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Anderson Cooper tries a schizophrenia simulator

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CNN's Anderson Cooper tries to go through a normal day using a schizophrenia simulator. More from CNN at http://www.cnn.com/ To license this and other CNN/HLN content, visit http://imagesource.cnn.com or e-mail cnn.imagesource@turner.com.
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Benny Hill (2 days ago)
For the rest of us who have never suffered a mental illness like this it may seem like a curiosity but I can't even imagine what it would be like to have a constant companion talking to you trying to destroy you.
Jasmine Valentina (3 days ago)
Ahhhh... remember when they were still reporting real news? Yeah, me neither
Tea Oliver (6 days ago)
I listened to an audio and within 5 minutes I actually told them out loud to shut up it was crazy because I had to keep reminding myself that they weren’t real, so sorry for people who have to deal with this.
Terrakinetic (7 days ago)
That is the exact same face my friend (turned full-blown schizophrenic over a year and a half) makes. Except Cooper can still talk and reason. He lost his ego completely. He became one of the voices in his own head and the body is just a shell. Everything he says is like second-hand-instructions. And of course he refuses to take pills or see a doctor.
Thomas O'Shaughnessy (10 days ago)
this 'simulator' doesn't take into account the delusional points of view people with this diagnosis have. I thought I was being spied on, sexually harassed by all my neighbours wherever I lived by the CIA,Mossad, denmarks PET and all the police forces of each country I was in although I never noticed it in spain or Holland where I would smoke pot somewhat legally without hassle. I also thought I was jesus and that was partly why I was being spied on and persecuted (or perceiving I was being persecuted as once I got on the meds it all went away which is just as weird as going through it all and equally unpleasant as I had a rather athletic physique and now have gained 11kg or about twenty pounds on risperidone 4mg daily). In the future I hope the psychiatric community will be more likely to carry out "soteria" or "open dialogue" style mental health treatment especially voluntarily than forced medication and medical model stuff they mostly carry out. there are so many problems with the inpatient system here in the UK that it becomes unfair and discriminatory against those with mental health which I really hope will change. Last but not least sorry to anyone I hurt, scared or weirded out during my psychotics episodes
What if people with schizophrenia are actually channeling other people's thoughts on their own heads, against their will and control?
Mary Madrigal (11 days ago)
I worked 7 years at a group home in which a lady with paranoid schizophrenia lived. We always had to be in our toes with her. I remember one time it was quiet in her room and she used to shared it another client. When i went to check, she was shocking the other lady, when i interviened i asked her why she did it, she none chalantly said:"i was doing nothing wrong, i was just doing this and she put hee hands in her throat. In another occassions, she would get to the kitchen in a hurry and confront any of the staff that waa working. She would acussed them of talking about her. I remember one time she was very "relaxed" so i thought. When i walked down the hall and passed her door i noticed she was looking out the sliding door to the back yard. When out of the blue she calls me to check something. She asked me to check the backyard; i stood there and looked out to check it, and i did not see anyone. She asked:"cant you see it? The animals, there are circus animals out there." I asked what animals she could see and she said she could see a giraffe. Very clamly i told her, that there was nothing in there
Blasphemous Laughs (12 days ago)
Here’s something you guys should know: someone is actually speaking to him on the phone.
Blasphemous Laughs (12 days ago)
STRICKEN (13 days ago)
Why wont this maggot die?
John Kang (13 days ago)
He couldn’t stop pulling his pinky.... I hope your ok Anderson.
miamiguel (13 days ago)
My question is do people with schizophrenia that are not on medication.... do they believe what they are hearing is real or are they aware it is just voices inside their head?
C gatz (14 days ago)
he should try to be honest, it would probably feel strange to him ,cnn =fake news
James Alexander (15 days ago)
our ideas of what our minds do and how they work is very primitive. Most of what our brains do is simply organ function and motor control. The other major part is emotional. The limbic system plays a major part in memory and "thought". Feelings are far more important than the way we traditionally approach psychology. Hate, Fear, Love, Hope, Compassion, Jealousy, Anger, etc. are extremely powerful emotions. We talk about these in our music, films, and everyday life all the time but somehow they are not factored into psychology. The HUGE misunderstanding in this video is that as one person pointed out, he is aware of his own mind. A schizophrenic or a psychotic person (manic, bi-polar, OCD) is that they are basically trapped in their own mind. Its not just thoughts or hallucinations. Emotions play a huge role in the brain and social interaction. Many of the anti-depressants available today reduce people to being entirely unemotional. This is a major mistake! You are basically "bricking" a human being. If you cannot feel, then you cannot access your memories and you cannot understand your environment. Fear is important in "fight or flight" situations. Love and compassion are important in familial and dating relationships. If you do not have emotions and you cannot put your emotions into context then you are lost. This may be the real problem in psychotic disorders; we simply approach the issue from the wrong direction.
tim kat (15 days ago)
Walt Schmidt (16 days ago)
While he is constantly thinking of taking another man's penis up his anus.. pig.
