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Alien Covenant Review

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Text Comments (323)
F Mills (2 hours ago)
Covenant isn't a Halo movie?"
Laslo C (5 days ago)
Dave, you didn't understand the movie. It's not about humans or characters, It's about Gods and their creations. You shouldn't be bonding to humans in this movie and you always know that woman will survive in Hollywood movies anyway. David, he is the main character of this movie. Think of the biblical sense of this film. Engineers created human, Weyland who is human, created AI David with very high IQ, more than any human could dream off. He is perfection of what human could be, like the statue of David in the first scene of the movie. He is immortal, guess who else is immortal? You are right - God. So Human Weyland created a perfect immortal creature David. Than David kills engineers, who where the creators of a human, for whom engineers were Gods. So God kills other Gods and than he tries to create a new, perfect form of life! And this references to the bible when Walter and David are like Cain and Abel. Cain and Abel where the first two sons to Adam and Eve, first two sons of Weyland! When David kisses Walter like Juda kisses Jesus before stabbing him. And after this, you say It's the same movie like all the predecessors? You just watched the wrong way when the story was in front of you.
Cnn is Fakenews (8 days ago)
I liked your end score and thought it was garbage too. I enjoyed aliens 3 and four, on a prison with segourney and Cloned with ashly judd robot.
Nathan Allen Pinard (10 days ago)
I stopped after 30min
Jordan TRusso (30 days ago)
FYI, the rifles they are using is the (f88 austeyr), and it only fires semi-automatic or 3 round bursts, making it fully automatic would not make it more effective against the aliens, it would actually be less effective, as it would be near impossible to use and land a hit with all that extra recoil, a better and much more effective weapon against the aliens would be the (AA-12 shotgun), it can fire full auto and maintain almost no recoil, it would also be better using something like buck shot, would make it easier to land a hit on the small and very fast alien new born.
batteries required (2 months ago)
Aliens was the best movie. Prometheus was a massive disappointment, expected so much more. Pure excrement.
Deft Squirrel (2 months ago)
I agree with most of what you say, but the parts I enjoyed were because of the similarity to what made the originals great. I suppose rehashed sections done well are better than a film that is simply shit. That said, there is a massive continuity error. If David is the creator of that particular strain of xenomorph, how then does it end up on LV426 aboard another bone ship. Thoughts, anyone?
Peter Samson (4 months ago)
it was $hit..! So disappointing.
Peter Samson (4 months ago)
it was sh$t..! So disappointing.
Thesavagesouls (4 months ago)
0:12 Hit Her ! It's not true ! That's bullshit !
845835ab (4 months ago)
Can't remember the names of the characters sums it up. I can remember the names of characters from the first 2 movies better than I can this film.
Gaming and Console Tech (4 months ago)
I've only seen the originals. I love all of the and I have the box set.
MASSDAMAGE1337 (4 months ago)
I liked it and could enjoy the movie for what it was. But I will agree it was predictable and formulaic as hell
MaelstromLeague (4 months ago)
"...downhill since 'Aliens'." Bullseye.
avatar6699 (4 months ago)
A joke?  It was pure shite.
tim yo (5 months ago)
alien3 had originality and the balls to kill Ripley and end it, but it wasn't very good.
tim yo (5 months ago)
same feeling here. absolute garbage. i don't want any more alien films, ever.
Stephen Sisino (5 months ago)
Blood red comfort food. Bad with bad on top is good clean fun. Solitaire and handball with a side of rubber-string racket-ball.
alaster boneman (5 months ago)
remember children when exploring a possibly hostile or even alien environment there are a few things that will help you survive. first for god sake keep your environment/space suits on and don't taken them off out side a quarantine area   until your sure there isn't some on planet that gonna wreck your day (hell this doesn't even have to be something outwardly hostile like the xenomorugh, something that may be harmless in its own environment but could be deadly to us soft humans. honestly its like no one has ever read war of the worlds in these movies)  2ed walk softly and carry a very big gun. and also double tap always double tap, and if needed burn the xeno trash. 3ed. Never trust a robot, syth or corporation. 4th never fallow someone into a mass grave yard
Roy C. T. (5 months ago)
I call these weapons fart pistolls .
