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What surprised Anthony Bourdain about Iran

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What surprised Anthony Bourdain about Iran? He tells Anderson Cooper
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Betty Smith (26 days ago)
Iran is one of the first countries of it's faith to allow women to vote, drive, work outside the home, etc. It's a very modern country. Most women, you will notice, just wear scarves on their heads and conservative clothing in Iran. Such a shame about Bourdain, tho...God bless his soul.
PHG STORAGE (1 month ago)
This junkie heroin addict fuck got fooled by front Iranian government has put it is actor's and revlotionary Guards murders in front of him and showed different look of Iran government A FUCKING idiot junkie LONG LIVE I USA CIA
Rose Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Rip Anthony bourdain thank you for sharing this 🙏
Shiraz (2 months ago)
may he rest in peace , what an amazing person he was.
Mahyar Fard (2 months ago)
god bless you Anthony. I am a Iranian guy . we have been suffering a lot from MSD because they have been misrepresenting iran,only negative.lots to cover here.poll after poll shows Iranian people are the most pro american .people love american ,only less than 5% of them who get money from government go to street and say down with usa, most of them they do not where usa is.the best allies in the meddle east but with isreal and saudi arabia moeny in america it never happens.hope for the peace all over the world which I am not optimistic about it at all .war brings money.
Astro Mars (2 months ago)
"Death to America" is akin to "long live the King" or "Queen" or applauding comrade Stalin or Mao or Kim or Putin or Obama or Trimp for their prowess!!! You say it because you are being watch but you say it without much conviction!!!!
Somnivers (2 months ago)
How about North Korea ?Is NK ok ?
Imran Ali (2 months ago)
Testing the limits of what is permissible. Nobody could've have said it any better.
cam hart (2 months ago)
Rip Anthony Lots of love from Iran
gerard henry (2 months ago)
This guy is a racist thug
A KA (2 months ago)
Iran people are very good , government is stupid Islamic terorist
Gen kinks (2 months ago)
IRAN loves you Bourdain!!
tube3365 (2 months ago)
RIP brother - you tried to show the true face of Iranians, something that is often distorted by Israel and America - the world deserves more of your kind.
T. Thomas (2 months ago)
Lost an important person for this world. Rip
Vee G K (2 months ago)
How come passion for food can bring different races, religions and cultures to one table but religion phenomenon can’t even tolerate other than their own kind...
rammmin1 (2 months ago)
Iranian never forget your kind and beautiful words about Iran. rip Tony
Dane Hartwell (2 months ago)
I'm glad this liberal puke is dead! woohoo! one less lib. Iran has some of the worst human rights there is. They are ruled by those baby raping goat loving religious freaks. The Iranian youth are going to overtake the government with the help of Trump. The Iranian people are awesome. They come to America and party their asses off before they have to go home... lots of fun! I love Iranians and their food is the best. For the monkeys that rule the government, death to them. They are enemies to the USA and they will fall very soon.
Hissy Cissy (2 months ago)
Dane Hartwell- What kind of a miserable excuse for a human are you? " You are glad a person is dead, why? because you didn't like his opinions?, God there is no hope for the US if all their young are anything like you. Trump will not go near Iran if he knows whats good for him. Get yourself an education and stop using ridiculous phrases like "baby raping goat loving religious freaks" makes you sound even dumber than you obviously are. Iranian leaders are enemies of the US , Why?
Shahram Sareminouri (2 months ago)
Respect to u from iran.we shall miss u and god bless your soul
Farhad Kazemi (2 months ago)
He will be missed
Nerdy Snailie (2 months ago)
Thanks for spending time visiting the country instead of judging it miles away! I lived there 3 years but only have great memories and photos to remind me of a gorgeous place I was privileged to visit. Visit the world ! You’ll be humbled how we as humans are the same no matter what politicians do; label us!
Robert Yancey (2 months ago)
There is enough food on that table for 6 people....
