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Leave A Glass of Water with Salt and Vinegar In Your Home and See Unbelievable Changes in 24 Hours

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Leave A Glass of Water with Salt and Vinegar In Your Home and See Unbelievable Changes in 24 Hours Do you often feel down when you are at home? When everything isn’t working, home is usually the best place to be. Home is where most of us feel secure. But if there is too much negative energy in our homes, it has a tangible effect on your emotions as well as health. Though you cannot see energy with the naked eye, you can certainly feel it as the energy of your home often reflects your own inner emotional state. It is time to banish those negative, sad and downright depressing vibes that can have a dramatic effect on your mood once and for all. Try this easy, homemade technique and drive all those negative energies away! You will need: 1 glass (it must be completely transparent) White vinegar Granulated salt Water Preparation: Add a little salt, little vinegar and little water in the glass. Put the glass in some of the areas where you spend time the most and where other people visit you. Leave it there for 24 hours. After some time, check how the salt is acting, if the level only rose or the water overflew. Rinse the glass with plenty of water after 24 hours, and repeat the procedure whenever you think it’s necessary. Put it in all the areas of your home until the salt stops rising. Note: Put the glass in an area where it could not be seen so that it manages to absorb the bad energies effectively! Use only a glass of water with grain salt and vinegar and get rid of all the negative energies surrounding you! Leave A Glass of Water with Salt and Vinegar In Your Home and See Unbelievable Changes in 24 Hours https://youtu.be/wjOcWl13CjE
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zack jatt (12 days ago)
Myths can't work always..
Municipal Toast (1 month ago)
Idk man this seems weird and unbelievable. As much I want to believe seems far stretched
sherri daniel (2 months ago)
about the ions, actually "negative ions ie those released during storms with thunder & lightening that can have a calming ,uplifting effect on many people.there may be" substance to the mixture"
Beth Bartlett (1 month ago)
sherri daniel It is a pleasure to read a comment from a well studied in science individual - with mind wide open - These minds can truly see possibilities and SOLUTIONS where others see problems, wars, and feel fears.🗝 🏆
nova papacosta (2 months ago)
Gog bless you sharing this fabulous and miracles...
Michael Wise (2 months ago)
Negative energy is bullshit, stop contributing to the dumbing down of humanity.
Charlotte Wolfe (3 months ago)
I think this is a FUN thing to do with children. Not a professional solution.
Versace Italiano (3 months ago)
I did that yesterday and Donald Trump came knocking on my door
Beth Bartlett (1 month ago)
Versace Italiano You must have gotten some powerful Vinegar drawing such "Negative Narcissist Energy"!
Abigail Meserve (3 months ago)
If you feel negative energy: change your mind, your behaviors. This is not going to help you at all. It's placebo. You want a better life? Take control of your actions.
Don Jackson (1 month ago)
Abigail Meserve (1 month ago)
Beth Bartlett my statement was well informed and well intended.
Beth Bartlett (1 month ago)
Abigail Meserve If it works for folks - just let it be - No one needs a judgemental "opinion" in the midst - Education is a truly undervalued and under sought commodity in this country. "Most dangerous individuals to the wellbeing of society are the active misinformed that think they're right." - Mark Twain
Ben (4 months ago)
I find it unbelievable what nonsense people are allowed to put on here
Beth Bartlett (1 month ago)
Ben There are science foundations in these - Negative energy is energy that does not feel good in a place, home, room - It can be caused by past memories of a negative experience, bacteria in the air/ventilation/carpet, and/or other people either living in the home or visiting there. (Physics actually can explain it in greater detail) But thoughts and speaking emit vibrations and those vibes both hang around and go out in/from the space from where it originated. Energy is eternal - it keeps on going and, like attracts like - thus those vibes get attached to each other and they effect the whole in our space area. This is "WHY" the Physicists instruct folks to "Apply both Conscious awareness and Intelligent Positive - to our Thoughts" - because they very much direct the reality that comes to us in our life experiences, in terms of any and all, relative to, or associated with, the thought subjects: people, jobs, health, positive or negative. Proven as "The Law of Attraction" and a point that Jesus spoke to in his words on: "Ask and he shall receive" "The body is the temple of God" "If you have but the faith of a mustard seed you could move mountains" Likely a great many more that were left or edited out. All points have foundation and reference resources - simply Google subject and Physics - for quick finds. There is/are so many subjects, points associated with subjects, that have been MISINTERPRETED and PASSED ON in Incorrect Form - thus Misunderstood as negative or evil - that were not originally intended as evil in any way and often are the opposite of evil. From the true meaning of the Symbol used by the Nazi Party - Swastika - prior to their using it as a logo, to the even current True definition of Occult - which simply means Secrets. The truly dark and negative subjects are overwhelmingly largely those that are "used to demonstrate fears, by those whom are undereducated and passed on to others in a setting that is deemed for educating or teaching (often a church or classroom) where the Facts, Truths, and Accurate information should be confirmed prior to "unwittingly misinforming" and the students or members most certainly need to fact check as there are those (intending to mislead). 🗝❤☮
BethyKable (4 months ago)
Another robot video so annoying I can’t stand listening to it. Nothing more negative than robot videos.
