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Gas Grill Problem

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Before you go spending money on a new regulator give this a shot. It is weird but it worked for me.
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Sherry Rañsom (2 months ago)
fricken just works. thought I was going nuts
Juan Molina (3 months ago)
Thanks man
Serdar Uckun (4 months ago)
Thank you, Ricky! You saved a brand new regulator from getting tossed in the trash!!!
nakara08 (1 year ago)
This worked amazingly!! Thanks for the tip!
Food Porn Network (1 year ago)
I have been doing this for 8 damn years with mine and I am fucking tired of it, have to unhook the tanks 3 times sometimes and your cure has me still unhooking it lol I was hoping for a better solution haha
J gaudette (1 year ago)
thanks man!
Ethan McCulloch (1 year ago)
Why won't my natural gas grill not light grill chef
Fabis Steglich (1 year ago)
you rock! it really works! thanks a lot!
Anthony Mier (1 year ago)
I did it it works !!! thank you Mr grill. Master
MariaHelena Ramos (1 year ago)
Thanks! we had the same problem. My husband was ready to disassemble the whole grill. While I was searching for the problem on the web, your video came up on the search. I worked like a charm. My hubby just kept saying, (YAAAH!!!)
Robert malton (1 year ago)
Thank a lot, it works great now.
Jeanne Fryman (1 year ago)
It worked - thank you! We followed the instructions on the Weber site to no avail, replaced the regulator and no luck. Found your tip and took one last shot. Our 14 year old Silver C lives on!
Armando Rodriguez (1 year ago)
I tried this thank you very much. I had the exact same thing happen to me.
joemoneytaker1 (1 year ago)
I absolutely can not believe this worked. Thank you so much for saving me the aggravation of changing out parts as that was the next step I was going to take. Haven't been able to cook a steak in months. Tried your instructions and it instantly worked the very first time. Thanks 👍
Uris (1 year ago)
Thank you, worked with Weber performer
Billy Williams (1 year ago)
Thanks Ricky. Worked like a charm! We're cooking with gas now!
Robert Feehan (1 year ago)
Thank you, that was amazing, I have wasted so much time trying to get this problem fixed and ruined the steak last week as I had to broil it in the Oven. YES it was Me that turned the gas off at the tank! oops wont be doing that again.
Dave Straker (1 year ago)
Worked great on my little $30 tabletop Char Broil, which I have hooked to a 20 lb tank. Thank you, sir!
Bethany Reynolds (2 years ago)
Thank You! I put in new tubes, rubber seals and couldn't figure it out till this video. It saved me $600.
Tom Gorman (2 years ago)
Worked for me too...I didn't believe it!
Jason G (2 years ago)
Worked on a char-broil thank you
K Grabe (2 years ago)
Loved your video. It was enough to get me on the right track to fix my regulator situation. Take care!
AvidAvettFan (2 years ago)
Great video, Sir. This worked for us. We have a kitchenaid.
Angela Gervasio-Hewett (2 years ago)
You are the best! It worked on my Kenmore. A big thank you from sunny and HOT California!
Greg O'Brien (2 years ago)
Thank you it saved the day just before Ireland Beat Sweden!!
joe turner (2 years ago)
cheers from sunny wales. worked for me :)
oscar madison (2 years ago)
Apparently by doing this you are resetting the regulator. If you don't turn off the burners in the "correct" order (and nobody seems to know exactly what that is. . . ), the regulator "locks up." This process resets it. It definitely works!
charlie ramz (2 years ago)
Man this worked on my Weber!!!! Thanks for video!!
Chris Jackson (2 years ago)
absolutely works. thanks
maxtrax89 (2 years ago)
This has worked for me in the past but for the life of me I can't get it to work on my most recent weber. When it's warm out I don't have any issues but when it's below about 40*F I can't grill. Unfortunately I can't check the regulator or manifold for leaks because it's below freezing out now. Any other tips?
timber_beast (2 years ago)
Please thank your wife for me Ricky. Her mistake and your solution saved me some BBQ time. Now as I like to say... "You want me to break something else?"
Shawn East (2 years ago)
+CalForester I knew it. Looking good Billy Ray!
timber_beast (2 years ago)
+Shawn East Yes I did Mortimer. Billy Ray Valentine, CAPRICORN!
Shawn East (2 years ago)
Hahahaha, did you just quote Trading Places? My best friend and I say that all the time!!! Awesome!
chris_1003 intern (2 years ago)
I’m currently designing a compact portable gas grill for my internship and am hoping if I can ask for your help. I’m making a 2 lp gas burner BBQ. I built the manifold, the BBQ module and cover but everything else are universal replacement parts: tube burner, valve, igniter kit, hose, regulator. The BBQ module’s dimension is 16” x 16” x 2.5” and it has two 16-1/5" X 1" Stainless Steel Tube Burner. I was using a replacement valve with #53 orifice size but due the depth restriction of the BBQ module I replaced the brass spud with #69 orifice size to get much smaller flame size. However, the current issue that I’m experiencing is when I turn the valve to high or low the flame size hardly changes. Thank you in advance for your help!