Mehrdad Nazerzadeh (2 months ago)
Rest in paradise 🙏
uzbek irani (2 months ago)
Death to America is a slogan of every person who resists.
sicboi (2 months ago)
Dear CNN, I beg that you release all seasons of Parts Unknown for free in full on YouTube. It will those few of us blessed with this man's talent in opening up our eyes to a wider world of culture, tradition, and in turn shrinking it in turn by showing and sharing the common experiences across the globe, and our common and united interest and love we have in sharing our food and drink. This would be an apt tribute to Tony, and a gift upon the wider community and citizens of this planet who have not yet been blessed by the education and perspective this man has given us lucky few who have watched this amazing series. RIP Tony, may you seek the light you were searching for, while we keep in memory the flame of your presence.
Leo Antonio (2 months ago)
In Iran today for the Iranians that are not fundamentalist there is a HUGE difference in thinking between them and the elite but you better keep your mouth shut or els.
Sara Nafchi (2 months ago)
So sad he is dead.They said in the news he did suicide😢
Seraj Shekarchi (2 months ago)
A free spirited, modest and humble man. He was real. His tv program in a unique way brought different cultures together. How sad that a bigger than life personality would take his own life! He will be missed by all in the world.
Avash Freshtian (2 months ago)
Anthony why did you leave us ?!!!
golpesar (2 months ago)
I love love love him. I'm so saddened by his death
Voice of Iran (2 months ago)
Rip Anthonty 😰 We won’t forget you kind man 🙏🏼🌹❤️ Farewell my friend
M W (2 months ago)
Hah. He was surprised that the Iranians weren't out to kill all Americans. :P
Sahar S (2 months ago)
Rest in peace, Anthony Bourdain :'( Sending you love from Iran <3
tylerdurden786 (2 months ago)
Lol can imagine all the Israel supporters screaming at this video
MaxXximilian1 (3 months ago)
The old silk road went through Iran so the famous iranian hospitality is an acient thing. It's in peoples blood.
lizzy prasad (4 months ago)
Notice how he gets more political, anti-American, and anti-Abrahamic on his new show with CNN than he did with his old show from the Travel Channel. Even as a Hindu and Indian American, I have taken notice of that. Otherwise, it's still an interesting show food wise.
mb madduleti (4 months ago)
super Iran recipies
Juan Martinez (6 months ago)
Iran looks beautiful.....these people are proud of their culture..food..and love their family .....
Nick Yad (6 months ago)
Awesome job Anthony.......ایران
dsdfsdf dsfsdfds (7 months ago)
Anthony Bourdain seems to be a nice and fair guy. at least he doesn't lie.
Peaceforallman kind (7 months ago)
Americans have been bamboozled by their media about Iran because of foreign policy and national security matters. Ordinary Iranians are people with the same universal desire for peace, happiness, family, god, stability. It was the CIA that staged the coup that toppled a democratically elected leader in 1953 and put in place a America friendly King aka Shah that enraged the people.
Randall Goguen (7 months ago)
... and it is ironic Israelis don't like Americans.
BJ Martin (7 months ago)
There's a lot of female Iranians living in other country that had to sell their place in Iran. You should talk about that.
TabbyAngel2 (4 months ago)
Iranians are Shia, the fake Islam which actually branches off from true Sunni Islam. B) The people are forced to be Muslim but are undercover atheists, Or other religions like my own family C) Iranian culture extremely clashes with Islam. So please don't state Iranian people are their forcefully installed government. We hate Islam. We hate our government.
BJ Martin (7 months ago)
Crystal Dalton Damn, if I punch a woman, my father would kick my ass. Muslim's are primitive, they don't belong in the West.
BJ Martin (7 months ago)
Crystal Dalton cover yourself, his Muzzie mentality came out, he's talking about raping already. That's a muslim for you, that's why they have to cover their girls.
BJ Martin (7 months ago)
Soli A What you muzzing about?
