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The Worst Steam Library Ever

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DX returns with a look at his Steam library. Full of the most awful games you've ever seen. Some games so bad, they cannot even be bought anymore. How terrible can these Steam games get? Let's find out. Support DX on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/DX Follow DX on Twitter: https://twitter.com/DXFromYT
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Mike Ponce (12 hours ago)
Dude, we(as audience) get that you're reviewing a "worst list". That's fine. You're not "Angry VideoGameNerd". Most people respond better to calm critique than they do to someone sounding like the game they're reviewing just wizzed on their rug. I closed this video at about 11 minutes in because I didn't want to hear your major coronary embolism pop. Keep your cool, man.
Jannol (1 day ago)
DXFan619 you complained a lot about laudness of games, have you tried reducing audio?
dan danny (1 day ago)
AlienSlay GamesBoy (1 day ago)
DX is awsome
Matixx Thelonious (2 days ago)
Grass simulator lmfao
Quentin Diaz (3 days ago)
I actually have a physical copy of Glacier 3. What a piece of junk.
poisenbery (4 days ago)
I come back every few months to see if youve added overwatch to this list but i keep forgetting that it's not a steam game
Flying Unicorn ! (4 days ago)
I actually liked the idea behind bloody boobs or whatever it was called. Just a man patronising me about how I spend my non-existent money while I run with stupidly big tits bouncing around praying to pillars 😂
Dino Nodi (5 days ago)
In croatia zatwor(zatvor) means prison
michał mak (6 days ago)
masked shoters BEST ragdoll ever :0
advuest (6 days ago)
why is the vid so laggy
14:10 lololtrololol
lol earned a sub
ReverendNillerz (6 days ago)
about 9 minutes in I get the feeling that this guy takes games too seriously and probably needs to chill a little bit.
AGFuzzyPancake (18 hours ago)
Gabriel Colmenares (7 days ago)
Bit toxic much?
Fed X (7 days ago)
I added u on steam I’m wumbofet1234567890
kliker (8 days ago)
I this Video Game Dunkey's game?
Prof. Phillips (8 days ago)
5:37 .......Thats actually epic!! ><
burger killer90 (8 days ago)
Bloody bobz yeeehhhh i need dis
RedCube (9 days ago)
Why did I watch this video?
Ford Simpson (9 days ago)
0:00 hold up you're not avgn
Pomelo Dilina (11 days ago)
Unity is bad but is good for commoners
HAWKEYESOLO (8 days ago)
It's not bad, just overused.
yumri4 (11 days ago)
hey akama and akama la kill are good anime not bad
Smells Like Napalm (13 days ago)
you sound so angry consistently throughout this video, and while i can understand your frustrations with the bad games, it's just a bit grating. Also, boring.
murat birol (13 days ago)
FYI, if the specs are not optimized, even with two SLIed 2080s framerate will drop to the deep pits of hell
Gustan Binder (15 days ago)
7:20 is that Jim Sterling?
hairychesticles1 (17 days ago)
Anyone notice steam has been recently swamped with hentai games and sex puzzles. When scrolling through new games in like the 1st 3 pages i came across 3 hentai puzzles
GhostDog98 (17 days ago)
Check this out: https://store.steampowered.com/app/486650/Potato_Thriller/
Welcome to hell my chidren
Segen (18 days ago)
Grass Simulator is basically PUBG without guns.
Just Zack (21 days ago)
I've seen CS ripoffs on the Play Store that's better than these games
MrZekeBlowstein (21 days ago)
pfft. Have 1199 games
Aryan Wandy (21 days ago)
Videogamedunkey is that you?
xtingwisher (22 days ago)
why are Yukkii and Yuno in the intro if he hates the anime from which they're from and doesn't like either one of them? I agree with his video on why he hates mirai nikki, the characters are soulless archetypes and the plot is retarded. Despite this I still loved the show, it was still really entertaining to me, I liked the characters for what they were even with them being contrived. Like DX said in his video on it if you can enjoy an objectively terrible anime or other form of media all the more power to you or whatever as most people say because it's what they should say, as long as you don't pretend like it's objectively good or better than it really is then there's nothing wrong with liking it right? That's why we have opinions, that's why I agree with him and other YouTubers like him. But if he doesn't like them or the anime at all why are they in the intro? EDIT: I don't agree with the whole "turn off your brain" thing either, I think that could easily be insulting too and is a dumb mentality, I just liked it for other reasons.
