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Was Star Trek Enterprise Really That Bad?

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Text Comments (2246)
Joseph McDermott (15 hours ago)
We had a huge problem in Australia where some time around Voyager season 4 or 5, and DS9 season 6, broadcasting on the prime channel (Channel 9/WIN/NBN) was significantly delayed or changed or something, and Star Trek completely stopped broadcasting. As a result, many of us just lost interest and were kinda exhausted after First Contact. I'm not sure when new episodes started showing again but I just assumed that the Federation beat the Dominion (as alluded to in Insurrection) and that Voyager got home (as alluded to in Nemesis).
MasterStryfe (1 day ago)
I always thought the pilot was garbage. Pretentious, sexualized, action over stories, etc.
avazian (2 days ago)
I thought Enterprise was great. The ART DIRECTION was superior and more realistic (the ship, uniforms, consoles, medical bay, showers, de-contamination room, etc - - I don't see people in the future wearing skin-tight spandex jumpsuits w/zippers up the back - - like TNG, DP9, Voyager). Phlox was a little creepy (asking others to sleep w/his wife). I enjoyed the pacing. And loved how they connected it as being not-TOO-distant from the current NASA type of program.
The Lenawee Trekker (2 days ago)
Spock explained in the episode "Balance of Terror" how the ships of the Romulan War were equipped. Since Star Trek Enterprise takes place before the Romulan War, there are major continuity issues with this series. The is also the universal truth; prequels don't work. However, Star Trek Enterprise is lightyears beyond recent offerings from Paramount. I never thought STE would be seen as anything but a waste of time, until STD. Never challenge worse!
James Savik (2 days ago)
Oh God... the 80s hairband into music was truly cringe worthy.
Iron Fist Dragon (3 days ago)
reminds me of a deep space nine episode where the writes wrote in no uncertain terms that making it a dream "guts the story".
slh950 (6 days ago)
I loved Enterprise ... though I thought the Xindi were a weak 'enemy' , too similar to the Dominion and trying to hard to fit the 'formula' of a big enemy that was not needed
DevilDocNowCiv (7 days ago)
Thanks, Dave. I was always a big fan of Enterprise, and the review of it you gave gives me perspective on it that explains the dislike I read about in this or that comment or article, or hear tossed off in conversation in a vid. To me, the whole thing was good, from what I thought was an inspirational theme song and show montage, The go-go humanity song, and the theme of continuity of the ship-name Enterprise from the Brits under sail, to the USA, to Star Fleet. And the ending of your vid - better than Disco? I think its unanimous among most fans. I suspect that the people who like the show the most became fans during the most recent movies.
SubOrbitalBen (7 days ago)
Really good series. CGI was better because it got cheaper by then.
Bill Malec (7 days ago)
I completely enjoyed the series. Thought it was great. Vastly better than Voyager but that's not saying too much. For me they go TNG, Enterprise, TOS, and the rest of them.
x30 king kai fist guy (8 days ago)
I luv it its not the best but has many ( a few ) great episodes
Johnny J (9 days ago)
"I would argue, much better Star Trek canon than Discovery"... Come on!! Not only is Enterprise severely unerrated - even by you Dave - STD is not even close to being Trek.. Enterprise is pretty damn good throughout all 4 years. True that the last 2 years hit their stride (and I think 3 is better than 4 overall) but there's so much to like in series 1&2. This is mainly to do with the concept itself - as well as the high production values.. I do remember when it first came out - the feeling that it was a wasted opportunity being yet another prequel or retread etc.. but if you start from scratch - looking at it as a whole - a cross between TOS and The Motion Picture - it's a perfect foundational story for the Federation, and Roddenberry's philosophy. It's a perfect world building of Trek, FX and production design, right down to the costumes and the makeup. Everyone's clearly firing on all cylinders to create a believable backstory explaing how Earth escapes our dystopia to make it into Kirk's rational 'utopia'. There's so much to like from the beginning, especially how much all the characters feel very real and how they seem to organically reach an understanding of our place in the universe.
