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Dog Tricks In Minecraft

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I teach you about dogs in Minecraft. GET MY NEW POSTER! http://store.omgchad.com ● TWITTER: http://twitter.com/omgchad ● INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/omgchad ● TWITCH: http://twitch.tv/omgchad ● PATREON: http://patreon.com/omgchad ● OMGCHAD: http://youtube.com/omgchad ● EMAIL: mail@omgcraft.com
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Text Comments (698)
EvelynCake Roblox (16 days ago)
Thegrandpa show (29 days ago)
Thank you
Kekhrie Kelvin (1 month ago)
I saw your friend using invisibility
Lesley Romero (2 months ago)
Da bomb Builder (2 months ago)
you are crap
RMS Titanic (4 months ago)
I like wolves because they are cute😍
Creeper Girl (4 months ago)
I knowd every thing already
Karrie Dick (4 months ago)
Animal jam -Play wild (6 months ago)
faik avdirramani (6 months ago)
little dog are all much dead the tail is down and it me it sad for the little one the big one are full health give them fish to get health full
max kunkel (6 months ago)
I don't even know why he gets dislike
EveL GuideR (7 months ago)
so if i tame a dog and make him sit and then if i teleport to home!!!can they too teleport to my home????
Miguel Wang (7 months ago)
Do a video on how to make a mod
Advait Pavuluri (7 months ago)
0:05 - 0:07. Wow Chad, less than 10 seconds in and there's, well, uh...
Laura Spilde (7 months ago)
an easy way to tame wolfs is being in pecefull and hit a wolf in survivle
Caroline Sanders (8 months ago)
I have a dog 🐶 in minecraft named Sparky ⚡️and a cat 🐈 named Oreo.
WICKED DURP (8 months ago)
Marek Poláček (8 months ago)
Actually, cat is useful, too. Cats keep creepers away. Creepers for some reason avoid cats, they're scared of them. So let it be a useful tip to get rid of annoying creepers :)
Ben Caspers (8 months ago)
Where can I find this laptop skin
Julia Mrkl (8 months ago)
dogs r Wolf's...
Ana Mik (10 months ago)
Wow this will help me a lot with taming wolves B-)
The doricorn (10 months ago)
I like parrots, horses, and llamas
Het smiecht (10 months ago)
villagers are useful for a lot of automatic farms
Dana Chavez (10 months ago)
I know wolfs kill sheep because it has meat
Dana Chavez (10 months ago)
If your name is Chad Johnson then there's another YouTuber called Chad but his last name is Alan bye bye😁
WildCrazyGoose (10 months ago)
cats will scare away the creeper beside you
Conner Dunham (11 months ago)
I lered something
Nur Farah Husna (11 months ago)
can u tell me how to make potions
Sergio FLS (10 months ago)
**cough cough** mc wiki... **cough cough**
DnK 55 (11 months ago)
Dude now thats a dog gang you're running.
Lorena Diaz (11 months ago)
I don't like wolves/dogs because they kill everyone one day my sister's wolves were killing me
Thinh Pham (11 months ago)
Can I tp to my wolf 🐺 I'm lose right now
Ahmed Games nedla (11 months ago)
who saw particles at 3:14 just pause quick
dude, he looks like Markiplier
- - (1 year ago)
Cats scare creepers away
How to tame wolfs
I am just six years old!
Derp Studios (1 year ago)
u can breed a tame dog ive done it before
ponies 122 (1 year ago)
wolf kills sheep because that what thay eat
FaukDisShizImOut (1 year ago)
that's marks hair!
Olivia Conklin (1 year ago)
Cats keep away creepers
Una Cunningham (1 year ago)
If a Wolf eats fish it will bern
Strawberry Milk (1 year ago)
markipilier lil brother
Wolfandhorselover 124 (1 year ago)
how do u get them to lay down that my question?
Jade White (1 year ago)
Ur a idiot! first mistake if u go to far for them to NOT tp if ur close but not close then they tp. two Breed tames: Grab some food they like then have two dogs then right click them with food then they breed! GEEEZ simple mistakes I can't fix....
thegolden minecart (1 year ago)
Hey guys when I tame a dog on PS3, The collar is orange instead of red
pravin desai (1 year ago)
this is a fucking video
ArgoPlaysBG (1 year ago)
Cool!I didn't know this thing with the leash.
JACK ASS (1 year ago)
4fuksake they are wolfs not fukin dogs u faggot!
Nicole Chin (1 year ago)
how can you make an angry wolf un-angry?
