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Senator's Trump claim astounds Erin Burnett

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CNN's Erin Burnett asks Sen. Jim Risch (R-ID) about President Trump saying he trusts Kim Jong Un after meeting him.
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Hot Boy (1 hour ago)
Lol she wack 🤦🏽‍♂️
tensne12day (23 hours ago)
Bootlicking Trumptard,
Michel Appolo (1 day ago)
I damn never saw this interview on air ??!!!
Michel Appolo (1 day ago)
E Burnett is another hysterical CNN staff who get MAD when guest don(t let them steered as CNN wants !!
Lori Elliott (4 days ago)
You sold your soul to the devil.
kath2ndrew (5 days ago)
This woman is a pompous ass! CNN has no credibility in the eyes of the world after all the crap and rhetoric they spew! All you get out of CNN is criticism and ridicule, let's see what they have to say when he gets a signed agreement! She is trite, and will never give the American President any credit, so if I was in the government, I would not even speak to this network, why grant them interviews when all they are subjected to is rude and trite comments?
Tammy Tierney (5 days ago)
No evidence of any nuclear activity for some time, doesn't mean shite.
Garry Cartwright (5 days ago)
Trump sets up America's concentration camp for children.
N J (5 days ago)
CNN 'journalists' get so emotional, it's like they're actually children. They are itching to virtue signal at every opportunity and downplay every single Trump achievement. Face it Dems, Obummer failed to make any intelligent foreign policy decisions during his tenure, and within 2 years of Trump being elected, thanks to his leadership and threats, you may finally not have to face the prospect of your country being turned into radioactive ash from NK, yet you libtards won't give him a SHRED of credit.
j mcd (5 days ago)
This Senator is a fool. Believing the ultimate con man. Trump can't read. How stupid is this man. Trump is in love with dictators. 120 days ago Trump created the the crisis.
equesdeventusoccasus (6 days ago)
It occurs to me that the Trumpites are stuck on the fact that we are in such a better place than we were 120 days ago. It makes me curious as to if the entire thing wasn't an elaborate display of counterfeit brinkmanship. Were things really as bad as we were led to believe? Has the president played 4-D chess as he is wont to say and if so does he have at least a 2-D grasp of the game? For all the world's sake I hope so. My greatest fear is the answer is one dimensional.
" denuclularization of the peninsula", putin just creamed in the senaturds torn $3000 russian jeans (stains to show soon)
fastermx (7 days ago)
When Trump reported to us about the summit, he didn't give his own people even ONE WORD of reassurance that Kim Jung Un will have to allow verification of any kind. Every word he said was in praise. Not one word of reassurance, not one word of explanation about how and why he came to trust this dictator. But we can guess, because Trump has already said he'd like to be president for life. That puts him smack into Kim's own ball court. Two dictators. Since he said not one word about verification, it means there IS no verification. If he calls off the war games in S. Korea, there's a huge chance that Kim will use it to beef up his own military, their positions, their armaments, and he may even choose to use some. If the U.S. bases are prohibited from acting, he'll be able to do a hell of a lot of damage to S. Korea. And I think that's precisely what BOTH dictators want. But they'll still be wagging their whangers at one another, of course. Partnerships between predators are transitory, by definition. They end up with a feeding frenzy. I don't want to think of what will happen if these two dictators decide to have a feeding frenzy and prey on one another. "My button's bigger than your button." will take on real-world meaning for everyone on earth. It has been known, since before the inauguration, that Trump is literally DROOLING to nuke somebody. He asked his security advisers, before the inauguration, why it is that we have so many nukes, yet don't use ANY of them. What does that say to you? I can imagine that his staff has already had to hold him down, literally, when he went into a snit and wanted to push his big button. They may not always be able to succeed. Then, guess what?
flor wast (7 days ago)
We have more traitors than patriots in congress. Russia bought a LOT of them...
Paul Robinson (7 days ago)
trump makes Chamberlain look like a misunderstanding.
Gandalf (7 days ago)
Wow,reality,what a tricky concept.
