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Why North Koreans last to learn of summit - BBC News

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The people of North Korea were the last to hear about how unprecedented talks went between their own leader and a sitting US president. Here's why. Please subscribe HERE http://bit.ly/1rbfUog
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Mike Perkins (2 days ago)
Trump not rolling over and taking it like Barack, has suceeded. Stating his nuclear button is bigger has worked, sorry suck arse media you as normal have got it wrong and Trump not fuelled the fire with words to please you ass wipes. It was two men meeting and talking, not gender f#cked clowns. If Hillary had got in continued the conflict like Barry & Michael oops Barack & Michelle we might be at war and millions killed, thank you Mr President with normal gender and moral values and acknowledgement of God.
Nemesis (5 days ago)
I'm a skeptic by nature. Having seen our country catch a cold having been told weapons in a certain country are pointing our way and are ready to go in 45 minutes, you'll have to excuse me for being slightly dubious of the claim that a tin pot dictator who is keeping his people in virtual slavery as developed nuclear weapons. I'm not saying for a moment, he hasn't got intercontinental ballistic missiles; they have been seen flying through the air, but whether he can fire nuclear weapons, I'm not convinced he as.
Dilek Sağlamol (6 days ago)
no war...
Dilek Sağlamol (6 days ago)
nükleer silahlara hayır çocuklar ağlamasın....
F S (7 days ago)
He is the Justin Beiber of North Korea.
Raja J (7 days ago)
We didn't hear italy election results report on bbc
Barry Soetoro (7 days ago)
The BBC has 400 Common Purpose staff (Marxists) censoring out anti-EU news, which is why they didn't report that Westminster gave up the last 20% of its power in January 2009, and now only exists to help the press conceal what has happened
Lokemele Wakaki (8 days ago)
Frump accomplished absolutely nothing !! Frump is so full of 🤯💩!!
Heart Strongth (8 days ago)
North Korea is very poor
The Crusader (8 days ago)
but we have proof of BBC 2018 cover ups.. -Telford/Leeds muslim pedophille gangs -55 murders in London in 3 months -Not covering Italy & Hungary elections -Not covering evil EU meetings -Government detaining Martin sellner and Brittany Pettibone illegally -Not covering freedom of speech events - Illegal detainment as illegal sentencing of an innocent man BBC 2018 Lies:(False flags) -Blamed Russia for chemical attack in UK -Blamed Assad for chemical attack in Syria -Blamed Russia for babchenko staged murder done by Ukrainian secret service -Blamed Russia for collusion in elections ....No proof for any accusations. BBC BIAS - Bias against white working class people of UK - Pro Islam agenda disguised as multi culturalism Shut down BBC and prosecute Tony hall #RELEASETOMMYROBINSON
john silver (7 days ago)
BBC are TRAITORS to Britian
IamaChosen1 (8 days ago)
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IamaChosen1 (8 days ago)
He or She that commits sin is of the devil, I John 3:8 (I John 3:8). If you are into lying, cheating, bitterness, keeping malice, pride, manifesting anger, quarreling, unforgiveness, hatred, envy, contention, strife, bitterness, cursing,speaking evil of others, taking or giving bribe, selfishness, deception, kidnapping, smuggling, falsification of documents, swearing, extortion and other sinful character dispositions, you must repent.
Wendy Alexander (8 days ago)
Sinclair Media and Fox are our versions of state run media
FVR (8 days ago)
in the end Kim Jong Un got what he wanted: More propaganda for his country...showing that he's loved all around the globe. Now even sponsored by the US!
gary j (8 days ago)
Such Hypocrisy. Just a small list of what the Fake News BBC will not report. Uranium 1 Fusion GPS. Proven Fake Russian Dossier. Proven the Fake Russian Dossier paid for by Hilary Clinton and the DNC. Ex British Spy Christopher Steel paid to produce that Fake Russian Dossier. Peter Strzok and Lias Page Emails. Obama Spying on Trump and the American People. The ongoing investigation that's exposing corruption in the Obama/Clinton/FBI case as we speak. Tommy Robinson Protests. Tommy Robinson being moved to a jail populated by Muslims that have threatened his life again. Tommy Robinson's Wife and Children's address being leaked after credible death threats. Rape Gangs. Whistle blower Ex Police ignored and covered up...... I could go on ! BBC Fake News at it's best.
