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CT radiation and cancer risk

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It has been known for decades that radiation exposure increases cancer risk. Most of the evidence comes from analysis of atomic bomb survivors. Almost all data I can find is based on the same data. Basically, 20% of Americans will doe of cancer in general (400 in 2000). Being exposed to 10 milli-Sievert (mSv) of radiation increases risk by 0.05%, or 1 additional cancer in 2000. A CT scan is between 2-10 mSv of radiation. Natural occurring radiation from space and ground based radiation like Radon, is 2 mSV of radiation per year. The link between CT radiation and cancer has been known for some time, and modern machines and techniques are able to reduce the amount of radiation per scan, as compared to the amount when the literature was written. Cancer risk does still exist, and you should have a conversation with your doctor about the possible risks AND benefits of doing CT. As well as if another type of test like ultrasound or MRI would be an appropriate alternative.
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FixItStupid (3 days ago)
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FixItStupid (3 days ago)
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WarpedTrekker (4 days ago)
I've now had 2 DVT/PE events in my lifetime at 46yo. Had at least 4 Chest CT scans, a couple X-Rays, and now an abdomen CT scan to rule out something going on with my abdomen. Also had two Contrast Heart threadmill tests. Several of these scans happened in the last few months. Is there more risk to have them back to back like this? And why can't radiation tech's give people the specific amount of radiation being exposed to, so I can keep it in my records? Techs or someone at the facility should know what the machine is set to for a particular test, and what dosage it will emit.
kchilz32 (2 months ago)
I've had a total of CT scans since 2007 I'm 36 years old. Will I be ok? Im upset because alot of doctors don't tell you the risk. 2 where for chest and 2 for abdomen.
Muffhands Hands (1 month ago)
did u watch the video?
I Server (2 months ago)
i had a low dose ct of the chest without contrast in december. fast foward to march i had a cta angiography with contrast(heart scan( in March, how dangerous are these levels in this time frame? should i be concerned
Dexter theDog (4 months ago)
How about x-ray?
Jeremiah Roark (4 months ago)
Wow great info thank you Dr Castello!
David Varner (4 months ago)
Great info, glad you broke down the details

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