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Anderson Cooper tries a schizophrenia simulator

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CNN's Anderson Cooper tries to go through a normal day using a schizophrenia simulator. More from CNN at http://www.cnn.com/ To license this and other CNN/HLN content, visit http://imagesource.cnn.com or e-mail cnn.imagesource@turner.com.
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Text Comments (5167)
MRoderics (11 hours ago)
Could they be grounded spirits?
John Doe (1 day ago)
Welcome to the club
Debra Wolf (1 day ago)
What if these voices are coming from the other side?
Peter Amador (2 days ago)
Brah I don’t even know
sirspikey (4 days ago)
hearing voices is NOT the same as schizophrenia. It can be a symptom though. But you can be a voicehearer without any other diagnos!
Zach Anfangen (5 days ago)
Jesus, he handled the simulator better than me. I couldnt last two minutes. God help these people.
Alex Suris (5 days ago)
The panels cheer for me ,,,,or egg me on
Wylee elPuppo (8 days ago)
Try quitting drinking "cold turkey", you go through this type of shit and then you die.
Hunter (8 days ago)
And for those that don't know; The Voice you hear in your head is your own, your brain just cannot connect the thought to yourself.
Hunter (8 days ago)
And the voices you hear are your own tone just FYI.
Luis 85 (8 days ago)
Plot twist the sim wasnt turned on 😱
Mark9117 0 (9 days ago)
Also, they have you thinking others around you can read your mind
G. J. (9 days ago)
You cannot simulate schizophrenia. The only metaphor I can attempt to make people begin to comprehend what the feeling of a dark day for my bullshit is like hearing your name being called from an unknown origin. Confusion. Panicked. Desperate for relief. The thing is you never know. Sorry. You're not even attempting normalcy. Most people exaggerate self talk. And you're not walking down the street with your street bag. It writing something like this without severe medication. Indignant? Absolutely. I have that right. This is equivalent to describing PTSD for someone who has been to war but you haven't. Anyway. You have no idea the fucking hell. Absolutely you do not.
Qeisama (12 days ago)
This video reminds me of my 1st year of college. I had an elementary course on art and design where we need to create an artful rhythm of lines and dots. Suddenly one student in front of me was busy talking to someone I can not see and then she left the room after saying "Okay alright I'll help you" and we were left speechless. We thought she was talking with some kind of demons or paranormal beings. She was lost for days and later was found far from our campus area. Turns out she had schizophrenia. She was admitted to a psychiatrist afterwards and spend all semester off of college. Haven't seen her afterwards because we were from a different major (she was from fine arts I guess? I was in graphic design).
Tim Gann (12 days ago)
Shit this isn't even close.. you can't physically recreate a mental disorder...
Evelyn S. (15 days ago)
Why was it only female voices?
ectazygirl (15 days ago)
scary i wanna cry
Capronice (17 days ago)
I worked with schizophrenics for many years I thought I had some good insight into what they were going through. This video really shows you how auditory hallucinations can disrupt your concentration. I have had ring in my ear for about 6 weeks. It is a hissing sound in my right ear and at time I lose focus of things around be just from that.
Laura Coutinho (17 days ago)
If you think auditory hallucinations are hard, at least you don't have it with smell and taste. When my meds were off, I spent a week unable to eat because everything tasted and smelled like mold. I got so hungry I just lay in bed crying, because everything I put near my face made me gag so hard it was impossible to eat or drink. Then there was the time when all colors in my mind turned off and I couldn't understand ANYTHING because half the world became invisable to me. Not grey, just non-existant. I could make out eyes and outlines, but that was about it. Schitzophrenia can truly be terrifying when it strikes hard.
akachuy (18 days ago)
the average person could have answered the questions the same way...Of course im not making light of anyone with this condition, im just saying these tests dont prove anything.
Robert Travers (18 days ago)
thanks anderson
Tonya Hughes (18 days ago)
I truly think it’s demonic
Julie I AM (18 days ago)
I'm not a schizophrenic but I have this all day and even wake up and their jabbering on like its been going on all night. I function realy well considering.