David whittington (2 years ago)
Thank you for your video, it seams to work on home portable gas fires too....
Vince Amato (2 years ago)
Yes Ricky. That is a safety device. You can read about it in the instructions or sometimes a yellow tag on the regulator hose. It's a free flow gas prevention device. It senses the rapid flow of gas and immediately throttles the gas flow. It is a safety device in case the gas hose after the regulator gets cut or broken, so you won't have wide open gas flow. My instructions explain (Weber) that if you activate the safety device, the BBQ will only heat to 225 degrees. So if you are preheating your grill and see it's only at 225, shut off the tank valve and open the burner valves to relieve the pressure. To be extra sure, remove the regulator from the tank and then replace. This will ensure that the pressure is relieved. Now, as you said, open the tank valve DEAD slow. Especially a newly refilled tank. USE TWO HANDS on top of the valve to keep it from snapping open. Just like you do for oxy-acetylene tanks so you don't snap the gauges with a pressure blast. Open them as slow as molasses in the winter time. Once you get it 1/4 to 1/2 turn open, you can open it all the way.
mrwrapper (1 year ago)
You got it. Someone explained that to me a few weeks ago. I never did open it fast, but I tried it and sure enough, the safety kicked in.
skipstah70 (2 years ago)
Thanks, you just saved me hours of pain. lol
Smooth Gameplay (2 years ago)
You my friend are the F@#$cking man
Thanks Rick.. Shoot me an email if you are ever in the Bronx... Dinner will be on me
Edward Bernard (3 years ago)
Cyndi Deneson (3 years ago)
Thanks, Ricky!  This worked like a charm!  Amazing!  Thanks so much! =)
Matt Collins (3 years ago)
It worked, I thought, no way will this work, but sure did. Unbelievable. Thanks for the video.
Calbenmike (3 years ago)
Larry the Cable Guy, is that you?
Ed Reynolds (3 years ago)
Remember to SHUT OFF the burner controls AFTER you're finished grilling. This will eliminate the headache to begin with. THEN shut off the tank valve. Sometimes a reset can be simpler. Turn off the open valve(s); turn off the tank valve; unscrew the regulator from the tank; reinstall it on the tank; wait a minute or so and then start everything up again.
Robsg13 (3 years ago)
worked right away!!!! wow I'm happy I youtube things before I try to fix them! most likely saved me a grill... and an injury!
Doug Westfall (3 years ago)
Bingo !!! Awesome...fixed and grill working like new again. Thx
Jo K (3 years ago)
Amazing!!  I don't know why it worked - BUT IT DID! you saved our dinner - thanks!
Scattter Pillar (3 years ago)
AWESOME!!!!!  It took me longer to sign in to reply to your video than to get my grill working.  INCREDIBLE!!!!
Jim Ferron (3 years ago)
Brillaint. It worked. Thanks from a Webber user in the UK. We've had this particular Webber since 2006 and never came across this problem before.  I thought it had reached the end of its natural life. What a relief. Great to find you and this little touch of homestead BBQ know-how. Cheers
zutmin1919 (3 years ago)
Worked like a charm. Thank you!!!
Maddy Lank (3 years ago)
worked perfectly. Thanks
Ritchie Nordstrom (3 years ago)
This procedure works for the reset.
John Wehrlin (3 years ago)
It worked, thank you
wccroft50 (3 years ago)
I was infuriated and my wife was upset with me. After watching your video...TaDa it worked!! Thank you and you are welcome at my house any day
Justin Williams (3 years ago)
That thing worked like a charm !! Thank you sir !!
Just refilled my propane tank & teeny flames! I can't wait to try this!
James Mulroy (3 years ago)
Worked like a charm !! not upset any more  lol
Tim G (3 years ago)
I brought home a new weber today and totally f'd up a tri tip for this same reason. Thank you I will try this tomorrow!
John Triolo (3 years ago)
You are the MAN!  Did exactly what you said.  It took 2 tries, and it WORKED!  Thank you.
Banana Stand (3 years ago)
thank you!  worked like a charm!
Steve Hiigel (3 years ago)
Wow! Worked for me!!! Thanks for the advice buddy! I bought a new Nexgrill from Home Depot and thought I was getting ripped off. Went up to 600 degrees in 5 mins and the next time 150 degrees. I said WTF. Next time worked great. This morning it happened again. So, I went to you tube like I do for other problems and found this guy's video. Tried it after seeing the video and the heat went up fast.
XHWrestling (3 years ago)
Cannot thank you enough!
Iz D (3 years ago)
worked like a charm... thank you
Chris Barry (3 years ago)
didn't work for me.
Lisa Jackson (3 years ago)
This worked!  Saved my cookout-thank you!
