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Justice League Review (Major Spoilers)

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Text Comments (346)
Sean OBrien (14 days ago)
Their called mother boxes in the dc comics. This is what pisses me off about you reviewers you criticise comic book movies and say their just for the mainstream audience and you make fun of comicbook references. These movies are for both comicbook fans amd mainstream audience also as a dc comics fan ive hated ALL of the dceu. Not everything in dc is dark and serious and dark. The difference between dcs heroes and marvel heroes are this. The justice league take being heroes seriously and when they show up its a monumentous event. Dc heroes are the heroes we look up to and marvel heroes are the ones we can relate to. Thats the difference. It isnt that one is dark and serious and one is colourful and lighthearted. Every single marvel movie has been based off a comicbook story and thats what WBs shouldve done. And on the bs that "owe well know ones reading comics anymore and look at their poor sales" 1) thats the companies fault not the fans and 2) conicbook fans are going to see these comicbook movies as well. I saw justice league, it sucked and this is not what the dc live action shared universe shouldve been.
Andrew Capone (1 month ago)
Batman begins was good. Dark Knight was great on fist watch, then you realise it should have been been called The Dark Joker. The Dark Knight Rises was awful. Totally agree that DC should have taken a different direction with its movies.
WallyWinka (1 month ago)
I still don't understand whyy they put so much effort into all the visuals in this movie EXCEPT for the awful CG villain!! That was the worst, I couldn't stand every time he was on screen! WHY couldnt they have gotten a live actor?? What was the problem there, exactly? Would it have been so bad to have Ciarán Hinds' REAL face on a giant CG body? Does anyone know the answer? It's almost like they added Steppenwolf in at the last minute during the film-making, the CG was so poor.
Daniel Parkison (1 month ago)
I found the movie to be... okay. It wasn't bad but it wasn't good either. If every character had their own origin movie before being thrown together it might've been better. Yes, yes, I get it, the New 52 Comics are out and that's our origin stories, but the average moviegoer isn't going to read comic books. They want it on-screen. If we were going to follow the New 52 though, we missed the Green Lantern. I would've loved to see Batman take Green Lantern's power ring off on-screen. If done right it would've been cinematic gold. Please, please, do a Wonder Woman review. I loved that movie and want to hear your take on it.
Jakk Frost (1 month ago)
Sadly I don't think you can credit 'Logan' to Marvel. I don't think they had any say in the production at all.
Michael Farenyuk (1 month ago)
sciguyjeff (1 month ago)
I can understand the point you make within the first couple of minutes about superhero movies, Marvel, being nothing more than video comic books but then again... that IS the point. Superheroes, at least in the origin of a comic, was not meant to be dark and gritty but more of a light hearted, positive, hopeful image of Wow's and Holey Moley's. Not necessarily as silly as Adam West's Batman but more Chris Reeves Superman. Superheroes were meant to be "the good guys" True that are also meant for a much younger age, nonetheless, the animated Justice League is as about as gritty as it needs. We have enough depressing, dark movies to go along with what the earth is turning into, let's see something a bit more positive.
Bárður Joensen (1 month ago)
JL better than BvS? lol. This film is one of the worst I've seen in years. Absolutely terrible. BvS was okay.
Over all most superhero movies following Iron Man are worthy of any such genre fan's video collection. If the objective is to entertain then by and large they have succeeded in spades. There hasn't been a really bad Superhero movie since the Fantastic Four reboot(before that was the Green Lantern, Catwoman,The Daredevil, Batman & Robin, Batman Forever and Batman Returns before that), the rest have been pretty decent with a handful of greats, all at least had a few cool moments. With Justice League, there's nothing to crow about. Only a minor SJW outrageousness(how can there not be with today's hollyweird), so naturally there's no chance of an Oscar. Superman The Movie is still the benchmark of which to measure them which sadly is still ignored by Superhero movie makers, especially where Superman is involved.
andell1 (2 months ago)
Yeah, I thought Wonder Woman was the best part of both Justice League AND Batman vs Superman. Ezra Miller was a joke, and frankly I thought Aquaman should've been a blond Nordic looking kind of guy. I actually have nothing against Jason Momoa...but I thought Alexander Skarsgard would've been a better choice for Aquaman.
