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Text Comments (729)
Qui & Ken (3 months ago)
Snapchat Us (We will respond back) Qui-Laquittar Ken-Rosebruh3 #Q&Kgang♥️
Marzum Muti (17 days ago)
You guys are meant to be 🤩
Nova (20 days ago)
Qui & Ken Zagreb🤘👍
Qui & Ken you're videos are so good
Qui & Ken (1 month ago)
Chanel Dompierre thank you 😊
Chanel Dompierre (1 month ago)
You guys are a beautiful couple ❤️
Ari Ray (14 hours ago)
"First you can choke me out with that belt" boy if you dont stop... lmao i gotta subscribe to yall that was too entertaining
Ruhin Sandhi (16 hours ago)
Can u make a reaction video with ur bf...I want his reaction...how he acted
Debani Vega (16 hours ago)
New subscriber....you guys are so cute😍😫
Ruhin Sandhi (16 hours ago)
He really cant resist....seriously cant stop laughing on his moves
10:20 why she jump up so fast?🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Itz Laila (1 day ago)
At 17:55
LibertyPenguin 3 (1 day ago)
he was trying to tie her with a belt😂😂😂😂 I CRYING😂😂😂😂😂
Destiny._ Tv (1 day ago)
Aisha Talo (2 days ago)
His face when she said shes giving it to someone else 😂
Ryan Wagner (2 days ago)
She tried so hard
AsiyahReynolds13 (2 days ago)
who else saw the nipple?
The blogger Sky (2 days ago)
“I wanna get nasty...... but not that nasty” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Viral Funcks (3 days ago)
Make ur videos shorted
Tyffani Bint (3 days ago)
5:50 was me when my mom told me I gotta clean my room
2 AVERAGETEENS (4 days ago)
he tried to eat u out thru yo pants XD
Eva Espí García (5 days ago)
24:35 🤫
타요Tayo (5 days ago)
I need my ears to stay innocent 😂😂😂😂😂🤣
Toni Shanice (6 days ago)
He said she got a “Mondo Booty” 😂😂 from the good burger
fleciacooke (7 days ago)
Qui remind me of Nique 😭💀
Qui & Ken (7 days ago)
Really lol
khady baldwin (7 days ago)
They gonna see you get this work
Hailey Bower (8 days ago)
She lowkey pulled a nipslip @24:33
Reyes Rivrra (8 days ago)
How long does it last
Lania Font (8 days ago)
Oml these Viagra pranks aint even funny anymore I just be gettin horny😂😂😂😂😂DAMNN IM MAD
Kiara Gray (9 days ago)
Love his eyes
Kadidia Coulibaly (10 days ago)
Lymesha Martin (10 days ago)
I like
Letha Reed (10 days ago)
Is his eyes blue😍 no disrespect
ANIYHA JONES (11 days ago)
Not to be rude but y’all look like dearra and ken tho
Life As Tarah (11 days ago)
when ken say I about to have this I was dying
Andrea Wallace (11 days ago)
12:37 she jus playin along.. Like she meant to put Viagra in his Gatorade 😂😂
Andrea Wallace (11 days ago)
9:45 wtf is he finna leave a mark r sum??
Andrea Wallace (11 days ago)
It's like every relationship in YouTube the bf Always luvin the game fortnite.. Idk was goin on 😂😂😂
Andrea Wallace (11 days ago)
4:17, 5:49 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Andrea Wallace (11 days ago)
I luv y'all intro. Dat shows y'all r in luv like not a fake relationship 😛
Nqobile Eland (12 days ago)
"Why... Why??" "next time imma tell you no" 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Fabuloso (13 days ago)
girl idk how you can do that and not fuck 😂
Brionna Green (13 days ago)
9:45 That was so LOUD it hurt my ears 😂
Love Yourself (13 days ago)
Man I felt bad for the guy in the end!
Starlover_lover Strong (14 days ago)
Khariana Gilmore (14 days ago)
I love y'all so much and great couple
Rae Azanna (15 days ago)
Old school intro music got me intrigued 👀🔥🔥🔥🔥
Baby Girl (15 days ago)
lol i kinda saw yo nipple 16:38 but u guys r a AWESOME couple
Queen Jackson (16 days ago)
17:45 Had Me Dead😂💀
Savannah Pellicci (16 days ago)
20:32 girl you need a shirt that don’t show you’re stuff lol nice nipple ring tho!!