Chelsea Peterson (18 days ago)
Would answering the voices make you actually crazy after a while ?
pink paw beans (18 days ago)
I don't know if I could cope with this. My cousin had schizophrenia and my grandma said it was hard for him to watch TV and movies because of the voices, he couldn't concentrate. I can now totally see why. What a terrible illness to have.
iloveyouamberappel (18 days ago)
Is there somewhere to take this simulator?
Alien Queen (19 days ago)
I only hear whispers and sometimes scratches, tapping, glass shattering, etc.
E Can2 (19 days ago)
Yea. Right.
rvpstudios studios (19 days ago)
C R E E P Y !!!!!!!
Peter Paul (20 days ago)
he talked too much!!!!! i wanted to hear the voices. shit
Marksman24444 (20 days ago)
Proof Anderson cooper is just a fucking idiot.
rivera752 (21 days ago)
I doubt it's that loud music
Hugh Goldspiel (21 days ago)
They’re brainwashing him, good.
Maggie Martinez (21 days ago)
Such a scary brain disease
Kat Walker (22 days ago)
This is exactly how I feel at work at Starbucks it’s so difficult
geraldine harris (22 days ago)
This is exactly what I hear in my head everyday of my life! I never thought I’d see my experience on TV it’s actually very emotional for me cause since this started at 15 I’m no longer the student I used to be! I can barely have a normal conversation with people if I don’t tell them to shut up but then there’s a fear of someone seeing or hearing me talk back to them. It’s like I wear my illness on my forehead. I’m very thankful for this simulation more people need to do this before passing judgment on someone.
sweiland75 (20 days ago)
Are you not seeking professional help?
Troy Collins (22 days ago)
OK. How do I fix myself?
SilentKnight1000 (22 days ago)
Where can I download this?
Lucy Splendid (22 days ago)
All mental health workers should have to take this simulator, there would be better care.
Creepy Moon (22 days ago)
Anyone who works at CNN is crazy. They don’t need a simulator.
s K (22 days ago)
It's different than voices in your ears. Earphones do not do them justice. The voices are more like telepathic messages because they happen in your brain. Your own thoughts and the voices mingle together. Sometimes you don't even know which is which. I'm not schizophrenic. But someone close to me was and told me all this.
sbecktacular (22 days ago)
and that’s just the auditory hallucinations... now add visual and tactile hallucinations, along with delusions— heart wrenching disorder of the mind..
S. Holmes (23 days ago)
My mom was paranoid schizophrenic. I understand when he said he wanted to talk back to them. She did all the time. Then they would stop, and we thought she was better. But then they would show up again and life was hell.
Eric (23 days ago)
Damn. That first voice was spot fucking on!!
M. Smith (24 days ago)
He talked through nearly the entire simulation, does that make a difference?
James Bootywolfe (25 days ago)
In my personal experience ‘voices’ can indeed be distracting, but other times they can be unsettling; malicious even. It often becomes distressing, like having a conversation with a loved one while your subconscious is telling you to hit them in the face. I’m not a violent person and honestly don’t see a situation happening where I ever would be, but it still is quite scary knowing that there is something awful and abusive inside of you clawing to get out and express itself like a totally separate entity. I usually just talk to myself to drown out these intrusive thoughts. I’ve never actually been diagnosed formally, but that’s mostly because I’d lie back when I was receiving treatment for clinical depression and ADHD, which in hindsight is more than likely a byproduct of these ‘voices’.
Gang Of Four (25 days ago)
Abinesh Nagendren (26 days ago)
I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia but just got treatment at right times . True I heard several voices but now ok. Hallucinations is getting reduced.
I never knew that. Wow!
mouasimon1 (27 days ago)
This must be what youtube comments feel like.
Steena Lynn (27 days ago)
My brother was schizophrenic and was killed by a police officer 2 years ago. My brother always talked back to the voices and when my family didn’t know why he was doing these things, it was the most frustrating thing we as a family ever went through. It was like one day I had a perfectly normal brother, then out of nowhere he had turned into a completely different person. He died shortly after his schizophrenia became obvious so we never had a chance to try and get him the help he so desperately needed. It’s interesting to see what my brother went through on a daily basis. I’m glad I found this CNN special.
