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The Worst Steam Library Ever

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DX returns with a look at his Steam library. Full of the most awful games you've ever seen. Some games so bad, they cannot even be bought anymore. How terrible can these Steam games get? Let's find out. Support DX on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/DX Follow DX on Twitter: https://twitter.com/DXFromYT
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gorepuppy (1 hour ago)
I don't even care if folks asset flip providing they suck because they are new at making games, the only real thing that counts for me is the gameplay, or rather is it fun. You pay for an asset it is yours to use, fighting it will stop folks from making them, that will keep folks from trying to make games. That being said doing it just to piss Jim Sterling off is fine and dandy but there is zero excuse for a game that is not fun to play. I mean that the devs play their game is part of the game making process is it not? Assets are no different than middleware to me, and AAA games still use 3rd party assets and middleware. I mean folks are asset artists too, they need to get there work portfolio out right, they need to eat too right? Selling assets be it on Unity or even a UE engine is how this goes down. I used to play with the UE engine, never got good with iit, but I am taking C++ in my mid life crisis, shit game incoming in a few year. I may flip some assets as if you pay for it you have a right to use it in a commercial release. But it will at least be a fun game or it will never come out. Fun is subjective but at least 30% fun is my goal and testing. Eventually I have a great idea for a game but that is after a few shit games. My great idea requires skill and a team I do not have. I am making a pen and paper version to test certain things, so someday.
ADDER (9 hours ago)
there is why the refund exists right ?
RyllenKriel (16 hours ago)
You should play the game Zatwor: Soap Drop Prison Pong.
Swey Swey (1 day ago)
Spartan War118 (1 day ago)
EA can still make a shittier game new BF2 makes me throw up all on it's own
ethan shortland (1 day ago)
I knew there were bad games on steam, but JESUS CHRIST, i never knew that games like these could even exist. :(
Dimic (1 day ago)
4 years of gaming and only 350 games lel
The Graveyard might be a certain type of art idk
dec dj (3 days ago)
dec dj (3 days ago)
Tinchokratos (3 days ago)
didnt know seinfeld was a gamer
Gaming TrailBlazer (3 days ago)
Refund in steam
Jaminator (3 days ago)
The Dildo maze guy looks like Jim Sterling 7:20
Jonathan Kragelund (3 days ago)
That graveyard game had great potential! It could have been made into a very pretty indie game. Reminds me of when my grandmother and i visit her parents grave.
Jonathan Kragelund (3 days ago)
Actually have that zatwor game. Remember buying it in a pak of 15 games for like 2 dollars xD Think i have more bad games than good games on steam now
radom gaming vidoes (3 days ago)
ily sm
A Weeb (3 days ago)
Wait. I like akame ga kill
Its Ender (4 days ago)
Has anyone counted how many times he said fuck or shit
LIviNg NigHtMarE (4 days ago)
You know DX, i know your channel isn't very known by everyone, but to me i find it personally a hidden gem, i hope you keep doing these videos, you're very entertaining to me and your subscribers, keep it up
THERAGINGRUDY (4 days ago)
Umm this dude doesn't know when games are joke or art
"Motorised bar of soap"
ExcaliburForge (4 days ago)
We need a AAA version of Bloody Boobs. Someone call Bethesda or CD Projekt Red.
I'll make a positive comparison: you're the AVGN for PC hahaha. I love the AVGN videos, but I always wanted pc game reviews as I'm a pc games myself. I like your style, the sarcasm and the way you put your arguments forward. It's almost impossible not to crack when you crack while playing a shitty game, especially when a funny glitch happens and you lose it hahaha. Don't stop making videos. You got style and charisma. Good job and thanks for the great videos! :D
Dante Plays BG (5 days ago)
got a dark souls remastered add on the bloody boobs part.
Roxas Ryuga (5 days ago)
why your intro are all creepy horror stuff
r u videogamedunkey?