john silver (7 days ago)
Fake news paid for by STEALING British peoples tax money Marxist parasites
Steve J Lee (8 days ago)
🇬🇧Message To All Tommy Supporters😎: https://youtu.be/M8fsriGEB5o
Steve J Lee (8 days ago)
🇬🇧Message To All Tommy Supporters😎: https://youtu.be/M8fsriGEB5o
Steve J Lee (8 days ago)
🇬🇧Message To All Tommy Supporters😎: https://youtu.be/M8fsriGEB5o
Lance in Calgary (8 days ago)
Dav_id (8 days ago)
Life probably won't change for koreans and they won't turn into a democracy. All Kim wants is to stay in power
Shashank Marne (8 days ago)
BRITISH Broadcasting Corporation looks like you missed the word 'are" or 'were' in the title of this story
Barry Soetoro (8 days ago)
Clinton makes deal with North Korea! - Bush tears it up! Bush makes deal with Gadaffi! - Obama tears it up! Obama makes deal with Iran! - Trump tears it up! Trump makes deal with North Korea! - ...to be continued!!!
Fah Kong (8 days ago)
Watch "KCTV documentary on Kim Jong Un: https://youtu.be/Foc4VgKAVrM
Sheru Khan (8 days ago)
If internet is strictly controlled then how come i could turn grindr and tinder in pyongyang, north korea through fake gps😂
John Simon Wijaya (8 days ago)
they just forget take the video. thats all
Erin (8 days ago)
It's a way to control information. That's it.
Tourniquet Now (8 days ago)
Where's the story on islamist sajid javid of the home office transporting sharia political prisoner Tommy Robinson to a muslim controlled prison?
Major Flash-Backs (8 days ago)
Soon the outside world will bring diseases and pest to North Korea
Spag Hetti (8 days ago)
No grammar nazis here today?
Farah Mthkoor (8 days ago)
The same shit I lived when the media was under Saddam regime control only shown the glory image of the only leader and the next day we founded the American tanks in front our houses .
Jalen Stafford (8 days ago)
It's nice to finally have peace between America and North Korea. 🇺🇸🇰🇵💓
The Crusader (8 days ago)
BBC covers up pedophilles
Rich RC (8 days ago)
An information black hole that keeps it's citizens ignorant... N Korea or the US?
PJ wright (8 days ago)
Add on snap wrightpj118
Barack Obama (8 days ago)
The title is confusing me.
Kim is really talented for his age. But my Information Black Hole is better than his! My fat lazy angry Americans are easier to fool than his NK slaves!
Be Nice (8 days ago)
JUST TWO THUGS/ one that starves his country and one that will eventually starve his country
Geth Creator (8 days ago)
Be Nice Looking at the US economy I can safely say you're talking shit
carl Marcs (8 days ago)
Never forget that the BBC are purveyors of FAKE NEWS and distortion of truth. FREE TOMMY ROBINSON
GashCam (8 days ago)
These pedo's probably invented fake news FREE TOMMY
aantony2001 (8 days ago)
See all those commenters? They are probably far right, a few years ago these comments would be considered definitely far left.
gebuehrenfrei (9 days ago)
Release Tommy Robinson. Restore democracy in Britain.   Protect british girls and women!
Connor B (8 days ago)
British jails aren't that bad he's old enough to look after himself with a shit load of publicity and work to walk into worry about something else
Stephen Stretch (9 days ago)
trumps dream world ( fake news )
All Item (9 days ago)
please.. me....$$$
Animated Tigress (9 days ago)
Because they have to cut up and edit the shit out of the video to make Kim look like the hero
Sinjinbin 64 (9 days ago)
If you live in a developed country and do not know the answer then you need a labotomy! They have limited internet access dumbasses!