Anja Miletic (1 year ago)
I made a Duel 50 dogs vs 1 wither dogs win👑🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐕🐩🐕🐩🐩🐕🐩🐕🐩🐕🐩🐕🐩🐶🐩🐶🐩🐕🐩🐕🐩🐩🐕🐩🐕🐩🐕🐢🐩🐕🐩🐕🐩
Homie Box (1 year ago)
An Ocelot a day keeps the Creepers away.
Rudy 12345mc (1 year ago)
The most useful mob is villagers. I mean, you can buy enchantments and diamond armour!
Musical Gamer (1 year ago)
Cats scare away creepers
Just Me (1 year ago)
Cats scare creepers!
Ella MacDonnell (1 year ago)
I fell so sorry for Oreo 😢😢😢
MundoZ (1 year ago)
i ilke it :) yeah
Benson Lo (1 year ago)
Can you give a cat tips
Jon Andrews (1 year ago)
to be honest the golem is better than dogs and cats but it isn't tamable
Theresa d'Argence (1 year ago)
did u know i have a tip go in pecful and hit 1 and take it to a skelloton make it kill it and get bones and tame it
Rosh (1 year ago)
i like your cannel and all but can you pleae give tips for xbox and paystation
Liam McNeely (1 year ago)
Chad, we hate to interrupt your programming, but a Bonnie Virus was detected and the Bonnie Bombs were set off: a lot of them. Please take cover as soon as possible.
Mab Zy (1 year ago)
Cats do scare creepers so there not so bad 😀😼
Laur_ Wolf_XD (1 year ago)
Just to correct you: They are Wolfs!
your dog video and your intro made me laugh so HARD
you know you can make any mob your pet
both of them are cute
also dogs are cute
cats are cute
Petrine jensen (1 year ago)
Can somebody help me? I just learned how to teleport in Minecraft and I accidentally teleported with my wolf. I tried to take it back home but I can't teleport with him again :| His name is Freddy and I just don't want to leave him, his friend James is back home probably looking for him. Poor Freddy he is looking at me right now, just sitting there and being so loyal and I can't just leave him in the middle of nowhere :[
Christine Wennerberg (1 year ago)
Hey by the way, cats really ARE useful, they scare creepers. Dogs don't attack creepers. So they are kind of a team. Have both.
Marshmallow Kitties (1 year ago)
Spinner Pearl AKA Spinnerdolphin18Aj no,cats make creepers explode!!!!!!!
75dbest (1 year ago)
All of the people
TRONCREEPERMC (1 year ago)
pause at 0:06
Homie Box (1 year ago)
just had the best timing, he said MINE the way stingy does. *A L L Y O U R W O L V E S A R E M I N E*
LeAnn Brown (1 year ago)
very weird cause in gamemode 3 you have to punch them to be them
Homie Box (1 year ago)
it also does for every other mob except the enderdragon
I have learned a lot
Rizwaan R (1 year ago)
You have the most annoying fucking way of speaking
Marshmallow Kitties (1 year ago)
Rizwaan R stop being so rude.
shawn sewpersaud (1 year ago)
Bad video
ELITE ArowDips (1 year ago)
i agree very bad all of the things in that vid i already new
i know now how to spawn baby wolf
Jordan What (1 year ago)
Carlos Gabriel Gerongco
ach gaming (1 year ago)
NO the chiken
Gaming With Dan (1 year ago)
i have all minecraft version.i am using titan minecraft
Hell Space (1 year ago)
Hell Space (1 year ago)
DP78008 _ (1 year ago)
I like cats not 🐶
Cyan Canadian (1 year ago)
players best friend in real life too !!!!! and dogs!!!!! and cats!!!!!!
Death Strider Bros (1 year ago)
There good for guarding your you on the go iron golems and wolfs are good for your house
William Adams (1 year ago)
cats keep creepers away from you
Nicolas Silva (1 year ago)
thanks for the tricks!!!!!!
Jaidyn Tucker (1 year ago)
yeah i now right
lil globglogabgalab (1 year ago)
JontZ (1 year ago)
TheGuyWithGlass (1 year ago)
there wolves okay.
Daniyal Shah (1 year ago)
Shut up
Zakkattack8 (1 year ago)
Charlie Pollock (1 year ago)
it s a wolf
Alexandar Alexov (1 year ago)
plese tell me how to get my dogs trough the nether
newbie Yang (1 year ago)
Dogs can bred if you give them cook meat.
newbie Yang (1 year ago)
Lazz (1 year ago)
only tamed dogs
Israel Mohr (1 year ago)
I lost brain cells from watching this
Zebra Da2 (1 year ago)
he said sheeps 😂😂😂😂😂
wanderlust (1 year ago)
I used to be a fan, but now I'm an air conditioner.
Sagar Dhindsa (1 year ago)
they killed my jeb-
Brady Chase (1 year ago)
My dog eats fish

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