Kevin Nelson (7 days ago)
Our liar in Chief is corrupt crook conman his tax scam along with his using tariff on our allies while making sure his daughter gets China's trade marks and the Trump organization 500 million deal in indo China the biggest liar conman corrupt adulterous braggart incompetent morally bankrupt moron idiot totally devoid of any kind of ethics...how can anyone support a man that doesn't have that ability to tell the Truth.
James Linegar (7 days ago)
Yes he "trusts the guy." But it's trust, then verify, Wait awhile, Smiley Brunette, and  Trump will get it done. Don't claim failure till you see the final result.
Colleen Punt (7 days ago)
When Trump was calling Kim Jong UN Little Rocket Man, that he had a bigger button than Kim did...CNN, MSNBC, were weeping and wailing Trump was going to cause a nuclear war....now that Trump is getting along with Kim, CNN, MSNBC....now they demand Trump rip Kim's face off....Trump is damned if he does and damned if he doesn't with Fake News...they're wish is for Trump to fail in N. Korea...sick old fake news...how do they have any viewers?
narpies gallo (7 days ago)
A bad place that Trump started !
T-23 Hamilton (8 days ago)
full of it
Andy Clarke (8 days ago)
Trump: the fart of the deal.
Joanne MacDonald (8 days ago)
Senator Jim Risch. Leave it to Trump to pick a right wing Trump Clinger (Risch) to be involved in a North Korean Peace Treaty. The good Senator is almost seemingly ready to ask when Trump's Nobel Peace prize will be awarded. There was nothing legal in the agreement .. they agreed to agree to talk. THAT'S IT! Trump returns, all puffed up and tweets for America to sleep well ... the nuclear threat to our country has been taken care of .. by Trump. Seriously? Give me a break! "Chairman Kim "loves his people? Risch is advocating for OUR total acceptance of the liar Trump's words and I, for one, am not buying it! MAY GOD BLESS AMERICA 🇺🇸
Michael Dodds (8 days ago)
I don't know what it is about Trump that he makes everyone of his supporters become ass licking sycophants incapable it seems, of individual thought processes. The Trump Collective.
B64G (8 days ago)
So these Trump backers call truth spin and they call spin truth. I feel like we are in an upsidedown world.
Jonathan (8 days ago)
I am constantly impressed with Erin Burnett. Great job Erin. I love you.
sandy mcmichen (8 days ago)
What does she want?! Give it time! She is spinning it like a top! The sanctions are still in effect.
Ray mond (9 days ago)
Trump didn't get all of NK nukes...all Trump got was a signature.
Frieda (9 days ago)
Erin = Savage!
Frieda (9 days ago)
LOL!!! What the freak are you even saying, Risch!? "You have to be naive to believe...(What!?)...the words coming out of Donald J Trump's mouth!" OMG, bye, Felecia.
Rod DC (9 days ago)
republicans lost their balls, they are all Donald's bitches.
K Ham (9 days ago)
Erin looks down all the time. She's one of those people who doesnt listen. She is always thinking about what she is going to say next. I don't like her interviews. It's just bad form as a tv journalist. Sorry. Just my opinion
David Birch (9 days ago)
Let’s have a nuclear war instead!
teddybeardustin (9 days ago)
Just ask him direct what it's like to be blowing a guy while he's blowing a North Korean dictator. Then tell him to get the fuck out once he starts to get pissy about the question. Fuck talking to these people like they deserve respect.
Joe Smith (9 days ago)
FAKE NEWS NETWORK is sinking fast viewers are down 25% from last year WOW!! What place are you in now ROTFL was 13th behind Scooby Doo reruns!! HAHAHAHA Love it. Will the last Dirty Dem turn out the lights please??
Joe Smith (9 days ago)
Look at her face in the pic LMAO. SHe wasnt smiling in the last pic when she had that load in her eye. it looked so sore LMAO !! Load eye keep swallowing or always wear safety glasses just saying!!
Mark Keller (9 days ago)
Republicans: Off the rails.
Yajaira Ramos (9 days ago)
Wow unbelievable!!!