Xxflowerzxx mr. Swag (6 days ago)
Late 2000’s dude it’s 2018 we’re still in early 2000’s
Andrea Mustermann (6 days ago)
atrocities are lurking behind every filter. do I have to fear entering steam now? ;)
Andrea Mustermann (6 days ago)
good gosh... that would be all
corRdex Gaming (6 days ago)
Prison school in the intro
Nolan Osano (7 days ago)
CluelessFour4 (8 days ago)
YO WTF she was 15 and pregnant what the shit
Xrayeyes2u (8 days ago)
Lots of anger
TheUnbanned (8 days ago)
When you're on a game maker school or something and make your first test. And then know you can make money out of it.
Viggle Gaming (8 days ago)
18:42 butif you press 1 2 3 or 4 you can equip different guns on any level jacksepticeye even played and he liked it
DiamondTurtle (9 days ago)
Okay my fellow gamer let me bring you to another perspective. I totally agree past the 7-8 minute mark those games don't deserve to exist. But they need to; we need shitty games to make good ones. Any good Dev comes from a dark stumbling past. And the ways you critique them sound like it's there faults for learning how to make better games. Please consider that no Dev is perfect when they begin... And there first game will always be shit.
Is it bad if I'm dying of laughter because of the tomato game and I really want to try it out
Swedish Meatball (9 days ago)
Flowey the Few (9 days ago)
i guess that's the free market lmao.
qubit (10 days ago)
hi i am 4 yrs old and i made a game calledd blocc profesional mincraft edition 2019. its beautifiul. i wonted to want steam people buy my game but e dont know khow to give steam. a tried to upload it to a flashe gamae site but dey baned me fo vatever reason. i dont know. what is rong with my game. wat is wrong with peopel. how do yupload steam k tnx bye . I WILL BE RICH ONCE I GO STEAM AHAHA I AM RIHC GAMEA DEVELOPER.
TDM xross (10 days ago)
Bloody boobs, yeah that's what makes money
LeashedSandwich (10 days ago)
Anyone else remember when Pewdiepie played Grass Simulator?
James Masters (10 days ago)
Help > Steam Support > Games, Software, etc. > <insert shit game title here> > I want to Permanently Remove this Game from my Account You're welcome.
The Bishop (11 days ago)
18:47 cow looks up for a milisec
Anderhils (11 days ago)
Games Lack Polish
unknown gamer (11 days ago)
This is the first time i watched a video in this channel and the one that caught my eye is the intro
Crownz (11 days ago)
Criticism is good but this is too much hate. You already know it's shit why bother paying up.
Chaim7games 100 (13 days ago)
it is a game map strip from a game map ok
Shrek Gaming (13 days ago)
y u so mad? its just game.
george sloth (13 days ago)
masked shooters 2 is literally a browswer game
Itzz Ryno (13 days ago)
i bought protocol a while back. RIP XD 13:36
BroChaCho (14 days ago)
14:57 it’s good enough to scare you. (He jumped)
Dedrian Jarrells (16 days ago)
What really set me over the edge was this *DOOR.* This game has a *D O O R* that *O P E N S* into a *W A L L .* Best part in the entire video.
Tate Monier (18 days ago)
Fake Age (18 days ago)
When you’ve entered the weird size of steam https://youtu.be/Cz--vTD3t9I Come back.
MrSonicTeam (19 days ago)
my game on gamejolt so please don't hate my game please :(
striderOO7 (19 days ago)
Bruh this video was hilarious. You really sound genuinely pissed off. Lmao😂
Grass sim is the best on this list
Ow the edge (19 days ago)
You're like an angrier Angry Joe.
Official B17 R473 (19 days ago)
Discovered your channel through this video. Love your content and subbed instantly. My only “issue” with your presentation is the way you end your sentences. You probably know what I’m talking about, but it sounds like you add an extra “ah” at the end of certain words. I just noticed it from the getgo, but it’s a minor nitpick. If it’s how you talk it’s how you talk. Great video and keep up the great work!