John Stephan (3 years ago)
Exact same damn thing happened to me yesterday, brand new bbq and the tank ran out of gas in the middle of cooking so I run to the store and bought another tank and the flame was only a tiny flame on one burner only, thought the problem was the tank and went back and got another one, same damn thing again. Ruined the BBQ meal, had to cook nice thick steaks on the stove. I was choked to say the least.  Anyway I will try your advice and go from there.  Thanks for posting.
Greg Pratten (3 years ago)
Most useful advice ever. A 1.43 minute video just solved hour of messing around. Thank you
Steve Schilling (3 years ago)
Thank you for sharing! I just had this issue and was totally perplexed. Your advice worked for me.
Lice Headquarters (3 years ago)
Thanx you were right on the mark!!! I followed your advice and it started to heat up rt away.
Fred Fable (3 years ago)
Thank you Buddy!!!!! Thank you!!! I was about to buy a new regulator...but trying whatever first (life is a learning process) And it was AMAZING to discover your trick works perfect!!! My next barbecue is in your honor!!! Cheers!!  Fred.
Gerard Hackett (3 years ago)
Sweet dude, great advice worked like a charm. Thanks
John Hambrick (3 years ago)
Ill be darn it worked.  I can not think of any reason it would, but it worked - thanks
HD Mace (3 years ago)
DUDE!!!!  You rock!  Funny accent and all!  LOL  Great advice!  Thanks!!!  I think it has to do with air being trapped in the line and thus, not enough gas get through!  :-)  
Gerald Dunkelman (3 years ago)
I could not believe that this actually worked!  Saved me a trip to the hardware store to buy a new regulator.  Thanks.
Dennis Ryan (3 years ago)
Our weber spirit also had this same problem. Grill would only get to about 200 degrees before the fix! I did what you said and it worked on the first try. Thank you
Debbie Knapp (3 years ago)
My husband just did this on his Weber Q grill - worked perfectly. Now he's trying to tell me how hard he worked getting it going again...lol...that might work except I am the one found this great video!
Robert Pickoff (3 years ago)
I had the same issue and your solution worked perfectly for me too.  Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to create this video.  I don't know why Weber didn't tell me this......!!!
Quincy Olson (3 years ago)
OMG!!!! IT WORKED THANK YOU!!!!!   Now I know how to use my gas grill..... 
Mark Corkery (3 years ago)
Worked like a charm Thank you
Elizabeth Hulden (3 years ago)
Thanks for helping me out.  I love you accent, BTW!
Hunt King (4 years ago)
This Worked Great. This could have saved me from buying another regulator a month ago, but saved me this time. THANK YOU
joe angelillo (4 years ago)
Thanks. Was about to but new grill. Worked first time.
waplip (4 years ago)
Thank you. This worked for me. Went through same exact issue as you did.
Better Grills (4 years ago)
Rick I embedded this video on my website. Thanks for the great info.
Kenny Koch (4 years ago)
Thanks for the tip... It worked perfectly and saved me from spending $20 unnecessarily.
ngumbo (4 years ago)
You have a great presentation. Love that twang in your voice. Thanks.
Jack Whitestone NY (4 years ago)
In my approx 42 years of gas BBQing, I NEVER ran into this problem.... until today!  Your advise reset my regulator perfectly.  Thanks for the lesson.  Eating ribs now!
tom e (4 years ago)
this really worked thanks so much you made my day!!!!!!!!!!!!
tom e (4 years ago)
thanks this worked amazing you made my day!!!!!!!!
Bill vride (4 years ago)
Thank you!
Brendan Mehan (4 years ago)
Holy shit that actually worked! Gas was good, grill was fine, damn thing couldn't get the gas to the burners though. I can't believe this actually works. This has happened several times and I was blaming the tanks...blue rhino must have been scratching their heads too!
mrneepneep (4 years ago)
Hi there Ricky . thanks for the advice , I was frustrated to hell as I ad exactly the same problem as you . followed your instuctions and boom it fires up first time ,thanks man
Rusty Drummond (4 years ago)
Worked like a charm
Bernie Kwan (4 years ago)
Your post works for me...Thanks.
Jason Coyote (4 years ago)
Worked wonderfully my grill has been pissing me off wouldn't get above 250 degrees now works wonderfully thanks for the vid
Bruce Hensley (4 years ago)
You ever in Asheville North Carolina you are welcome to grill with us for #free 122 sweeten Creek Road thank you so much
Bruce Hensley (4 years ago)
Thanks so much for the video everything is working great thanks again for the video good job
Peter Kalogirou (4 years ago)
Wow I learned something today and I thankyou for it worked like a charm.
Erik Stanton (4 years ago)
Worked like a charm!!!!  It was actually making a hissing sound when I turned on the grill.  Did what you said worked like a charm.   Thank you!!!!!
Noahj Papa (4 years ago)
Worked like a charm, Thank you
Alex L (4 years ago)
Worked, amazing!
Fayez Menasra (4 years ago)
Thank you that work
Fun With Val (4 years ago)
thank it really works

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