Yajaira Ramos (9 days ago)
Hitler n his mob circus !!!!!!
Francis Sanchez (9 days ago)
But does he know how to spell VERIFICATION? This guy is a total twit and moron, notice he doesn’t address anything put to him...
Mr Bogart (9 days ago)
He's a fuckn killer, ya goose.
Renee Renee (9 days ago)
Trump is getting richer and his supporters are getting poorer! 😂
mikean1123 (10 days ago)
Michelle Ashwood (10 days ago)
Michelle Ashwood (10 days ago)
CNN is a Fucking JOKE
Christopher X (10 days ago)
Flaherty is a buisness/negotiating tactic. Duhhhhhhhh. Either CNN is really stupid or committed to deception.
Robert Williams (10 days ago)
i think its very fortunate for the World that CNN isn't running America
Carlos Pelaez (10 days ago)
That is a shitty senator 😱
David Carrero (10 days ago)
Koolaide drinkers.Fuck Kim.
jim tin (10 days ago)
imagine the ignorance of the people who elected this cl;own
DianeD08 (10 days ago)
North Korea lie. And trump is a patalogique lier
DianeD08 (10 days ago)
What I think Kim realize in the history of USA, was the time to do something. Trump is the president he need, and he is profiting of this moron president.
DianeD08 (10 days ago)
Trump treat Kim like he was in love. Kim is a brutal dictator. How Americans could accept this. Kim is winning everything.
prevalain (10 days ago)
Trump has given Kim precisely what North Korea wanted! The assurance Kim is a "Head of State": that is precisely what came out of the meeting according to North Korean newscasts. As for the rest, precisely what Trump expects, I see no reason why Kim would give what Trump expects, reneging on those goals North Korea has been pursuing for decades. Regarding the Iran Nuclear Deal, Teheran has complied on the terms of the deal concerning development of nuclear weapons. What is going wrong with Iran is its ballistic missile program and its support of terrorist groups. But that could have been the subject of a second deal and on another agreement. And that is what Trump never understood ore never wanted to understand. Why? God only knows. What I do see in all of Trump's decisions since he entered the Ova Office is that he systematically seeks to destry what the Obama Administration has put into place.
Sevi Regis (10 days ago)
That senator is full of baloney, twisting everything around, but Erin is wrangling with him effectively. Trump has political munchausen's syndrome, he sets the fire, then comes like a hero to save the victims from the calamity he created.
140 Ex (10 days ago)
They blasted Obama for just suggesting he'd meet with N Korea's leader. But now that's all ok because Trump did it. Total hypocrisy.
lenspaulding (10 days ago)
I would like to see Erin Burnett naked.....but she is not the sharpest tool in the shed!
Paulos Amare (10 days ago)
Good job Erin
Paulos Amare (10 days ago)
This Senator is a clown...
Thomas Garty (10 days ago)
This guy is just another Republican ass kisser .
Thomas Garty (10 days ago)
Trump is envious of Dictators powers ,so look out he wants to be a Dictator.
Lyonen Cheeten (10 days ago)
why is he on? its the same bullshit they all say!
Lyonen Cheeten (10 days ago)
Stop bringing these asshole shills on!
James MacDonald (10 days ago)
where did they find this stupid gimp?
