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Passengers Review

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Text Comments (170)
No Thank You (16 days ago)
People still have DVD players?
Erick Sevmont (18 days ago)
This movie was a pleasant surprise for me as well, fantastic visuals and eye candy
james roe (2 months ago)
i can't enjoy lwrence's character knowing she's a loose woman
tim yo (2 months ago)
what a shame Jennifer Lawrence is in it. so i'll never watch it.
Black Duskull (2 months ago)
I like Passengers and enjoy that it's plot isn't driven by using a bad/evil character. I am interested in the idea of seeing an alternative cut of the film starting when Aurora wakes up, without us seeing the struggle Jim went through in his year alone first. With no need to alter Jim's personality or motivations the film would be drastically different. Although we had the time to build up our trust in Jim and grow to like him, Aurora didn't.
El Mostrito (2 months ago)
Pratt should've never been cast for this role. It ruined its claim that Aurora was out of Jim's league. Jim should've been cast as a regular looking guy, not a pretty boy.
jsbrads1 (2 months ago)
I was very disappointed the closing scene didnt include many children
Lari Kipe (2 months ago)
It was just okay.
David Cartland (2 months ago)
nah solid 8/10
Winobie75 (2 months ago)
I liked it all the way up until Fishburn woke up terminally ill. I couldn't figure out how he was riddled with genetic defects when the rest of them woke up healthy. I spent so long pondering this that I got preoccupied and detached from the movie altogether.
Rod Martin, Jr. (2 months ago)
A very enjoyable movie and worth seeing again. Great critique.
Sullivan Scandi (2 months ago)
This movie had some weird 1940s rhetoric about love. It was awful.
Norbury53 (2 months ago)
Thanks for that, it's always good to know about a movie I know I would absolutely detest - this has all the hallmarks of all that is wrong with story telling in general - just another boy meets girl load of absolute pig shit.
max bootstrap (3 months ago)
What's interesting in the modern world of endless SJW rammed down our throats... is the following question. What if female character woke up first, and what if she wanted to wake up some guy because she was lonely? Plus after she reads his profile and learns he is an engineer, she might figure that maybe he can fix her pod and put her back to sleep. So she wakes him up. Do you think he would be scandalized like she was, or would he say "well then, let's try to figure out what happened" and then let their relationship develop without recriminations? Yup, nobody... not he, not she, not audience, not reviewers... nobody would think what she did was so terrible. Which just goes to show you how totally unfair and imbalanced almost everyone is (and most certainly and extremely the SJWs).
Qwaurk (3 months ago)
I just didn't believe you could tear up a floor panel on a spaceship and plant and tree and have it thrive.
jetseekers (3 months ago)
Great review. It is a well made movie. Though, Tbh the one thing keeping me from liking it was the lack of character beyond the public personas of Chris Pratt and Jenifer Lawrence.
No Brains (3 months ago)
A bit late, but I just watched this a couple of weeks ago. Enjoyed it, but it missed an opportunity to transcend both Hollywood schmock and feminist predictability: Jim should have died, so that Aurora would have had to face the same dilemma. (However they'd probably have scripted it so that she lived just fine on her own and did some great things, too.)
Dennis Gachanja (3 months ago)
Is this a review or just a full spoiler filled synopsis of the whole movie? 😂😂
European Patriot (3 months ago)
"I am a passenger" 🎶
Matthew Alexander (3 months ago)
I loved Passengers. I thought it was the best movie of the year. I just listened to your clips on the vandalization of Star Wars and Star Trek, and now this. I'm loving your stuff. I like to hear my own opinions spit back at me as much as the next guy, and I think you have nailed some critical aspects of these stories, as well as sneered at SJWs, which also warms my heart.
RigMaven (3 months ago)
They could've done so much more with a different plot, like actually having a plot-twist, but it never had one, still it was an interesting film to watch.
Aroven Talmav (4 months ago)
I liked it and the SJWs hated it, good enough for me.
greg wishart (3 months ago)
haha. pretty much
Alexandre Martins (3 months ago)
Yes, agreed. Anything SJWs dislike must, by default, be good.