Chris Leathco (9 days ago)
I loved season 3, and parts of season 4
Shawn Lion (9 days ago)
I gave the show two seasons. Afterward, I could not continue to watch it. Many of the characters were not utilized, they drop the Temporal Cold War ( they never showed who the Mysterious Man was that the Sublians reported to), and I could not get into the Xindi Arc. Maybe if they had fixed these things earlier rather than try to do a Hail Mary in the last season, I would have stuck around.
Mary Valentine (10 days ago)
I really liked Enterprise and I so wish it would have gone on longer. I am mystified as to why it only had 4 seasons. The writing was very good, but I thought the weakest element was the the attempts at making it episodic. I thought the Xindi and the Temporal Cold War thing was a little boring, with the former being the most annoying as an ongoing theme. I revelled in the pompous, condescending attitude of the Vulcans, (which I picked up on even as a kid when I watched TOS!) And the Andorians! Oh my gosh, what a wonderfully pugnacious bunch they were on this series! I liked all the regular characters very much. They were nicely fleshed out, and the actors projected an excellent chemistry– and all performing extremely well. Dr. Phlox was so entertaining and funny. Loved how his cures were a delicious mix of ultra advanced futuristic science and buckets of leeches! What a weird juxtaposition! I liked the "feel" of the ship's interiors- very tight, submarine-like atmosphere/structure which was much, much more "realistic" to me than any other Star Trek ship interior. I liked that transporters were kind of creepy and scary... because they ARE creepy and scary! I liked the way they had to fly by the seats of their pants a lot and weaponry/defensive capabilities were kind of funky. Yeah, great series.
Daniel Johnson (11 days ago)
I loved the xindi arc too.
Ben penney (11 days ago)
I thought it was brilliant
danieljckson (13 days ago)
Before watching the video I need to say YES it really was. I have Voyager, DS9, and Enterprise and I have tried several times to give Enterprise a fair shake but I rarely make it through the series. Its just awful... The first couple of seasons weren't too bad but the show should have gotten better once they got their footing but it didn't. Terrible writing that definitely felt like the writers had no idea what they were doing and just made it up as they went along. Awful acting.... The show was so bad I want to burn my hard drive because deleting it isn't good enough. Almost as bad as Stargate Universe!
jonathan goode (15 days ago)
I like Star Trek Enterprise it was a pretty good series and I liked it when they included the Space Marines which is what they should do in Star Trek discovery overall I really like Star Trek Enterprise it was great except for that theme song that had to go thank you for posting this video
ridernotlook (16 days ago)
Star Trek from Next Gen to the end of Enterprise was mostly boring and staid but with a lot of exceptions. Enterprise had some good eps in its last season. After the other shows failed to grab me and I gave them all a huge chance, I gave up on Enterprise after the first few episodes, knowing it was not what I wanted. I never gave it a chance but saw season four on sy fy years later. it was okay. TOS is the best Trek.
SHERMAN YOUNG (18 days ago)
The thing that I thought was really bad about the show was the Doctor, nothing against the actor, but this had to be the worst doctor out of all the star trek programs, his style of medicine was a cross between ,medevial dark ages and a voddoo whitch doctor 😂😂😂, his cure for everything was blood worms, leeches,bat dropping s,or some strange looking cream 😂😂😂🤣..comon man! Aren't they supposed to be in the 22nd or 23rd century 🤔😁I thought medical science was supposed to go forward not backwards 😂😂🤣🤣
Ken Burke (18 days ago)
Enterprise would have worked out if whoever had been responsible for it had sat down and thought things through. It presented some good concepts (like presenting the Vulcans as less-than-noble) but then starting screwing with the Star Trek canon big time (like having the Enterprise meet the Ferengi, Tholians, and Borg before they were supposed to have). Ah, what could have been!!!
Crystal Ion (19 days ago)
I loved how Vulcans were portrayed in Enterprise. For one of the most important species in the Federation I always thought they needed more development then just cold. My only regret was T'Pol and Tucker not developing further
Darrell Beam (20 days ago)
Enterprise's problem was the fact that it wasn't in even half the homes in the country. UPN was not picked up by many companies. Combine that with Treks elephant in the room problem, it was doomed before it started. If your wandering what the elephant in the room problem is I'll tell you. Trek has never made good enough ratings to survive on big network TV. This is why the first three spin offs were direct to syndication. Had more companies broadcast UPN, I suspect the national aggregated ratings would have been good enough for a niche network.
