 (2 months ago)
😭😭😭😭im crying also just now😭😭🤣
Cat Voice (2 months ago)
I was crying
xAngryGiantx (3 months ago)
The origin story of Loki
IAMGROOOOOVY (3 months ago)
Stephanie White (3 months ago)
i felt so bad but i started laughing. 😭😂
I agree this was to far 😂😂😓
Qkrt (3 months ago)
That's tough
Ahmad Royyan (4 months ago)
Give him a new phone or watch so he may feel better.
R.J. Huffman (4 months ago)
Chillvibes96 x (4 months ago)
Brook is seriously so hot
Destyne Longwood (4 months ago)
If he has a girlfriend act like she's been cheating
JoLTie (4 months ago)
why was he crying before he told him anything
dk 366 (4 months ago)
dad your not my dad
Naxy XOXO (4 months ago)
I think that was going to far
Mahmud Jobair (4 months ago)
I love the Dad mate! 😂 Hilarious
Love For Dolls Only (4 months ago)
It’s cute when Bailey cries
The auzzie Mozzie (4 months ago)
No dad youre not my dad
David Hughes (4 months ago)
lexie leyden (4 months ago)
“Dad get off me your not my dad” 😂😂
Ayush sharma (4 months ago)
Hello bro, I am from india, I saw all of your videos but the best one is this because your dad helped you to make this video awesome, my younger brother look same as your brother Bailey and have the same age, I don't know it is coincidence or other thing but my family and ur family is 100% same I love my dad and u won't believe I am shocked when i saw ur dad, he talks Same as my dad talk to me and my brother Thanks bro for this video
Cyds (4 months ago)
Tbh, him and Brooke look so alike its impossible for them NOT to be brothers lol.
WhiteWoods. Inc (5 months ago)
Waiting for memeulous to kill this guy
Toxin Paradox (5 months ago)
I feel bad and funny for some reason
FairyFloss (5 months ago)
Pause at 10:59 😂
Santhosh Ram (5 months ago)
I had saw all your video It is awesome
emma ames (5 months ago)
What is an adiolince
Allie Schilde (5 months ago)
Do you even know what instagram is No but it sound good though
Lilan ooju (5 months ago)
this IS NOT funny! 😠
Michelle Musial (5 months ago)
That‘s way too hard. This isn‘t a joke at all.
Juliana Gibson (5 months ago)
Puppyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy awwwwwwww soooooooo cuteee
dylen yehuda (5 months ago)
He looks exactly like his older brother, how the hell can he think he is adopted????? Tf
Mitzi Danilee (5 months ago)
I actually feel bad for Bailey😔
Kaylee Jane (5 months ago)
My dad literally does this all the bloody time, and says my uncle is my dad
Echostate (5 months ago)
"Not really but it sounds good though..." omg your dad is awesome.
Ruth Woodroofe (5 months ago)
Noo Bailey! I felt so bad for him 😭 my baby ❤
seth hopwood (5 months ago)
best dad eva
-Esmée - (5 months ago)
Not funny lmao
UniverseStars Stars (5 months ago)
How could the kid be that dumb I mean he clearly looks like his father, so ..
xxx tentacion (5 months ago)
No dad You're not my dad
Kya Suleyman (5 months ago)
Bailey & Brooke look the same, like how an elephant and a zebra look the same. HOW IS HE NOT ACTUALLY ADOPTED THO?!
Shadow SShadoww (5 months ago)
Awe I feel so bad, I cried also.
THE_ELITE_RaPIDz (6 months ago)
Your dad is a legend!!!
fizzy ! (6 months ago)
Haha at 1:19 minutes in the dog in the back was so funny🐕🐕
D ML (6 months ago)
I felt so bad for him. Poor Bailey. It broke my heart when he started crying.
swollen lips (6 months ago)
His dad said give him a hug not to rest your hands on his shoulders 😂😂😂🤯🤯🤯🤯 LOOOL
Kisa.s (6 months ago)
is he australian
SilverWing Hub (6 months ago)
You guys are a bunch of jackasses, you know that right?
noal s (6 months ago)
"no dadd , your not my dad."
Alyssa Vendeiro (6 months ago)
He's so cute
Carina Ruiz Vazquez (6 months ago)
Poor baily im sorry that happened but look at the bright side your really not adopted
Hailey Brown (6 months ago)
When my parents told me I was adopted I said ok I don’t care 😂
Sophia Ornelas (6 months ago)
Lmao y’all go too hard on these pranks 😂 but I love watching them
Abigail Kinkead (6 months ago)
Poor Bailey
Abigail Kinkead (6 months ago)
Post Notifications=On lol
Jennifer Contreras (6 months ago)
6:44 😂💀💀💀💀
Jennifer Contreras (6 months ago)
Awww this was so mean!😂😭🤦🏻‍♀️
Nazkow _22 (6 months ago)
Sade Bailey (6 months ago)
lol he made his brother cry
Ronan Burns (6 months ago)
Chester is so adorable lol
Her 112233 (6 months ago)
“We’ll get ya maccas”
Her 112233 (6 months ago)
Lol you guys are soo Aussie I love it!
XX_jess_XX Caulkett (6 months ago)
Bailey is so fit like if you agree 💗
You mean Dude..

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