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Jacob Zuma sings at Mandela funeral

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South African President Jacob Zuma sings at the funeral of Nelson Mandela.
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asanda siyila (17 days ago)
i mistakenly sang this song during church service eish
So What (1 month ago)
The only time I love JZ
ayi uyacula yena....
L D (2 months ago)
Beautiful song
M Mkhabela (2 months ago)
Ubaba madoda!! There will never be another
Kamza Kamo (2 months ago)
Zuma can sing
Luvo Ntamehlo (2 months ago)
Mabawuyeke, we are still waiting for the land.
Derick Opoku (2 months ago)
mwendapoleee (3 months ago)
This song can be sang by any nation and anybody humans have become so indifferent ppl getting richer everyday and others don't have even a roof over their heads!
Sunday Rain (3 months ago)
This song is filled with so much pain and trauma. It is so emotive. This is an example of how Africans have been documenting history. Through songs and stories. Books are not the only tools of writing history. One of the many ways to make sure the children of the soil never forget.
Andelson zandamela (3 months ago)
The singular question I have is: why the history had to be so rough with black? Why us? Why my black? Why Africa ? Why?
andisiwe bota (3 months ago)
if there's anything unxamalala did right it would be this. uyalshaya igwijo shem👏
vvo zulu (3 months ago)
What a song! What a singer! What a leader! #Nxamalala siyabonga ngokusihola.
Dawood Ngalo (3 months ago)
When you cried, the world ignored you. Today God has given you back what was taken from you.
Lucienne Lincoln Gabriel (3 months ago)
this brings tears to my eyes u will be missed tata
Sebastian Martin (3 months ago)
Beautiful song
yankeydoodle101 (4 months ago)
Would Mandela have wanted this song sung though?
Annabel Charalambus (4 months ago)
This is so sad for me cause Nelson Mandela was the president who brought the black and white people together.My Nelson Mandela rest in pieces :(
Adrienne Mota (5 months ago)
I still cry to this song♥️ I’m going to miss you president 😞😘
Lira Mayne (4 months ago)
Adrienne Mota we will remember him for many years to come. Media told us to hate him but the truth always comes out
Xolani Mazibuko (5 months ago)
we will meet somewhere baba, thank you for the free education, CR do you have balls to give us the land?
Lira Mayne (4 months ago)
Xolani Mazibuko facts
George James Sekonya (5 months ago)
Adios Msholozi
WALTER MEENA (4 months ago)
George James Sekonya siyabonga Kakhulu Msholozi
Musawenkosi Makhaye (5 months ago)
buwa mhlanganyelwa
Kay Benyarko (6 months ago)
Thina sizwe, thina sizwe esinsundu Sikhalela izwe lethu Elathathwa ngabamhlophe Mabayeke kumhlaba wethu. Abantwana be-Afrika... Bakhalela i-Afrika
Bhekifa Stimela (3 months ago)
its; elathathwa amabhunu mabawuyeke abantwana akhalela
Kay Benyarko (6 months ago)
Spirit filled song. I will do a tutorial of it on my page
Lesedi Ben (7 months ago)
fighting the tears and loosing the battle
Twentyfifty 5 (8 months ago)
phiko Ndzamela (8 months ago)
Oh what an emotional song
WONDERBOY MKHIZE (9 months ago)
Proudly African viva My President
PPMG Distribution (10 months ago)
Mthandazo Lucky Dlodlo (11 months ago)
....For the why....
PPMG Distribution (1 year ago)
Amandla Awethu!!!!
Sthe Bonkinkosi (1 year ago)
dis song remind me a maqabane omkhonto wesizwe.like...OR Rambo,moses kotane,Joe slovo. an many more long live maqabane
Mark O (1 year ago)
Beautiful. Almost moves me to tears.
asanda siyila (1 year ago)
wow our president can sing
Gideon Horwitz (1 year ago)
asanda siyila seems to be the only thing he is good at besides destroying the economy
cush african (1 year ago)
what is the name of the song
Motloung Grace (1 year ago)
Thina Sizwe
C. Mokgotho (1 year ago)
Truth hurts...!