titmusspaultpaul5 (2 months ago)
One first viewing i really enjoyed this movie... the only issue was i felt a lot of the story was chopped out ( or not done in the first place). I felt it needed 45 min to an hour more to develop the characters story and relationships.... it felt very choppy. I hope an extended version comes out that makes this story run more smoothly. The have done long running times with lord of the rings, and that was an uncomplicated story that probably didn't need it. I'm sure this movie was cut short for the kids to keep their attention span and ultimately to sell more merchandise as a result. The movie SHOULD COME FIRST, not money.
mrmacross (2 months ago)
While I agree with a lot of what you say, action set pieces and amazing special effects are probably the most important aspect for making a killing overseas, not smart plots. I have this theory, that is kind of backed up by looking at the ratio of US domestic to foreign box office, that the key to making a lot of money overseas is spectacle. Take a look at the Dark Knight franchise, which was mostly 1:1 US to foreign. Then look at schlock like Transformers or the Fast and the Furious, which ended up with larger overall returns (US + foreign), with something like 2:1 or 3:1 foreign-to-US ratios. It's why nobody is going to spend $250 million to make a "smart" superhero film, because the key to doing business is selling in countries where people don't speak English and don't want to be hassled into following the subtitles on screen when they can watch fancy explosions and action sequences. This is not to be denigrating to non-English speakers living outside the US, but if they want thought-provoking, they're going to watch local-language films. If they want a popcorn flick, they don't want the movies to be slowed down by dialogue they weren't paying close attention to, anyway. There's a reason why Avatar made like $2 billion outside the US, and it probably has nothing to do with it's generic story. So yes, everything you complain is right, but we're going to keep getting more of the same instead of the character development and intricate plots you and I want.
Lorn Roberts (2 months ago)
The difference between Warner comic book movies, and Disney comic book movies is that Marvel respects the material, DC doesn't.
Max Mustermann (2 months ago)
Justice League was meh, but I was at least able to enjoy it. Couldn't say the same about Last Jedi. If a fucking DC movie is more enjoyable than a Star Wars movie, you know the franchise has properly been ruined.
Petre Florin (2 months ago)
I can respect an opinion, but to say that Batman steal the show... !? again !? oh well...
Harrison11106 (2 months ago)
I was OK with it, but a blind man could see where the cuts between Snyders version & Whedons versions were. Truth be told, DC probably should have just stuck with one or the other as director for the film.
Nova Slayer (2 months ago)
i enjoy the movie as is but i will admit it was very refreshing just to see different superheros. I have nothing against marvel, but with so many movie every year there heroes are never gone long enough for me to say hmmmm i'll like to see another movie with that guy.
KeyboardWrecker (2 months ago)
Wow, I can't believe you are defending this horrible piece of shit. It is just poorly made on so many levels.
pjamese3 (2 months ago)
Bit of a movie snob, aren't ya? All these superhero movies aren't mix and match. Even though they mostly follow the same path, I don't hold that against them. They're based on comic book characters who have been around for decades and if you're familiar with the comic book characters, you have a pretty good idea what's going to happen in the movies (except - unfortunately - in the case of Zach Snyder movies.) in that sense, I view comic book movies akin to historical dramas. Just because you know how the Revolutionary War ends or you know what happens during D Day doesn't mean you can't enjoy a well-told story about the events. With comics book movies, while I know roughly what's going to happen, the enjoyment is in a well-attended, well-told story. I don't care about MCU vs DCEU. I just want well-done movies. The MCU has mostly been doing that and getting better with each film. I'd put Winter Soldier right up there with Logan and Dark Knight. The problem with the DCEU is that it started with Zach Snyder's fever dreams. They weren't too bad with Man of Steel (although they gave us the worse Pa Kent ever) but got worse by heavily influencing Suicide Squad and tanking Batman v Superman. When a movie featuring arguably two of the most well-known superheroes underperformed as badly as BvS and has so many flaws (plot points, characterizations, motivations, performances - Lex - poor implementations and just too much jammed into one movie) agreed on by both critics and fans (not fanboys), it's just a waste of the characters...pissibly for an entire generation. Justice League was built off of that mess (as was fan expectation.) Add to that Warner finally ridding themselves of Snyder (He was fired prior to his family tragedy.), frankensteining a movie together with the man who made Marvel so much money with The Avengers {but not allowing him enough time to do the movie right due to a time crunch on executive bonuses), having more bad characterizations, script issues and shooting themselves in the foot with CGI mustache removal. It was a better movie than BvS. It was okay. But how damn ing is it that the DCEU equivalent of The Avengers was only "okay?"
