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10 FAILED TAKES that have become Masterpieces

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10 FAILED TAKES that have become Masterpieces Dozens or even hundreds of people were involved during the filming. It is almost impossible to completely control them, especially actors whose occasional hitch adds a charm and originality to a movie. And today we have 10 takey in your favorite films that have gone wrong, for the joy of the Filmmakers and viewers, and as you understood this takes became real masterpieces. Another Top 10 Improvised Movie Moments 1. The Usual Suspects" The scene where the film's heroes are lined up for police identification were asked to read one phrase, unintentionally turned into a real pun! All the actors had to read the words written on paper, but someone suddenly started to mumble, someone fooled around, making the others laugh! In any case, it did not turn out to take a serious take. 2. True Lies. Jamie Lee Curtis really lost her balance. You can see how Arnold Schwarzenegger flinches and is about to rise to help Jamie in the background, but the actress immediately returns to the image and continues her performance 3.Mission Impossible II". During the filming of the final fight, the film crew tried to achieve the maximum believability, so when the stuntman asked Tom Cruise not to hold himself in the final blow. 4. The Lord of the Rings: Two Towers ". Do you remember the scene, where Viggo Mortensen strikes orc’s steel helmet, left behind by the extinct fire, and makes a cry full of despair. 5.The Dark Knight" - After the joker was locked in one-man cell, he quieted down and just watched what was happening. 6. Pretty Woman" 1990 – It is one of the most famous scenes in the movie, where E’dward presents Vivian a box with expensive necklace 7. "Guardians of the Galaxy". Charismatic and cheerful Chris Pratt improvises a lot and gives out funny jokes. 8. "Django Unchained" is a Western of Quentin Tarantino. It is one of the few films in which Leonardo Di Caprio played a supporting role. 9. Du’mb and Du’mber. We all know that Jim Carrey can improvise like no other, but he realized his talent to the full in the movie 10. "Good Will Hu’nting" Matt Da’mon laughed at how Robin Williams’s wife farted, while she was sleeping, for a long time because he did not expect to hear it.
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Text Comments (1787)
Pauli Lehtonen (25 minutes ago)
mad lab go fuck youre self
Motor Siklo (1 hour ago)
nice vids
c l (3 hours ago)
This is the death of youtube. The slow agonizing death. To anyone who actually makes a living from their youtube channels... Pricks like this ruined it for you all.
Naulo Sanchar (4 hours ago)
The best part was 6:20 ... who else agree
SuperBroomBrooom (6 hours ago)
viggo mor-10-sen....richard jeer
Joe Mullany (7 hours ago)
Click bait. Nothing new, just poor rehash of what's already out there. Won't watch another one of his. Even I know the Usual Suspects scene was because Benicio del Toro kept farting on purpose.
papaclanc (8 hours ago)
"HeroEEN?" LMAO You gotta learn how to pronounce English, dude.
Blair McAlister (11 hours ago)
Would have been alright if the cunt yapping had shut the fuck up for the duration....ffs :-(
SevenFour (12 hours ago)
Ahhh you cant dislike what a pussy
Bill Anderson (12 hours ago)
Why does the narrator sound like the nordic guys on family guy?
Chuck Lotro (1 day ago)
Yeah Mission Impossible "keeping it real" about as real as imitation crab.
Hahahahaaahaahaa (1 day ago)
Fellow human narrator, well done. I also like human movies. But basically DiCaprio is a piece of shit that smeared his actual blood on a fellow actor without nay prior notice or consent. Good stuff.
burt panzer (1 day ago)
They make $$$ off A-holes like this and discourage from reporting "Click-Bait" with threat of termination.
GG NA SIR (1 day ago)
Click bait to gain views
Connor Thompson (1 day ago)
Okay, DiCaprio did not smear his own blood on Kerry Washington? You can't seriously be suggesting that. The accident is real, but if you believe he put his bloody hand on her face I have a swampland in Florida to sell you.
Henry Liu (1 day ago)
He sounds like the European dudes from family guy
lonnie romero (1 day ago)
Vigo morten-sen, Richard jeer?? Hero-ene?? Do you speak English???