Hero Jason (17 days ago)
It's really sad how many of people live like this most of their life but they keep it to themself. And that's how alot people commits suicide because the pain they are going through and thought in their head. If you watch video about people who wants to kill themself and most of them will say they are struggling with thoughts in their head and they have hard time to move forward with their live.
Cobalt07 (17 days ago)
It’s the devil talking to you. Holy crap! These people are possessed.
דניאל דניאל (19 days ago)
But this reminds me of the movie with Bruce Willis and the boy where he sees dead people
דניאל דניאל (19 days ago)
Why does it seem to me I'm the only one with schizophrenia who never heard any voices or had hallucination?! Only few times I've heard the wind in the fall and it sounded like a holy experience but that was a long time ago and nothing out of the oridinary
Great way to educate people about the struggles of mental health. Good one, Anderson.
Something Catchy (19 days ago)
Some of them sound like they doing asmr
Nahuel Iriondo (19 days ago)
Anderson Cooper is a disgusting zionist shill. Fuck this nasty bullshit. Only ignorant brainwashed sheep watch CNN.
ClanOxyL (20 days ago)
Fun fact : I took some drugs when I was 17 and I heard pretty much the identical whispering after everyone fell asleep and also saw a hand shadow on the wall that wasn't there. Hope I don't get schizophrenia when I'm older
Mary Milburn (20 days ago)
So sad for the people suffering
Jahna Roth (21 days ago)
You are fantastic! Thank you so much for showing people what some people go through. You are so awesome!
Jahna Roth (21 days ago)
You are fantastic! Thank you so much for showing people what some people go through. You are so awesome!
Elegant_Projects (21 days ago)
Omg. This is terrifying!
ShanteYouStay (22 days ago)
That’s so damn creepy. 😖
Amy Johnson (24 days ago)
He's doing better than I would have done.
taltal milal (25 days ago)
The voices say....CNN is fake news.
MK ULTRA (26 days ago)
This is what Dr. Robert Duncan calls 'Cybernetic Hive Mind Technology' and acoustic weapons... Why are Americans still being abused with these weapons? And, why is the President still violating the Constitution, Bill of Rights, 4th Amendment with ILLEGAL surveillance and collecting thought data? Why are illegal interrogations being conducted on the American people?
Justin Jones (27 days ago)
Look at Anderson Pooper.This could make him normal
cookerham (28 days ago)
you suck,and they know it! lmao
Jessica de Portlandia (29 days ago)
I deeply appreciate the empathy in this
Gogo Pikacho (29 days ago)
i suffer from this, very spot on. something you do not want to have.
Ryan Johnson (30 days ago)
I wonder how many people think their schizophrenic now
Ryan Johnson (30 days ago)
So my question is...what id the voice relive your past. Like its you but its not you...is that schizophrenia?
Marc-André Poulin (1 month ago)
It’s more like an attention deficit disorder mixed with delusionnal depression and lack of self estime that may induce those kind of in head voice as delirium. Maybe some will identify that as being schyzophrenia. But truth is schizophrenia is only the result of all those problems mixed together that will then be diagnostic as schizophrenia, wich is basicly the name health institutions give to identifie a person that is not functionnal. That’s why there are so many types of schizophrenia. Any new case of unfunctionnality will be called schizophrenia at first, then be diagnosed more properly if possible
Real Noid (1 month ago)
How can a CNN channel allow the Judge Pirro Fox “News” voiceover yelling, “YOU SUCK & YOU KNOW IT” unless Cooper is in on the joke or I’m the one hearing voices. Except this was made long b4 Judge & Jury Pirro joke segments on Fox “News.” Since I watch neither network it’s hard to say.
Real Noid (1 month ago)
My guess: Mr Anderson C is playing a joke & playing it straight at the same time something like Judge Pirro & blizzard of lies 45, President of the Federation of Planets. Is it necessary to say that was a joke? Yes & no bc this is troll farm YT where it doesn’t matter.
*Do they use this in the interrogation room with terrorists haha*
Adelise Abbington (1 month ago)
How can I try this?
Systems Commonwealth (1 month ago)
“Trump won the 2016 election”....takes off earbuds, thank god....I thought I was crazy!!!!! He lost!!!!! He is a really racist,sexist,homophobic,monster!!!!!
Yasmin Beltran (1 month ago)
This is good to know. My uncle suffers from this. It's eye opening.