Robin Turner (10 days ago)
I think she came from cnbc
whitney matthew (10 days ago)
Seeing is believing Kim jong un shake trump' s hand as sign of agreements
Matt Foster (10 days ago)
...right...you go with that
rvborgh (10 days ago)
Erin doesn't seem understand that Trump has been talking to Kim for at least 3 months already :) There is so much going on behind the scenes that reporters don't know... that its kind of even pointless to watch the news... at least this type of supposed "news" where she doesn't have all the pieces to fit together and trying to mentally jigger things together in real time. She also doesn't seem to understand the Asian mentality about relationship, and saving/giving face... which Trump obviously does... since he's definitely giving good face to Kim... For some reason she also doesn't understand that you aren't going to get anywhere at all with forming a relationship with a person if you are bringing up all their past faults. Trump is deftly giving Kim a one time chance... to evolve into a better person, to start down a better and more prosperous path, all the while gaining a lot of face with his own people (he can say that he got the US to stop exercises), even while he denukes. The alternative is/was war... which has hopefully been averted. So its possible that Trump saved the lives of millions of people... yet she can't get it through her head that this is what happened :(
rvborgh (10 days ago)
well... come back in 6 months and we'll revisit this :)
Matt Foster (10 days ago)
..my sister in laws family lives near the dmz..they have relatives in NK...you have no fucking clue about "Asian mentality"...kim is a mental case..albeit a smart one..he's playing trump and the world like a cheap fiddle
daniel letterman (10 days ago)
Erin Burnett is doing reporting perfectly. Show the facts e.g. "Kim is tough" (in a good way). Then call out the interviewee who agrees with that statement. Expose the LIES !!
RUBEN CARDOSO (10 days ago)
Jim Risch is another worm feeding off Trump's shit. These republican people have lost their soul, their sense of dignity, they have no morals whatsoever. They were criticizing Obama for merely saying he wanted to talk to Kim, but now that Trump gave this murderous dictator everything he wanted, while giving nothing in return, these disgusting people are OK with him. What is going on?
EM (10 days ago)
Oh boy!
CLJX3 A (10 days ago)
Trump might as well bend over for North Korea ! Here’s the thing- if Kim Doesn’t follow through- then WHAT!? Unreal we are playing with “emotions” when it comes to foreign policy. Scary.
sclogse1 (10 days ago)
The wall between North and South Korea would be a lot smaller. I'm kidding around, but the risk of having a couple million North Koreans fleeing into China from abject poverty as opposed to them heading south is something China does not want to deal with. We're really making a deal with Russia and China, not just Kim. What the public heard, like "I do trust him" is just for our immediate consumption. Pacification doesn't work unless the public is pacified too. I'm dyin' for the Cohen tapes to come out, for Pence to take a leap, for Manafort to explode, but I will also take a look at history. I recommend you do too, and see what deals were made in the last three presidencies with North Korea. They were so bad, so unsustainable, that it burns me to think about them. In 1994, soon after Clinton came into office, N.K. threatened to abandon it's commitment to the Nuclear No-Proliferation Treaty. It refused an international inspection related to the treaty. Finally after using Jimmy Carter as a diplomat, Clinton established the Joint Framework Agreement offering $ 4 billion worth of nuclear, energy, economic and diplomatic benefits in exchange for halting the N.K. nuclear program. The deal included giving N.K. two light-water nuclear reactors, believed to be more difficult to use to make weapons. IN 2002, George Bush named North Korea as one part of the three part axis-of-evil including Irag and Iran. Later that year, Bush admitted that N.K. had been secretly conducting a nuclear weapons program for several years and withdrew from it's agreement with the Clinton administration. By 2004, U.S. officials believed that N.K. had developed between two and eight nuclear weapons. In 2005, a six part talk began with N.K., the U.S., China, Russia, Japan, and S.K. That group offered more assistance if N.K. would give up it's renewed efforts of build weapons. It didn't work, with N.K. successfully testing another weapon. In 2007, an agreement was reached to send $400 million worth of fuel, food and other aid, in exchange for North Korea shutting down it's main nuclear reactor. In 2009, Obama had to deal with another nuclear test. The U.N. security council adopted sanctions banning arms transfers to and from the country. Some progress was made in 2012 when Kim Jong Un agreed to halt nuclear tests in exchange for food aid. Before Obama left office, the U.S. led the U.N. Security Council to impose sanctions on N.K. meant to slash it coal exports by 60 percent. So, no matter what you think of old Don, we have continually failed to control North Korea, and have actually economically helped them to continue their weapons development. Shall we bring Bush, Clinton, and Obama back to the CNN and MSNBC table to discuss their failures? That's our tax dollars over there.
glen pang (10 days ago)
Media & some people expect 70 years of bad relations to turn in few days. Similar to a married couple contemplating divorce, you do not accuse spouse of all bad things in trying to heal the marriage. You start with positives & forgiveness and build rapport as you escalate accountability (denuclearization, human rights violation etc). Read How to Win Friends and Influence People & Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of highly Effective People. You point out to someone how crappy they are, how much of a low life they are and expect willingness to respond in glee and cooperate happily is not how to treat people. Dennis Rodman said many leaders have broken their promise to “rocket man”. Also understand the USA can unleash military hell on N Korea at moments notice w/ in 24 hours.