FoxxPix (4 months ago)
I really enjoyed this film!
Paige Arnol (4 months ago)
The idea was good. The execution was horrible.
Piotr Skłodowski (4 months ago)
It was not total disaster. Idea was intrigiuing and somewhat fres but execution was atrocious. It pained me how many lost oportunities there were and how stupid writing was. There were so many nonsensical moments from common sense point of wiew. Few simple examples. Technology allows for fully interactive bartender robot capable of making complex observations and convessations that would easily pass Turing test propably. And Yet suposedly more powerful computer running entire ship is unable to react or even acnowledge that one of its passangers is awake, becouse "no pod has ever malfunvctioned" for gods sake who build this ship? Inspector Gadget? Another one. 5000 people on jurney that will last for several lifetimes. One would assume some redundancy of the systems should be planned. Like at least few hundred extra sleaping pods. Also if ship is suppose to be "active" for just 4 months or so. 2 People living on it for lest say 60 years would use supply that was designed to sustain 360 people so with that kind of planning they aparently go for 360 people should die before reaching destination. Also how they failed to have any children in that time? As for sleeper pods. Why they cannot be activated. Stupid autodoc can do this in an instant without any preparation? And yet another one, killing chief, just was sucha weak plotpoint. Also venting REACTOR and he has DOORS to protect him in a narrow corridor. God damn, he should ba vaporised or burned by plasma going around the door. And so on and so forth. Also this could be interesting drama scenario with Aurora killing Jim for what he had done. And than going for similar period of isolation to eventually consider waking another passanger. But no. Everything is ok and forgiven in an instant lets just f***. That is not how people work. saing all that good preformances and a premise helps. But not enough.
TDBoedy (4 months ago)
I enjoyed it in the theater. It was genuinely entertaining and I think there was a lot of world building in there that leaves room for other related works in that universe.
Stanley Clark (4 months ago)
I would never want to be stuck on a spaceship with Laurence Fishburne.
bluerisk (4 months ago)
The ship was not the villian but for some seconds without full control due to the major hit (the biggest flaw for the universe is an really, really, really empty space)* . Maybe it could have stabilized the pod, maybe it knew that teh damaged was controled only for some time and Jim was a (in teh end working) failsave-strategy of teh ship. He was an engineer...it might also be that it woke up the XO also with the knowledge that the damaged can be fixed by Jim without his authority codes/access. Maybe the AI was playing god but only with the intention to save the ship and its crew/passengers. *in some billions year our galaxy will "collide" with our neighbouring one, but since the distances are that huge (beyond our actual imagination), none of the billions stars (and there are more stars in our galaxy than sand on the Earth) not a single one will crash with an other stellar object. So this idea that a meteor shower is hitting a ship in open space is bogus.
Thumbs up if you would eat Jennifer Lawrence's ass.
Jon A (5 months ago)
I agree with this review, i think its a much better film than critics think. Its not Blade Runner or 2001, and its not trying to be. Much like Silent Running, its a film about humanity and all the complexities that comes with it. The love story was quite touching...i was moved....and thoroughly entertained.😊
Bosun Higgs (5 months ago)
One of the subtleties I did not catch until a second viewing is that Arthur did not "let slip" that Jim intentionally awakened Aurora. The human couple were engaged in common banter, during which Aurora says, "There's no secrets between me and Jim," and Jim agrees by assuring Arthur, "You heard the lady." To an AI without the social sophistication of a human, this would be the "okay" to talk about the previously forbidden subject.
Tine Woodbe (6 months ago)
excellent movie!
RetroRobotRadio (6 months ago)
Compare this movie with the horror film Pandorium, which has an almost identical setup, but is much darker.