Rubber Dub (9 days ago)
Say NO to BBC's TV licence fee swindle . POWER TO THE PEOPLE ✊
Ruleaux Matthieu (9 days ago)
Democratic change is possible in North Korea. And in Britain.   Tommy Robinson will be released!
john silver (7 days ago)
Only when the Gov there is more afraid of real British people then they are of the marxist press and muslimes
Alan Wali (9 days ago)
BBC I think there's a grammatical error in the title of this video
rick payne (9 days ago)
BBC And CNN birds of a feather enemies of the people cowards traitors liars and hate mongers Drive Them Out 🤥🤥🤥💩💩💩🤮🤮🤮✅✅✅
Bytor 1001 (6 days ago)
And you are bullshit monger. Typical Trumptard....
Candy (9 days ago)
*The citizens of The United States of America are disgusted by the attempted murder of a journalist by the totalitarian regime of England* I BOYCITT EVERYTHING BRITISH NOW
Gator domis (9 days ago)
Kim Jong-Un do not fall for American trickery soon as you get rid of the weapons of mass destruction they will try to take over Korea your weapons is your Leverage
KEVIN HESKETH (9 days ago)
Deployment of sonic weapon of torture can only happen with a scientists collaborator.I got a name to this human rights crime.A torture technique a human life stolen.The collaborator is called Keith.The mindrapist should be arrested and This Keith for using this sonic weapon on a man against his will.Sonic weapons come fro Goverment so Theresa May should be arrest for this practice of Torture.People want this human rights crime stopped because its not a joke.The name Keith.
Sinjinbin 64 (9 days ago)
KEVIN HESKETH: How about this: Go phuck yourself mate! 😂🤣
kisses 2u (9 days ago)
Fooooook BBC . You look like warmongering white people. You want a war? Go one on one on the street.Dont kill your own soldiers.
Greenpoloboy3 (9 days ago)
skip to 0:57 to see the footage of the dear leader x
Greenpoloboy3 (9 days ago)
Starting the journey to a better future for Korea. Hate the negativity from the press etc
LokiV (9 days ago)
Stick to race bating BBC do a video on how black people can ride a bike better than white people or what Muslims have for tea on a Saturday night its what you do best 🙄
Jesse Davis (9 days ago)
I <3 The DPRK
Mingus (9 days ago)
BBC ARE GUILTY OF HIDING THE RAPE OF THOUSANDS OF CHILDREN https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_cswFhjkIk&feature=youtu.be
What BBC does not realize is that once White people are gone the non Whites would rather listen to fart noises than pay for BBCs existence.
Grey Chip (8 days ago)
How's this then, When the white working class are gone (joos want it to happen), do the white elites think there turn wont come? Do the muslims and blacks want to be led by a posh white person?
MajorEvan (9 days ago)
Nice attempt at race baiting m8. Got to do better than that.
Dirty Ralph . Dance (9 days ago)
Italy 🇮🇹 nothing ?
Dirty Ralph . Dance (9 days ago)
The SNP walked out of parliament nothing ?
Intelligence = value. There are only 10.000 African people worthy of life worldwide. Stop hating future generations and wishing them to eat garbage so that 70 IQ average African can have 12 kids he can not feed.
UtimateAmvs (7 days ago)
Honourable Sir Dylann Roof horrible b8. try again.
Rosco Haines (9 days ago)
It is good to see Countries try and bridge the gap. This is a difficult situation and trying to negotiate , with such high stakes is precarious.These are brave steps. If these things breakdown then pressure will be reapplied. Invasion and Nuclear options become more likely. The levels of talks going on behind the scenes must be mammoth. It will be an interesting Book in the future.
Rigor Mortis (9 days ago)
You can't spell cuck without U and K
Marie Fremlin (9 days ago)
It's good to know that the Korean people are happy about the Summit. This means a great step forward for the NK people.