JermaineATL (24 days ago)
i like how night vision is world space normals xDDDD
Timothy Velasquez (25 days ago)
What you say about akame GA kill hoe ass boi
Sander Cohen (26 days ago)
You sound like a younger version of igorawr
The reasons for The Graveyard was doing some new experience, and it was inspired by The Path. It's deeper, than your shitty pew-pew actions.
Tom Injury (28 days ago)
It didn't take long for the faint glimmer of hope that Steam Direct would somehow be able to be a worthy successor to Steam Greenlight to be utterly and mercilessly get quashed. It seems having people with common sense and taste doing the job of maintaining a potentially vital and useful storefront as opposed to a set of algorithms is a somewhat foreign concept to valve.
FeFe Ass (29 days ago)
i love your comedy writing
pyrocynical's smurf (29 days ago)
I can't watch videos over 15 minutes but your channel and your videos actually keep my attention
Tuls Tenebrose (1 month ago)
Uhhh, Jim's Dildo Maze is Jim Sterling. He holds said prop on The Jimquisition.
Marinus van Zyl (1 month ago)
36:53. SURPRISE! Now did that subvert your expectations, or what? XD
Marinus van Zyl (1 month ago)
19:06. And this people, is what a Game Dev on drugs' work looks like! ;)
Marinus van Zyl (1 month ago)
12:24. Walking simulator. XD
Marinus van Zyl (1 month ago)
I'm pretty sure 08:54 is the kind of story line that The Asylum or MarVista might be interested in. XD
Fiete Hermans (1 month ago)
Jim Sterling rip-off
Richard Alcala (1 month ago)
Eaten alive is a porn game im sure i seen it....
JaggedBird (1 month ago)
Well I’m glad I’ve wasted over 1000 hours on the dark souls series rather than these abominations 19:58 WUT?! Can’t hear ya mate!!
Wilfred Fizz (1 month ago)
I personally don't think Tomato way is worse than any of the games in this video. I wouldn't call it a good game, I would even hesitate to call it acceptable. It is however entertaining as a weird fever dream simulator
JONZILLA21_YT C. (1 month ago)
22:22 Me when I do it the wrong way
metal_ak4 (1 month ago)
"as if you've got a jet propulsion engine hanging from your ballsack" i lost it
D3thM4sh33n (1 month ago)
If I watch it, will it stop following me?
Ced8897 (1 month ago)
I love how you hade the whole "Levels of hell" themes to how crappy these games get lol.....
TheMATEMAGICIAN (1 month ago)
the dildo gamer is supposed to be Jim Sterling
GoodColours (1 month ago)
22:23 HAHAHAHaaa
destrocrimson (1 month ago)
hi Jim Sterling version 500.0
Grzegorz Durda (1 month ago)
Grass Simulator - now ive seen it all in gaming. I mean someone should make a paint drying simulator where you can stare at paint drying after you painted something lol.
[Explain_Urself] (1 month ago)
this channel is a joke, this guy calls himself a "critique" but literally all he knows to do is shittalk games and the devs and he personaly atks the devs... that's so childish a real critique would analyse the game and say that they are not good bcs of reason A B and C but this guy isnted of that he just goes like "her duuuuuuur this GaEm is ShiET GuiS anD tHe DeVeluPer [inser dev name] is a CunT wHO suld Kil iMself anD stup meKing games" -DXfanwhateverhisnameis
BJDAFENIX (1 month ago)
12:00 i can actually feel the anger in the player in the vid.... steam does throw up the odd good thing : I got the witchjer expanded for £1.04 the other week. By the way I praise your masochism in getting these games : you have whaty it takes to work in a call centre.
Shiba (1 month ago)
Sounds like video game dunkey
Admiral Stu (1 month ago)
Not really
Genma Saotome (1 month ago)
It is selling their rough draft... as a final draft... :P
Remy Carreiro (1 month ago)
you should cover some of their shitty VR games too, have waste so much loot, ugh
Pagan (1 month ago)
Zatwor or zatvor means prison in some slavic languages.
