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Top 2GB Ram PC Games

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Top 2GB Ram Video-Games for PC and Laptop 2016 Makv l - Top PC Games Top 10: (00:00) Counter-Strike: GO (2012) Top 9: (01:26) Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (2010) Top 8: (02:57) Grand Theft Auto 4 (2008) Top 7: (04:48) Dead Space 2 (2011) Top 6: (06:35) Crysis (2007) Top 5: (08:25) Left 4 Dead 2 (2009) Top 4: (10:16) Bioshock (2007) Top 3: (12:08) Far Cry 2 (2008) Top 2: (13:59) Borderlands 2 (2012) Top 1: (15:50) Mass effect 2 (2010)
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Text Comments (180)
Paulo Kalaydjian (26 days ago)
Hi anyone please can I run gta v 128 gb ram 64 bit intel core 9 windows 10 pro?
Game Lord (1 month ago)
csgo its not a 2 gb 16 gb
KUKLA (1 month ago)
cs go on my 3 gb ram PC I GOT 18 FPS MDFK
Tisha Stonbed (3 months ago)
What graphic mod you are using for gta 4
Force ! (4 months ago)
Money money money
DBS EPISODE (8 months ago)
can i run gta 4 in 2gb ram no graphics card? pls reply!!!!
Nazriel Gm (8 months ago)
DBS EPISODE No, you can play Pixel Game
Anime Genije (8 months ago)
This games are not for 2gb ram idiot..
Ayu Ayu (9 months ago)
Where far cry 3 I run it with med graphic i got 30-35 fps My spec Intel core i3 5005u @ 1,79 Ghz Nvdia geforce 920M 2GB vRam Direct x 11 2 gb Ram ddr3 Win 7 professional 32 bit Charger plugged
Eben Hartawan (10 months ago)
gta 4 is lag for me
ahmad lebda (10 months ago)
best game ever warface join ths link and and receive rewards yourself https://wf.my.com/promo/invite/en/?ref=1jce3c رد
malmısın amq 2 gb ile csgo da 200 fps wtf bende csgo avr pc 2 gb acmılmıyor oyun sen kimi kandırıyon
Emin Ramadan (11 months ago)
i have 8 gb ram and gta IV is working like god church! fps 119/118
THE 237 GAMER (1 year ago)
Guys u can also download pc games here www.worldofpcgames.net
RetardedNation FML (1 year ago)
My PC has more I'm just a Speed Freak
Ace Rai (1 year ago)
Good list of games but he forgot to tell you that most of them are graphic demanding...yeah 2gb rqm would do but not the graphics...u dont have a good graphic card then eat shit...
SpongeTheSquare (1 year ago)
i have a potato laptop i run CSGO my fps is 30
Johnson Henry (1 year ago)
lmfao look at these system requirements for gta iv OS: Windows Vista - Service Pack 1 / Windows XP - Service Pack 3 Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 1.8GHz, AMD Athlon X2 64 2.4GHz Memory: 1.5GB XP / 1.5GB Vista Graphics: 256MB Nvidia 7900 / 256MB ATI X1900 DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c Compliant Card Hard Drive: 16GB of Hard Disc Space Sound Card: 5.1 Channel Audio Card Other Requirements: Initial activation requires internet connection; Online play requires log-in to Games For Windows - Live and Rockstar Games Social Club (13+ to register); software installations required including Adobe Flash, DirectX, Microsoft’s .NET Framework 3.0, Games For Windows - LIVE, and Internet Explorer.
Johnson Henry (1 year ago)
4:52 would be an instant crash. xdddddddddddddd
Megas12 (1 year ago)
fuking retarding mintal retarding 2 ram cs go and gta 4 retarding mintal copil prost'
Ef Dal (1 year ago)
İntel p4 2 gb ram 256mb grapic card run gta 4 30-40 fps
GamingCranium (1 year ago)
battlefield 3 , farcry 3 , outlast , prototype 2 , without lag too
RJSamson Samson (1 year ago)
i own i3 laptop with 2gb ram if i by additional 2gb ram will it fasten games?
An Truong (1 year ago)
857mb of ram right here
Memeframe (1 year ago)
Pinball 3D for Windows 2000
Navdeep Singh (1 year ago)
these games r 32 bit or 64 bit
Memeframe (1 year ago)
Doens't really matter, most you buy in Steam so it's already optimized for yours.