FFcecil1991 (5 months ago)
3:16 EXACTLY!!!! THANK YOU!!! Although I'd say Alien was great too.
T Ģovender (5 months ago)
I gave this review a like even though I'm a fan of the alien franchise. Don't get me wrong your review was spot on and your score in the end accurate. This could have been a great movie Prometheus was ok not that great but it was a setup for the next movie. It left people in suspense and hoping to find answers about the engineers. No one cares about the Xenomorphs(aliens) their story is done there's no mystery to them. What people really have is a fear of the unknown and the Engineers are an unknown.
Throttle Kitty (5 months ago)
Totally skipping the permanent damage this does to the idea of what a Xenomorph is.
i'm a alien (5 months ago)
This film killed any interest I might've had in future alien movies. I don't care if it's by Ridley Scott or that other guy people were getting so worked up about a while ago (which I was in the minority of not giving a shit about). We had one great, seminal movie, an equally phenomenal sequel, and a flawed but still interesting third movie that wrapped up the story. That's enough for me.
Fucking Bollucks! You hear that Ridley Scott, prize-winning director of Blade Runner and Gladiator! This film gets the coveted Two-Middle-Fingers Award straight up the fucking ass!
Rod Martin, Jr. (5 months ago)
Thanks for saving me the time and the heartache. I actually thought Prometheus was a vast improvement in the franchise -- clever with a hook to a greater mystery. To find out that the movie makers threw that potential down the toilet is discouraging.
Yokie Wartooth (5 months ago)
I wont dent that the overall movie is kind of a blunder, but I honestly think that David is the most interesting thing to come out of the Alien franchise and I love seeing Fassbender play him.
B.A.Edwards (5 months ago)
Personally I kinda liked the alien killing sprees in these movies and the overall premise and special effects, what really annoyed me about these movies was the needless recklessness of the crews of both ships and the crew of the original movie, the total disregard for the dangers of an alien planet and it's wildlife, like have they no fucking modern probes or rovers to check these places out beforehand, the most laughable was the guy in promethious trying to pet a fucking alien snake, or in covenant that they think its perfectly safe to go on a ten k hike through a fucking alien forest, the aliens are supposed to be highly intelligent perfect killing machines and the films would have been much more believable if it was them coming up with ingenious ways to kill and impregnate the crews instead of the crews putting themselves on a fucking plate ✌
Touay (6 months ago)
Peter Love (6 months ago)
Perfect review. Also apparently you only send complete idiots into space to colonise a new planet. They visit a totally unknown planet and stroll around without any precautions whatsoever, then they get truly stupid. Such a shame, wish we could wipe every Alien film after Aliens and just start again, or not at all....
northemissary (6 months ago)
Absolute garbage👎🏽
Patrick Todd (6 months ago)
Movie was a big disappointment. Killed off elizabeth shaw. The only person I gave a shit about.
Matthew Sharpe (6 months ago)
Put a gun in your mouth? Come on, it was pretty awful, but it really wasn't that awful... I found myself mildly entertained, but another film I would never even consider watching again - I guess Prometheus set the bar pretty low, I actually think this was marginally better than Prometheus. I agree with everything you say otherwise though - just that it's not "please kill me!" bad like say, Highlander 2.
Being Graphic (6 months ago)
The rating system you gave at the end of this video had me mawwwhaha-ing in total agreement! Terrible project that was purely made to artificially enchance Ridleys ego. No brains, no thanks. Stellar review!
Marcangelus1 (6 months ago)
Very predictable.
greg wishart (6 months ago)
as a moderate fan of the series, particularly the first two i was also disappointed. i felt it was the weakest entry, even more so than 3 or resurrection and that's saying something. eventhough ridley scott started this franchise i dont think it's best he remain at the helm
TryHardGamers (6 months ago)
I really enjoyed the lore. To me, Michael's character was actually a hero. It's his love for raplace that causes him to create the xenomorphs. They are her children. SOunds contrived I know, but I really found it fascinating how on the surface it's pretty simple, but they manage to world build and finally explain the origins of the xenomorph.