Timothy Bates (1 month ago)
Pretty sure dildo maze is probably a shot at Jimquisition guy
Zachary Wheeler (1 month ago)
Your list is fine, but honestly I find your personality a bit annoying and you kinda miss the point of what actually makes these games so bad. And it rubs me the wrong way when you get angry at the programs for certain graphic choices, and your a YouTuber who can barley edit a video.
Jiří Pechman (1 month ago)
Attrition, but it's the shit version of first strike: final hour.
Grimsly (1 month ago)
Alit of these games seem like memes and this dude is so pissed about it XD
NinjaKitsune (1 month ago)
You know what the terrifying part is? The developer of Bloody Boobs is actually making a sequel to it.
Christopher Thibeault (1 month ago)
Hate to say this, DX, but I laughed for two minutes' straight at the models for that tomato revenge game thingie. Oh my God, that is comedy gold.
Paul. (1 month ago)
22:22 Am i the only one that hears "bank account" by 21 savage
Universum (1 month ago)
Eaten Alive, Jims Apartment, Thats Jim Sterling lol he is parodying Jim Sterling
Tomato way is good tho
Mike Whitaker (1 month ago)
one thing i find funny are some of the bugs which once combined gets you a game like Ark.. what the hell it was Ark... and Ark is still bugged to hell....
Faded Tiger (1 month ago)
Still waiting on your hateful ass to announce making a game.
Radioactive Bull (1 month ago)
Why do you sound so much like Ralph the movie maker?
Admiral Stu (1 month ago)
He could only sound like Ralph the Movie Maker if Ralph had a collapsed lung and the other lung was filled with so much fluid that you could swear he had pneumonia.
hamuka (1 month ago)
The moment I saw the title screen of "Tales of Destruction", I burst out laughing and couldn't stop for the next minute. This is unreal.
GeekyNerd54 (1 month ago)
I still play newgrounds and kongregate games.
DrachenSeele (1 month ago)
to the defence of most of the devs there, your frst games will always be "throw away game" games that you create to learn the team/the engine
Admiral Stu (1 month ago)
Yeah, but you shouldn't post your "throw away games" for the whole the world to see. If it's shit and you're not proud of it then don't post it. It's as simple as that.
Seb (1 month ago)
there is a sequel to Tomato Way by the way ;)
Covrig Luca (1 month ago)
Swearing incessantly doesn't make your video any better, Mr. James Rolfe the 2nd.
Ivan The Dude (1 month ago)
bloody boobs is a masterpiece. unsubbed.
SUPERNOVA (1 month ago)
Well... At least they tried.
Swedish Iranian (1 month ago)
7:10 Jim faking Sterling son
I Havenofriends (1 month ago)
I found game on steam called dabwoman
spets21 (1 month ago)
grass simulator! are you fucking kidding me? why would some one pay $$$ to watch grass grow when you can do it for free in yer backyard or at a park. LUL
Sh0tgunJust1ce (1 month ago)
"Jesus sends you on a mission for control of North Korea." I have to admit, the premise is brilliant.
I dont think its right for you to slate peoples hard work atleast you try and make something better then come back
Tiagorpg mendes (1 month ago)
the tomato game is not that bad
X Fade (1 month ago)
i like the "eh" after many words ending a sentence.
Bob Loblaw (1 month ago)
wow this is the 2nd vid in a row ive heard you bitch out about spending £3
Paul McCartney (1 month ago)
Fun fact: "Zatwor" literally means Prison in my country (Except It's correctly spelled "Zatvor" here in Serbia)
Corpse Thrust (1 month ago)
I've amassed a library at least a third of that size in only few months. I should stop looking at Steam sales.
Hungry Guy (1 month ago)
Oooh, I'm gonna go buy Boob Simulator!!!
Seink (1 month ago)
36:53 "ACCESS DENIED!" lol
Seink (1 month ago)
Protocol version 0.02 ..... makes sense to not work XD I mean, such a version seems like they just made the template of the project and added no function or assets XD
s p l a y e r c: (1 month ago)
27:49 my Fav part lol
Emarati Gamer (1 month ago)
8:15 In case you’re wondering 😂💔
Ghost Nate595 (1 month ago)
Credit were credit is due. Masked shots 2 has the worst ragdoll physics ever and I love it.
crystal trees (1 month ago)
glacier reminds me of that one level in sonic adventure DX where you skate on ice, the way the car moves really reminded me of SA's shitty glitches and weird ass physics.

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