Yüce Hasan (1 year ago)
csgo fps tests is fake i have 2 gb ram and i have 20 fps in the low settings
ho ho aho (1 year ago)
minecraft is a low end game? more like an unoptimized game so kids can argue from lag
влад а5 (1 year ago)
кек кс для 2 озу мдаа
t e a g u 97 (1 year ago)
Whiteleaf Arts (1 year ago)
Terrible list. Ram is not the only thing your computer needs to run any game well. Pretty much all of these games are completely wrong, especially Crysis, GTA IV, Dead Space and BC2.
i was think far cry 2 and bioshock bad and old but you show this 2 games is good and i miss a lot of action
Dave DoesDave (1 year ago)
back when i was a kid i played crysis and i thought that move when you pick up those humans is awesome now it is kinda funny
Alec Davidoff (1 year ago)
Many of this games need more tan 2 GB in RAM, dude.
gta vice city (1 year ago)
Rey (1 year ago)
None of this are Low end except for Far Cry 2 and Crysis
Mythic Hack (1 year ago)
csgo is not 2gb ram for me
mitsos mitsou (1 year ago)
is csgo 2 gb really? plz answer
Miha (1 year ago)
DoubleBubble28 but u need good graphics card and processor
Muhammad Riski (1 year ago)
Far Cry 3 is supported on 2GB RAM, but little laggy
Growtopia Hile (1 year ago)
bro cs go is 5-6gb
Andrei Mihai (1 year ago)
Does Bad Company 2 has a singleplayer story?
556spartan (1 year ago)
What's this song lol tip of my head or tongue
Roshan Robert (1 year ago)
What is your PC Spec
Pro Gaming Croatia (1 year ago)
do you guys know a link for CS:GO but it need to be with multiplayer
Tony Ngo (1 year ago)
Csgo isnt for free
What game i can run it my pc Intel core i5 nvidia ge force 840m 2GB 4GB Ram
ALEX (1 year ago)
Adameczeq 1337 COD MW3 , ETS 2, NFSMW 2012, CS GO, MINE RAFT,SCRAP MECHANIC And more
try terraria at normal-low graphics (fps game this is 2d game)
genius 007 (1 year ago)
e super je ovo a os snimit jos neke bolje
GoodPanda (1 year ago)
fcking bioshock its a nightmare i'm traumatized
Boss Meep です (1 year ago)
love the far cry 2
Ethan Stewart (1 year ago)
"Top 2GB PC Games" 2GB Ram - - - 2 GTX 1080's Well, technically, he isn't lying in the title...
Rex Hernández (1 year ago)
Do you have anything that is *not* a shooter?
Tooth21 (1 year ago)
Hi man, what is the name of the song you using on your vids? Nice videos, thanks.
NoVaKane (1 year ago)
damn i like it
Tooth21 (1 year ago)
No the OP never got back. Shazam doesn't pick it up either.
556spartan (1 year ago)
you ever find that song out?
GAMER JOHhNY (1 year ago)
Dead space 3
VaNe (1 year ago)
yea, fuck processor, fuck graphics card, fuck gpu & cpu, the main thing is ram....*clap* *clap* *clap* xD
Ponas Kaktusas (1 year ago)
yea use WARZONE csgo (clap) (clap) (clap)
Maeve (1 year ago)
Fifa 14,Pes 2016 NFS MW 2012, Test drive unlimited gold, left 4 dead ,TAPS, etc etc
Anonymous 321 (1 year ago)
GTA 4 on 2gb ram ?!?! Are you crazy ?!
Shazlia Awis (1 year ago)
From where did you get that version of CS: GO? I have the game on Steam, but I want to play an old version
VaNe (1 year ago)
there is no old version, he just used a fake csgo, not from steam
krushna vaykar (1 year ago)
only ram without graphic card play this game
Enaam Jibril (1 year ago)
guys can i make my labtop much better i mean 2G ram change to 6G ram and make it ultra high ? i need real ansewer
Paulo Kalaydjian (26 days ago)
If you want to upgrade it to 6 gb ram you can’t your pc is 2gb if you upgrade it your pc will get much worse cuz it can’t handle it
Ajay H.R (1 year ago)
Enaam Jibril depends ,if it is upgradable then yes.