Robson Hamada (6 months ago)
Prometheus failed to be an Alien prequel. Alien covenant failed to be an Prometheus sequel and an Alien movie. I don't know they even bothered connecting this movie to Prometheus.
Darren Semotiuk (6 months ago)
The one standout element to this film's story that you did not mention: David INTENTIONALLY genociding the Engineers, as explained and depicted in an inexplicably brief flashback scene. It had some real potential to make the story go into uncharted and intriguing territory... I almost got excited, got my hopes up. But then it very soon just reverted back to being a teen slasher film. :(
MANICMAIKU (6 months ago)
The best role was played by James Franco
Giovanny (6 months ago)
I liked this film. Actually, I like my extended version of it. I fixed some details that bothered me. Of course, the theatrical version is far from being a great film by itself. I don't know what people expect to witness from movies about killer extraterrestrials. Monsters are for B class movies.
gokusondbz (6 months ago)
This film was my third favorite movie of last year I thoroughly enjoyed it. Also I very much enjoyed Michael fassbender's performance. I thought it didn't excellent job merging Prometheus and alien together. This movie is very enjoyable and fun 😡😡😡 .
Tom Ives (6 months ago)
TBH watching Mengele work for 2 hours would be morbidly interesting...
Tom Ives (6 months ago)
I feel like this should have been an Alien spinoff focusing on the AI of Weyland-Yutani, making it an Alien prequel ruins both the Alien franchise and makes this movie a lot less enjoyable.
Canaris3 (7 months ago)
Well problem is that Covenant is a massive case of idiot plot... Its should be a great movie but aftermentioned idiot plotiness ruins it.
I Spaz Samuel (7 months ago)
Lol. "Fucking Bullocks/10"
Dudeineedaname (7 months ago)
I couldn’t agree more it was fucking depressing and you can tell the director gets off on this weird shit.
Mazinga (7 months ago)
You some the problems of bad movies very good up. I just have to agree with you.
christosvoskresye (7 months ago)
I agree in particular with the point at the end. A good movie can have suffering and evil deeds -- take Schindler's List, for example -- but the more evil and suffering, the more payoff there has to be to justify them. The "good guys" don't have to win, but there has to be something that says that, win or lose, they really were right. A story that is just depravity after depravity with no payoff is simply an evil story. My impression is that the Saw franchise is that way -- at least, it makes no effort to portray itself any differently. Furthermore, some depravity is so extreme that I doubt it could be justified with being fully shown in ANY movie. The Hunger Games are about children being forced to kill each other FOR ENTERTAINMENT -- and these movies are watched by our own society FOR ENTERTAINMENT.
Jeremiah Tothenations (7 months ago)
The synthetics were the only characters I cared about, it's like Hollyweird wants me to hate humanity...
Dr. Manhattan (7 months ago)
There’s a ton of originality in Alien 3, it was just neutered and aborted by the studio.
Hank Moody (7 months ago)
David Davids David 3 David Resurrection Prometheus w/ David David: Covenant
Taelan Baylor (1 month ago)
Roy C. T. (5 months ago)
Yes. Hes is very good.
T Ģovender (5 months ago)
Hank Moody well maybe it should be called that as fasbender was the only thing good about covenant.
T Ģovender (5 months ago)
slash11111 I'll see your Davideus and raise you a Davident
slash11111 (6 months ago)
Hank Moody Davideus
Sam Wyss (8 months ago)
"because he's cunty like that." haha classic
SmashStomp Inc (8 months ago)
Alien Isolation was a better experience and successor to the Scott franchise.. A fucking video game out did his shitty newest two movies with a fraction of the budget.
