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ipill/econ (emergency contraceptive pill) how to use/72 hour pill

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I-pill and Unwanted 72 The side effects of i-pill I Pill - Dosage, Price, Side Effects & Risks How Effective Is The iPill Emergency Contraceptive i-pill Daily World Contraception Day iPills in HINDI | I pill | Unwanted 72 ipill in nepal
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Kusum Stha (3 months ago)
Econ or ipill same he kya
MY HEALTH TUBE (3 months ago)
both are equally effective..since ipill contain sigle tabet it is easy to use..
Kusum Stha (3 months ago)
My health tube Rply karne k liye thanks❤
Kusum Stha (3 months ago)
Dono me se konsa jyada effective he
MY HEALTH TUBE (3 months ago)
they contain same drug. ..only brand name is different..both of them are equally effective..ipill contains single tablet where as econ contain two tablets.

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