Erik Ray (20 days ago)
I thought it is the best out of all the series. I wish they would have had more than four seasons.
S Tho (20 days ago)
So in conclusion you feel that, though mostly bad and plodding with a VERY badly written last episode, it is much better than STD, so it must be, by contrast, good. Actually I liked more of the first year than many viewers. I, however, always hated the temporal cold war that was pure comic book stuff, and Archer's recurring arch enemy THE MASTER. Enterprise should have just, 1) established the Klingons as fiercely territorial (did that) a) why some look human (well done there) 2) established why humans often didn't like Vulcans (did that) a) they were racist snobs themselves b) they were duplicitous but pretended to be super virtuous 3) established the Andorians and Tellurites (did that) 4) explained Orion (a sexy and good episode but inconsistent with TOS) 5) explained WHY United Earth and Colonies got to basically run the Federation when obviously older and more experienced races existed in it. I'll give them a B+ for that. The Federation is basically 1966 NATO. How did the US get in charge and come from behind with the smallest standing army in Earth in 1939 to nearly run NATO by 1964. Simple, the old powers, even allies, mistrusted each other so deeply and had so many ancient beefs. The US came through WWII in a leadership position militarily as, unlike in WWI, the US ramped up for war very quickly and was the only nation that came out of it without severe domestic destruction and with cash on hand. Small nations that hated their old colonial overlords could turn to either the US or the USSR as a fresh start in supporting independence. It didn't always work out but in 1964 Americans were super optimistic. The Xendi war was probably meant to be the Romulan War, to be the WWII metaphor. However since 911 and the European Terrorist hits, they wrote up an enemy that matched the times. The Romulans were supposed to be a metaphor for the Japanese or the Chinese. Both of those were now our fast friends in 2001 so, they passed and gave Romulus a role in helping explain why the virtuous Vulcans of the 23rd century were corrupted in the 22nd. Oh the last episode was basically lifted from the 4th season finale of Babylon 5, and done very badly. Plagerism often is. In a Mirror Darkly was fun fan service as Bizarro Superman was for kids. 1967 Mirror Mirror was lifted from Ellison's original script for City on the Edge of Forever, so the origin of that Terrain Empire was always the non death of Edith Keelor the pacifistic. Truly ironic. Thus Chochran was already a pirate. He didn't start it.
The94GTC (20 days ago)
I grew up when the original was on TV, and watch next generation. I didn’t like voyager. To “ me” it was as good or better than any of them.
Ettoredipugnar (21 days ago)
I loved it !
Derek Lariviere (22 days ago)
Craig Brown (22 days ago)
You never mentioned "Cogenitor", which I believe to be one of the finest Star Trek episodes. When Captain Archer told Trip of it's suicide, you felt all his emotions in that scene. He meant well, but meddling in another species' culture cost lives. You know why I say "it" and not "she".
tasan215 (22 days ago)
My favorite star trek series are; 1. Voyager 2. TNG 3. TOS 4. Enterprise 5. Discovery 6. DS9
Alex Holub (22 days ago)
I enjoyed Enterprise quite a bit. In reference to the Klingons, I think in TNG it was said the Klingon Empire had many different races within it. They didn't have to have the doctor perform some "fancy footwork" to create a more human looking Klingon.
EnquiringEyes4Truth (22 days ago)
Its still I think the same old story. Whats that? They did not employ real science fiction writers to write their stories. People who can sell books win awards, science fiction books, science fiction awards.
Hotel Traveler (22 days ago)
I really liked Star Trek Enterprise and was upset at how they ended it. They should have given it at least one more season.
James (23 days ago)
Considering what we are stuck with today I’ve learnt to appreciate star trek enterprise all the more.
... I like the opening theme song.
William H. Baird (24 days ago)
Star Trek Enterprise was a fine show especialy the third season~!
Neuro Weaver (24 days ago)
People thought it was the worst. Then ST-D said: "hold my cosmopolitan".
Arkantos (24 days ago)
I found Enterprise really comfy and of higher quality than Voyager. I'd even rate its 3rd/4th seasons over TOS.
mentalworkout (24 days ago)
hottest girls in star trek
N7Mith (24 days ago)
I couldn't agree more. The first two seasons were mostly terrible, but the third and fourth more than made up for that.
