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Do You Hear "Yanny" or "Laurel"? (SOLVED with SCIENCE)

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Yanny vs. Laurel audio illusion solved! PHEW FINALLY! Listen to our new PODCAST: https://apple.co/2L7AZzK Or search "SIDENOTE" wherever you get your podcasts. Created by: Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown Written by: Rachel Salt, Greg Brown & Mitch Moffit Illustrated by: Max Simmons Edited by: Sel Ghebrehiwot FOLLOW US! Instagram and Twitter: @whalewatchmeplz and @mitchellmoffit Clickable: http://bit.ly/16F1jeC and http://bit.ly/15J7ube AsapINSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/asapscience/ Facebook: http://facebook.com/AsapSCIENCE Twitter: http://twitter.com/AsapSCIENCE Tumblr: http://asapscience.tumblr.com SNAPCHAT US 'whalewatchmeplz' and 'pixelmitch' Created by Mitchell Moffit (twitter @mitchellmoffit) and Gregory Brown (twitter @whalewatchmeplz). Send us stuff! ASAPSCIENCE INC. P.O. Box 93, Toronto P Toronto, ON, M5S2S6 References/Further Reading: https://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2018/05/dont-rest-on-your-laurels/560483/ A Linguist Explains Why 'Laurel' Sounds Like 'Yanny' https://www.popsci.com/yanny-laurel-scientific-evidence Yanny vs. Laurel is ‘The Dress of 2018'—but these sound experts think they can end the debate right now https://www.theverge.com/2018/5/15/17358136/yanny-laurel-the-dress-audio-illusion-frequency-sound-perception Yanny or Laurel? The science behind the audio version of The Dress https://www.cnn.com/2018/05/15/health/yanny-laurel-audio-social-media-trnd/index.html Laurel or Yanny? What science has to say https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2018/may/16/yanny-or-laurel-sound-illusion-sets-off-ear-splitting-argumentsYanny or Laurel: why do some people hear a different word? https://www.vox.com/2018/5/15/17357684/yanny-or-laurel-audio “Yanny” or “Laurel”: the audio clip that’s tearing the internet apart Yanny Laurel vote audio illusion the dress Do you hear Yanny or Laurel Cloe Feldman What Do You Hear?!
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AsapSCIENCE (3 months ago)
Thanks for watching! Don't forget to check out our brand new Sidenote Podcast on iTunes or wherever you listen for more awesome science! https://apple.co/2L7AZzK
bendy x boris (1 month ago)
AsapSCIENCE I first heard Laurel and then I heard Yanny and I'm SUPER confused
April Faraci (1 month ago)
Your welcome
AngMgaKwentoNi LaiLai (1 month ago)
AsapSCIENCE last reply
MyLife Story (1 month ago)
AsapSCIENCE I hear Jally!!!
H3r0 Hraje! (2 months ago)
Mara K (3 minutes ago)
I hear yaurel
Layla Unicorn_Girl5321 (37 minutes ago)
I hear Yanny and my friend hear laurel. WHAT IS THIS WIERD TEST!!???
LegendaryVegeta (57 minutes ago)
lol pitch up and down reverse for me XD
Maryna Ortega Lobova (1 hour ago)
i always hear yanny
Lillygamergirl Rivera (1 hour ago)
I hear Yanny
Viscun Dumitru (1 hour ago)
Holy shit First time i heared yanny and second time laurel..
Agt.BADASS (1 hour ago)
2:46 I'll keep SIDENOTE in mind 😎❣💗
tiger2745 (1 hour ago)
it's laurel
Epik (2 hours ago)
i hear covfefe
bia&io bff (2 hours ago)
Rayyans Epic games (3 hours ago)
Im under 10 years old and I have old ears lol
방탄소년단BTS (3 hours ago)
yo escuchó las dos
IceKing15999 (4 hours ago)
I heard yaurel ._.
