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After Eating Okra, This Is What Happens With Your Body

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okra benefits - Okra, known as ladies’ fingers or bamia, is a wonderful vegetable. It is perfect if you want to heal your body through diet. Here we present you all the medicinal properties of the okra. okra remedy for Diabetes,Pregnancy,Bones,Asthma,Respiratory problems,Constipation,Sun strokes,Colon cancer,Obesity,Cholesterol,Skin Detoxifier,Hair and other,
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B. Eder (3 months ago)
B. Eder (3 months ago)
Brought to America from Africa by Slavery.
R&R R&R (7 months ago)
We southerners love our Okra, we grow it back here.
Natural Food Channel (9 months ago)
love okra very much
7munkee (1 year ago)
Boo for Microsoft Sally.
Jimbie Urbano (1 year ago)
i love eating this so much
Sexii Love (1 year ago)
Yes it is good I eat it all the time
William & Fannie (1 year ago)
Yummy.Okra and Roti with Tamarind Chutney.
G Alexander (1 year ago)
Meant to say, our tradition is making the soup when it is snowing or ice on the ground!
G Alexander (1 year ago)
Alice, it is a tradition of my family to make tomato based vegetable soup, which is incomplete without okra! Also an older gardening friend says she adds a few pods, about 5 to top off the last few minutes cooking of any vegetable dish. She says it adds a special flavor. I must try that soon. Thanks for the curry okra recipe!
Shabaka Training (1 year ago)
how about kangkong?
Marlyn Arong (1 year ago)
valuable info
tomcat27557 (1 year ago)
what form to eat it in.....steamed, fried, pickled.....
Geri Freki (1 year ago)
Okra is the one and only vegetable I don 't like. And there 's only one fruit I don 't like: Lychees. I simply can 't stand those two!
49jubilee (1 year ago)
I LIKE OKRA---only in SOUP & STEW since its a good thickener for soups --because of slimy texture
Smooth Operator (1 year ago)
what about fried okra !? would that work?
Altex lan (1 year ago)
meat are more common to your body than leaves, think about it.
Gordon Woodroffe (1 year ago)
we call it okro here sounds better 😊😆
Lyrical Blackstone (1 year ago)
loooovvveee okra -raw or cooked
THE DRIVE INN (1 year ago)
jeb Bisoina (1 year ago)
This top of the line.
Sexii Love (1 year ago)
I love okra but I like it fried will it still be the same if it wasn't fried
Lloyd Brown (1 year ago)
okra is good
Lloyd Brown (1 year ago)
that s very informative
Lee McClendon (1 year ago)
Thank you very much
Paulene Delmo (1 year ago)
G Alexander (1 year ago)
Thanks Flyfly Bee for the recipe. I have copied your recipe and hope to make this next week. Sounds like a great healthy recipe with all the spices as well as the okra. Seeing your ID name, do you keep bees too? I do. Love those wonderful creatures. Thanks again.
Flyfly Bee (1 year ago)
Oh I just saw your comment by chance. Thank you for liking my recipe, have you cooked it yet? Did it turn out well? No I don't keep bees but it's something I do find interesting though. Where do you keep your bees? Where are you based?
Do you have to. Cook them what's the best way to eat them
BELLO LAWAL (1 year ago)
Beautiful thanks for the knowledge
TodaysRealHealth (1 year ago)
I think it taste best raw. Plus it will give you all the nutrients not being cooked. A bit of sea salt and cayenne powder.
Tina Valentine (1 year ago)
delicious i love it
inez allison (1 year ago)
how often should you eat okra .
Peter Kimani (1 year ago)
thank,the globe is today in discovery of cure humble meds.
sylvia bell (1 year ago)
when they want to sale something
rita salim (1 year ago)
Thanks for info. usually cook okra with tomato soup and with garlic.
Denise Hawkins (1 year ago)
fried it with butter onions salt and pepper
Juliette Chihade (1 year ago)
one table spoon of vegetable oil, dice 10 cloves of garlic, add 1 teaspoon of coriander. Saute till light garlic becomes light brown. Add washed okra cover the pot , leave on low for 30 minutes till be comes tender.Add chicken broth with tomato paste to your licking and let it cook for 30 minutes and you have vegetarian delicious dish.
Debbi Daniel (1 year ago)
Great information, thank u 👏🏻
AJM Mic (1 year ago)
okra chips Mmm
truthgha (1 year ago)
Love okra, any way you fix it. Always have, even as a child. Mom always added it to her homemade vegetable soup, a winter snow day was a tradition with her and is still today of mine. Mom would boil it, or fry it in small amount of oil/coated with cornmeal-salted. I seem to crave it at times, like lately I am a bit anemic and have chronic constipation. It always helps me with BMs. I Have wondered for years why my body craved it. Your article has helped me understand why. Constipation and cal-mag deficient at times as well as anemic,even as a child seem to be why. Thanks!!!
Flyfly Bee (1 year ago)
Okra curry is an amazing way to get this into your diet. I love it.
Susan Shin (1 year ago)
+Laurencia Perez
Flyfly Bee (1 year ago)
Vegetable stew sounds amazing! Love stews!