Soli A (7 months ago)
you only got 2 google accounts ? ugly ass bitch.
udonhavdehafovit (7 months ago)
death to america is for american policies not for american people
ronjeremy123 (2 months ago)
TabbyAngel2 if you mean down with then day down with you fucking idiots
TabbyAngel2 (4 months ago)
udonhavdehafovit exactly, there is literally no other word for "down with" other than literally saying the word death. The translation is "death to" but the meaning is down with
ISJST (8 months ago)
RESPECT the CULTURES of other Countries.
shahilagh (8 months ago)
oh dear ... "who they fund" ......... who do powerful countries fund dear? :) ....it doesn't matter. the world is full of injustice. peace.
Ash Z (9 months ago)
Adi Adiani (9 months ago)
Death to fake usa . Death to fake israhell .
Ali T n (9 months ago)
who gives a shit in iran what stupid people or goverment thinking about iran??those who got just little bit of brain they understand iranian and those stupid one never !!! Iranian for genaration never changed and they are the same people if you respect them they would respect you if you bully them they know what to do with you! and it not gone be nice!
Slick Rock (10 months ago)
Anthony is one of the few people I like on fake news CNN.
Karisma7788 (11 months ago)
Anthony needs like a week's worth of sleep. He looks so tired! And cooper with his obvious CNN agenda against the country...have several seats Anderson, we see you!
Ali T n (1 year ago)
Iranian hate your republican (Israeli) goverment,all they want just war! have you , American even heard from them we gone talk and negotiate problem???no ,just bullying other countries and war!
Ali N (1 year ago)
Iran belongs to the GREAT Afghanistan. The graveyard of empires!
TabbyAngel2 (4 months ago)
Afghanistan was a beautiful province called Khorasan, a part of the great Persia. Iran was also divided into provinces of Persia. Different provinces; but one people
Soli A (7 months ago)
how when Iran exist 7000years and Afghanistan 7 months ?
NM (1 year ago)
You mean the toilet of empires.
Dave Nix (1 year ago)
Mr Anderson Cooper is enjoying his food at the same time,mmmm
thegreendestiny (1 year ago)
Anderson being ever so buffoonly ignorant. CNN has been instrumental in spreading hatred for Iran and its people.
Sahra Tank (1 year ago)
Before the revulution of Iran was americans many of them were in Iran and had celebrate and parties with the king lol
Robert R. Hasspacher (1 year ago)
CNN are such terrible liars. 95% of the newsmedia are horribly guilty of lying by omission.
Daniel Carrillo (1 year ago)
Still waiting on the politicians to treat the Gulf States the same way they treat Iran
Lion King (8 months ago)
Daniel Carrillo, Persian Gulf.....Please
miranda c (1 year ago)
The greatest country in the world.
Naweed sediq (1 year ago)
these idiots think Iran is Saudi Arabia. Iranian immigrants are some of th most educated in the world and infact Iran ranks 3 in terms of brain draining. it has a fucked up government.
Ali Ahmad (2 years ago)
Yes sir really Iran and pakistan are very good country
Mohammad Sy (2 years ago)
cooper is really hungry :D
Feri Khoros (2 years ago)
in iran you see these kinda cars! wow thats pretty good.... lel
Alan metclaff (2 years ago)
Mr Cooper is a CIA fake reporter!
Leeann Marie (7 months ago)
and he look prude 😬
Michael Dob (1 year ago)
I've heard that too.
The Truth (2 years ago)
Sorry for what we did to your country. We brought the iotolah in and screwed everything up for you. I hope you can get your country back from these fanatical clerics
Mily TM (1 year ago)
The Truth God bless you bro 🌹❤💜
Abdulhadi Merza (2 years ago)
Why do the Arabs think ??
Moreliketree (2 years ago)
No one cares what arabs think.
zendaya love (2 years ago)
Iran is beautiful and the people there are very friendly and welcoming!!
Yours Trully (2 months ago)
All the Iranian people I work with in America are arrogant and rude. Sorry but it's my honest opinion.