GoodKing Bad (10 days ago)
Look at the old fossil. Teeth damn near falling out while he speaks. Flakes of decaying skin flying in orbits around his scaly fucking head. His ancient ideas and beliefs are dying right along with his petrified old bigoted ass.
CMM (10 days ago)
Rush: just wake up......no credit for trump nor NK
CMM (10 days ago)
The toddler is a LIAR, what do you expect......there is no "give him a break"
CMM (10 days ago)
South Korea made this happen. Behind closed door he's planning the trump tower in Pyongyang. One dictator talking to another dictator....... Is the WH toddler a person to trust? Hahahaha
Palla d'Obry (10 days ago)
I used to like Burnett until the 2016 election. Neither she nor nobody else at CNN left their high paying jobs in order to be able to say what they really thought but stayed at the Soviet style propaganda machine CNN has became. I'm old enough to watch the state owned only TV channel in our former Socialist/Communist country and everybody there was saying the same mantra every day - "greedy American imperialists robbing the world and the sublime USSR is going to save the world from them". Not 24/7 because they did not have enough money, more like 6/6. Now watching one of the once great networks transformed in third grade political propaganda machine for the big globalist money...So all hosts sound like a broken record "Trump is bad, Trump is racist...and all you can think of a person who is 3 levels bellow Jack the Ripper, child rapist and Ponzi scheme con artist combined, so they please their corporate bosses. Some of these people may disagree, some may like Trump, some may even approve the President, but are unable to show this ....very sad. 64 million Americans voted him a President, but puppet masters who control CNN disagree unanimously, so all CNN hosts faithfully reiterate this disagreement 24/7 and get their millions. But can't we blame them, I guess not.. . Here is a quote for an American hero for all CNN guys and gals, with golden handcuffs: If everybody is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking.” George S. Patton Jr. God bless America.
Tom Liu (10 days ago)
CNN Looks like little boy
Mary Rogers (10 days ago)
What a patronizing ass this guy is.
ckaz007 (10 days ago)
Erin Burnett needs to go back to school for being a fake news journalist. Her pseudo-disgust about Trump's meeting with Kim is not believable at all.
Dave Scott (10 days ago)
He obviously knows what trumps dick tastes like.....some of these people dont belong in their positions.....
Hank Crabtree (10 days ago)
Burnett is a cunt eating dyke.
AW Crowe (10 days ago)
Sounds like this guy has discovered the religion of trump... completely vacuous statements containing no substance at all and just believing things are going to work out... well just because.
Jose Paz (10 days ago)
Senator Risch is a clown in a Big Top full of clowns, I voted against him several times
John Frank (10 days ago)
That black guy in office for eight years caused you salivating racist to elect a bigoted, racist in order to set things straight in your tiny minds. It did not matter that the person you chose was a moron, he is white which of course was enough for most of you. However you broke degenerate racists played yourselves because you hired an asshole who could not give damn about you unless you can enrich him. Now you have your racist in charge and your asses are still broke. Stand by while Donald sets you all straight by bringing back the coal industry! HAHAHAHA! Dumbasses.
John Frank (10 days ago)
This president? This president has no balls! Kim told him he was cute and his hair looked natural prompting Donald Trump to rent him rooms in the White House. This president, this man is a useless POS. He has been throughout his entire life, everything he has was given to him including the presidency of the United States of America. STFU!