Mimi Sardinia (6 months ago)
I went and saw this movie on an off day while on holiday in Hobart. It was the only interesting movie on that afternoon so we went and saw it. II liked it. You are right that it's nothing ragingly new in plot or theme, but it was a good movie.
customsongmaker (6 months ago)
I noticed she beat him in the face, but nobody complained about the domestic violence
TheStapleGunKid (6 months ago)
Decent movie, but the ending was just too happy and convenient.  I think it would have been better if it had taken a darker turn.  For example. imagine Aurora getting so angry at Jim that he realizes she will never forgive him for what he did, so he throws her out the airlock and decides to try again with another woman from the pods.  Or imagine Aurora killing Jim and then is left alone, pondering if she will spend the rest of her life or do the same thing that Jim did and wake someone else up.  Maybe the cycle keeps repeating itself and so by the time the ship arrives at the colony, less then half the people onboard are alive.  So many possibilities, but the film took the easy way out and went for an ended that was meant to please everyone.  What a shame.
Richard Jefferies (6 months ago)
I enjoyed it, but it could have been better. If they would have rearranged it a bit. Had it all start with Aurora's awakening, and then getting to know Jim without the 40 minutes the film spends making him into a really good guy. That would have added some tension of not knowing this guy's intentions. Then, after the reveal, go back and show how Jim got to the place of waking her up, then move onto the fix the ship portion. The important thing is that Jim should have died. He should have sacrificed himself, because this would have set up what I think would have been a great ending. Aurora standing in front of a pod, teary eyed, with Jim's tool belt on her shoulder, and the dog-eared book in her hand.
TheStapleGunKid (6 months ago)
And also have Aurora pondering if she's going to do what Jim did and wake someone up.  I think the film tried too hard to make the character of Jim likable as a way to make up for what he did to Aurora.  What it should have done was emphasize the "understandable, but horribly immoral" angle.  It would be great of Jim died and then Aurora, after all her perfectly reasonable rage at what Jim did to her, realizes the horror of spending the rest of her life alone and considers doing the same thing to avoid it.
noneuno53 (7 months ago)
out of all the movies made to day i give this one a 10 out of 10. the only thing i hand a problem with was the spring artificial gravity, but some how when power gos out water is free from centrifugal force. but like what you sad " i got over it" for it made her feel the desperation of a drowning man statement. thanks for your time in this video.
danmannz (7 months ago)
I loved this movie too, Just recently subscribed to your channel, sounds like you just woke up?
Dingo Mclaren (7 months ago)
I know I'm not the only one that sees this as space sleeping beauty
Philip Dunne (7 months ago)
The bit I balked at was that the nearly impenetrable shield was penetrated by a rock the size of a melon (after hitting something much bigger), and yet it still managed to wing the computer core ... something about 8 feet diameter on a ship which is huge. The moment I saw that I was thrown out of the movie and began to question the ending as you did ... but if you forgive it that it is worth a watch.
AvariceUntied (7 months ago)
Why did this ship have all those "creature comforts", such as a bar with a robot bar tender, when the passengers were expected to spend the entire voyage in suspended animation pods?
customsongmaker (7 months ago)
AvariceUntied - Because they were going to be awake for the last 4 months of the trip.
Hunpecked (7 months ago)
I liked the futuristic setting and special effects. I even liked the romantic parts. The film was spoiled for me by the contrived setup (they carry spare computer cores that can only be installed manually, on a ship where nobody is supposed to be awake) and the Hollywood physics, e.g. spin-induced artificial gravity doesn't fail like that.
Henri Zwols (7 months ago)
It would have been nice if Jim had died in saving the ship (and more realistic). Aurora would have faced the same dilemma as Jim once had.
Alexandre Martins (3 months ago)
But he doesn't realize it. If he had, the logical choice would be to try and wake a senior officer right off the bat, and not some pretty woman because he was lonely.
customsongmaker (7 months ago)
It was obvious from the start that there was something wrong with the ship, because he woke up 90 years early and the ship's computer didn't even acknowledge the problem. And when Aurora wanted to wake up crew members, she was making the same choice he did.
Henri Zwols (7 months ago)
He spent a year living alone. He had no idea something was wrong with the ship, only with his pod. Yes, he tried to access the bridge, maybe to wake up a crew member, but only to get himself back to sleep. He did not wake up Aurora to help him fix the ship. He did so to keep him company. He was internally torned about it because morally it is a bad thing. It took another year living together before other faults in the ship started appearing.
customsongmaker (7 months ago)
Henri Zwols - He knew something was wrong with the ship when he woke up 90 years too early and the computer couldn't help him. He tried to get into the crew quarters, he tried everything else possible before he woke someone up.