Michael Dob (1 year ago)
+12dollarsand78cents, why does American vote senator who sing 'bomb bomb bomb Iran'. It's politics and anyone with a bigger gun and larger bank account wins. Here or there.
Lukie2131 (2 years ago)
+susumu07 Exactly PREACH! Americans think they're "FREE" When in reality there not free it's the same trash Republican Democrat there both bought by AIPAC and corrupt.They spend Trillions on Military and Congress cares about filling their pockets and making deals with Billionaires while the American people suffer! Just look at the "Bailout" lol the people (Bankers) who were responsible for this never got charged with anything they walk free while the Taxpayers Bail them out! At least in Iran a Billionaire goes to jail for corruption maybe America should take something from Iran. In every country there is going to be corruption some less then others.
12dollarsand78cents (2 years ago)
+susumu07 Only thing I agree with you on, is that the political system in the US, needs at least one more choice. Three or 4 large political parties would give us more choice. I hope the people in Iran will gain more power on what goes on in their country too. Not a clone of the US, maybe something new and better for all people there. It might take time. Nothing drastic, just improving for all. If I could give you any advice to not sound so much like the Iranian propaganda tool, I would describe some of what you claim, in more detail.
12dollarsand78cents (2 years ago)
+slinky foreal Why do the vote for leaders that say death to America/USA, I don't understand?
Amin Mansouri (2 years ago)
It's interesting how American themselves are so fed with the tremendous lies CNN are quite well-known for. That was my impression with several Americans whom I met here in Perth, WA.
Sagar Rao (2 years ago)
people are usually awesome. its the governments that are the assholes.
Shahrokh Shirazi (2 months ago)
Sepehr Voshmgir yea dude n you need to speak for yourself cos I as an Iranian dont stand with Iranian government.
Sepehr Voshmgir (1 year ago)
The govt of Iran are not assholes. Speak for your own govt. I love Iran's govt.
TheBlazersfan22 (2 years ago)
Give Palestine back their land! As a Canadian , I support palestein and Iran.
TheBlazersfan22 (2 years ago)
Exactly . like why is the west hating Iran? I do not get it. We are blind , we are fed the bs about what the true Iran is.Iran does not seem bad. They seem normal like us. We should try be friends with Iran. Get rid of the sanctions . get rid of anything that we are doing that hurts Iran . we should not be fighting with Iran .
p3rsian immortals (2 years ago)
+TheBlazersfan22 thank you brother
Antipodean33 (3 years ago)
I've met some Iranian people here in Australia and they were probably the friendliest, honest, open people i've ever met. Granted they were all very intelligent well educated professional people, but that aside they were so welcoming and it was genuine, there wasn't nothing false about it. My friend went to Iraq just before the war trying to do the human shield thing (which Bush etc cared zero about) and the footage he took of Baghdad 1 week before the invasion was amazing, every single person was friendly and inviting him to their homes and shops for food and tea and he was an American. I was stunned at the maturity of the people, they realize it's not the people of America, but their infiltrated and corrupted government
Haku Kuze (3 years ago)
"Surprisingly shockingly outgoing and generous".  LOL.  Anthony, they've always been that way, the media just fails to show you that.  This is a perfect example of mass brain washing that goes on here against countries whose political standing is not aligned with ours.  People are not their government and the only way to find this out is do what you did.  Visit the darn place and lift the shades of mass media.  Good on you bud.
Nagy Szilard (1 year ago)
Nicely sums up what is wrong with the world today.
Sina Khorram (2 years ago)
+Haku Kuze i totally agree.
mszsu (3 years ago)
Finally! A real person telling it as it is. I've been to Iran for traveling and the people and the scenery are incredible. The folks over there are almost TOO nice. It's ridiculous that Americans are so fearful and judgmental of people they've never even met. Weird.