trevon murad (16 days ago)
When she said and yo wee wee little his whole soul left him 😭😭😭😭
Nadia Chiew (17 days ago)
10.47 oh shit that's funny😂
Saniya Jiles (17 days ago)
There was a nip slip at 16:39
Leïla 1234 (18 days ago)
5:44 " Stop Looking at my butt " " I can look at it cause it’s mine " GOAL 💀😂😭❤️
Mya Brown (18 days ago)
Y’all got the best viagra pranks cause y’all don’t say stop every 2 seconds y’all let summ stuff happen
GloeyTori (19 days ago)
Nip slip at 20:39
Kenzie Krabbe (19 days ago)
Fine I am going to give it to somebody else 😂😂
Allison Eacareno (19 days ago)
Cloudy Vape420 (19 days ago)
17:59 was such a turn on when she said cmon. You can tell she the good kisser thats how she was keeping him in control
Cloudy Vape420 (19 days ago)
16:38 dark nipple with a pink a piercing. Noice😎😁🤩🤩
Cloudy Vape420 (19 days ago)
14:19 i wanna get nasty but not that nasty😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣 he pause at 14:14 this brotha have limits 😂😂😂😂
Shabriel Williams (20 days ago)
Qui was finna risk it all when he started licking her back 💀
Britneyyy -.- (20 days ago)
Ima go beat my meat😂
Og shortie Favecherry (20 days ago)
The way they were kissing brooo 😍😩. Qui enjoyed it
tayjanee' (20 days ago)
“Im finna go beat my meat” 😭😭😭
Emma Moon (20 days ago)
👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾👌🏾 new subscriber love it
Mellanin Queen (21 days ago)
i seen them eyes flutter girllllll loool
Saniya Williams (21 days ago)
Please add me back on snap chat @prettyflyniya21
Alana Franklin (21 days ago)
Qui & Ken (21 days ago)
My nip slipped 🤦🏽‍♀️😂😂
hailey rivera (21 days ago)
you guys got a new sub. You two so cute together!
Amanda Cordova (22 days ago)
i would fail this prank so hard with my mans
Lakaila Springfield (22 days ago)
I love y'all are amazing and funny and a very cute couple
nacashaS208 (22 days ago)
I was subscribed but I got a new phone so I had to subscribe to the YouTubers I would watch all over again
Ccfvb Wfd (22 days ago)
they remind me of dearra and ken
Edwards Jalin (22 days ago)
She almost failed this prank 🤣
Oshni (22 days ago)
"Fortnite cut off... now can I get some?" YOOOOOOO 😂😂
Mec Marsh (22 days ago)
Ugh she seem so young n childish...getcho man right girl...damn.
Qui & Ken (22 days ago)
Mec Marsh 😂😂😂
justice savage (22 days ago)
I love this channel fuck them other channels I just came across a couple of y’all videos and was weak ass tf
Qui & Ken (22 days ago)
sippy cup (23 days ago)
He fine as hell
Qui & Ken (23 days ago)
😍😍 yassss
StefJTay (24 days ago)
Ken is locking down those hot spots. She almost failed this prank. Lol!!
Yamileth Espinal (24 days ago)
I saw her nipple😨😂
Princessakayy (25 days ago)
Princessakayy (25 days ago)
DJVK TV (26 days ago)
mari in da cut babe (26 days ago)
Im dyinnnn😂😂😂😂 oh shii he was bout to cry when he was like you wont let me show you
Kiwi (26 days ago)
intro never gets old
the way his grabbing on that ass though
Keisha Shabazz (26 days ago)
Nice prank
Saniya Williams (26 days ago)
Can I be your daughter pls reply
Um Yeah. (27 days ago)
"Stop!" *Meanwhile putting her hands in the belt*
Lyric Central (27 days ago)
Dearea and ken???
Myrlene Sylvester (27 days ago)
At the half part she sound really weird like she was chocking
Qui & Ken (27 days ago)
Myrlene Sylvester (27 days ago)
This is some lmao 😂
aaron aarom (27 days ago)
sucking dicks bro
CRZY (28 days ago)
So no one saw her nipple completely out her shirt?
Qui & Ken (28 days ago)
CRZY sorry nip slip 🙈
Sea Goat (28 days ago)
5:50 had me dyinnn
Maria Vitoria (28 days ago)
BR ,BR❤️
Ninis Demsp (28 days ago)
Lil_twon 2lit (29 days ago)
11:54 she look like she really enjoyed it
Qui & Ken (28 days ago)
Of course lol
Hunter Jackson (29 days ago)
9:03 you can see her nipple
Hunter Jackson (28 days ago)
It's ok I liked it hah no disrespect to Ken tho!!!
Qui & Ken (28 days ago)
Sorry nip slip 😂
zi flawless (29 days ago)
He got mad and aggressive
Janiya Mckey (30 days ago)
He said nasty is good
Shaqueatia Smith (1 month ago)
Team qui I love her so much can y’all give me a shout out lol
Angelica Marino (1 month ago)
Keep it up idk y but I enjoy it so much when girlfriends do Viagra prank on boyfriends 😂😂😂😂😂😂 its just so funny omg
Crystal Linh (1 month ago)
Peep 9:02, 20:39, 20:50, 24:34

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