Chris McEvoy (2 months ago)
BvS was great JL was crap because of the studio meddling.
Robert Luben (2 months ago)
It's too bad about these movies, the only one I thought was worth a damn was Wonder Woman, I really enjoyed that flick. The should have let that director do the rest of them.
candycover (2 months ago)
The Mother box is from the comic books that Darksied uses.
Donovan Miller (2 months ago)
The MCU films will be revered in history, not because they are technically brilliant like the Dark Knight trilogy, but because it’s become the highest profiting franchise ever I believe
Lee Thomas (2 months ago)
Have you reviewed the god awful Transformers movies.... I'd love to see you do those.
John Smith (2 months ago)
The Dark Knight Franchise is overrated!!!
ajax201000 (2 months ago)
Ben Affleck does not steal the show, his Batman is all over the place and nothing like his comic counterpart.
blindmansg1 (2 months ago)
I actually can't stand the dark knight series, except the first movie which was quite good. Still they could have saved themselves some trouble if they'd used that Batman, to avoid having to reboot him again.
Fran Ohmsford (2 months ago)
I'm usually right with you Dave but both Logan and The Dark Knight Rises were absolute Trash! Logan's final 3rd is right up there with Iron Man 2's final third for absurdity! The Dark Knight Rises just completely shat on The Dark Knight! The later Avengers movies have gone downhill but the first movie is a stone-cold classic. Captain America: The First Avenger is astoundingly under-rated while Thor was a contained origin story. Justice League I found to be every bit as good as The Avengers - And I don't get how you can say they're the same movie or that the characters are the same - Batman and Iron Man are similar only in being Rich men in suits! Batman in this movie is an outright better person than Downey Junior's Iron Man in any of his movies! Wonder Woman has some similarities with Thor and other similarities with Captain America of course. Aquaman seems to take on the Hulk role here but their characters aren't similar at all! Superman and Cyborg have NO Equivalents in the Marvel Movies as yet! Flash's superpower is similar to Quicksilver's but character wise they couldn't be more different! Loki and Steppenwolf may be filling similar bad guy roles - that of the villain who brings a greater villain into play but there ends any similarity between the two characters! In 2017 Justice League currently holds top spot in my personal rankings {I still have Blade Runner, Spiderman and a couple other films to watch}. It's a vastly under-rated film that will rightly earn a cult following in time so long as DC stick with it and don't try any more ret-conning.
Paul Flood (2 months ago)
It is a terrible movie. To suggest that it is no worse than any other superhero movies is, in my humble opinion, just nonsense. JL was a mess, rushed and lazy story telling, characters have no development (with the exception of batman, where I agree with you) the villain was boring, introduction of characters was to quick and uninteresting. I watch everyone of these movies when they come out. I watched Thor Ragnorak in the cinema and then 3 times as soon as I could get it on tv. I watched JL once and will most likely never watch it again. It just didn't work and if DC don't turn it around soon, Marvel will bury them in the dust.
Kelvaris (2 months ago)
Dark Knight Rises isn't some sort of cinematic triumph. It's a terrible movie.
Norbury53 (2 months ago)
What!!??? Superman died?
Hl A (3 months ago)
Review the very first Christopher Reeve superman film.
Hl A (3 months ago)
Superman is too invincible in this film? That's because superman really is near too invincible in the comics you idiot. That's why there is kryptonite. lol
McGamer (3 months ago)
I disagree, Avengers 1 will go down in history and be remembered for what it achieved. Logan was shite too.
Brandon G (3 months ago)
There is no DC vs Marvel feud in terms of the movies, its artificially created to stir up discussion by marketing teams.