Stephen Meek (27 days ago)
I wonder how many liberal schizo’s hear random trump outbursts? Lol
Maryam Ahmed (27 days ago)
Our brain is the most mysterious part of our body.. it's like when we are sleeping we dream so if chemicals in our brain are not balance our mentality is fucked up
tom brady (27 days ago)
Holy fuck this is eye opening. My mom and like 3/4 of my cousins r diagnosed schizophrenic and I've been wearing it my whole life. This is fucking exactly how I feel all fucking day every fucking day. God damnit this is my worst fear in my life realizing I'm gonna end up like them. I literally got tears dripping off my belly button right now realizing that there is no avoiding it.
Liliana Kaspar (29 days ago)
That's got to be demons. Anything destructive is demonic.
Dal V (29 days ago)
This is very realistic. I was diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder & dissociative fugue. Not only are the constant voices a problem but while driving I have a constant fear that I'm going to wake from a dream of me driving and it be total chaos. The white lines of the road begins to move at night giving the impression the road curves when it doesn't and I see dark objects constantly run into the road. I installed lower lights that illuminate the road better and that seems to help.
Janet Airlines (29 days ago)
Next up: a real news simulator, to see what its like to work for a credible news agency
Noah Howerton (29 days ago)
I can't imagine the simulator would even be that good... for a real schizophrenic in public they are hearing real people talking just out of earshot ... just like anyone else. The difference is their mind will fill in the spaces so they might think the group across the room are talking *to* them. The friends they know at a party are talking about how they are fat .. or gay .. or what-ever they are insecure about ... over and over again. So it' often not just real voices ... but real people that you actually know ... saying specific things about you maybe even stuff they've actually said before. It's mixed in with *real* noises ... and thus hard to convince yourself that the other stuff isn't real.
Blake Williams (29 days ago)
The universe is God having schizophrenia.
tula V (29 days ago)
And to think of it actual patient might have grown up with it. So that persons suffering might be thousand fold harder then this.
Marth (30 days ago)
This is what Schizophrenia is really like? Wow, I feel for anybody out there who deals with this. This is really sad, I didn’t know it was like this. My eyes have been opened, as well as my ears.
Arfnudaniack Blue (1 month ago)
And this is a guy who is used to hearing a producer in his ear through an earpiece.
Captain Howdy (1 month ago)
I’m using drugs and getting more realistic effects
Following Phan (1 month ago)
He should go to a dinner party with the voices
Following Phan (1 month ago)
Doctors tend to tell you there are a voice in your head. Don't fall for it. If you do you are forever on a list.
Sue Burgess (1 month ago)
So everyone with schizophrenia hear other voices constantly?? Wow .. that's mental torture.
Barron Maxxx (1 month ago)
pacify...freaked me out and I didnt know why...really bothered me...then I remembered she was a character on a bbc tv series I watched. That whole thing bothered me...can anyone else relate to the scolding lady?
Baxter Schlong (1 month ago)
I couldn’t deal with that voices in head shit
Marti D (1 month ago)
This makes me want to hug my mom
Die Glücklich (1 month ago)
I'm not schizophrenic but I wouldn't be able to do the origami bit in a silent room under the best of circumstances. I'm good at math-y, conceptual things but I suck at "spacial" or "dimensional" puzzles, like origami, or the parts of IQ tests where one has to determine, for example, how many loops are in a knot or creating a shape without folding x y or z.
I was diagnosed at 16th with schizophrenia paranoia but I actually never experience all those voice at all ,I didn't even see "imaginery people". But yes I was medicated really fast and stop a couple years ago. I just want to say that all schizophrenic are not the same. I never experience what we saw in the video yet I have it .
Chris Cross (1 month ago)
Yeah..that's the same
Kathy Dretske (1 month ago)
Anderson, this made me cry for you. How horrible it is for these people.