Jaruk Gema (9 months ago)
This was a great review. I agree that this movie has no deeper meaning and was utterly predictable. People seem to be watching it purely for the grotesque scenes where people's stomachs explode. You forgot to mention the feminist angle of the Alien franchise. The last-standing character is always a short-haired female who manages to be tougher than all the other male crew members combined.
darthvincor (9 months ago)
Prometheus was so much better. And that's another great disappointment. I thought this would leave off where Prometheus ended. It is only vaguely related to Prometheus, story wise. It has answered none of Prometheus' questions, and only raised more. One thing in particular that I do not understand is this: In Prometheus, the Engineers were trying to get ready to attack Earth with the 'black goo' 2000 years ago, as those Engineers were lying there that long. Then, in Covenant David takes that very ship and flies to their home world, or another world of their's. Now, that ship is allowed to enter the planet, and dock to cheering crowds of Engineers. Why are they cheering? Why are they not confused about this 2000 year old ship suddenly being at their planet? It makes no sense. If Augustus' ship from 2000 years ago sailed into the Roman harbour at Ostia, Italians in 2017 would not necessarily cheer, I think they'd be very confused as to what it is doing there, how it got there, and why only now?
katey1dog (9 months ago)
ALIEN 3 WAS AWESOME. What the hell? Go find littlejimmy835 for his absolutely meaningful review of this underrated and justifiable ending of the Alien franchise.
infantry marine (9 months ago)
Yes, we Americans have much better weapons.
Carlos Miguel Ugalde (9 months ago)
guess this review didnt go better. better luck next time.
Alyse Bingham (9 months ago)
I liked this movie, honestly, but... "head crabs"...? 😂
Steven Lornie (9 months ago)
Alien 3 was hardly derivative. By all means it had a lot less clichés than Alien, was considerably less cringe worthy than the 'save newt' section of Aliens and despite the beginning had a real good story, characters, visual style and music. You sound like a drama queen.
Michael Smith (9 months ago)
Complete garbage movie that had 5 minutes at the end that felt like I was watching an Alien film.
Sweet jesus (9 months ago)
Prometheus was great. This movie...highly disappointing.
Greg Karris (9 months ago)
GREAT movie - if you are rooting for the Aliens... ;)
We're creating a colony so let's send a gay couple.
eimb1999 (9 months ago)
"The special effects are getting better". No. They are getting busier and more complex, but not "better". Miniatures and practical effects will always look BETTER than the computer generated crap they make today.
V.W. Singer (9 months ago)
The crew risk the lives of 2000 colonists to rescue a couple of people? Where did they find these people? The home for the terminally befuddled? That's like a current day passenger jet pilot landing the plane on a highway to pick up a friend.
there has been nothing truly original in any of cinema for many years now....
JckSwan (9 months ago)
Alien 3 is superb. Alien: Covenant is better than Prometheus.
Henry Lewis (9 months ago)
It was a decent movie until they returned to the ship. And like many movies these days, the final act ruins the whole film.
Miracle Matthew (9 months ago)
It served well as a cautionary tale for many emerging technologies: manned space travel, genetic engineering, and most of all, amoral, psychopathic AI.
noneuno53 (10 months ago)
yes bishop from alien 2 is the only synthetic human that did not go bad and rain in hell.
kdw75 (10 months ago)
I though Prometheus was pretty darned good. This one not so much. I really liked the cast in the Prometheus.
Jason Baryla (10 months ago)
This movie was so bad it gave me a seizure that broke both my arms and prolapsed my anus.
DariusQ (10 months ago)
The worst part of the movie IMO was when a female soldier is killed by an Alien while cleaning up in a washroom. It was so ridiculously predictable as to follow the Horror movie rules from Scream. Later someone goes to check on her, finds her dead, and the Alien kills again. Immediately afterwards someone else goes to check on the now two missing soldiers and we get a literal double take of discovering the first dead soldier. WTF Ridley Scott?! Did you forget you already showed that exact scene or forgot in a bout of senility?
MaelstromLeague (10 months ago)
Agreed. Completely. What a waste.
tordsgaming (10 months ago)
Worst pile of shit I've seen, makes the first Aliens move look like a master piece.
Crocodileofdoom (10 months ago)
Disagree much of the special effects were shit
Bro Man (10 months ago)
I hated this movie
Roger Patterson (10 months ago)
It's pronounced "Cuvenint"
onepcwhiz (10 months ago)
How can you not like the extended version of Alien 3? It was very good.
