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Anthony Bourdain: Iran not what I expected (Parts Unknown)

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Tony says Iran is "neither East nor West, but always somewhere in the middle." The country far exceeded his expectations
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Manuel Ponce (8 hours ago)
I'm a Chicagoan, Old School Chicagoan, We believe that eating food from other countries brings People together. My Dad introduced My brothers and I, to Middle eastern, and Polish foods. Amazing Food. I wish everyone was open like that.
Papa Joe (9 hours ago)
So sad that such an astonishing culture is governed by complete ignorants.
Mcnugget Man (13 hours ago)
iran looks lit fr
Mahyar Fard (1 day ago)
god bless you Anthony. I am a Iranian guy . we have been suffering a lot from MSD because they have been misrepresenting iran,only negative.lots to cover here.poll after poll shows Iranian people are the most pro american .people love american ,only less than 5% of them who get money from government go to street and say down with usa, most of them they do not where usa is.the best allies in the meddle east but with isreal and saudi arabia moeny in america it never happens.hope for the peace all over the world which I am not optimistic about it at all .war brings money.
سوسن زنگنه (1 day ago)
When the government of Iran change we let every body from all the world come in our country and let you guys know us more
Dana Whitestein (1 day ago)
This is what Jewmerica wants to destroy.
John Hapsburg (1 day ago)
These people can be easily identified, and is a table full of israelis. These are not iranians. Nice theatrics though cnn.
John Hapsburg (1 day ago)
bourdain is a zionist scumbag. DOWN WITH ISRAEL ENEMY OF MANKIND
GODLoL2199 (2 days ago)
Rifat Hossain (2 days ago)
KRUKI ZERE (3 days ago)
Islam destroyd iran
Bangladesh ball (1 day ago)
KRUKI ZERE Islamic revolution*
Rosa Vera (3 days ago)
“If you don't like your guest you don’t put anything”, love it!, it talks about how welcome someone can be in a home, and because of it you should be respectful.
優さん (3 days ago)
After demonizing Iran for so long, perhaps it is time to make Iran look better and demonize someone else in its place Since war with Iran is clearly impractical and a lot of money is to be made there, there is little other choice
Anon Pakistani (3 days ago)
I love iran and farsi🇵🇰❤️🇮🇷
Astro Mars (3 days ago)
My brother just did a tour of Iran in bicycle...He did the same in Vietnam, England, Sweden, Germany and New Zealand. Iran was the one he likes the most because of their genuine hospitality and kindness...He was offered drinks, food and fruits along his ride. On top of it he was invited by many Iranians to their home to share a meal...
Astro Mars (3 days ago)
Is that what our enemy looks like? Hell let's invade them peacefully so we can enjoy their food!!!! We'll give them Apple and jeans in exchange...
Alireza Peiro (3 days ago)
come to our country
Keith Taylor (4 days ago)
I miss him . Pray he faked his death if people were after him. So unbelievable! He loves life!
John Smith (4 days ago)
Only CNN could play Arabic music on a Persian cusine documentary. 99 persent of iranian people can not behave like these Aristocrat hosts. Poor Anthony Bourdain!!! Total embrasement for CNN
brozors (4 days ago)
The male host was hilarious.
Tony Shakoori (4 days ago)
To the video maker;: Beautiful video but not persian music,,,,,,but whhhhhhy????.....lol Thanks to Anthony for visiting Iran and thanks to my people for taking good care of him. My condolences to Anthonys family. We will always have him in our hearts.
MAS MAS (4 days ago)
Iran is an ancient country with 8000 years of history. Rich culture beautiful nature . 4 season climate , hospitable people and amazing food .
Ela A (4 days ago)
I always thought when I saw Anthony that there was an underlying sadness in his eyes and I always thought of him as a very genuine honest person, who might be suffering this very superficial world. I think he just got caught in between what he loves and hates the most and thats the love for food and all the politics around being superficial and dishonest... wherever you are, l hope you are in peace <3
ALi Sevgi (4 days ago)
Love my neighbours
Arsalan Jamshidi (4 days ago)
RIP Bourdain. didnt watch much of your work to be honest. Fuck CNN while we're at it. yet thanks for showing the true side of the Iranian people. mannered, peaceful, loving, caring, and friendly.