Henri Zwols (7 months ago)
customsongmaker He didn't. It was only revealed that something is wrong with the ship after a third person, a crew member, wakes up.
cmarkn (7 months ago)
I hated this movie so much, and it was all because of the writing of Aurora. She is the most selfish and useless character ever in any literature. She was traveling to the colony planet not to contribute any useful skill, but merely to gain one year of experience so she could then spend another 120 years traveling back to Earth so she could write a book about that one year. Do you think it might be possible that someone who actually lived on the colony and contributed to it might write a book about actual life on the new world? She was just spending daddy's money on a life of luxury. And look at what she did while she was on the ship. Read messages from her friends back home. Exercise. Let Jim entertain her. That's it. Even when they found out the ship was going to catastrophically fail, she was like let it, we're already dead anyway. Totally ignoring the 5000 other people on the ship that were going to die too. Meanwhile, Jim was repairing systems on the ship that had broken. When he found out that the ship was failing and would kill everyone on board, he determined to save them even to the point of killing himself in the process. He was the true hero of this movie. Aurora would have been the villain of this movie if she weren't so completely useless. Oh, and one more thing: if Jim had died repairing the drive, Aurora would not have waited three days before she woke someone else to take care of and entertain her. She set feminism back 200 years. Terrible character, terrible writing, terrible movie. But at least the two actors are moderately attractive. That's the only good thing I can say about it.
Alexandre Martins (3 months ago)
And to think many people see Jim as the villain because he woke Aurora up without her consent.
Rack The Jipper (7 months ago)
Agreed, my boys at Cinemasins hate this movie, but I don’t understand why. Apparently it’s just because the trailer was misleading?
845835ab (7 months ago)
The biggest plot contrivance is how they save Jim from being a monster by eventually justifying his waking of Aurora through the ships asteroid damage. Had the ship's damage been limited thus allowing it to finish its journey Jim's decision to wake Aurora would have never been excusable to an audience. I can easily understand how long term hibernation is a complex process and once a passenger is awake it's not something they can perform on their own if at all. The convenient way they turn Jim into a hero and justify his actions by making Aurora's situation something that needed to be done to save the ship is some serious bull$h!t. If Pratt's character could have fixed the ship on his own or the ship's initial damage was limited to only his sleep pod the writers would have needed to make Aurora's awakening an accident too because there is no way you can sell a happily ever after relationship between these two.
MsMi321 (7 months ago)
Issue is there was a way to put her back into hibernation. Via the medical bay, there was a procedure that could be done, but one person had to stay awake. This makes his decision inexcusable and it never was excusable. But what matters is albeit this all happened, as chance would have it, she found her menaing and purpose in life in him. They became infatuated with each other. Her return to earth would see her returning to a different world, one that was already epty and void of meaning and purpose from the start. Albeit being on a 1km2 hunk of metal she found more of a life there, than she could have ever found had she actually made it to homestead 2. IMO a better ending would have been if the company had been scamming people into being launched into space on experimental missions, and that homestead 2 (2 mans second attempt or something) after homestead 1 failed. The mission was a scam and they are hurtling towards an uninhabitable planet, all for their hard earned cash. The ending could be resolved by showing them trying to redirect the ship, but us learning that the numerous hazards in the way and that this would be a nigh impossible mission, as there is a habitable planet just not in the direction they are going. They then proceed to combat the ships internal AI and design trying desperately to shift the trajectory of the ship, no longer for themselves, but at least for the souls still on board. This twist could be exposed by accident from the bartender mentioning something about homestead 1 etc. Would have made the ending so much more substantial and a decent cliffhanger, and set up beautifully for a second movie. Where instead of them, we would get to meet their children who are adults and must survive this new world that no one has heard about and make civilization from the beggining, with conflict romulus and remus style, until one prevails and at the cost of everything he helds dear or she holds dear makes civilization possible, and humanity moves on, albeit his personal tragedy. (Just my random ideas for how the movie could have been done better).