Pats Lost (25 days ago)
The Xindi story line ruined this show. I read that the original plan was to have the Romulan War be a large part of this show. Why they even did the Xindi thing is beyond me. It served absolutely no purpose. It was almost a reboot of Voyagers first season..
jsprite123 (25 days ago)
Sorry, I really tried but I couldn't get into Enterprise. AS far as I am concerned, bad casting and bad (read superficial and monotonous) characters were written in. I get why T'Pol was written in, she had the boobs but she was no Seven of Nine. And Archer never convinced as a captain worth of following in the footsteps of his predecessors.
Malik Hedir (26 days ago)
Star trek Enterprise was a better show than Discovery
sungleong (26 days ago)
fourth season was great, but too late.
Chaos_ 82 (26 days ago)
Liked the show HATED the fucking intro
Ladderthief1 (26 days ago)
I didn't like Enterprise when it first aired but I'm looking forward to giving it another shot. Right now I'm going through DS9 since I missed a good chunk of that series during it's run and then I'll move on to Enterprise.
Lightsaber Addict (26 days ago)
I loved Enterprise.
Tom Griffiths (27 days ago)
The mirror universe ones were the best...the end was horribles
emvitt (27 days ago)
The only thing bad is because they killed Trip and We would like 7 seasons.
Gabriel G (27 days ago)
What, is the best one ever
Mark Bivens (27 days ago)
The Knuckleheads at Paramount screwed us , Enterprise it was getting ready to bust out and could have been a great addition to Star Trek Legacy but then the PC snowflakes got ahold of the Star Trek Legacy and brought us discovery, it's such a sorry show I've only seen the first two episodes and that's it ,not even going to bother with it such a waste of good Sci-fi.
Sterling Archer (28 days ago)
tip to everyone: never watch the last two episodes of any show you like, it never ends well.
More Faves (29 days ago)
Great review. I will always feel Season 4 of Enterprise, minus the 1st and last episodes, was my favorite season of any Trek show. Manny Coto got what the show should have been all along. As for the last episode, If the show was ending, it should have ended with Archer's speech that we should have been allowed to see.
SwordsmanRyan (1 month ago)
The first couple seasons proved why it was such a good show. The first season of TNG is near unwatchable. DS9’s first couple seasons were a mess. Voyager sucked until the Kazon storyline ended. Enterprise was good from the first episode.
Matthew Sechrist (1 month ago)
Regeneration is in your best episodes category? I agree, there are some good episodes in the first two seasons, but this one was a huge stretch.
Ken Lackner (1 month ago)
Fully agree, including it being better canon than Discovery. To this day I am sad that Enterprise was struck down in its prime.
cometandcupids (1 month ago)
The show suffered the same fate as the original series. Both low rated shows and moved to Fridays where it all ended.
Robbie Gable (1 month ago)
This show made me enjoy Andorians. We never got much of them in other Star Treks and I really do wish we did.
Mike D (1 month ago)
Had put off watching Enterprise for years and finally watched it. Was pleasantly surprised. I even liked the first two season. Felt like they did well to illustrate the initial struggles humanity would face in its first encounters. Comm issues, weak ship/weapons and a crew scared of the teleporter made the mundane seem more intense. Very unfortunate that they only got 4 seasons.
Jamie D (1 month ago)
The fourth season saw the writing team of Garfield and Judith Reeves-Stevens, authors of some of the greatest Stat Trek extended universe novels as story editors. They supervised the stories in season 4 and wisely did away with the Temporal Cold-War and used the season 3 closer to blend in with Storm Front to end that story arc so they were then free to focus on the more anticipated legacy episodes and they did it brilliantly. The idea of 2-4 episode mini-arcs was an excellent idea and it is a great pity that the show wasn't extended from there. Indeed, in one of the special features Braga claimed that there were around 50 stations in the south, in and around Texas, I believe, who were contracted to broadcast the show, but weren't, and I think Dave's assertion of the glut of new networks and channels would also have greatly contributed to it's demise.
Roman Legion (1 month ago)
Better than Discovery.Thats saying something.