TSO Center (1 day ago)
Interesting content but why is the narrator speaking with such a goofy voice as if to a five-year old?
Ronnie Williams (1 day ago)
Metal Tiger (1 day ago)
MORtensen, not MOR-TENsen... what's with the terrible grammar?
Devin Trotter (1 day ago)
Most of these type videos with compilations of things are really annoying and traps, but I actually liked this one and shared it. I laughed much more than I thought I would. Thank you for making a decent 'fail' type compilation. Cheers!
joetheshits (1 day ago)
Fuck this CHANNEL! Click bait mother fuckers! I hope everyone UNSUBSCRIBES!
Sagta 301 (1 day ago)
I came here to see tits u fraud
TheNostr4 (2 days ago)
it made me smile crying X)
MatrixCathedral (2 days ago)
chrissssssttttt!!!!!!!!!1 what an annoying voice
jojopetv (2 days ago)
That bit with Robin Williams got me. I didn't know that little tidbit, but thinking back to the first time seeing it, I felt a familiarity about it and now I know why.
Jordan Boyce (2 days ago)
Maybe learn how to pronounce the names of the actors correctly. Viggo “Morr-TEN-sen” ...? Richard “Jeer” ...?
Transfusions (6 hours ago)
Andrew Jackson (2 days ago)
Why's this guy talking like a goon!!!?
Matt Polzkill (1 day ago)
Yep, it is perfectly fair for you to Gere him like this.
peter g (2 days ago)
what's worse, the writing, or the delivery?
Kirti Gupta (1 hour ago)
Both of'em 🤮🤮
nurmi0 (2 days ago)
You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about so shut up... Where is the scene from Wolf of Wallstreet?? matthew mcconaughey and Leo Dicaprio in a restaurant.
Ya all are looking for "Megan Fox - This is 40"
HeyRay2 (2 days ago)
Vee Goh More Ten Sin!
MrTomtomman2000 (3 days ago)
LOL 🤣🤣😂😂
Tee Vee gaming (3 days ago)
Here for title not the thumnail
Tensen01 (3 days ago)
"And as you understood, this takes become real masterpieces" What the fuck
Steve Sisson (3 days ago)
I learned so much. Just one example: Julia Roberts was a heroeen in a movie with Richard Jeer.
gdubsterz (3 days ago)
The reason they were laughing so much during the usual suspect scene was because Del toro was cutting farts mercilessly and thats why Baldwin hits him and Byrne is covering his nose..
Krm Rhb (3 days ago)
Click bait
Bob Boberson (3 days ago)
Jesus Christ. This narrating buffoon can't pronounce most of the actor's names. And some words too. Probably a dumb Canadian. But some good content.
Matthew Whitney (3 days ago)
is the narrator a robot?
BlackPaw (3 days ago)
click bait
yesunghae (3 days ago)
I didn't even study media and I'm also 16 but even I can tell the Joker thing was on purpose because there was a direct shot to him, that wasn't an accident.
Kas1122 (4 days ago)
Osiiris (4 days ago)
When you said The Dark Knight I was expecting you to bring up the hospital explosion! But i suppose there was no going back to reshoot on that one. Was nonetheless amazing.
hhwhitewolf009 (4 days ago)
Yet you couldn't be more wrong about the first one. They all started laughing because someone farted get you facts right
Matt Gleason (4 days ago)
Is hero-ween like halloween ... for heroes?
Duy Vo (5 days ago)
Good film!
wulfgar88 - (5 days ago)
Megan fox cleavage??? And no delivery???? Weak...weak
Michael Stetson (6 days ago)
Kathleen Biederstadt (6 days ago)
So leonardo wiped his blood on a woman's face without her permission or knowledge ahead of time, that's nasty and I'd have clocked him.
avery walker (6 days ago)
Came for boobs....left disappointed
Jonathan Blackwell (6 days ago)
What an annoying voice over
Kirk Wandrey (7 days ago)
I have been on here for awww about 10 hours and I have not even scratched the surface... I have not run into any bugs or issues , to hell with Facebook this is going to be my new place ... good job guys ... thumbs up !!!
tortureyou (7 days ago)
3:08 ... Richard "Jeer" , Failed take #11
null w (7 days ago)
dude what the fuck is this voiceover?
lauren faro (7 days ago)
Brian singer is a pedophile
Larry Yates (7 days ago)
great! :D
Birk Weber Kock (7 days ago)
The way Mortensen is pronounced XD.