John Frank (10 days ago)
Historical? He came away with nothing!
ruttles (10 days ago)
It seems to me Erin you were ridiculously negative given the context. As big a mistake of nature Trump and Kim each are, the outcome Trump wants from all this is surely just peace. What is wrong with befriending Kim and throwing a ton of flattery his way if it proves the means to the end?
Phillip Kim (10 days ago)
This Erin Burnett lady and CNN are truly obstruction and impediment to progress. President Trump and Kim met for the first time to make very special and unique deals. What is wrong with building trust in negotiations? She is confused between the two words; trust and bond. President Trump is not BONDING with Kim!!! What is more pathetic is she does not seem to understand that there are multiple steps in this type of negotiations. Why do this lady and CNN keeps bringing up labor camp, human rights, starvation issues at this very early stage? These items are not up for discussion yet. I truly doubt that she has sufficient knowledge to analyze this issue objectively.
Pat Murph (11 days ago)
CNN is now dangerous to the peace process , In their hate fueled rantingbs against anything Trump. Their tiraid (CNN's) could endanger the new beginnings for the Korean people. The FCC should notify these propaganda outlets for the war monger globalist that if they persist in this kind of behavior they will be shut down. Insulting a nuclear power of any size threatens us all.The FNN/CNN is a shameful display of the worst three is in today's media. They would be doing a public service if they closed down now . The worst reporting the world has ever seen.
J Macon (11 days ago)
Jim Risch is crazy...Trump was serious when he said he trust Kim Jong Un, he wasn't joking. The Republicans lost their minds, Trump is saying a lot of crazy nonsense and lies about his summit and his stepford wives( the Republicans) are coverering for him.
Matthew Oakley (11 days ago)
I live in South Korea. I've studied North Korea. I'm going to live there and help with the transformation. I know waaaaay more about this than any smug, liberal journalist. I'm telling you - Donald Trump is a genius. Just five years from now, the braying liberals are going to look really stupid. And if Trump doesn't win the Nobel peace prize, the reputation of the Nobel foundation will take an enormous hit, and will be despised by all thinking people. To think... Obama got the prize for NOTHING! Liberals are a joke.
Dewayne Smith (11 days ago)
So let me get this straight. Obama wanted to do this and Republicans were calling him a dictator. Trump does the same thing and he is a great Uniter. I wish these old white men would just say we had a black man trying to tell us what to do and we did not like it one bit. Honesty would be so much better.
scott tyger (11 days ago)
Sooooooooooooo, Chump calls up the OTHER fat, narcissistic, self aggrandizing dictator with the stupid goddammed haircut on this planet and says.............................I mean, according to this senator.................................he says "hey.........ROCKETman! Meet with me" and Kim says "okay"??? Is THAT what we're too believe?
Nicole Pompey (11 days ago)
So, 120 days changed a murdering bastard that Trump claimed he would massacre 129 days ago? Now he "trusts him explicitly"? Wonder when the new Trump hotel opens in North Korea? You know, for those not inprisoned, murdered, raped and starved in North Korea by their "trustworthy leader". Wtf?
Dewayne Smith (11 days ago)
These guys need to be voted out.
BC Drummer (11 days ago)
Gee, does Erin Burnett make any attempt to hide her obvious bias in her questioning of Sen. Risch? It's sickening. The Senator is trying so hard to give real, level-headed responses and she just interrupts him, twists his words......CNN, you are digging your own credibility grave on a daily basis.
Johnny B (11 days ago)
The Dump has done NOTHING more than create a photo op and a shit-load of publicity for HIMSELF. There is absolutely NOTHING of substance in this at all. FAKE NEWS from a FAKE PRESIDENT!
Julio Cubias (11 days ago)
Erin, I don't enjoy calling anybody names, specially ladies, but you are a total BUFFOON, YOU HAVE NOTHING of journalistic substance with this desperate attempt to diminish a HISTORICAL EVENT, a sane person will wish just the best for this to go well, specially for 26 MILLIONS of N Koreans with the potential of a better future and the world with the hope of less nuclear power.
Barry Midikiner (11 days ago)
OH MY GOSH, The CNN whore is astonished. Who gives a fuck !

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