Walking Corpse (3 months ago)
Well I'm audience and this is my review. The movie is half bad and half enjoyable but is far from good. Cyborg is not only forgettable but when he does appear, he's boring. Ironically he's a robot, n I say ironically, because the character is supposed to be a young adult, sure he's troubled, but during action scenes, he could show some excitement. Superman, I mean they poorly casted him, he hardly talks and he's too serious to a point where he's just downright more boring than ever before. N then Batman, Batman, oh Batman, (btw Idk what ur talking bout' vulnerable, the guy is practically super human) also why in the world would they cast Ben Affleck to play this guy? He's horrible and reminds me nothing of Bruce Wayne. He's snobby, mean, narcissistic, he's everything Bruce Wayne isn't. To top if off the guy is old... Why is he so old? And he's chubby. He looks unfit, and the idea of him being so old is just so weird. Like u can't take him seriously at all... Flash is cool, he's enjoyable comedic wise and I liked the actor who plays him, Aquaman was fantastic, Jason Mamoa did a great job as a very fresh Aquaman portrayal. Wonder Woman was as expected phenomenal, so there's ur half and half. Then we come to Steppenwolf who's so laughable, u can't take him seriously. He looks like a joke, his design alone just makes me laugh. So why not use Darkseid??? They may as well have! Also that's another thing, why Cyborg? Martian Manhunter, Hawkgirl, Green Lantern (John Stewart preferably) u got all these great options and they went with Cyborg... Bleh. But anyways, the movie feels rushed, but that's what happens when u try to assemble a team and try to establish them all in 1 hour. They should've been patient, made a bunch of movies starring each member individually (perhaps have one or two characters first appear in the Justice League, like idk, maybe Flash and Aquaman, those are good choices) and give people time to get to know the characters. But ya, I give this movie one and a half out of five stars. It's pretty bad, n I didn't like it and I think that they should just reboot the project one last time and this time take their time with it. Let the first movie be Superman, A GOOD SUPERMAN FILM!!! And u know what? I honestly wouldn't mind at all if Wonder Woman was the only original member, with that said Wonder Woman can remain the same. N don't tell me they can't do that, because they can.
Predrag Kostic (3 months ago)
Logan is not a marvel movie
Hl A (3 months ago)
The character is, so it is. lol
Unrelated Coma (3 months ago)
1:02 jesus fucking christ... Nolan is the most overrated director that has ever worked in hollywood.
Hl A (3 months ago)
There is no "rebuttal" you moron, this is all opinion. There are no facts to whether a film is good or not, just people's own opinions. haha
Unrelated Coma (3 months ago)
brilliant rebuttal.
Hl A (3 months ago)
Someone has sand in their vagina. lol
Unrelated Coma (3 months ago)
Nolan films are all WAY overpraised for clunky narrative, superficial emotions, and so many plot holes they look like a gopher infested golf course. Batman Begins was actually pretty trash and Dark Knight is ghoulishly propped up on an actors grave. if Ledger had never died then the Nolanverse Batman trilogy is quickly forgotten. "revered in cinema history" is insane.
Hl A (3 months ago)
The films were good.
GM Steelhaven (3 months ago)
Logan was brutal. Good, but brutal.
GM Steelhaven (3 months ago)
TBF, they are called Mother Boxes in the comics too. Though they are much smaller.
Joey JoJo (3 months ago)
The Nolan Batman movies were really good. Gal Gadot is amazing as Wonder Woman but this movie sucked
TheVargr (3 months ago)
BvS was far superior to JL. BvS was really flawed on main plot and Lex's motivations but otherwise very enjoyable and batman was the detective he was mean't to be. In JL Batman is just the gadgets character and always cracking jokes that seem so out of character. They just then ressurect Clark because he guesses it might work (batman would never just guess something like this and do it. He would do his research and make sure it would work before doing).
Thauã Aguirre (3 months ago)
This movie firmly cemented my belief that SUPERMAN IS THE MOST BORING SUPERHERO EVER.
der kunstler (3 months ago)
“Logan believable” ?? Hahahahahaha! Plastic man is believable too
widgren87 (3 months ago)
pretty much the reasons why I prefer characters like the Punisher, human and flawed and so much more relate-able than Superman. but then my favourite MCU character is Captain America and Black Widow and the Winter Soldier my favourite movie of them all. I personally consider Logan and Deadpool stand-alone movies before anyone asks
Wlof25 (3 months ago)
As far as I am aware of, DC tried to do cinematic universe, long ago, but there were some complications. If that is ture, then DC didnt try to replicate, or copy Marvel. I dont even understand that criticism. Just because someone wants to make a cinematic universe, it does not necessarily how that someone is copying someone else.