Joel Weston (4 days ago)
besides they dont see woman as equals
Leftsouthstrike paw (5 days ago)
Whatever you may think of them...their food looks heavenly😍😍😍😍😍 wish I could taste some of it 🤗🤗🤗
Ibrahim (5 days ago)
This looks so good ! Lol I need to try out Persian food asap
contenau22 (5 days ago)
2:14 When you beat your women into submission and threat the world with nuclear weapons but don"t even care
Dorian Philotheates (5 days ago)
Respect for the superb ancient culture of Persia, and All Good Wishes to the wonderful Iranian people — from Greece
Normal Tim (5 days ago)
I love the colour pallette in their house it seems to have a nice consistency of autumny greens.
Haotian Zhong (5 days ago)
I love my Iranian classmates. They are nice.
10of Coinz (5 days ago)
I've always found Persians to be very graceful. Lovely people.
orangewedges (5 days ago)
Okay, I just fully had dinner but watching this makes me hungry all over again. Uggh, I miss Anthony Bourdain so much, too.
fuck jewmerica (5 days ago)
Eli Nosra (5 days ago)
Yum. YouTube knows I’m hungry right now for lunch. I’m gonna go heat up my last night’s left over Persian food, Loubya Polo (green beans rice with tomato and minced meat) with cucumber/mint yogurt. Loved that episode of Pats Unknown. Tony’s trip to my Iran. Yes, best Persian foods are made at home. Not restaurants. Although Kabab’s are great at restaurants.
Justin Huang (5 days ago)
Bourdain opening windows to nations of the world through taste buds and food
Common Sense Supreme (5 days ago)
Iran still has liberals duh! Iran, Egypt and Afghanistan used to be very much progressive as a result of "westernization", before the Islamic revolution happened. Bottom line : conservatives ruin everything. Islam is cancerous but these three countries still managed to be progressive.
jay cyrus (6 days ago)
Fariba Alimardani (6 days ago)
irfan khan (6 days ago)
R.I.P Bourdain
Sandro (6 days ago)
So many different People around the World are shoked because they loved anthony! RIP
Ivan Butterfly (6 days ago)
Why does Anthony keep looking round the house for things to strap around his neck?
Delores M (6 days ago)
Didnt he partake in a meal with a couple who also had American citizenship. They were eating on a veranda, and the couple was saying that although Iran is a dictatorship , everyday living has progressed. A few months later they were jailed for this conversation among otherb things, Can anyone clarify?
Michelle Thorson (6 days ago)
Iran culture sucks
Gloria Kadar (7 days ago)
I respect iran very sophisticated people greetings from mexico.
Alev Orgiy (7 days ago)
slaves of belly
David Walsh (7 days ago)
i like the iranians not the other guy
David Walsh (7 days ago)
user user (7 days ago)
Women monkeybranking create another suicide.
Arnold Davis (7 days ago)
Iran sucks so bad I'm going to kill myself
Sunil Thomas (7 days ago)
I would go to Iran before I would ever contemplate on traveling to Saudi Arabia.
ruffy (7 days ago)
You can see the genuine fun in his eyes. RIP tony
Bryan Lint (7 days ago)
Yaah, he looks like a man about to kill himself lol
John Ogburn (7 days ago)
What a peace maker god such a loss R.I.P Good and bad everywhere
Adam Q (7 days ago)
This is one rich family over there . Show the streets
alec petrossian (7 days ago)
My old country my hospitable nice people.
Msmira3 (7 days ago)
Thank you Anthony Bourdain for all what you gave humanity !
threeputt991 (7 days ago)
LOL CNN the newest porn site on the web. Featuring Stormy Daniels CNNs personal porn star. Also features Don Lemon and Anderson Cooper the two gay boys who dream bout other boys possibly little boys? The newest attraction is Avanati, the failed lawyer who owes millions in personal taxes and who knows what else. LOL CNN, hey, wake up, we think you have hit bottom!! Maybe try some real journalism, or change yur name to ESQUIRE, LOL. Was once a real CNN fan, but President Trump has turned you into a SHIT SANDWICH. PATHETIC!!
Nik Rahmat (7 days ago)
Let's have peace in the world.
Fran 1371 (7 days ago)
Rest in peace, can't be mad at you, you did your best , can't blame you for what you have done, you was a storyteller and you did it the best way. May you be at peace .
Marcus Figueroa (7 days ago)
And Trump wants to invade Iran. Fuck republicans
nazli bakhshi (7 days ago)
Rip from Iran 😢
mahchymk93 (7 days ago)
Yo that pic is upside down
Rommel the Cat (7 days ago)
Wow that looks great.
big spoon (7 days ago)
After watching this; I think we all should gather around the table and eat and share and forget.
Patton Kirkpatrick (7 days ago)
Looks pretty nice to me!
michaelthemovieman (7 days ago)
God, give it a rest with Bourdain already. He wasn't that great and he will NOT be missed.