Suzumiya Haruhi (1 month ago)
For anyone liking Enterprise, go read Birth of the Federation novels, they ARE good!
h347h (1 month ago)
Seasons 1&2 are good. The rest is meh, I didn't hate them or like them.
Bu11pup (1 month ago)
Prefered enterprise over voyager.Pity it got cancelled.Cant believe it was 13 years ago.
judgeomega (1 month ago)
how is this even a question? evil nazi time traveling aliens! that alone invalidates all other possible achievements.
Xitlalic Faraday (1 month ago)
I don’t understand the disdain for Star Trek Discovery. I think it’s a solid start for something different. Leaving the campiness behind and trying something a little more cohesive. I agree it has its problems but so do the rest of the series in Star Trek.
snailmessia (1 month ago)
I have to admit that the one person that really takes away from the show, is Archer. You can see he is a stage actor, and I can never get in to him and the cheese thing with his dog. I've watched the full show 3 times, and it does grow on me, however the intro music is just a Christian arena church song, which I really CAN'T take in any way shape or form.
Wiz Bud (1 month ago)
First Flight was one of the best Star Trek episodes ever. The Robinson Nebula line gets me every time.
Enkarashaddam (1 month ago)
And the theme song. Don't forget the theme song. And not post-Voyager
Daniel Mashmann (1 month ago)
Far from my favorite Star Trek, but it has been redeemed....with the release of Star Trek Discovery. Star Trek Enterprise is a lot like the Prequels of Star Wars Terrible but offered Decent story and some good backstory for the Originals, but never had the same success, and was often hailed as terrible...until the release of the most recent trilogy.
Mario Gonzalez (1 month ago)
Unpopular opinion: Star Trek Enterprise one of the best series since the Original Series.
Phil Harlow (1 month ago)
Enterprise lost its way after the 1st Season. The mirror universe episode was The best on
Simone Gnaccarini (1 month ago)
Enterprise is perfect.
Hisfamiarr (1 month ago)
i think startrek enterprise is the best season from all! maybe a good start for the other in the future times seasons. i was never a startrek fan. but cause startrek enterprise + Scott Bakula + the epic intro, i am now a startrek fan. if there guys says startrek enterprise would be bad, why i should look the other seasons? startrek enterprise is the best from startrek i ever saw, and a good start for all startrekers.
JafuetTheSame (1 month ago)
it was good...
Hauptman Walder (1 month ago)
I'm with a lot of others, here...the first two seasons were Very good. And I thought there was SO Much potential for exploring the history leading up to TOS. But that was ignored, and when Nazi Aliens showed up in an Invaded America -- that's when I gave up. The whole Temporal Cold War was a mistake but THAT put the cap on it for this life-long Trekker.
Harbingerof Reason (1 month ago)
I think the second two seasons were amazing and could compete with DS9 and TNG at their best.
Valentino Vitez (1 month ago)
Trip . . . is not . . . dead.
Steve Benton (1 month ago)
@5:00 - you show something quite important. Why Klingons looked more like humans in TOS. How the HELL are they going to resolve this one in DISCO?
scallator1 (1 month ago)
No matter how bad you think it was, Voyager was so much worse.
Matthew Dick (1 month ago)
seasons 3 and 4 were great too bad they didn't start that good
Rhubba (1 month ago)
Was Enterprise truly bad? I don't think so.  Did it underperform? Definitely.  The trouble was that it had a premise that was genuinely interesting and every so often it would play to it; of the early steps of Star Fleet, the meeting of the core, canon alien races, the origins of the Federation....but in the end it kept on defaulting to the Next Generation template for stories.  It was meant to be lower tech but that didn't amount to much:  A phase pistol was just a phaser, charged hull plating was just deflector shields by another name and the transporter still worked like the later models.
Bring Back Enterprise (1 month ago)
Grew up with TOS and came to know Enterprise after cancellation. It deserves to be brought back. Bring Back Enterprise.
Ysckemia (1 month ago)
dammit, now i want to rewatch the whole series! i liked Enterprise, Captain Archer, i found him refreshing. and my partner found T'Pol's boobs refreshing.