Enaam Jibril (1 year ago)
i got ultra high but the computer it,s not mine
Enaam Jibril (1 year ago)
i have ps3
souvik das (1 year ago)
where is mafia2 where is dead island
souvik das (1 year ago)
where is mafia2 where is dead island
UrbanLegends (1 year ago)
my ram and hardisk are good but graphic ?
Jaime Martínez (1 year ago)
These are not "low-end PC games" at all. Hahaha Battlefield BC2 for low-end... you are kidding...
holy shit. crysis 1 looks damn good back in 2007!!!
Puspender Roy (1 year ago)
why cod 4 is not in list.
AimDude (1 year ago)
ich Crysis auf deutsch
Ehan Kroco (1 year ago)
in your dream!
FajarDian Rakha (1 year ago)
thats dead space 3 not 2 these all games need 2 gb RAM but what about graphic card?
THE WORLD (1 year ago)
who sub me i sub that
kick buttski (1 year ago)
And he is playing CSGO on full graphics.
Mank Demes (1 year ago)
I tried GTA IV on my 4GB RAM PC.I got 10 FPS.
Doar Razvan (1 month ago)
Costas Hoffman (4 months ago)
neki lik what?! I get 11fps on my 2gb ram pc, what sorcery is this?
Marian Mincu (5 months ago)
mine is working on 50-60
Benboy955 (8 months ago)
DoubleBubble28 specs though?
Nazriel Gm (8 months ago)
neki lik You lost your Graphic card lol
Henry Tyson (1 year ago)
For Christmas I am getting a regular laptop with 4GB of ram and integrated graphics. Will CS:GO run?
uros (3 months ago)
ChriSbg (5 months ago)
Magma :P (1 year ago)
dude i have 700 eur pc XD
FajarDian Rakha (1 year ago)
depends on processor you have I have core i3-4030u 1,9 ghz with intel HD 4400 and 2 gb ram i can run csgo with medium graphic settings with 30 fps
Bang Neutron (1 year ago)
i think gpu is priority
Kenneth Villasis (1 year ago)
Good snippets of gameplay :) Things I need. Pls make more like this up to midspec pc games.
S Freud (1 year ago)
who's playin cs-go ? is for dependent kids also which doesnt have father and mather :)) who dont like what i said, im sorry but that is the true!!
brb yolo (1 year ago)
i wanted to buy a card which to buy- gtx 1060 6gb, rx 470 8gb or gtx 970.with pc spec i3 4150 3.5ghz, 6gb ram to run games like gta 5,witcher3,forza3,bf1 at midor high with a lagging free gameplay mid and high setting with 50 fps up
How To Tutorials (1 year ago)
Dipika Bora get a better processor
Hesham Ahmed (1 year ago)
Dipika Bora gtx 1060 .....nvidia is better than amd for me ....6gb vram and 8gb vram won't make a lot of difference
leo lilil (1 year ago)
where the fuck is halo 2? it should be first and i cant see it anywhere
Fukky (1 year ago)
well fuck you then
Houssam Chakir (1 year ago)
this games need 4gb ram and a goood graphics card
Yo tengo 8gb de ram :v Pero tengo una mala tarjeta gráfica, así que tal vez no me corran :'v
Wahyu Setiawan (1 year ago)
dead space 3
Dave Shahi (1 year ago)
I think thats no battlefield bad company 2 its battlefield 3 and also he is using icenhancer on gta 4
Enaam Jibril (1 year ago)
FajarDian Rakha (1 year ago)
exactly, but the second one
Jack Wolf (1 year ago)
is battlefield bad company
what is my name (1 year ago)
Dev Sai it looks like bfbc2 cause it is its not 3 kid open Your eyes
Dave Shahi (1 year ago)
Well it looks like that
SteveKingFrog (1 year ago)
Obviously because bigger games need 256gb of ram to run.
lee shen (1 year ago)
what if i have 3 GB of ram but only crappy on bored graphics
Bakšas (1 year ago)
my pc haw 4GB rams and csgo lag as hell
Alan Friedl (1 year ago)
Thats becouse the ram is the less important things when talking of videogames. I mean of course you need enough ram to run some games, but on top of that, if you want to run then fast in fps, the most important is the VGA in 1st place and CPU in 2nd place. The only improvement you have when you add more ram and more faster ram, is that the games or any software is going to load more quickly thats all.