Naveed syed (7 days ago)
Vee G K (7 days ago)
How come passion for food can bring different races, religions and cultures to one table but religion phenomenon can’t even tolerate other than their own kind...
RTV Phix (7 days ago)
Anthony Bourdain was a real one, rip.
zelen plav (7 days ago)
Anthony has good things to say about Iran and Gaza. The JDL and Mossad are not happy about that. They want us to think these people are terrorists and devils to be eradicated.
Y Song (7 days ago)
He was such a sensitive/sensible soul. Such an underrated artist. Bummer. Widest view of life--the most empathetic one, which is very hard to be.
Rata 4U (7 days ago)
But Iranians with wealth aren't very humble. There's a nasty side to them. And they are tight fisted with money. I think they should learn from Anthony how to live.
Rata 4U well maybe not on how to live after all
Tenac 300 (7 days ago)
The iranian government is the best but the iranian people are slaves of america
Cholo Palai (7 days ago)
The day when Iran government shall let women choose whether they want to wear hijab/burqa or not and let them take participate in economy,that would be the day I will believe Iran is not what it seem. Honestly you expect us to think that Iran is a good country just because their food is good? LoL. 😂😂
Arya Pourtabatabaie (7 days ago)
RIP Anthony.
D -mo ra 369 (7 days ago)
Iranian women the most beautiful of all!
Leandra Rivera (7 days ago)
Suscribe to my channel
Layla Qasrany (7 days ago)
He went to Saudi Arabia but not Yemen... what a loss.
Uncensored (8 days ago)
That guy has three wives
Zero Zero (8 days ago)
The people are always better than there leaders - Iran, Palestine, Russia, America...
red Indian (8 days ago)
Anthony where ever you are thank you for bringing the world closer to each other , the best way to avoid war? Travel to the country and blend in with it's people, we will miss you Bourdain
Ben Solo (8 days ago)
Evils aside, there is a lot to admire about Iran just like about Mr. Bourdain.
Knivens Beast (8 days ago)
pearlgarden29 (8 days ago)
What Anthony’s trying to say we are all humans at the end!!
2:01. Somos extremos!
davids11131113 (8 days ago)
Bourdain was the only thing good on CNN, the rest of it now is garbage.
if only Great food could bring us together we all be one big family RIP Anthony Bourdain
Jesse Myers (8 days ago)
Watching this made me really happy for some reason.. gave me goose bumps....after a lot of sadness upon Tony’s death...
Mirza Baig (8 days ago)
aft7676 (8 days ago)
Rest in peace Anthony Bourdain! Thank you for doing a show on Iran before you left. All of us who know you are saddened and heartbroken by your departure. It is just a depressing and maybe even frightening feeling to think of how you spend your last few minutes in life in your hotel room in France preparing yourself for the hanging. Loneliness and depression. Such a tragedy. Forgive us for not preventing your death!
Sun Temple (8 days ago)
I 💚 The Islamic republic of Iran.
Rafael Rodriguez (8 days ago)
Fuck Iran fuck Bourdain the junkie fuck Hussein obama but most of all fuck CNN fake news.ling live president trumo
the legend (7 days ago)
Rafael Rodriguez LOL, I live in the US you stupid piece of shit spic. Send your mother to Iran so she can get a taste of Persian dick, it will be the best mothers day gift I promise
Rafael Rodriguez (7 days ago)
the legend bye bye my little Muslim pretty soon your little country Will be in flames. Go Trump.
the legend (7 days ago)
Rafael Rodriguez If this was in real life, I would have my big persian dick up your mothers asshole & I would make you record it.
Rafael Rodriguez (7 days ago)
the legend say hi to your mom boy I'm your daddy
the legend (8 days ago)
fuck off spic
Henri Bastouri (8 days ago)
Right away they CNN claimed he committed sue side yep right like we believe it
iranam ir (8 days ago)
It's not Iranian music, it's Arabic
cyrus king (8 days ago)
Hospitality is big proud of iranian people. We love beautiful relationships with all of the world. We love America and any countries in the world. We dont have enemy. We are people of iran with love and peace. ....
The Scoop! (8 days ago)
People think of Persians as if they were Arab. With all due respect to Arabs, like Americans, Arabs are brash and cocky. Iranians are much more courteous and gentle. I live in an area with a lot of Persians. They're wonderful people.
Jeff MK (8 days ago)
If you watch the full episode 2 of his guests disappeared and he had to live with that
Lionheart1200 (8 days ago)
I will miss you, rest in peace.

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