James Dunkerson (3 months ago)
I have to disagree about a couple of things. I agree that this is a poor movie, and DC is simply trying, however badly, to follow Marvel's success. I also agree that Nolan's Dark Knight movies are very good. But I put Marvel's first Avengers movie and the Civil War movie as both great big budget action flicks and great filmmaking. Civil War is a bit heavy handed, but it puts Marvel's entertaining campiness to work with a storyline that is very much both timeless and highly relevant today.
David Thomas (3 months ago)
Man of Steel and BvS had their problems but they did have some potential. They were trying to give DC movies a darker and grittier tone. They wanted the DC world to seem more realistic than that in a Marvel movie. But Justice League just throws all that away and tries hard to be a Marvel movie. The movie is adequate. It is okay. It is not boring. But it should have been so much more. But movies these days are always unsatisfying because committees and focus groups who want to sell movies to demographics of people rather than trying to make a good film
Luna Protege (4 months ago)
Considering the idea of "if you've seen one of these movies you've seen them all", that might explain why I haven't been excited for a super hero movie in quite some time... Why watch a brand new movie that's the same as the old one if I can just remember the old one? Or if I happened to have it on DVD, watch the old one. Heck, at this point I'm probably better off digging through the Archives to watch an animated series from my childhood I didn't get to watch completely while it aired on TV... Missed episodes and whatnot.
Evacer (4 months ago)
While I've yet to see a Marvel movie as good as Batman Begins or The Dark Knight, they no doubt are considerably better than Man of Steel, Batman vs Superman, and Justice League. Marvel just does it better. They're OBVIOUSLY better in the humor department, and the pacing is much better. They just don't seem as cheap. They're better. They are. Spider-man: Homecoming, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, The Amazing Spider-man 1 and 2, and the original X-Men trilogy just do it better. I honestly fell asleep on the first Captain America though. I can see how someone could say the Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America films are equal to The Justice League. I still wouldn't agree completely though.
Goblin98 Goblinovsky (4 months ago)
I agree with you on the SJW stuff but you're totally wrong about BvS. Check out: www.forsnydercut.com
Batfleck Forever (4 months ago)
Justice League would've been so much better if they would've delayed the film so Zack Snyder could finish it (after leaving the project due to his daughter's death). WB and Joss Whedon cut out at least 40 minutes of screen time and reshot at least 20 minutes of footage to add more jokes and lighten the tone. It's not coherent because of two different directors working on it. Man of Steel, Batman v Superman, and Wonder Woman were so much better.
au (4 months ago)
It’s Ok
SeaOfTides (4 months ago)
Lot of Batman fanboyism going on in this vid.
JustSome MovieGuy (4 months ago)
Oh yes superman is SOOOOO invincible he got stabbed in the heart by doomsday and needed the mother box to be brought back to life.
Fab🎃 (4 months ago)
I'm sorry but Nolan's Batman trilogy is overrated. The Dark Knight is the only good film from the trilogy (and my top favorite superhero movie). But Batman Begins and The Dark Knight Rises share similar shortcoming to the DCeU in that they are *major* bores and lack the emotional impact other comic book films have had. Take some of the more "goofier" marvel installments that have emotional scenes that drive home because of the humor. Humor makes characters relatable and like the type of people you would want to befriend. The DCeU is trying to make their films more humorous, but it feels so forced and cringy, one could swear Amy Schumer wrote the jokes. Now, this isn't to say the perfect comic book movie is a comedy; while the emotional scenes in both BotG films make my throat choke, I don't regard them as the best of the MCU (I actually walked out of theater after watching GotG 2 kinda mad because Logan had set a new standard for comic book films). There needs to be a balance between seriousness and humor in which neither is overbearing like there was in Logan or the Captain America films. I can say I wasn't disappointed with justice league but that's because I walked in expecting the knock-off version of The Avengers and that is what I got. It's not the best of 2017 but not the worst.
exexpat11 (4 months ago)
Marvel has always picked on DC for not having a sense of humor and taking itself way too seriously. Marvel was bullying DC since the 60's. Good on them.