Pete (1 month ago)
This isn't what hearing voices is like at all. It's hard to explain because it's not other peoples voices although they can sound different , male, female, high pitched, deeper etc. But there isn't that awareness that the voices aren't part of you because what they're saying and telling you to do comes from your own psyche and you feel this compulsion to listen to them. When they're telling you "YOU'RE SHIT" you feel like shit and when they're telling you "That person wants to kill you" you feel real fear. I think hearing a bunch of externalized voices like that would definitely be distracting, but it's not really a true parallel to what schizophrenia is like.
Priestly Lotus (1 month ago)
ASMR on acid
Jesper Gotthelf (1 month ago)
I have a brother with schizophrenia ( for 36 years ) This video make me understand more about it in 5 minutes, than the many doctors in all that time
Rhoades Traveled (1 month ago)
Amanda Arteno (1 month ago)
my daughter has schizophrenia. It's no picnic
Kel Green (1 month ago)
Why don't the voices ever give you good advice like volunteer? Or get a job? Clean up your house? Why also psychotic stuff?
Azusanna Jackson (1 month ago)
My experience with this was really terrible and lonely and it was hard to be around others because if I tried to talk to somebody then the symptoms would get out of control so it was hard. I mostly heard whispers like this and it scared me and being in school with this people would stare at me and God was the only one who I could turn to for help <3 he helped me when I needed him the most. He brought hope into my life and now I can live a normal life <3 Thank you Jesus!!
Katrina Paige MacCray (1 month ago)
The controversial doc The Bridge is about suicide by Golden Gate Bridge, I believe it's still up but be warned you will see people jumping to their deaths in real time. One of the stories was on a schizophrenic woman and the filmmakers interviewed her siblings and mother. The sister and mother were completely open and understanding to the fact that the woman's lifelong mental illness caused her suicide. The woman's surviving brother became a born again fundie nut and because of his belief in the fire dog, pushed the fiction of someone in the hospital she lived in put her up to killing herself. I think he needs to see this segment to get real. But most likely he'll know who AC is and immediately hate him for loving a man.
Kevin Quinn (1 month ago)
Tries it you ever listened too this guy he has it fucking moron
Jims Sessions (1 month ago)
That's scary and I don't suck! Lol
MisterBinx (1 month ago)
My aunt lived with this. She was a straight A student before it hit her when she was like 22. It's just this one defect in their brains. It's like their dream reality is leaking over into their waking reality.
Ben Zielke (1 month ago)
Since he's gay he should have no problem dealing with this. He's special.
SheenaCarver (1 month ago)
This is heart breaking. I relate it to the negative voices of depression, but multiplied/magnified.
MatchstalkMan (1 month ago)
Imagine if the voices you heard were trump’s?
kitteekittee (1 month ago)
This makes me want to cry
RethinkEF (1 month ago)
my uncle is schizophrenic, its so frustrating to help him.
M17 (1 month ago)
This is my life since I was 14! Am I ......?! I guess so, since I live alone in a room by myself and haven't talked with anybody in a year except the supermarket cashier! The good news are it will be over in a week or so... Bye bye ugly world!
F L (1 month ago)
outside smoking (1 month ago)
Omg, that would be horrendous😣 How stressful! I'm so sorry for the poor souls who never have a moments peace.😔
Aaron Schula (1 month ago)
That voice in the background sounds like the black crackheads you hear yelling down the street at 3 am
Lauren Kirk (1 month ago)
Aaron Schula You ever think they may be suffering from a severe mental illness? Maybe you could try to practice having empathy 🤷‍♀️
Clare Logue (1 month ago)
Erica Carter (1 month ago)
It's a real thing...especially the shut up. It sucks. It's like demons in hour head playing over and over again. Much respect for you to experience that. Can you now respect the people dealing with it? When I was 18, I was confronted by my ex bf's friend's mother with a shotgun while purchasing a car from her son. It was scary. I hope she has gotten better . So glad she has a family that lived her.
Erica Carter (1 month ago)
Raging diarrhea coconut add before this.....lol wow. Anyone else see that?
Francisco Garcia90 (1 month ago)
You suck and they know it!!!! Lmao
sharon allport (1 month ago)
I can understand why people suicide. Its cruel
valkor73 (1 month ago)
is this what kanya west has
Talkindurinthemovie (1 month ago)
There is a nice voice in there and a mean voice

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