Andisiwe Siramza (2 years ago)
mabawuyeke umhlaba wetu! love tht part - via YouPak(.com)
LENNOX THEMBA (1 year ago)
Andisiwe Siramza
Meluleki Sibanda (1 year ago)
Thina Sizwe
cush african (1 year ago)
what is the name of that song
Locke Agamemnon (2 years ago)
😓 rest in peace dear tata madiba we will never forget you
Phila Nonkelela (2 years ago)
Politics aside, his singing is the best. He takes the accolade. I love love the song
Sebastian Martin (3 months ago)
Phila Nonkelela me too ... I'm UK born from parents from the Caribbean and love this song even without knowing the words at first ... the way it was song ... it is so beautiful ... big up Jacob Zuma and the new South African PM. Love
Boipelo Mokwele (1 year ago)
Even in politics. Master chess political player.
Duduzile Khambule (1 year ago)
so true
Lorrie Mamoet (2 years ago)
We loved Madiba, white and black. So sad that Mr Zuma chose this song to sing. RIP Madiba we miss you.
Mbali Mkhayiphe (2 years ago)
Tondie Mabilu (2 years ago)
+Mbali Mkhayiphe lol holomisa's voice
Thraikios (2 years ago)
awful, awful man... but what a voice!
I am Ncube (2 years ago)
Gideon Horwitz (2 years ago)
I wish for the ceremony they had taken the lid off the coffin so we could see Madiba one last time lying in state
Minenhle Linda (2 years ago)
rising them back to struggle years one of big truly "legend " is gone to rest. RIP tata mandele
Mphumzoh Mphumzoh (2 years ago)
Nothing wrong about this song it is important to us to all to sing that song every whr we go Mabawuyeke umhlaba ngowethu:
Igor Yegin (2 years ago)
So you wanna expel all white people from South Africa? If you wanna turn your country into another typical African shithole, the go for it!
Carrigan McQueen (4 months ago)
Igor Yegin such arrogance. Implying blacks cannot chart their own future, we need the white man to be the captain of our chip or else we'll go adrift. Nonsense
olamidearibisala (1 year ago)
Igor Yegin Nigeria is no shit hole and we are typical African. proudly black
Thabo Nhlapo (3 years ago)
Archbishop Stephen Brislin ( The Archbishop of Cape Town) at 0:15 - 0:28
Luther Lubi (3 years ago)
White South African members of the liberation movements sang the song with us.....nothing controversial in singing Thina Sizwe.
wade redelinghuys (3 years ago)
couldnt they get someone that isnt a poes to sing?
Vih Dee (2 years ago)
inkinga yenu anisile emakhanda yazi, it's pathetic really. kodwa ke, uThixo uyabonelela.
Vih Dee (2 years ago)
LOL lutho ke swayini
Vih Dee (2 years ago)
+Shav Mack LOL oksalayo sibangcono njandini. so no, we're not phased by yo petty name calling. go ahead, yalls insignificant words and internet trolling is all yall have...sadly.
Siya (2 years ago)
Lol this not nog character is hilarious hahaha he needs to rest sometimes. And rest maybe?
Siya (2 years ago)
+Nig Nog you are a monkey, a baboon is more superior... no offence taken.
Rza5675 (3 years ago)
I'm always in tears when Winnie Mandela's face comes up and she sings. You can almost feel the pain, regrets and all other emotions in between. Young South Africans should be grateful to these patriots. Amandla
Vanessa Aphane (3 months ago)
May her soul rest in peace💔
Mandla Maqashu (4 months ago)
Comment of the year
Monezisi Maciko (1 year ago)
+Philani Goba
Philani Goba (3 years ago)
+Aryan Flyer then let him be.. Clearly he is content with his ignorance... After all they say it's a bliss...
Graham Herbert (3 years ago)
+Philani Goba The vile subhuman Negroid savage, is at its' disgusting happiest, sodomising Primates (its' family members) and spreading its' diseases.
Molefi Motshabi (3 years ago)
Sad song indeed!