Laurencia Perez (1 year ago)
Laurencia Perez (1 year ago)
Alice (1 year ago)
I'm new to this wonderful veg it' gives a nice crunchy bite to a vegetable stew👍
Chris Calvan (1 year ago)
pickled okra
Elaine Moran (1 year ago)
Okra is a fabulous vegetable how do you pickle them?
Elaine Moran (1 year ago)
Kris Caina pickled okra
CoachingChosenOnes (1 year ago)
Okra is GMO. Man Made. All lies to decieve. Dont believe everything you see and hear
Lyrical Blackstone (1 year ago)
Hand Picked Bryst u listen to dr. sebi. just eat okra its fine.
Patritia Ormskerk (1 year ago)
Natasha Doris ,
Natasha Doris (1 year ago)
Hand Picked Bryst How is Okra man made honey? Educate me!
rynellea jones (1 year ago)
I love eating it raw with salt
Rosa Robinson (10 months ago)
Yes yes yes yes
Rosa Robinson (10 months ago)
Rosa Robinson (10 months ago)
Rosa Robinson (10 months ago)
wayne singh (1 year ago)
generic altered food right ,bs
tom set (1 year ago)
It's true or false?
Dreamgirl Kishana (1 year ago)
Charito Olofernes (1 year ago)
I like to eat okra it's my favorite.
Jacqueline Eze (1 year ago)
ockra is good in draw soup
Portia Thomas (1 year ago)
the information provided is very essential
Nkechi Ezeikpe (1 year ago)
Portia Thomas
Nkechi Ezeikpe (1 year ago)
Portia Thomas
libgurl01 (1 year ago)
okra sauce and fufu..yum!!!😋😀
Sele Cherie (1 year ago)
libgurl01 wèather
SUPER MUM (1 year ago)
Text too small
sautéed in olive oil with garlic, onion and tomatoes,
AURORAPECK (1 year ago)
Joelle Twahirwa (1 year ago)
AURORAPECK Okra is so goog
Lingeri Pole (1 year ago)
AURORAPECK yes okra will help you deliver easily.. Africans eat it when it's runny.
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Duterte Marcos (1 year ago)
okra is my favorate...
Adeltha Daniel (1 year ago)
Duterte Marcos I give myself a way
Adam Ibrahim (1 year ago)
Duterte Marcos
Duterte Marcos (1 year ago)
Rasul Magarang (1 year ago)
Duterte Marcos
lee wilson (1 year ago)
The information provided has been really helpful.
Chantha Bin Muong (1 year ago)
lee wilson
Juanitar Rimple (1 year ago)
lee wilson .l
Paul F (1 year ago)
The video indicates okra is good for your bones because it is rich in vitamin K.... Is that Vitamin K1 or Vitamin K2?
Reeemm Remm (1 year ago)
my favorite okra I love it
Shirley Tan (1 year ago)
Reeemm Remm
Bridget Mhango (1 year ago)
what if I add soda ,is it okay.
Bridget Mhango (1 year ago)
what if I add soda ,is it okay.
Bridget Mhango (1 year ago)
what if I add soda ,is it okay.
w ervin (1 year ago)
Reeemm Remm
doris hall (1 year ago)
I love okra it is nasty tho You have to be careful how you cook it or people get turned off from it. I have often wondered about the benefits of eating it . LOOK FOR OUR SONGS HERE.. ALL IN THE FAMILY SINGERS... MAMAS CABIN... THUMBS UP AND THANKS FOR SHARING
Charles Liang (1 year ago)
doris hall
Bateya Esayas (1 year ago)
CC ALLEN (1 year ago)
doris hall
dionne (1 year ago)
I just bought some that in a powdered form, I hope that wont take away the benefits.
Alice (1 year ago)
dionne what shops sell it powdered?
Afshar Saigol (1 year ago)
Olanike Olaleye (1 year ago)
David Klimek (1 year ago)
what is the best way to cook okra?
Yordanos A (1 year ago)
I love okra for my health. Thank you.
Willow Buiyadous (1 year ago)
Martha Santana
Willow Buiyadous (1 year ago)
Martha Santana
Eddie Asmara (1 year ago)
David Klimek Eat it raw like salad with vinegar and olive oil
jesus christ is lord (1 year ago)
David Klimek. cook slow add piece onion half tsp of garlic powder or fresh one tsp olive oil ..no water ..
Bruceann Yellowega (1 year ago)
How in the heck do you know all this? There's been studies on Okra that claim all this? Don't think so...
Savaletta Harvey (1 year ago)
Shekinah Glory
Bruceann Yellowega
Shekinah Glory (1 year ago)
All the informations are true
Chongsiong Chua (1 year ago)
Bruceann Yellowega
Chongsiong Chua (1 year ago)
Bruceann Yellowega
Bruceann Yellowega (1 year ago)
I love Okra, but I like it fried with a batter coating. I'm sure this way of cooking it is not good
Ricky Tan (1 month ago)
Bruceann Yellowega Too greasy
Malkit Kler (7 months ago)
Patricia patt
Malkit Kler (7 months ago)
Bruceann Yelloweg

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