Bat Taz (4 months ago)
Obviously doesn't understand what energy means! If people with emotional or psychological issues put off seeking professional help for this kind of nonsense, then it's harmful. Stop with the Bullshit. You might be harming others.
Bat Taz (3 months ago)
Audrée Crackpot nonsense.
Audrée (4 months ago)
Bat Taz Someone who has decided to get help for their psychological issues isn't going to change their mind or put off seeking help and think that doing this will be good enough. Give ppl credit. They aren't harming others by sharing tricks or techniques that can possibly be of help to some ppl. They're helping them. The mind is a powerful thing and depending on ppl beliefs all sorts of different things can be of help in big and little ways. That's my 22 year professional opinion. Really no need to worry that they might be harming others.
Fair and Fierce (5 months ago)
Can i use the glass for drinking after? Or should i dispose it?
Beth Bartlett (1 month ago)
Monkey CEO Go annoy your Parents -
Beth Bartlett (1 month ago)
Fair and Fierce Not supposed to -
Monkey CEO (4 months ago)
Fair and Fierce smash it to pieces and keep it under your pillow.
TC Nance (5 months ago)
Can't Hurt!!
jaya tissa (5 months ago)
How much of water you need to pour in to the glass? 1/4,1/2or 3/4?..or just any amount? I need to try this out as I feel that there are people who are jealous of me and perhaps they are using some 😈 evil spirits on me.
Aaron Scott (4 months ago)
jaya tissa I here u . sometimes you won't believe who. Most of them right in ur face
Cynthia Rice (6 months ago)
Never heard of such! How would you know if the negative energy is gone? Sounds like witchery to me!
Victoria Lee (1 month ago)
Victoria Lee (1 month ago)
Bat Taz (4 months ago)
- ThatDamSavage Define "negative energy".
Azarah Eden (5 months ago)
It is a chemical reaction . The vinegar acts to release ions from the salt , nothing more .
- ThatDamSavage (5 months ago)
Cynthia Rice When the salt stop rising to the top, that's when the neg energy has been removed.
JULIUS FERNANDES (6 months ago)
Can I use use a disposable glass (made of plastic)? And should I keep the glass at ground level or can I keep it above ground level say like a table?
- ThatDamSavage (5 months ago)
JULIUS FERNANDES Real glass. And out of sight, like in a corner on the floor
Gilbert Jeno (7 months ago)
How does this get rid of the bad energy?
Michael Wise (2 months ago)
Spoilers: Bad energy and good energy is all bullshit.
Michele Alphonso (7 months ago)
So many questions...can u use sea salt instead?
- ThatDamSavage (5 months ago)
Michele Alphonso Yes
Larry Kelly (8 months ago)
Can Apple vinegar be used?
NinjaXagor (1 month ago)
Absolutely, but it will still accomplish nothing. So. Yeah, it won't make it any more or less effective.
Beth Bartlett (1 month ago)
Larry Kelly Yes
- ThatDamSavage (5 months ago)
Larry Kelly Yes
Donovan Evans (10 months ago)
How much salt n vinegar should you add to glass of water?
Monkey CEO (4 months ago)
Donovan Evans a dozen
Adrizel (1 year ago)
Michael Wise (2 months ago)
Placebo effect.
Koula Fotopoulou (9 months ago)

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