Alex Kodwiw (3 years ago)
Thina Sizwe. Thina sizwe esintsundu. Sikhalela. Sikhalela izwe lethu. Elathathwa. Elathathwa ngabamhlophe. Mabawuyege. Mabawuyege umhlaba wethu. Mabawuyege. Mabawuyege umhlaba wethu. Abhanthwana Abhanthwana izwe lethu. Abhalela Abhalela izwe lethu. Elathathwa. Elathathwa ngabamhlophe. Mabawuyege. Mabawuyege umhlaba wethu. Mabawuyege. Mabawuyege umhlaba wethu.     We the people.  We the black people. We are crying. We are crying for our land which was taken away, taken away by the white people. They must leave our country alone, they must leave our country alone. Let them leave our country alone, let them leave our country alone. No disrespect intended. This song is no different from the French national anthem
Lesedi Ben (7 months ago)
thanks bro
Ben Mbaisa (10 months ago)
Alex Kodwiw i
Timothy Kariuki (1 year ago)
be blest bro...I love the song so much...again be blest
lindokuhle msimango (1 year ago)
Not a proper way of criticising you have used, secondly what use is it without corrections?
Alex Kodwiw (2 years ago)
Ntieza, please provide corrections
Soso Mgobo (3 years ago)
For every black person this song just puts things to perspective. We forget about all our differences and be greatful for the liberation struggle.
Soso Mgobo (2 years ago)
Lol hahahahahahahahah ola ntwana yam, hay injalo mfowethu
Dumisa Bonga (2 years ago)
Injalo Ta Msosweni
Yolisa Isaac (3 years ago)
Mmmh dis song*sad*
Yolisa Isaac (3 years ago)
Mmmh dis song*sad*
Solomon Modisha (3 years ago)
So deep and emotional...#Sadness&Sorrow #RIPMadiba
lindokuhle msimango (3 years ago)
Mabawuyeke umhlaba wethu
Liviwe Saki (3 years ago)
My leader! khokela mongameli!
Siyabonga Ntamo (4 years ago)
The question of the land...
Sophie Tauhara (4 years ago)
So resonate with this song very moving indeed, the words reminding me of our own history in New Zealand and how our land was taken by the English through devious means, land confiscations, etc and its still happening now through legislation... (And we as Indigenous peoples of New Zealand weep for our children and Country...)... Never forget your history even if its a colonial one!  
HlogI Rangata (6 months ago)
Sophie Tauhara You must always fight for you and your right to be. fight for your land. we were dispossessed by the imperialists but Aluta Continua and 1 day all the displaced and disenfranchised will rise up and take back what belongs to us. I know this is 3 years late but don't stop fighting
Andrico Goosen (4 years ago)
One of my proudest moments :)
Nchenge Eyong (4 years ago)
so sorrowful.sorrowful. Zuma sure knows how to sing.So people if you came here to listen to him sing then enjoy if not watch the other video where he could not the figures correctly and laugh your lungs out
monwabisi05 (4 years ago)
Soulful song! I like
ron blessed (4 years ago)
President Jacob Zuma has a good voice.
Thandi Rizzi (4 years ago)
We done Comrade Zuma siyakuniki umtchina wako~ and siyabonga kakulu for yo bravo AMANDLAAA!
Thandi Rizzi (3 years ago)
Translation he is singing about Lizwe lathathwa na bunu..We are crying for our land that was taken by the white man /the boers.
Sandile Kheswa (4 years ago)
Abawyeke umhlaba wethu
Kingpin UK (4 years ago)
Sizwe Nhlapo (4 years ago)
This song is deep and meaningful
Mfundo Dlamini (4 years ago)
For a brief 2 minutes I forgot all of Zuma's nonsense and saw an African Elder, or it could just  br mr getting caught up in the Madiba magic... this song is powerful though and very true...
Shannon Momberg (4 years ago)
Where is Thamsanqa Jantjie when you need him?