Unicornroses (4 hours ago)
Team yanny
Debesh Jena (5 hours ago)
Gonçalo Rocha (6 hours ago)
I swear I heard Yanny when I watched this video a few minutes ago. But then I watched another video and now I can only hear Laurel o.o Going by the fact that younger ears hear Yanny... *did i just hit puberty*
Lily-may Armstrong (6 hours ago)
I HERD LAMMAS! !!!? (£_=^_/^&/_5/÷/@%%&*:/:;************
Sailor Gasper (6 hours ago)
Christian Balino (7 hours ago)
Heidi Bennetsen (8 hours ago)
I have no idea how anyone can hear Yanny.. All I hear are Laurel
Aksu2113 (8 hours ago)
Jerry or larry
Siri Benus (9 hours ago)
I can switch
Gio Baez (9 hours ago)
you made this up just for views
TobiliX OwO (10 hours ago)
The bottom line Z 2 (10 hours ago)
Yanny, are you okay? yanny are you okay? Are you okay, yanny? :P
Kitten Girl (10 hours ago)
G4N ;3 (12 hours ago)
i hear bflgalmina of course
Izzy Grieve (12 hours ago)
Ellie-Mae Potter (13 hours ago)
cyrem tadeo's videos (14 hours ago)
I hear both
Dab On (14 hours ago)
Keep watching this clip and you will hear laurel
Auri Rose (17 hours ago)
i hear yelly
DraveH (17 hours ago)
anyone still coming back
Ari ledrou (17 hours ago)
I hear both, im I the only one?! (Yarel)
Jeremy Morris (17 hours ago)
I heard yanny at first but then it kept repeating and became laurel and now I can't figure out how I ever heard yanny
Zoe Simza (18 hours ago)
It keeps switching on me, I heard Yanny my first time, but I rewatched the video hours later and it turned into Laurel.
Reece Jones (19 hours ago)
I am a 47 year old male. When I began this experiment all I could hear at first was Yanny. It seemed pretty conclusive that I was in the YANNY camp. I jumped back a few times to the start and was for some unknown reason starting to hear a "..rel" sound. Then I read a few comments from others who said after looping over it a few times they were beginning to hear blends of YANNY and LAUREL. I decided to think about the word LAUREL and keep replaying between 1 second and 4 seconds from the video over and over again and lo and behold my perception of what I was hearing was literally changing from YANNY to hearing an overlap of both YANNY and LAUREL. Eventually YANNY diminished so much that all I could hear was LAUREL. It astounded me. What had just happened? The video cannot be altered 'on the fly' and my computer speaker have not changed. Did I just use my brain to bias what I wanted to hear so that I can hear LAUREL instead? At some time in the future I will come back and retry this again. See for yourself, if you try looping between 1 - 4 seconds at the start of the video, whether your hearing will change. If you're in the LAUREL camp, I'd like to know if you can change your perceived hearing to YANNY doing as I did. Funny. After writing the above, I went back and listened to this video again. My hearing had reset to YANNY. I then did as I've just stated above and 'retrained' my hearing to LAUREL. I went back after a shorter break this time to see if my hearing had reset back to YANNY and it hadn't. I am now hearing LAUREL. I will give it a bit longer and see if my hearing resets back to YANNY. That's a little concerning. I thought I'd given my ears and mind enough time to reset so that I could go back to hearing YANNY, but I'm now hearing LAUREL as clear as a bell. Not even focusing on the word YANNY is making me hear any different now. All I hear now is LAUREL.
Reece Jones (17 hours ago)
It took well over an hour but I can once again hear YANNY.
Ciera Schwartz (20 hours ago)
Lol I hear Jerry😂😂😂
MadisonDoesYouTube (20 hours ago)
I’ve only been able to hear laurel once. It was so weird. I was listening, it said yanny, but randomly, it said laurel and it sounded like an entirely different clip of sound. So weird.
NoraVlogs 06 (21 hours ago)
I hear both
jetts punch act (21 hours ago)
I hear either lanny or Laurel
Pet care 101 (21 hours ago)
Yanny, hmm
ABC gaming33 (22 hours ago)
Wait i heard Laurel so my ear is old?😭😭😭
ABC gaming33 (22 hours ago)
Cynthia Dudley (23 hours ago)
Ellie Lee (23 hours ago)
I used to hear yanny but today I heard laurel for the first time and then I replayed it and I herd yanny again
Kids Nachman (23 hours ago)
At first I heard yanny when you said yanny then I heard laurel when you said luarel I Rewatched the video and I only heard laurel
Jim Jimmy (23 hours ago)
tammy brasher (1 day ago)
Minja Nikolic (1 day ago)
I heard yelly
I have old ears 😢
I bet yammy
Julieanne_ 101 (1 day ago)
KIMINKINK ' (1 day ago)
I can't hear yannny!