Michael Kelligan (1 month ago)
I'm not surprised he's trying this,he's already mastered the lying asshole simulator!
Rae Chrest (1 month ago)
This is great but the voices should be more realistic. Very rarely do they ever say nice or neutral things. Most the time they are evil, demonic, and harmful repetious sayings. Put that in his ears for five minutes and see how it really feels.
Danny R (1 month ago)
This is a very very small amount of the population, however, hell no, that would suck. I don't hear audio but those are commonplace thoughts for me. So, I'd say, the only difference is that I don't ACTUALLY hear the sounds. Once or twice I have heard voices but, yeah, feeling negative, that is how I live.
Lisa DiConti (1 month ago)
Is there a treatment that can make the voices go away?
Lisa DiConti (30 days ago)
Neon Mint Wow...that is sad. I have heard before that it gets complicated because people with this type of illness don't like taking the medication. It sounds like you went through that same problem with her. You were very patient to stay with it for so long. It seems not so hopeful since all of this happened to her even with the availability of medication.
Lisa DiConti (30 days ago)
Neon Mint I'm really glad the medication helps your ex-wife. I would think the side effect of being tired is worth it.
astrophonix (1 month ago)
I'm in two minds about this device's efficacy.
Justin Maida (1 month ago)
It was unpleasant listening to it I had to take my headphones out a few times to get through it because after a while they kinda do get in your head very disorienting
Monica Stenberg (1 month ago)
Anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis is the rarest form of encephalitis which is usually misdiagnosed for schizoaffective disorder. A patient should be tested for anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis before a diagnosis is made. An example to understand it better is to watch the movie "BRAIN ON FIRE"...
Ebony weatherbe (1 month ago)
There is more than one type of schizophrenia
King James (1 month ago)
I live with audio and visual. Anderson coopers the bomb.
sergsfault (1 month ago)
i'm not scizofrenic but i hear voices sometimes...lack of sleep and opiates do that to me....separately and both ....lack of sleep is more natural ....especially towards the evening and before sleep i hear a lot of vocies if i havent slept the night before
karen dish (1 month ago)
Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Dr Williams for everything he have done in my life. I have been in tears for so many years now, having found that my husband is suffering from schizophrenia, lesion after some years of being under extreme stress., . I spent 24 hours freaking out and finally calmed down after reading some testimony on here about Dr Williams herbal medicine to schizophrenia . The moment came and I mumbled out to my husband about Dr Williams product (with a few tears) and he was AMAZE – . He was just worried about his health, been free from this illness, that was how will order for Dr Williams product on line , after my husband finish taking Dr Williams medicine for just within a period of one month. Will went to the doc together who confirmed that he was schizophrenia free. Thank you again for being upfront, truthful and taking this pain away from my family for more information about his product you can email him on drwilliams098675@gmail.com i hope you can also help other terrified people in a similar situation.
whiteboitrashuk (1 month ago)
This is a really good reminder for people like me who are deeply in love with a Schizophrenia
luther schultz (1 month ago)
schizophrenia is caused by 4chan trolls in the future using a technology to type messages into our present day minds.
Carlo Urquhart (1 month ago)
Harold and Kumar
MRoderics (1 month ago)
Could they be grounded spirits?
John Doe (1 month ago)
Welcome to the club
Debra Wolf (1 month ago)
What if these voices are coming from the other side?
Peter Amador (1 month ago)
Brah I don’t even know
sirspikey (1 month ago)
hearing voices is NOT the same as schizophrenia. It can be a symptom though. But you can be a voicehearer without any other diagnos!
Zach Anfangen (2 months ago)
Jesus, he handled the simulator better than me. I couldnt last two minutes. God help these people.
Alex Suris (2 months ago)
The panels cheer for me ,,,,or egg me on
Wylee elPuppo (2 months ago)
Try quitting drinking "cold turkey", you go through this type of shit and then you die.
Hunter (2 months ago)
And for those that don't know; The Voice you hear in your head is your own, your brain just cannot connect the thought to yourself.
Hunter (2 months ago)
And the voices you hear are your own tone just FYI.
Mark9117 0 (2 months ago)
Also, they have you thinking others around you can read your mind
G. J. (2 months ago)
You cannot simulate schizophrenia. The only metaphor I can attempt to make people begin to comprehend what the feeling of a dark day for my bullshit is like hearing your name being called from an unknown origin. Confusion. Panicked. Desperate for relief. The thing is you never know. Sorry. You're not even attempting normalcy. Most people exaggerate self talk. And you're not walking down the street with your street bag. It writing something like this without severe medication. Indignant? Absolutely. I have that right. This is equivalent to describing PTSD for someone who has been to war but you haven't. Anyway. You have no idea the fucking hell. Absolutely you do not.