Talitha Cumi (4 years ago)
I am sure u can tell us exactly where he is
TheKingdomboi (4 years ago)
People you can move on into future victories with a view of the past! Singing this song is not racism but a simple view of history and appreciation for those that have paved the way. No discredit to those whites who appreciate South Africa or the African heritage.
jude Ngu Ewodo (4 years ago)
Reconciliation and forgiveness does not mean that we have to forget history. This song reminds the sacrifice that the Black Nation had to pay to be free. The new South Africa where all nations can and will leave in peace shall not forget his dark Apartheid past. This song shall  be taught to all Children of Africa, not only to the Children of South Africa. So  next generations will know nothing, even freedom shall be taken for granted. 
chris challinger (4 years ago)
S Africa Freedom Song - Here are the lyrics: Thina sizwe, thina sizwe esinsundu, (We the nation, we the brown nation) Sikhalela izwe lethu (We cry for our land) Elathathwa ngabamhlophe (That was taken by the white people) Mabayeke kumhlaba wethu. (May they leave our land alone) Abantwana be-Afrika (The children of Africa) Bakhalela i-Afrika (They cry for Africa)
mwendapoleee (3 months ago)
Agnes Mkhuzangwe mmmh his good thought bout switching profession
jabulani buthelezi (3 months ago)
ntsundu is the colour brown
andisiwe bota (3 months ago)
brown nation?
Bhekifa Stimela (3 months ago)
ur Zulu is a little off but yea its pretty much the gist
Agnes Mkhuzangwe (5 months ago)
Dude can sing
Elia Roussos (4 years ago)
Viva Jacob Zuma Viva Viva ANC Viva Long live Comrade Mandela Long live
Skara555 (4 years ago)
This is a moving song. Very relevant to such a moment. Hail President Zuma.
Kevin Alexander Gray (4 years ago)
"Tina Sizwe".~ WE THE NATION ~ We the nation, we the black nation, We mourn, we mourn for our land Stolen from us, stolen from us by the white man. They must leave our land alone They must leave our land alone We, the children of Africa, Are crying for Africa That was taken by the white people. They must leave our land alone They must leave our land alone We the nation, we the black nation, We mourn, we mourn for our land Stolen from us, stolen from us by the white man. They must leave our land alone They must leave our land alone Zulu ~ Tina sizwe, tina sizwe esinsundu, Sikhalela, sikhalela izwelethu Elathathwa, elathathwa ngabamhlope Mabayeke, mabayek’umhlaba wethu Abantwana, abantwana be Africa Bakhalela, bakhalela izwe labo Elathathwa, elathathwa ngabamhlope Mabayeke, mabayek’umhlaba wethu Tina sizwe, tina sizwe esinsundu, Sikhalela, sikhalela izwelethu Elathathwa, elathathwa ngabamhlope Mabayeke, mabayek’umhlaba wethu
Musa Zwane (4 years ago)
Wonderful and relevant song.
Kingpin UK (4 years ago)
Neil Pincus (4 years ago)
Fikile Khoza (4 years ago)
thank you Mr President, that was very touching even though we have moved from the past we are still suffering the consequences so will our great grand children. The black nation have lost their leader it was time we should just embrace and celebrate Madiba's  life
Lenna Ndoko (4 years ago)
Culmination of sadness and mourning. Thank you for honoring Mr Mandela with this melody. In my humble opinion,there was no better way to symbolize his life and struggles and those of the South African people, past and present.
Frank Meza (4 years ago)
Timi Ayah (4 years ago)
This is simply Beautiful. Very touching it brought tears to my eyes
11cereed (4 years ago)
This was beautiful, what is the name of this gospel song so I can look it up and translate the words to English?