Rigor Mortis (9 days ago)
I'm just trying to see things for what they really are.
Marie Fremlin (9 days ago)
Rigor Mortis you don't see anything positive about this? It maybe might mean an improvement over the way they live now. At the very least, it means nobody will be bombing each other.
Rigor Mortis (9 days ago)
No it is not,they will remain slaves under a brutal dictatorship and corporations are drooling over this potential slave pit.
Rigor Mortis (9 days ago)
iPhone 12: Made in North Korea on 20 hours shifts,payed slave wages. Because Apple cares and want to pass the slaving down to you.
DJT FOREVER (9 days ago)
"Keeps its population in a state of ignorance" - sounds like CNN.
Bytor 1001 (6 days ago)
DJT FOREVER, CNN knows what crap smells like and isn’t afraid to report it, especially where Trump is concerned. If you don’t like that fine, but turning a blind eye and a deaf ear is a dangerous thing. That doesn’t describe you, does it?
Shaun O'Brien (7 days ago)
Or the BBC
Geth Creator (8 days ago)
Naa Naa nah, you could've said that maybe 5year ago but not now. Everyone at CNN are all just one sided and spread fear and lies because they hate Trump that much they actually want the US to fall
Naa Naa (8 days ago)
I think you will be fine if you are watching CNN than FOX news.
DJT FOREVER (8 days ago)
Omnishambles. The population of CNNland are lefty virtue signalers that think CNN ever speaks a shred of truth. The original comment was saying CNN viewers were in a state of ignorance. I now realise that was unclear.
Rigor Mortis (9 days ago)
BBC is the ministry of truth,long live INGSOC
Dirty Ralph . Dance (9 days ago)
More none news from the idiots who brought you no news the BBC . This poor explanation about North Korea and its, shut of state could be about the uk and the BBc .
Shaun O'Brien (7 days ago)
Exactly. The fools can't see it of course.
David (7 days ago)
Dirty Ralph . Dance. Thanks
Dirty Ralph . Dance (7 days ago)
David reporters without borders matey , same as in this article.
David (7 days ago)
Dirty Ralph . Dance. Source?
Dirty Ralph . Dance (8 days ago)
David yes the uk press is 40 th most restricted on the planet . So they don’t tell you the truth how ever much they piss on about it , have a look your self chuckles 🐐.
왜그래 (9 days ago)
The fact that the summit of North Korea and the United States has created a mutual "credibility" is a great historical scene ,. Trump, President of the United States, who brought out the "authenticity" of North Korea. We applaud Kim Jong Eun, chairman of North Korea ,. for his "sincerity" as he persuaded the United States.
D 4353 (9 days ago)
Leftists would rather we have nuclear war than see Donald Trump succeed.
Rosco Haines (8 days ago)
He is addressing the debt issue , by making steps to deal with it . Instead of letting the debt continue and build. If you do not take steps to deal with it , you become at the mercy of places like China . If you don't want to let things slowly go pear shaped then, you have to deal with things. The issue with Iran ,is to do with a terrible deal that no one was content with . I admit it is not a good position to break deals. The matter will have to be renegotiated. In response to upsetting 'The Allies' we shall see . This is taking care of business , Obviously Canada and EU are going to get upset because the balance was vastly in there favor. The USA is a superpower because it has fought it's way to that position. It needs to maintain that . UK,EU and Canada shouldn't rely on it being benevolent. Iran has moved to using The Euro instead of the petro dollar. There are loads of factors , tough decisions have to be made and it best to make them while you are still in a position of power.
MajorEvan (9 days ago)
+Mark Reap While the Far-Right are trying to start Trade Wars with our allies, make China a superpower, and go to war with Iran. It's honestly quiet pathetic.
Rosco Haines (9 days ago)
It does feel like they would prefer chaos and destruction.
Mark Reap (9 days ago)
not really i have seen many comments from known far-left Nazi (shut down free speech, call people racist to excuse assaulting them) leaning people complaining about it and saying it's a bad thing.