MikeTheZero (7 months ago)
Again, I really enjoyed this film. I like the way it was made, the characters and the character development, I loved the fx and I actually appreciated the antagonist being the ship shitting itself instead of some alien incursion or some human conspiracy. It was simply just a triumph against adversity.
iu li (7 months ago)
I liked the movie too and I'm glad that you confirm that the movie was good or at least enjoyable. It was a surprise for me to like the movie because I hate J Lawrence and his others movies and his idiotic behaviors in real life.
TheLifeOnHigh (7 months ago)
The film was anger inducing. PLOT: Selfish man suffering from loneliness and white privilege opens the pod of a hot female crew member who he wants to fuck thus condemning her to long mundane death. Once hot crew member learns of his treachery, Selfish man struggles to redeem himself. End of story.
customsongmaker (7 months ago)
TheLifeOnHigh - So you didn't like it because you hate white people. I don't judge people by the color of their skin, so I was glad that he woke her up and they fixed the ship together instead of both of them dying along with 5000 other people.
TheWanderingBard (9 months ago)
2:56 When you take the blue pill.
Red Pill (9 months ago)
It was just another "men are selfish assholes, women are wonderful, but as long as men are willing to literally die in flames serving the vag, they'll tolerate us" propaganda piece. Not sure what about it made you think it was good.
TheStapleGunKid (6 months ago)
I don't think that was the message of the movie.  It was about a good and decent man driven out of desperation to commit a horribly immoral act.  Really it could have worked just as well if the genders were reversed and it was Aurora who was woken up by malfunction instead of Jim..
customsongmaker (7 months ago)
Red Pill - I liked it because she would have died along with everyone else if he hadn't woken her up.
Syd R (9 months ago)
your voice sounds like shit in this episode
classicfrog80 (9 months ago)
Passengers -Review- Plot spoilers But yeah, it's a good, if not very demanding movie to watch. Did not regret wasting time watching in, unlike so, so many other recent movies that turned out to be total junk.
MMODoubter (9 months ago)
It sounds watchable.
nodlimax (9 months ago)
I saw the movie last night and thought it was interesting. But I have to tell you that you are wrong on one thing. Arthur didn't let the truth "slip". Just a few seconds before he said the truth both of them told him that there were no secrets between them. So for a machine that means that he expected her to know that information already and he just wanted to make small talk. Was the climax cheesy? yes! I also hoped that we would maybe see the response from the company or at least hear something about it at the end of the movie. But they didn't even mention it anymore.
kev3d (10 months ago)
*Spoliers* I'm on the fence on this one. On the one hand: great sets and style of the look of the ship. And, I love the kinds of movies where the audience can easily think "what would you do?" in that situation. I also liked that it was a movie about the future which was reasonably optimistic. The company, though rich and powerful, is just a company...a little overbearing perhaps but certainly not evil and, in terms of the ship, pretty accommodating. On the other hand: the physics were very selective on how they worked. The ship spins to create artificial gravity -cool, but then the system malfunctions and the (mile + long?) ship stops spinning...because momentum suddenly doesn't exist. Huh? Jennifer Lawrence is thusly "trapped" in weightless blob of water because, apparently without gravity one cannot push against the water. Why not? Because fuck you, that's why not. Stuff like that bugs me. But the biggest plot hole though was the deus ex machina of the medical pod which, not only heals a "dead" Chris Pratt, but it also allows one to be put back to sleep...but only one, because there is only one medical pod, on a ship designed for 5000 people. And yet, paradoxically, it is explained that the ship contains "replacement parts for everything". Just not a spare medical pod, apparently. I get it. It was a plot device which would serve the characters a dilemma: grow old together on the ship but never reach their destination...together but isolated from civilization, or have Jim set things right for the other by putting her to sleep...noble, but lonely. Still, it was a difficult plot contrivance to get over. So, I supposed I give this movie a straight C+. Far from terrible, but missing something.