Inspiration Queue (4 years ago)
The song is called Thina Sizwe.  Lyrics: Thina sizwe, thina sizwe esinsundu, (We the nation, we the brown nation) Sikhalela izwe lethu (We cry for our land) Elathathwa ngabamhlophe (That was taken by the white people) Mabayeke kumhlaba wethu. (May they leave our land alone) Abantwana be-Afrika (The children of Africa) Bakhalela i-Afrika (They cry for Africa)
This is the only good thing ever for which I can applaud Jacob Zuma. This is beautiful and very emotive. I'm not South African, and I do not know the meaning of this song, but the tone is very poignant and evocative. It set the right mood. Beautiful
Amos Mwambene (2 months ago)
A sad song but am not knew language
Sneh Dube (4 years ago)
Duchess yes this was touching. Phakeme you first comment is unnecessary, as Duchess actually payed our President a compliment. However I do get where you are coming from, but as a citizen in a democratic country you should respect the opinions of others even if they are not South African. BUT Duchess your comment saying Phakeme has gone all native on you has racist undertones. He showed patriotism, you could have said he has gone all patriotic on you. As for the ape comment it is disgustingly racist. You can say what you like to try and defend that. do not even attempt to insult me by saying I am illiterate or 'half literate'. I write what I think, I think what I like, and in conclusion that means I write what I like. You could learn a thing or two from Bantu Stephen Biko. Truth of the matter is that the majority of South Africans voted the ANC into power. Jacob Zuma is the President of the ANC so he is our President. We voted him and his party in. The ANC (and Zuma) answers to us (the electorate) as the people. You were not part of that process. We do not need you to call any of us apes for showing patriotism. You are entitled to your opinion. You can share it with anyone who gives you the time of day. Phakeme should have respected that, but nothing he said justifies your racist comments. This is the internet, people may say things that annoy you. Show some emotional intelligence and avoid responding with racist comments and swearing. It is lazy thinking at its best. #proudly_south_african  #myANC 
+Vincent Seloane  Fuck off!, ape, you half literate buffoon.
Vincent Seloane (4 years ago)
You are just shallow, what is is this "You've gone all native on me" do you even know who you are? 
+Phakeme Mtheku I don't know if you understand English at all. You've gone all native on me, on the defensive attack. I wrote; "This is the only good thing ever for which I can applaud Jacob Zuma." Do you know how much or how little I know of him? You're just a trog on the defensive. Must we all be manacled in servile bondage like you and his bunch of fawning apparatchiks who hero worship him? Do you want me to enumerate the things I know about Zuma, beginning with his concept of the Power Shower as protection against HIV infection? Or the 200Million dollar house renovation money? Do you know he was ordered to repay the SA tax payers money misused for that self-serving purposes? You sit behind your computer and launch your ignorant tirade, thinking that I'm a black SA and nobody knows my country more than I do. You're a nincompoop.
jag10 (4 years ago)
"Kill all the whi-te  p e o p l e... Murder them whilst they  s l e e p... Take from them their b r e a d... Give to us the-ir  k e e p...
jag10 (4 years ago)
+***** Not sure what your point is. The fact is, the Zulu blazed the path for the British Commonwealth, and were rewarded with a small token which stands today. The only things granted to the Indians, besides welfare and basic housing, is a tithing from the casino mafias - which is pumped back in to the blackjack tables and slot machines.
thatguyhippie (4 years ago)
+jag10 huh - some of the native tribes were fighting in what became the USA before whites got here, but I would not fault anyone singing an anti-Jackson song for a Cherokee leader.  If you fight with your neighbors, it is harsh.  If people from another country conquer you & say it is God's will that your land be theirs so they can civilize you, it is slightly different.  Africa was not perfect before we got there, but I hope you are forgetting how horrible the Afrikaans were to the black locals.  
Neil Pincus (4 years ago)
+Elia Roussos Which racist comments? The president singing about white people being land thieves who must get out is not racist? That's pretty much what the song says, in a nutshell. 
jag10 (4 years ago)
wikipedia... yeesh. Zulu were Imperialist mercenaries bro.
Elia Roussos (4 years ago)
These racist comments are unnecessary. If you have a problem pack your bags and leave.
Ryan Hutchison (4 years ago)
Its through his singing abilities that he got elected.. still beautiful despite his flaws..this was a touching rendition and relevant to the occassion
Bonga Mtongana (4 years ago)
If only his leadership qualities were as good as his singing
Sfundo Thwala (4 years ago)
This struggle song is just hitting home.... still very true
SiyaBABHotorosh Luvuyo (4 years ago)
+James Williams we the black nation  we are crying for our land, which was taken by the whites, they must live our land. that is as direct a translation as i can get. It's a Xhosa song
James Williams (4 years ago)
I thought it sounded amazing but didn't understand the lyrics..could you pls translate it?
Martin Hockings (4 years ago)

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