AquaPhoenix Productions (4 months ago)
Considering there's another 45 minutes filmed not shown in theaters, I'd say yeah it's a DVD affair
chud67bbc (4 months ago)
Hit it on the head when you don't feel that most of the characters are really in any danger. That's the biggest problem with all of these movies. When there is not a single scratch on Wonder Women in now two movies of fighting, there is no sense of caring for the character since she can't really die. Once Superman shows up, then it's really over.
Stubbay (4 months ago)
I was annoyed when I caught wind that Superman comes back in this movie... He's the literal definition of an OP Mary Sue. Him and Supergirl need to stop being such prominent figures for DC. I say Supergirl, because beyond her tv show being slathered in feminist/sjw dribble, the plot-lines are always lacking and the villains never strong enough.
TheLifeOnHigh (5 months ago)
The film wasn’t as bad as critics panned it. It was just a bit underdeveloped.
Thomas Hennigan (5 months ago)
I think Winter Soldier still had a few serious things to offer and I like B vs S — it has more to notice on repeat viewings (esp. the extended cut). Compared to Ragnarok in which Thor is laughing and scratching after losing his three best friends I found JL more impressive work by far. It is the human factor and Diana’s long perspective on it. I know this pic suffered from studio interference and Whedon taking over from Snyder with a brief to lighten it up. If there’s an extended version, I’ll want to see it...
Orphanlast (5 months ago)
Dvd affair huh? Might as well be a straight to netflix multi million dollar franchise.
brain smasher (5 months ago)
Dark Knight movies with Christian Bale were crap.
randomusernameCallin (5 months ago)
Of the three Nolan batman. Only the second was good. I hate the fetish for originality. It is just there to make a person opinion harsher.
TrainerRED Charizard (5 months ago)
DC Animated movies are kinda generic plot driven But I STILL liked this movie as a COMIC book fan..though i am MORE an Anime fan, My DC/marvel knowhow is VERY Limited but i LIKE the heroes of DC AND marvel(Mostly). My point is also that the Movie/Plot was very COMIC book Logic..It really does not need to be deep-ish
TrainerRED Charizard (5 months ago)
DC jumped the Gun But They made Supes better,Aquaman was cool,Flash was the youngnest so thus he is made into a bit Teeny. Steppenwolf was weird Zealous idiot but that makes sense..The movie was kinda make from Earth 2 storyline with Steppenwolf killing most of the JL heroes(not now though).
Gary Bridges (5 months ago)
"Bog standard"
Ludwig Schwarzwälder (5 months ago)
Gal is so prepossessing
ealtar (5 months ago)
the backbone of the movie's plot is lifted (poorly) directly from the animated justice league WAR (and that is why the movie achives at least MEH level instead of absolute trash like bvs) tho here they were scared that darkseid would pass for a discount thanos they bastardised steppenwolf to look like discount sutur..... batman has nothing clever to do there is no "because i'm batman" moment, he is just the taxi driver (what a shame... movie makers realy never undertand the detective part do they) and for ffs stop it with the gushing over the NOlan trilogy ... begins had some ideas that the rest could not deliver .... bla bla bla performance means didely squat when the characters, their action, the set and the story are badly written also .... LOGAN.... LOGAN.... logan was fucking BORING... just whatch the trailer you get all the good moments from that film without the 3 hours of padding between
San Shinobi (5 months ago)
1:29 It's been said before and apparently needs to be said again: dark is not good, nor is light bad, nor vice versa, nor anywhere in between. _The Lego Batman Movie_ is essentially a wake-up call to those who subscribe to that middle-school-level notion. With respect to the Mother Boxes and Superman, do you know what a McGuffin or paragon is? Also, that global warming comment was sarcastic. All in all, you underestimate the superhero genre, but it was nice to hear your opinion nonetheless.
fgdj2000 (5 months ago)
Funny, how the two people seemingly most unfit for their roles (Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot) end up becoming the best representations of DC characters on screen (within this franchise).
Bezzle Bedeviled (5 months ago)
Oh, did it virtue-signal with global-warming bullshit and skinheads trashing Muslim shops? -- Well, FUKKIT, then. No sale. Not tickee for you, DC. -- You can flush yourself down the toilet on the way out, just like Marvel comics division, because my tolerance for cultural-Marxism class-warfare identity-politics in "entertainment" has been *zero* for some time now.