Alexandre Martins (3 months ago)
Yes, totally agree. The ship should have hundreds of medical pods (not one per passenger, but at least some hundreds). With so many luxuries aboard, it's unlikely the company would stint precisely on that. And... come on! A starship that can only travel in a straight line from start to finish? And don't get me started on the old old old cliche of the meteor shower. Meteor swarms like that simply do not exist. I would have liked if far more if it was a single (and thus very hard to detect and totally unpredictable) rock. No need for it to be large, just large enough not to be vaporized when impacting the ship.
TheStapleGunKid (6 months ago)
My thoughts exactly.  The medical bay's ability to be used the same way the pods were was way too convenient and contrived.  I think it would have been a much better ending if Jim had died while repairing the ship and Aurora was left to ponder if she would spend the rest of her life alone or do what he did and wake someone up.
Garrett Dark (10 months ago)
It wasn't a bad movie, pretty enjoyable if not expecting much and it looked nice visually. It's major weakness for me was it's lack of depth which kept it mediocre.
Sagittarius Ion (10 months ago)
http://www.dailywire.com/news/18590/monster-bigoted-feminist-writer-shames-her-amanda-prestigiacomo Dave this mother is abusing her children you should do a video about it
vitamindubya (10 months ago)
I think it would have been much better if they made it from the point to view of Jennifer's character. His actions would have been SUCH a twist
James Henderson (10 months ago)
Is this a new movie that Dave doesn't hate? I think someone switched our Dave with another...
ExaltedDuck (10 months ago)
My review: Pros: Sweaty, braless, tank-topped Jennifer Lawrence. Cons: Everything else. Overall rating 1 1/2 stars.
Iain Hall (10 months ago)
Well the bottom line for me was that it was a pleasant way to spend a couple of hours of course there are times when its just a bit to trite but they are far outweighed by a solid performance from the cast. The space craft looks both novel and credible and there are nice touches to the plot like the way that Chris Pratt's character is restricted to very basic rations from the food dispensers. There is also a good message here about how important it is that we be personally resourceful and the importance of mechanical skills even in a world where the machines can do everything.
FindLiberty (10 months ago)
SPOILER ALERT - Thanks for the excellent and fair review of this movie! Dave, I bet going in with low expectations helped you enjoy it even more!
malus911 (10 months ago)
I'm with you. Nothing spectacular, but, entertaining nonetheless...
Mad World (10 months ago)
I only was willing to watch it because Chris Pratt is one of the very few hollywood actors I can enjoy now a days.
Robert Caldwell (10 months ago)
I've said this many times before, but there was one glaring problem with the movie dialogue that happened, and it seems no one noticed. Aurora says "I'm traveling to the new world to spend a year there and come back to Earth to write my experiences." This line requires the ability for hibernation. Granted that not all systems were available to the 2 crew nor were the correct crewmen awake to teach, but the systems would have known about HOW to put someone back into hibernation "upon possible failure" as asked by Jim to the central console. Even google in this age would be able to discern the need in his statement to the device required rather than simply responding "Pods don't fail," and ignoring his complaint. Movie was a basic "woman saves man's heart, man saves woman's life" story, and I loved it on a romantic level.....but on a technical one, it failed in dialogue.
Alex Everyman (10 months ago)
funny coincidence, just watched it 2 days ago and now this review. Had same impression solid 2/3 of the movie with predictable Hollywood happy ending. What is worth mentioning is scenography, not SFX but all interior designs, gear etc. that was very well made
James Smith (10 months ago)
Love your work Dave but not particularly impressed by this review. You don't explain this is a spoiler review and basically explain the majority of what happens without much of an in depth review, mainly comparing to the trailer which misled you. If you're going to do a spoiler review it would have been interesting to hear more about what could have been improved, perhaps a different ending. Ultimately to get the most out of this movie I would recommend people not watch the trailer (most spoil too much anyway) and really only watch a spoiler review after watching the movie. Most of the enjoyment comes from the unexpected events. All the best Dave hope that helps a little :)
Iain Hall (10 months ago)
The movie has been out long enough that a "spoiler alert" really seems redundant
Evan Mantri (10 months ago)
Defnitely a good move changing the title of the channel/show. And please keep the movie/media reviews coming, especially good ones (since they are rarer).
smawzyv (10 months ago)
Please get well soon. Being sick sucks.