John von Shepard (10 months ago)
Don't do the fingering.
Qrazy Quarian (10 months ago)
"You don't care about the characters." That's probably because they're IDIOTS. What moron goes onto a fresh planet they've never seen before without some sort of hazmat protection?! "Well, our BS scanners say the atmosphere is fine; no need for encounter suits!" Everything about their planetfall tactics was such complete idiocy, one wonders how they were allowed to go into space at all. As soon as they went to the planet's surface without any environmental gear, I stopped caring about the movie. I was ROOTING for the Xenomorphs! Star Trek gets a pass because they have technology that screens out alien bacteria and such (as silly as it is). The Alien franchise gets no such pass.
Skeptic 4 Reason (10 months ago)
No one can match or even remotely come close to James Cameron when it comes to Aliens or Terminator. If its not done by him its bound to be complete shit.
TheTickRules (10 months ago)
The movie was a robot going dr moreau because he was sad or something, horrible movie.
I'm Your Huckleberry (10 months ago)
Prometheus at least had some mystery even if it was a pretentious mess, this one looks like a remake of Alien with added gore and looks a right bore! will not be watching it.
The Rock Reviews (10 months ago)
I will do the fingering , the best thing about it.
The Rock Reviews (10 months ago)
Shit movie
Basil Ganglia (10 months ago)
It was AWFUL!!!!
Uncle Timo (10 months ago)
It's an unexplored, unknown alien planet. Who knows what is there. OK, everybody, there is no need for H E L M E T S in space exploration.
rodster6 (10 months ago)
I was furious watching this movie. The silly supervillains plot origin for the xenomorphs totally undermines what made the original so good. Awful. Ridley has little understanding of what made Alien so good.
Alexandre Martins (9 months ago)
That's because he only directed it and had no control over the script (Oh, how I miss O'Bannon and Shuster). Unfortunately, like George Lucas, he does not understand the film he himself directed and is now too important to have people checking his ego up.
Robert Stevenson (10 months ago)
Well, we can tell when you don't like a movie... I wouldn't give it that bad a review, but it sure was crappy... What the hell were they thinking..???. Somebody once told me, if you take nothing, make an effort and it turns out crappy... Try harder... If you take something that has potential, has avenues to explore, doors to open, the raw materials on hand in front of you, to be and or become something wonderful, or entertaining, or possibly great, and it turns out crappy...Then you have committed a travesty to mankind... And it's really hard to get out from under that shadow... Yup it's been awhile since they did one of these that actually blew you outta the water...And the un-Godly amount of money they spend.... You would think those investors would see the ship sinking as their feet was getting wet...
Cam Mewton (10 months ago)
david's potential was killed in this film, he just became a vanilla villain :(
Marcus Aurelius (10 months ago)
I enjoyed the film a lot, seems everybody is lost on it. Weird
David Bolha (7 months ago)
Marcus Aurelius Hi, Me too. I didn't think it was all bad. Some HR Giger styled graphics was present as well...
New In Christ (10 months ago)
it would have been good as a stand alone film, but its a shitty shitty prequel for the Alien franchise
TheLifeOnHigh (10 months ago)
LMAO @2:35 “he’s cunty like that”
Kevin Sterns (10 months ago)
Special effects improve, while stories don't, for the same reason a decentralized market economy outperforms a top-down managed economy. Special effects represent the effort of hundreds of geniuses. But the story is slapped together by a handful of "experts". No doubt stories would be improved if the writers polled special effects crews for ideas and feedback.
highks (10 months ago)
I found it kind of amusing because all the characters always behave in the most stupid imaginable way. Discover a new planet? Immediately take your helmets off and let yourselves get infected with an alien virus. Somebody got infected and is coughing blood? Let him cough blood on your face and then bring him back on the ship without quarantine. And so on and so on...
Cllinton Riggs (11 months ago)
You saved me $5.99, thank you.
MineKynoMine (11 months ago)
At least Alien 3 (Directors Cut) was unique

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