Simon Wood (1 month ago)
Taste (i.e. what is "good" or "bad") in TV is a matter of subjective opinion, and no-one's subjective opinions can be proven. Star Trek Enterprise is my favourite Star Trek series. I liked the uniforms, the first meetings with various alien races, the origin stories of various kinds of technology used in later Star Trek shows, the characters, and so on. I found much of Star Trek Enterprise more believable than the Star Trek shows set later in time, because it was closer to real life technology.
Lance37a (1 month ago)
Yes it was, next question.
TheyCalledMeT (1 month ago)
before the video even started ... it is my favorite one .. what the f .. is so bad about it?
jerico641 (1 month ago)
Yeah, now all we have to do is go back and find out why the Romulans suddenly grew big "Vs" on their foreheads...
jerico641 (1 month ago)
Episodes like "Stigma" and "Cogenetor" were fantastic, IMO. They reflected the best of what ST is all about; reflecting the foibles and prejudices of modern society in a futuristic setting, and making us take a hard look at ourselves.
Jamie Penrose (1 month ago)
Over all I liked the series. However they spent way too munch time in the Expanse. A full season was too long backed up by some crap episodes during their time in there. Over the last few seasons there were some gems. One of my all time favourite Star Trek episodes was Carbon Creek. I know opinions are subjective but I feel it was well written and had a good story line.
David Siebert (1 month ago)
No, you are wrong. The Xindi arc was terrible as was the Temporal cold war. If they had kept to the birth of the Federation it would have been much better. Even a lot of what you think are good episodes are not part of the Cold War. You are right about the last episode. It sucked.
TheUmbrella1976 (1 month ago)
It certainly was much better than ST:DIS! Much MUCH better!
Jerome Burks (1 month ago)
It's a matter of opinion.Its bassed on what you were expecting. The theam song threw me off. Not grand enough.
xwx.fred (1 month ago)
The acting was terrible, all except Tucker. The script wasn't very well written either. Reed's character is flat and inconsistent, a dedicated solider at one moment, and a whiny little nuisance the next. The MACO characters are a lot more likable than half the main characters. Also, even accounting for the navy-army differences, doesn't Major outrank Lieutenant?
Coleman Mulkerin (1 month ago)
I enjoyed Enterprise. I watched it with my girlfriend and we were enjoying the Trip/T'pol relationship. The episode before the end they hint that they might be open to a child. However, in the finale they: 1. Indicate that they had grown apart over the years. 2. Killed off Trip in a unsatisfactory way 3. Don't let them at least have a child. it was completely jarring and an insult to the viewers who had invested in the characters. And that was only one thing I did not like about the finale.
Andrew Williams (1 month ago)
Compared to STD it's amazing.
irolaan (1 month ago)
In any way, Enterprise was far, far better than Discovery!
Muon Ray (1 month ago)
Star Trek Enterprise was actually the first series of Star Trek I watched in its completion. I really loved the politics of the series, especially considering that it was set during a time when the various alien species were not unified in any way and thus really did appear as though they were living in a bigger, less homogenized quadrant of the galaxy. I particularly loved how the captain was in a conflict between his friendship with the Andorians and his resentment but nonetheless reliance on the Vulcans who were acting as gatekeepers and perhaps even as a shadow government to mankind's presence in space. We really got to see a bit more of the dark side of the Star Trek universe through this series too - many topics were covered in it by proxy - terrorism, drugs, discrimination, warfare and its effects and they were not done for pure ideological reasons they just naturally blossomed from the show's episodes and interlinked very well. The show had effort behind it and I think, with the exception of the last couple of episodes in the 4th season (which were not great) it was a very good series and should have continued.
abonny (1 month ago)
I always had a soft spot for this show. Always like Scott Bakula (since Quantum Leap) and was VERY happy when he was announced as the new captain. In the first episode, when the Enterprise leaves the dock, I had tears in my eyes. I actually liked seasons 1 and 2, even though I was aching for a throughline for the show. I absolutely LOVED season 3 with all it's questionable decisions made by the crew in impossible situations. I also loved season 4 and was utterly devastated when it was cancelled... and even more so when the final episode almost felt like an insult to all the Trekkies who abandoned this show. You wanna hear Archer's big speech to start the Federation? Well, maybe if you had watched the show... but now we are not giving it to you! Riker: "Computer, end program."

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