Mark D (10 months ago)
What is with the horrible '80s intro.
PCWarMachine (10 months ago)
I agree.
Michael Billings Cole (10 months ago)
Personally I love movies that have only 2 actors For less than 5 throughout the entire movie, I find them very well written and very clever, it is very hard to act in a movie with it only one or none supporting roles.
JEZWORLD (10 months ago)
I liked it too - the general reviews panned it but it kept me entertained. Good review.
vader1a (10 months ago)
I enjoyed it just a simple entertaining movie.
Robert Ewins (10 months ago)
Thanks Dave, nice review.
onlyonewhyphy (10 months ago)
Passengers review. Jennifer Lawrence plays the dumbest women to ever exist. That is the hidden plot. She's nearly brain dead and she's able to move and talk. It's really very impressive.
TheAutistWhisperer (10 months ago)
onlyonewhyphy Just like in real life.
Lucia Finstra (10 months ago)
I was looking forward to this movie quite a bit, yet the whole experience was nearly ruined when an SJW crybaby in my extended circle of acquaintances went on a rant how "it's all about rape". Even though waking her up was an asshole-ish thing to do, given the circumstances, it is understandable, albeit still inexcusable. I don't consider this movie to be "rape promotion" as dubbed by aforementioned SJW, but as an exploration of the human psyche. It's well done, and definitely worth watching.
Hewlett Craphard (4 months ago)
Have you seen the more recent reviews since you made this post? It seems to me that SJW fuckwits, as usual, tried their absolute best to politicise, ruin and ultimately turn people away from the film. But given what I have seen of the more recent reviews (by audiences), it would seem that more and more people are realising that the movie was actually pretty good. For what it's worth, I'd give it a 4/5. Quite enjoyable.
Mimi Sardinia (6 months ago)
I totally agree that SJW-ish reactions can be annoying. I hang around Fandom Secrets on Dreamwidth and I believe there was a secret some time ago (probably around the DVd release stage) that had the opinion that Aurora should have gone back into hibernation when they found the medical wing could do it, but I think the fact that she didn't is a stronger story that SJWs don't get, because it's about forgiveness, and SJWs don't exibit much if anything in the way of forgiveness. Aurora forgave Jim the grave wrong he commited against her, and was able to love him again and stay with him. It's a message I feel the modern world needs, but ignores.
customsongmaker (7 months ago)
And she would have died if he hadn't woken her up. The ship would have exploded, it took both of them to repair it.
Rachel Wood (7 months ago)
Haha how on Earth is this rape? :D I'd say the film was about loneliness and our need to connect emotionally with other people (or at least one other person). The ethical question is was it immoral to satisfy his own need for connection by waking up the girl - it was selfish perhaps, but it's got nothing to do with rape.
classicfrog80 (9 months ago)
Change your acquaintances.
Navaneeth Anand (10 months ago)
I love this movie
John André (10 months ago)
Pratt was in the movie for longer and got paid pretty much half what Lawrence was paid. So much for equality. On a different note: Dave did you have a cold when you made this? It was very 'Batman' voice.
Alexandre Martins (3 months ago)
So they are and yes, he's not very good at all.
Patrick Todd (3 months ago)
Alexandre Martins SJWs are awful and J Law is a moron.
Alexandre Martins (3 months ago)
If only SJW people could see it that way... Because they will say that when a man gets paid less, it's OK, but when a woman gets paid less, it's discrimination.
Anathema Nu (3 months ago)
I hate jennifer lawrence...but she puts asses in seats...so she should get paid more. Conversely, when male stars put asses in seats and their female costars do not, the males should get paid more. It's that simple.
Anathema Nu (3 months ago)
Lunch Box (10 months ago)
lol... hardly a review man, more of a summation. oh, and spoiler alert...
Valentinus Aurelius (10 months ago)
I thought it addressed questions of existential crisis. There was no reason, no meaning in the malfunctions beyond random event. And it was the character's confrontation of their mere existence and their reactions to this that was most interesting.
thalonelygirl (10 months ago)
I saw this shortly after its release and loved it.
jollyscarecrow (10 months ago)
Dave go back to bed! And get better to do the Beauty and the Beta show next week :)
Bunka Fas (10 months ago)
Dave...Cullen show ? :O ?