Shawna Stamps (7 days ago)
Where are Megan Fox’s baps then?
mohawksniper79 (8 days ago)
I will miss Robert Williams the greatest comedian ever
Mike Wilhelmson (8 days ago)
Actors have it so hard man, we should pay them more to pretend to be people
luke waite (8 days ago)
Click bait bitches
warsane1 (8 days ago)
learning so much., Big movie buff so well received here
Guilt Azaour (8 days ago)
Half of them are fake. Mate, do some justice to youtube and stop spreading fake news.
Anxious Neck Games (8 days ago)
I jerked off for five minutes. Where's my damn Megan Fox?
Sonny Girl (8 days ago)
It really makes me smile
Steven Douglas Carr (8 days ago)
The guy Carrey and Daniels picked up in "Dumb and Dumber" was Mike Starr.
serching god (8 days ago)
Matrix blablabla what foolishne n
serching god (8 days ago)
All universe foult
Chris (8 days ago)
ok stopped listening as soon as I heard your bullshit voice.
Mike Liberty (8 days ago)
Dam i got click baited.
NoticedByMany (9 days ago)
I came for boobies!
Thomas Murdock (9 days ago)
jamie Lee Curtis was freaking hot in True Lies.
Domino52o (9 days ago)
Sucks 99% of these people are hateful *true* racists
Paul Bonethruster (9 days ago)
I have a better vid on dumb n dumber on my channel
python man (10 days ago)
Decaprio wiped his blood on a woman's face without her knowing it would happen!? What in the fuck! S.T.D.?
downeybill (10 days ago)
richard jeer? really??
Dan Guyer (10 days ago)
I always liked Richard Jeer from Pretty Woman
Dan Guyer (10 days ago)
he's yapping during the opening sequence, while im dying to see the scene play out. i havent seen the film in 15 years
Rzr Skrr (10 days ago)
The ultimate click bait
Nicholas Damico (10 days ago)
The narration is terrible.
Summer A. (10 days ago)
I am surprised that black female 'servant' didn't object or sue di caprio for smudging REAL blood all over her face!!!
James Glancy (11 days ago)
Came here for Amanda Seyfried touching up Megan Fox. Left disappointed.
Raymond Megay (11 days ago)
Sara and J.V. Martin (11 days ago)
The narrator is awful. And those mispronunciations! "Improvisation" and Richard Gere pronounced Jeer. Good grief.
Inky Erekess (11 days ago)
Click bait. Kill yourself. Today. With badgers
fredmcbob1 (11 days ago)
its pronounced heroin like the drug you cuck
Paul Powell (11 days ago)
Nice vid, but click bait. No Megan Fox!
Downtown_Atake (11 days ago)
"Richard Jeer"? How the fuck are you doing these kinda videos and can't even pronounce Richard Gere's name?
ZombieDeathRace (11 days ago)
How the fuck you going to pronounce "Mortisen" more-ten-sin? It's fucking More-ta-son. 😐
VergauwenM (11 days ago)
easiest report OF MY LIFE
Retardretroguy (11 days ago)
Gere snapping the jewelry case is a risky move when shooting on film
Giordano Ruffaldi (11 days ago)
No Megan Fox. I hate click baits
lorei paeldon (11 days ago)
good enough give me favor need 1000 subs pls help me
vecrry97 (12 days ago)
Thumbs down for fake review
Obay Rafi (12 days ago)
Fuck you and fuck clickbaits!!
Jay Elimination (12 days ago)
2:15 damn
OpinionDay007 (12 days ago)
I knew all that already maybe its because there are so many copies of lists of stuff on you tube these days that its hard to find new stuff.
CharlieBitMyFinger! (12 days ago)
- The scenes and their backstories are all great, but the clownish voice over nearly makes this unwatchable. -

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