Midnight Rambler (3 years ago)
Is this a news show? PBS NPR a lot better than cnn fox
Christine Park (3 years ago)
geez, stupid Americans, CNN is just awesome
commodore665 (3 years ago)
When I lived and worked in the UAE , I found the locals to be the most hospitable and friendly people I have ever met, my first few days their I had dinner invitations to last me a couple of weeks , I  imagine the Iranians to be the same , and Anthony Bourdain has proven that . 
Bakfifflaren (3 years ago)
I'm only finding out today that Iran actually isn't just like Afghanistan but with better military. It actually looks to be quite civilized and a lot more delightful than I previously thought.
Shahab Shooshtari (2 months ago)
medhungry Shah UAE? Seriously?
medhungry Shah (2 months ago)
Bakfifflaren soory but iran nothing like Afghanistan... I think from after turkey and UAE, Iran in the best country of middle east
Shahab Shooshtari (2 months ago)
Iran has One of the oldest and most influencial cultures in the World.educate yourselfe.
MadBuddahAbuserr (6 months ago)
Can't really appear civilized and delightful when there's a constant threat of an attack
MadBuddahAbuserr (6 months ago)
Buddy what's wrong with my people lol
Babatunde24 (3 years ago)
The USA destroyed the Apache.....
I am sooo glad some one has the guts to say it!!! Iran is a Great Country that has never bother anyone except they are intelligent and simple awesome!!!
iran is the greatest country in the world.
Truth Seeker England (3 years ago)
Nuclear weapons are strategically unimportant for Iran. Iran"s only enemy in the world is Israel because of israeli led sanctions..(iran hate saudi kings, not the saudi people caz half of them are shias and migrant workers) if Iran attack Telaviv even for retaliation, nuclear material will spread to west bank Palastine (50km from Telaviv) and shia-lebanon (100km from telaviv) and syria . that means nukes will kill atleast 30 million muslims and 6 million jews. Iran,Israel.USA, CNN, BBC,PRESSTV. all know that. iranian nuke are just western fear mongering propaganda. thats the reason Iran does NOT make nukes. but israeli nukes can kill iranians, and Iran will spare their 1 million missiles and rockets on little israel. and Israel and Iran will disappear to middle ages. Nukes are counter weights, USA----- china,russia. China----usa, russia, india (west,south) Russia-- Usa, china, Nato(west) India ---  China(east). not pakistan, it is too closer. Pakistan-- India( far south) Uk ---- none, possibly old soviet union. France---- none. possibly old soviet union. Israel --- none.  possibly west africa, Southern Arabia, Iran. Iran ----- strategically none. US is too far even for retaliation attack. and no intelligent Military will attack US mainland.
fneoi0oi (3 years ago)
The fact that Iran can make its own decisions, and doesnt give a shit about the USA or Israel makes people more proud to be iranian. Since when was America god? 
Alex walker (3 years ago)
"Sorry we don't have US flag to put on your burger, coz we had to burn it yesterday" funniest joke ever 
b a (7 months ago)
Alex walker . Death to america comes from iranian political government and not from iranian people. That’s why when you travel to iran you will be surprise how friendly they are and how much they love foreign people , even americans.
mjedona (3 years ago)
In this days CNN give good image about IRAN bcoz usa and iran they have big plan in M/E WAKE UP PPL
mjedona (3 years ago)
+Alex walker bomb ur ass
Alex walker (3 years ago)
Yeah be careful Saudi boy they are gonna bomb Mecca. hahahahaha
Ivo G (3 years ago)
I spent a month in Iran last year and I can firmly say that iranians are the FRIENDLIEST people I have ever seen!
shallom jay (2 months ago)
Ivo G I've been telling this to people for years. I guess since I'm 28 they just don't believe I've been all over the world. Their generousity has no bounds.
mostafa ehsankhah (2 months ago)
Ivo G thanks man
extreemosaurus (2 months ago)
Ivo G .. persian pride :) ... Btw fuck islam .. persians are not religious at all :)
Leeann Marie (7 months ago)
Ivo G agreed
Tim Gib (7 months ago)
+iera uk The history of Persian hospitality goes way back to the days of the ancient Persians and a long long time before islam came there. The reality in Iran is that it is the Islamists who are the least hospitable towards outsiders (in general - obviously there are exceptions).........