KubusSc7 (10 months ago)
Hey Dave, why you not mention the asteorides that struck the ship, damaged it so bad, it started malfunctioning. You say you wanted to get a twist why he woke up early and stuff. It's clearly shown he woke up because of the impact that damaged the main computer. He repeaired it in the end where they find out what damaged the ship, what started all the malfunctions. It seems you oversaw it...twice. XD
John Anthony (10 months ago)
What was the point of this video? Either people saw it already and you just explained what they already knew.....or they haven't seen it, and you gave away the entire story.
Jon Doss (10 months ago)
buddy do you have a cold there buddy if so hope you feel better
Some Little Llama (10 months ago)
I had the exact introduction to this movie. A friend told me "watch it to prove how terrible feminist criticism is". As soon as it started, as someone pointed out below, it's an obvious allegory to the Garden of Eden, saying that "men can't live alone without women". The point was very much that Alpha Lord couldn't have survive sane without Mystique and it hadn't been the same if he had instead tried to wake up another man (in fact, it was obvious it was female company he craved for). At the end, I really enjoyed it. It also proves that most critic nowadays is not about analysing art or narrative, only about whether women are well "represented" or not. For most critics, Mystique was "hurt" by a man, hence, the movie is awful when the message of the movie was precisely that no man can have a fulfilling life without the company of a woman.
Xiefux (10 months ago)
you sound like a robot. and not a good one at that
Valentinus Aurelius (10 months ago)
Xiefux He is a robot. None of this is real. You're in a simulation.
ludara (10 months ago)
Aaron Broyles (10 months ago)
I was bored with this film. I never walked out of a film before, and this review did not change my mind one bit. It was boring.
Alexandre Martins (3 months ago)
Yes, I agree, very boring. Also, the stupid plot contrivances (like a starship that can only travel in a straight line) really put me off the movie.
Sorrento B (10 months ago)
I stopped watching it when the guy was about to do the unthinkable of waking up the woman... IMO seem anti MAN to be that selfish, or maybe not due to the severe mental issues he was having there and then... but it was just out of taste for me: I thought it was just another "anti men" movie, where they show a flawed man with no virtues and compare him to a perfect virtuous woman... which was in the end what happened. After hearing what you said about the movie on this video I might give it another chance... in few years. I am just tired of this kind of anti men propaganda, and I wonder why you didn't mention it.
customsongmaker (7 months ago)
But if he hadn't woken her up, she would have died along with everyone else. It took both of them to repair the ship.
Fran Ohmsford (8 months ago)
And here we have proof that it's not just feminists who can completely miss the point! This film was NOT Anti-Man and neither was it Anti-Woman! It still wasn't good but that's not because of any bias innate or otherwise!
Iain Hall (10 months ago)
Give it a chance and try not to take too many preconceptions into the viewing
Travis (10 months ago)
I got a weird garden of eden vibe from it.
Galen Thurber (10 months ago)
Antares is 550 ly away! Arcturus at 36.7 light-years away is better
Kevin Hemsing (10 months ago)
when i first sae the trailer i thought it was valerian, and the female lead being named Aurora Lane didn't help.
rollthediceagain (10 months ago)
I quite enjoyed Passengers having started to view with low expectations (not a fan of JL or Hunger Games franchise). I am however a sucker for anything set in space...
Galen Thurber (10 months ago)
the science concerning the space distances are obvious flaws. no gravity does not effect the bar
Iain Hall (10 months ago)
The only time that there is a loss of rotation/ gravity is when there is the pool scene where Lawrence's character is nearly drowned the bar remaining intact is irrelevant to the plot
Galen Thurber (10 months ago)
but that rotation stops, but yet the bar remains intact in zero G
Iain Hall (10 months ago)
The ship rotates the living quarters to make gravity by centrifugal force as you can see in the wide shots of the ship
Birch Williams (10 months ago)
<<<Giggle>>> Wonder when your cold will pass....

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