Andrew Garcia (20 days ago)
I bet game grumps would love to play a few from this list
Burnique (20 days ago)
Haha my fucking steam library is full of pirated games dafaq
John Nowak Kind Sir (21 days ago)
32:25-When you are afraid of holding a weapon 😂
Jesper Rolleman (21 days ago)
gras simulator bwhahaha
KennySpag (21 days ago)
I actually have masked shooters 2. I paid $0.09 for it. (On sale + voucher)
Takumi Fujiwara (22 days ago)
Go 0,25X and pause on 0:02
RigidiN (23 days ago)
I've played glacier 3 but it was on the old Wii and I was young, but I had fun with it.
Emma olamide (23 days ago)
dam ugly games bro
Nick Hoover1979 Wride (23 days ago)
Valve doesn't care about what utter shit is sold on their platform. All they want is their cut of the profit and to boast they have more content than any other platform. Steam Direct will be no different, people will still have to wade through pages of shit in hope of finding one gem worthy of purchase.
xCr00k3Dx (23 days ago)
Into The War was surprisingly fun when it originally released. However, it looks like it was severely downgraded after the fact. The game was much faster, as you could sprint and double-jump around the map IIRC, making matches pretty fun and frenetic. Not that it was ever good, mind you.
Yo (23 days ago)
How many trade cards u gained? Just thinking it must be damn much
Ollie Noone (24 days ago)
I think i have all the Zatwor games
Fire Melon (24 days ago)
36.45 Best suprise
Phillip Cammans (25 days ago)
A lot of these games are what they are like Grass Simulator it is what it says it is you can't have on that
Omq (25 days ago)
SuperApple (26 days ago)
Dont worry about protocol. On playstore there is a game costing 200 dollars, but wont even start XD
Truly Infamous (27 days ago)
Dude. I have literally 30 games on steam, and more than 7 I can't play because I have Linux.
Lee Davies (28 days ago)
1680 games here, plenty of bad ones too
Matthew Beattie (28 days ago)
2:33 I made a better version of that game on scratch in my I.T lesson
DarkPandaLord (28 days ago)
Hunt Down The Freeman xD
Jacob Siauw (28 days ago)
StormioGT (29 days ago)
I’m just going to list my library (feel free to do the same thing in the replies) -Star Wars: Battlefront 2 -Half Life: Black Mesa -Team Fortress 2 -Gmod (duh)
Luke O'Toole (29 days ago)
Haaaaay.. I liked akame ga kill -.-
Dazzling Duck (29 days ago)
Should have bought pubg
Game Killer (29 days ago)
CaesarGxp (29 days ago)
😭 The best narator ever 👍 lol
Swoops (1 month ago)
if you dont want it you can right click go to catergories and then hide it
Braden Best (1 month ago)
I'm just gonna leave this comment here as a sanity check. If I see this in the future, I'll know I've already seen this video. Saved you 40 minutes of re-watching, future me ;)
John Nowak Kind Sir (21 days ago)
Braden Best-😂 so funny
Braden Best (21 days ago)
It _is_ weird. I've literally watched this entire video at least three times and I forget about it each time.
John Nowak Kind Sir (21 days ago)
Braden Best-LoL, that's so weird
Ethor ' (1 month ago)
I have Absconding Zatwor in my steam library and i want to get rid of it but don't know how HELP! :(
Terrablade (1 month ago)
One of the best videos I have watched EVER
if I'm right the game graveyard was sepousd to be a simble for respect the deads
The RedPanda (1 month ago)
Plus, graphics is not what makes games good.
The RedPanda (1 month ago)
The Graveyard is a pretty good thing. You just didn't understand the symbolism.
Samuel Chabot (1 month ago)
Watched it last year, loved it. Today, hated it. You can be so stupid sometimes
EyedWeevil (1 month ago)
The longest video about worst video games
Viper Snek (1 month ago)
The Graveyard has speed runs under 5 seconds, btw. Guess how you do it;
Sten Post (1 month ago)
Why am i watching a person with no game making experience, judging games on steam? The games may be bad, but you think you can make a good game on your own? Also all good steam games are made by a team of people (maybe not Toby Fox)
Viewtiful Z (1 month ago)
Why am I reading a comment made by a person with no video making experience, judging games on Steam? The video may be bad, but you think you can make a good video on your own?
StoyVee (1 month ago)
9:11 "fuck you and your terrible game, CUNT!"

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