MelissaCj Xoxo (1 day ago)
I asked my little brother(10) and niece(7) to listen to the audio, without telling them what they were suppose to be listening for & they both heard yanny. Which actually proves your theory about the age thing because I heard Laurel. 👍🏽 I was definitely amazed by this,
ReKT_ BoYS (1 day ago)
Y Ya Yan Yann Yanny Yanny o Yanny or Yanny or L Yanny or La Yanny or Lau Yanny or Laur Yanny or Laure Yanny or Laurel Yanny or Laure Yanny or Laur Yanny or Lau Yanny or La Yanny or L Yanny or Yanny o Yanny Yann Yan Ya Y
MrColi (1 day ago)
I hear Yarry ?! WTF
Dance Channel (1 day ago)
I hear laural and I am 10?
Mr.llama (1 day ago)
Jennifer Moren (1 day ago)
i hear laurel
vivi_cat131 (1 day ago)
I can hear both
t0yx (1 day ago)
Lanie Lim (1 day ago)
Y Ya Yan Yann Yanny Yanny o Yanny or Yanny or L Yanny or La Yanny or Lau Yanny or Laur Yanny or Laure Yanny or Laurel Yanny or Laure Yanny or Laur Yanny or Lau Yanny or La Yanny or L Yanny o Yanny Yann Yan Ya Y
Mantas Jakstas (1 day ago)
Lilian Honeycutt (1 day ago)
i heard yanny
Vah _ Kah (1 day ago)
I say laurel in my mind and I hear laurel
Hannah bamford (1 day ago)
Well f*ck im 89 now
foxyandmangle fnaf (1 day ago)
both sound like laurel
Luke Robinson (1 day ago)
I hear yanny
I heard Nigeria
Hellsbloodstorm 0 (1 day ago)
I only hear yannnnyyyy
gagan gera (1 day ago)
Its laurel !!!!!
mikebarnacle (1 day ago)
Wow the explanation is kinda disappointing and obvious. It's just both simultaneously...
mikebarnacle (1 day ago)
I hear yammy.
Ferhat Aytas (1 day ago)
Türk yokmu ??
Mike forneste (1 day ago)
ummm hear yarry :/
TheAbsol (1 day ago)
I heard yanny every time, despite the changes in frequency.
archie and cruz YTB (1 day ago)
Black Wolf (1 day ago)
JCV. (1 day ago)
I hear laurel
Bella Taco vlogs (1 day ago)
I always hear yanny
No Name (1 day ago)
i heard yally---
Moon Knight (1 day ago)
It's obv laurel. But if you hear Yanny dont worry Youre "cool" lol media will have ppl thinking anything
STUPID! Why are more people hearing laurel!? Its OBVIOUSLY YANNY!
D3ex دعيكس (1 day ago)
The brain looks like et 😂
Limonz (1 day ago)
Dodo Rex (1 day ago)
I here yaurel
Always Anjelysse (1 day ago)
I used to hear both but I cant anymore I just here yanny now
L'OREAL COVER GIRL (1 day ago)
Unicorn_ Gamezzz (1 day ago)
Akarius (1 day ago)
First i could just hear "Laurel" and not "Yanny".. then i tried to figure out how to train myself to hear both..If you want to hear "Yanny", you have to hear very early to the sound, means before you hear the "L" of "Laurel" you have to try to hear that electric sounding voice saying "YA" - "NNY". You will hear in bewteen "Laurel" too, but thats how u can train your brain to hear both (Yanny sounds like a High Pitch Electric Voice, Laurel more like an Men with a deep Voice). Thats how i figured it out for my brain to hear "Yanny" aswell. beside that the "Yanny" Sounds is more , lets say quieter & more in the background. Good Luck ;)
Penny the Dog (1 day ago)
bonesthadog (1 day ago)
Your Dad (1 day ago)
I hear yaoi.
Alexis Luna (1 day ago)
i heard yaui E C K S D E E

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