Bezzle Bedeviled (5 months ago)
Nolan's Batman films sucked. They only manage to look half-ass decent when compared to the utter garbage we have to sit through now, or to the worst of the Joel Schumacher era. Fifty years from now, all these terrible films will be forgotten, but the Batman/Superman/Justice League animated series will weather the test of time.
Flufferz626 (5 months ago)
What do you think of Punisher on Netflix?
Kutastha (5 months ago)
Movie is shit. Case closed.
Royston Yinkore (5 months ago)
No one gonna talk about the racist skinhead attacking the hijabi woman at the start of the movie or the unrealistic white terrorists in London? Last time DC is getting my money
DCavalcade (5 months ago)
I thought it was ok, too.
Man In Tights (5 months ago)
Frankly i think Batman Begins is going hold up better over time than the Dark Knight. The more i watch TDK. The more it seems like Heath Ledger was the only good thing about it. The plot itself is a mess (especially the Jokers Plan) with ham fisted pretentious messages. Ive read better Batman stories in the comics that are better than the Dark Knight. Frankly i think by the end of the Dark Knight Trilogy people were getting sick of the whole moody superheroes thing. Hell Dark Knight Rises had Bruce Wayne moping around crying about the girl he never got to bang. Frankly for something called a "Comic Book Movies". I do expect them to feel like comic books.
50calBeowulf (5 months ago)
Your right, I liked it too but it didn't wow me. DC needs more Nolan - less Whedon and Snyder.
G.M A (5 months ago)
You always know the people that hate Nolan's films are probably too young to remember George Clooney as Batman. Fuck me that was a shit period growing up. Bat nipples...wtf Joel Schumacher you knob...lol
Nags Dead Films (5 months ago)
I liked the use of the 1989 Batman theme on the roof top scene.
skyesfury (5 months ago)
Why did they even include Aquaman? He was pointless in the original Justice League, he's pointless in his own comics, he's pointless as anything other than as a joke punchingbag. They could have picked a million other heroes for Momoa to be eye candy for the ladies, maybe even one that isn't outright lame.
David James (5 months ago)
You know what would be really cool? since we are not getting another spawn becase the owner of the rights is an asshole, a The Mask remake could be awesome, the original comic is so dark, gory and fun, now that would be a movie to remember if done at all, it doesn´t even have to be perfect, maybe another Punisher, something like that. Now a days this totally fantastic superheroes that are basically gods are no longer fun, they are cheesy, the only possible way super heroe movies will survive is by making them for actual grown ups, kids have enough toys and animated crappy movies already, they can do without batman, no point on pandering to them, you have star wars if you want to keep selling figures and crap like that, super heroes need to evolve into something a little bit more real, you don´t need a comic relieve or CGI, they are under estimating how important story tellng is, its almost like the under estimate the intelligence of us simple mortals... IMagine my shock. The only reason we like BAtman is because he is cool, he can actually be hurt and die, you hit the nail. Thats whats so lame about superheroe movies in general, they are so OP its just meh, we know how it is going to end. Flash is super gay and pointless, Aquaman is just Jason doing Jason with tattoos also totally pointless and lame, the other three are the only ones that could grow. They need to do a reboot already lol, just batman and superman in the same universe and wonder woman on her own universe, and thats that, insisting in putting them together is stupid, avengers is so incredibly boring why doing the same - stupid hollywood -.
bobiojimbo (5 months ago)
Nope. Won't see. I was burnt twice by Man of Steel and BvS.
Roark Doubt (5 months ago)
I'm usually miserly with points, but I actually was conflicted between 8 & 9 on this. High for me. the wonder Woman scenes were 9.5-10, followed closely by Aquaman and the Flash. bottom of the list was the villain at 6. I went to be entertained and was. I'm going back to see it in 3-D. Will eventually buy it.For reference: Batman vs Superman got a 6 ( Wonder Woman brought it up from a 5 as she stole every scene she was in.);  Wonder Woman got one of the few 10s I've ever given (Serenity was another).Justice League was solid, enjoyable entertainment. Give it an 8 because 8.3 isn't available.
jlnmurdock (5 months ago)
0:41-1:07 Thats all that is needed to be said.
TheRoidemortetfleur (5 months ago)
Would not a decent movie be better to see in a theater? Without all the distractions and not. A dvd you can watch without all the distraction plus more than once.