Emre Kanlı (1 year ago)
title must be Top 2GB Ram FPS Games
Santorno Santo (1 year ago)
Bad Temper ...
Bad Temper (1 year ago)
Nuh uh i am not twelve, and hello? shit for brains i dont even have a grandma.
Bad Temper (1 year ago)
Shut the fuck up shit for brains, you don't even know who the fuck i am behind this monitor.
Santorno Santo (1 year ago)
Bad Temper Shut the fuck up incest
Bad Temper (1 year ago)
+Santorno Santo go fuck yourself ottoman dog.
Vortelaris (1 year ago)
Guys he doesnt have 2 gb ram, he is just showcasing games for 2 gb ram... (Are you from Balkan)
Miha (1 year ago)
*ja pišem ovaj komentar posle 10 meseci :D*
DerpTV (1 year ago)
E ako ovaj zna sta gb ram znaci aj ubi me upravo je reko da gta 4 sa icenhancerom moze da igra xD
HyperReaction (1 year ago)
Memeframe (1 year ago)
I know right, but he just showcased the games themselves, you go test out with your hardware.
Alan Friedl (1 year ago)
Worst, he probably dont have a 2gb ram pc at all. How in the earth is going to have only 2gb of ram with enough graphic card to capture gamplay like this?
N1k0 (1 year ago)
Hehe, GTA IV 2 GB RAM xD More like 2GB VRAM in graphics card ;)
zяєєвα 123456 (9 months ago)
MX3Ryes,it can run in 2gb ram...
Petar Siljanovski (11 months ago)
But realy you can run gta iv with 2 gb ram and play without lags and you don t have to download low graphic file i m playing it on my old laptop with 2gb ram,intel one core graphic with 500 mb vram!!!!
Hawk (1 year ago)
cuz u use pentium 4 :Dwhat are you in stone age or what ?
Ahmed Gaming (1 year ago)
I have 4gb ram , 512mb geforce and pentium 4 and i have lag on low gta 4
Vasko Milcev (1 year ago)
Alladeen Madafaker (1 year ago)
The cs go looks like cs source or im wrong?
Enaam Jibril (1 year ago)
cs go much better
Arvos Crusader (1 year ago)
Alladeen Madafaker u r completely wrong
Have Red (1 year ago)
That's not dead space 2, it's 3.
Gamerz Life (1 year ago)
Fuck graphics Card Fuck processor fuck hard Drive Fuck all just buy a 2 gbs Ram xD
Hello There (1 year ago)
Gamerz Life lmao made my day
Nice371 (1 year ago)
Top de bajos recursos pls(F2P)
TITOU x4 (2 years ago)
you the best plz subs my chanel
Aslanidhs (1 year ago)
shut the fuck up don't beg for subscribers kid you have to won them
Ghaith Alanzi (2 years ago)
Nikola Vukicevic (2 years ago)
ahah cs go yea but is not free :/ give that on giveaway :D
TITOU x4 (2 years ago)
man cs go 2012 instal in laptop or no
Enaam Jibril (1 year ago)
i did
Nick vds (1 year ago)
i can run it 100fps low settings intel q9300 ati radeon hd4800 3gb ram if i had more ram i get even more fps
memecunt (1 year ago)
ik it said i couldnt run gta 5 but i can lel
memecunt (1 year ago)
i can run it im on a 500$ laptop
Djololo (1 year ago)
It's a very basic website. It's not supposed to tell you anything, only give you an idea. It will tell you the minimum and recommended game requirements, and you should judge it on your own based on that.
Makv l Top PC Games (2 years ago)
Top 2GB Ram Games PC
The_Fonz_HD (6 months ago)
Can you please do top 10 2gb ram games on Linux?
Enaam Jibril (1 year ago)
but it,s not online how i can run it multplayer
Enaam Jibril (1 year ago)
me too
Gusty (1 year ago)
no wonder why my csgo is 15 fps hehe
Makv l Top PC Games (1 year ago)
Hello, Cpu A10 5800k, Gpu 7660d, greetings

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