Mattie (9 days ago)
D 4353 you're going a bit to far Extreme.com
Haha!...America is an even bigger black hole...all news in America, information and knowledge too...is 99.99% bullshit. The masses are mind controlled in America way more than north korea...and the shit in Americans head has caused supreme tardation...just look at all of Americans altered perceptions...we think flying saucers are aliens when they're just electromagnetic aircraft perfected in the 50's. Vaccines are taught to be good...microewaves take 40% of people's lives away...electric companies and congress has it's own populations manipulated and electronically harassed...at least north koreans get to keep their minds...in America, it's Nazi to the gills and everyone is on a different page because of the drugs and neurolinguistic preprogramming. You really think all those needles stuck in your babies arms at birth are to save it from some mysterious infections? Hitler won children...kindergarten and education are terms he coined, idiots.
توليب Sweet (9 days ago)
Koreana hate US????
joel kinimi (9 days ago)
Awesome! 👍On Peace Process. May Almighty Living God Beings Peace on Earth Amen❤👍. EVERY TERRIBLE HAPPENINGS were all Under the Instigations of Pope Francis at Vatican for launching Antichrist's Mottos on a Planet. At Vatican they considered and Worship Lucifer as God Under Pope Francis's Statement. Very Truth Statement by Abraham Lincoln former America's President "I See a Very Dark Clouds on America's horizon; and that Dark Clouds is coming from Rome"👍, now Vatican.
William Carrington (9 days ago)
It won't be easy , but it is a start at long last .
FPV FREAKY (9 days ago)
It’s good to see a light at the end of the tunnel. But the ppl are still in the dark, would be nice if the boarders dropped the walls like Berlin did. Free
Nemesis (5 days ago)
I have to agree with you, there could be "light at the end of the tunnel," but, sadly, I'm not convinced. Don't forget, this has happened many times in the past with little success. Do you think that a dictator, who just weeks ago, said he had missiles and warheads that could reach U.S. territory has suddenly become a statesman? If you think for a minute that North Korea is going to give up their nuclear weapons for anyone, there is a bridge in South Africa, I can sell you real cheap. Nuclear weapons are the only bargaining tool the North has. The best that can be hoped for is to normalize relations, which also happened in the past.
Mukerji (7 days ago)
FPV FREAKY Kim is very charismatic and beautiful leader
world needs more borders at the moment
Helen G. Pitts (8 days ago)
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Ruben Scott (8 days ago)
FPV FREAKY it would be nice but you c and I it to North Korea think like a normal person it would be beautiful but it’s not possible we waited to long we have to be slow about it now and also we can kick Kim out we have to allow his nation to open them self up or it will be bad news
maaz amjad (9 days ago)
British propaganda!
Bytor 1001 (6 days ago)
You wish. It’s right on the mark.
Malcom Canning (8 days ago)
British bullshiting
Dan Kortebein (8 days ago)
maaz amjad What is "propaganda" about this?
Waza De wit (9 days ago)
North Korea is just playing around like the did before
kim jong un (9 days ago)
Waza De wit No where not playing game
Sizano Green (9 days ago)
Rachel Perkins (9 days ago)
3rd comment
Rigor Mortis (9 days ago)
Yeah,you're a turd alright
kim jong un (9 days ago)
They were the first to know dont assume things ok
Rigor Mortis (9 days ago)
One on one you murderous fat midget...lose the platform shoes tho.
kim jong un (9 days ago)
Comrade_ Savage15 We are good friends
Comrade_ Savage15 (9 days ago)
kim jong un Putin will beat you up if you act up again🇷🇺
FPV FREAKY (9 days ago)
kim jong un mmm good point. I’m sure u got some tucked away for a rainy day
kim jong un (9 days ago)
joel kinimi wtf are you talking abouy
Kyota Tsushima (9 days ago)
kim jong un (9 days ago)
Kyota Tsushima keep your mouth shut

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