StarWarsomania (5 months ago)
...did you just say that the crapped out *LOGAN* was the only good Marvel movie? It was horrible! It made no sense, it doesn't sit ANYWHERE in the timeline,the plot didn't work, and most importantly: It was nothing but a two-hour death-slog. Sorry if I have _slightly_ higher expectations from my movies.
exexpat11 (4 months ago)
I think it was a true ending of the Wolverine character. Not a glamorous big death. Just dying doing a small thing. That is what made the movie good. It wasn't a movie about saving all the marbles and the Whole Big World or Universe. Not much CGI. Not shot in the dark where you only hear the noises and flashes of the CGI. It had a compact linear story. A beginning, a middle, and an ending - no sequels to that one. That is what made is superior to the usual Superhero Movies being trotted out. Plus it gives a hint that the FOX Mutant Movies are not what really happened, they were an exaggeration of what really happened.
MatJan86 (5 months ago)
The scene with batman and aquaman was added after Snyder stepped down after his daughter committed suicide. After thad WB brought Joss Wheadon. It is quite visible in some parts which scenes are Wheadons. I honestly don't get the hate people have for Snyder.
M. Woller (5 months ago)
Biggest problem of those super hero mash ups is the power level alone. On top of that, mixing Wonder Woman with her very... special ulta high fantasy background story of greek gods and alike with normal level fantasy like aqua humans, our "space god" Superman and then someone like Batman... it's the same problem as the whole Avenger thing with pretty much gods vs just a bit better people and all that comes from that. Cyborg was a good addition, a very interesting character, but I think they should have had two female super heroes (else the one outstanding thing of the sole woman in the team IS that she's a woman) and probably should not have taken Wonder Woman. She's just too much a Super Man clone with no direct weakness, extra gimmicks, a super icky background and this giant back and forth in her power level ist just irritating. Also: Why Aqua Man? You could see the whole movie, that he really did not fit in and that they don't know what to do with him. It's not, that I did not like the character, but it was odd. Super Man as the lord and saviour at the end who could pretty much just kick the bad guys ass alone - well, why not, the fight of the whole team against this one guy as he was about to go nuts was interesting and better as the whole "Civil War" clash, which felt like some laughable trouble on the school yard. Still, those power levels...
Torelethain (5 months ago)
Have to disagree with you a little Dave, I have to say I prefer Marvel's outing, any bias aside, I am going to compare these to a cooked meal, Marvel has had a slow cook hitting the mark just right that everyone seems to be trying to copy. DC in their efforts are rushing it out, cooking with too much heat and the meal just isn't as good as a result. The continuity is forced and hurried where Marvel we have had time to grow attached to the characters. Frankly I would have wish DC would have done their own thing, we already have a cinematic universe and no one else seems to be able to hit the mark like Marvel did and it is because they are rushing and forcing it instead of letting it happen.
A regular Plumbus (5 months ago)
Ezra Miller - "Beware the hetero-patriarchy!"
Harry Weaver (5 months ago)
Have you considered watching Attack on Titan? It has both action, beautiful animation, emotion, a believable world and a great plot. Much better than the stuff we have from Hollywood, and I recommend a look. Great work by the way.
Jim Belton (5 months ago)
You nailed this one: Superman sucks.
Kang of Kangzx (5 months ago)
lol of course the black guy was forgettable ya irish natzi
tag1462 (5 months ago)
The industry as a whole has gone downhill since the '70's and I blame greed for this. And despite "greed is good" mentality, it stifles creativity.
Chris Henniker (5 months ago)
I like Batman, but even I think these films are the end point of Hollywood. The best Batman are the Tim Burton ones and the Animated Series.
Benjamin Burkhardt (5 months ago)
Ben is a good Batman, but he’s not Bruce Wayne.
Fokker - 1138 (5 months ago)
Overall I thought the movie was crap and boring. Aquaman was stale backdrop with no backstory development and the same for Cyborg who barely had any backstory. Flash was well done as a character and for providing comedy to the movie. Superman was boring as he was a god character with no challenge or anything of substance driving him. The CGI was poorly done.
Richard Wallberg (5 months ago)
A film that would be worth seeing, but Hollywood or really major film country wouldn't dare make, is an adaptation of Milton's Paradise Lost.

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