ffsdffsd1 (3 years ago)
To some extent true, but he only touches the surface! Partly he refers to the rich part of society. They have the advantage to be able to reduce burdens of oppression. And the women and liberalism? Yes ... however they tend to be veeery materialistic (nothing that Americans are unfamiliar with). Otherwise, you can find good food and friendly people everywhere. But then what is the big deal? You find those things in several countries! The big deal is that Americans created this phobia of Iran for themselves, and now they are suprised themselves when faced with truth :)
AvaTheGamer (3 years ago)
Most Americans are materialistic
Amanda Tessmer (3 years ago)
Some Americans are materialistic, but not all of us.
Davud Seid (3 years ago)
there is this ... defina jones in comment who is spreading nonsense rumors. the fact that her (or maybe his :) ) reply button is inactive says it all. get lost. why are you lying?
knockoutu2nite (3 years ago)
Screw dirty Iran
colonel mcfuckyourself (3 years ago)
Alan sheikhi (3 years ago)
Nah im saying it to knockoutu2nite guy
colonel mcfuckyourself (3 years ago)
wait me?
Alan sheikhi (3 years ago)
Wtf is wrong with you ur like some guy who has no life and education...Screw u iran is an awesome place so ye u can shut up and I know more things than u
Bullet Boy (3 years ago)
Please listen to the man, you might just learn something.  If you stop being bigoted for just a moment you'll realize that Iranians respect the rest of the world and are not responsible for their thuggish governments actions no more than any other country's people  should be -which by the way, harms Iranians more than it does anyone else!  Iranians and Kurdish peoples like and respect Jews, Americans, and just about anyone who treats us with respect!  No matter what people say, no one can change the fact that Iran was one of the worlds first empires and greatest civilizations.  
TabbyAngel2 (4 months ago)
Bullet Boy ❤❤❤
Hashmountain (3 years ago)
Iran, soon to be a parking lot.
Jonny Blair (3 years ago)
Why would it surprise you?? I take it you have hardly ever travelled before?? Iran is a beautiful country with incredible people. I sincerely hope you're not from the USA as Americans seem to have an axe to grind with Iranians for no reason. Everyone who has ever backpacked in Iran knows what a wonderful country it is.
TabbyAngel2 (4 months ago)
Jonny Blair ❤❤❤❤
MrAtaguas (3 years ago)
he should be an Us ambassador 
Matteo Latorre (3 years ago)
I hope Bourdain doesn't die of one of those mysterious "heart attacks"  people that state the truth seem to get often. 
Tobias Rieper (3 years ago)
And they said CNN is biased... 
dagdagdag (3 years ago)
Israel do fuck the American people very well for their purposes
Malawi (3 years ago)
when we sit on the same dining table we don't think that this man is an american and we have political issues. Yes every human depend less on religion or ethnicity likes peace. And this is the case for both americans and iranians. We have to think in one second about what we have in common: that we are all from the same human race. And what is valuable for the human being. Regards Shia muslim
soldierside365 (3 years ago)
Listen to all the ignorant opinions on a country who's only exposure is the force-fed propaganda the news networks tell them.. The government does not represent the views of the 95% of the average people going about their daily business, and if you believe otherwise, you're somewhat delusional.
kikoo lkokoko (3 years ago)
braiwashed americans at last something positive about Iran !!!
nclusiau (3 years ago)
defina jones .... What a stupid bitch you are... Shut up you ignorant air head.
Ray Fatemi (3 years ago)
Definable is a total un-educated idiot. She doesn't know anything.
varzesh taghzie (3 years ago)
Iran is a beautifull country , and only the good people with a great hard can goes in this lovely country and enjoy their self, the idots and racists better stay in their home and continues their boring life. :)

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