Qeisama (2 months ago)
This video reminds me of my 1st year of college. I had an elementary course on art and design where we need to create an artful rhythm of lines and dots. Suddenly one student in front of me was busy talking to someone I can not see and then she left the room after saying "Okay alright I'll help you" and we were left speechless. We thought she was talking with some kind of demons or paranormal beings. She was lost for days and later was found far from our campus area. Turns out she had schizophrenia. She was admitted to a psychiatrist afterwards and spend all semester off of college. Haven't seen her afterwards because we were from a different major (she was from fine arts I guess? I was in graphic design).
Tim Gann (2 months ago)
Shit this isn't even close.. you can't physically recreate a mental disorder...
Evelyn S. (2 months ago)
Why was it only female voices?
ectazygirl (2 months ago)
scary i wanna cry
Capronice (2 months ago)
I worked with schizophrenics for many years I thought I had some good insight into what they were going through. This video really shows you how auditory hallucinations can disrupt your concentration. I have had ring in my ear for about 6 weeks. It is a hissing sound in my right ear and at time I lose focus of things around be just from that.
Laura Coutinho (2 months ago)
If you think auditory hallucinations are hard, at least you don't have it with smell and taste. When my meds were off, I spent a week unable to eat because everything tasted and smelled like mold. I got so hungry I just lay in bed crying, because everything I put near my face made me gag so hard it was impossible to eat or drink. Then there was the time when all colors in my mind turned off and I couldn't understand ANYTHING because half the world became invisable to me. Not grey, just non-existant. I could make out eyes and outlines, but that was about it. Schitzophrenia can truly be terrifying when it strikes hard.
akachuy (2 months ago)
the average person could have answered the questions the same way...Of course im not making light of anyone with this condition, im just saying these tests dont prove anything.
Robert Travers (2 months ago)
thanks anderson
Tonya Hughes (2 months ago)
I truly think it’s demonic
Julie I AM (2 months ago)
I'm not a schizophrenic but I have this all day and even wake up and their jabbering on like its been going on all night. I function realy well considering.
Chelsea Peterson (2 months ago)
Would answering the voices make you actually crazy after a while ?
pink paw beans (2 months ago)
I don't know if I could cope with this. My cousin had schizophrenia and my grandma said it was hard for him to watch TV and movies because of the voices, he couldn't concentrate. I can now totally see why. What a terrible illness to have.
iloveyouamberappel (2 months ago)
Is there somewhere to take this simulator?
Alien Queen (2 months ago)
I only hear whispers and sometimes scratches, tapping, glass shattering, etc.
E Can2 (2 months ago)
Yea. Right.
rvpstudios studios (2 months ago)
C R E E P Y !!!!!!!
Peter Paul (2 months ago)
he talked too much!!!!! i wanted to hear the voices. shit
Marksman24444 (2 months ago)
Proof Anderson cooper is just a fucking idiot.
rivera752 (2 months ago)
I doubt it's that loud music
Hugh Goldspiel (2 months ago)
They’re brainwashing him, good.
Maggie Martinez (2 months ago)
Such a scary brain disease
Kat Walker (2 months ago)
This is exactly how I feel at work at Starbucks it’s so difficult
geraldine harris (2 months ago)
This is exactly what I hear in my head everyday of my life! I never thought I’d see my experience on TV it’s actually very emotional for me cause since this started at 15 I’m no longer the student I used to be! I can barely have a normal conversation with people if I don’t tell them to shut up but then there’s a fear of someone seeing or hearing me talk back to them. It’s like I wear my illness on my forehead. I’m very thankful for this simulation more people need to do this before passing judgment on someone.
sweiland75 (2 months ago)
Are you not seeking professional help?
Troy Collins (2 months ago)
OK. How do I fix myself?
SilentKnight1000 (2 months ago)
Where can I download this?
Lucy Splendid (2 months ago)
All mental health workers should have to take this simulator, there would be better care.
Laughing Emoji (2 months ago)
Anyone who works at CNN is crazy. They don’t need a simulator.
s K (2 months ago)
It's different than voices in your ears. Earphones do not do them justice. The voices are more like telepathic messages because they happen in your brain. Your own thoughts and the voices mingle together. Sometimes you don't even know which is which. I'm not schizophrenic. But someone close to me was and told me all this.
sbecktacular (2 months ago)
and that’s just the auditory hallucinations... now add visual and tactile hallucinations, along with delusions— heart wrenching disorder of the mind..
S. Holmes (2 months ago)
My mom was paranoid schizophrenic. I understand when he said he wanted to talk back to them. She did all the time. Then they would stop, and we thought she was better. But then they would show up again and life was hell.

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