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They call it the "KILLER OF SEXUAL IMPOTENCE"; Test it

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Norman L (5 days ago)
i used it and then my balls exploded
brokenarrowez (9 days ago)
this robot sucks
Michael Rodriguez (9 days ago)
TMB247 (10 days ago)
computer voice ... 5 sec I'm outta here
mrs juthi (16 days ago)
Nice video content! Forgive me for butting in, I am interested in your opinion. Have you researched - Dinanlinson Natural Treatment Approach (google it)? It is an awesome one off product for getting rid of erectile disfunction (ED) minus the hard work. Ive heard some super things about it and my best friend Jordan after a lifetime of fighting got great results with it.
Nicholas Kangulu (1 month ago)
Ora simon (1 month ago)
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Zobina Shehwar (2 months ago)
Absolutely fake video, you are liar
C Jasz (2 months ago)
where I live most females are obese man haters - this does not do much for me.
Carl Campbell (22 days ago)
C Jasz - Where you live "most females are obese man haters". This is a compelling message and is very frightening, in that God created women as beautiful alluring creatures. Where is this cursed place where you live C Jasz? What do you think has happened to degrade and pervert the women? I have a feeling there are plenty more places nowadays like where you are!
Jagtar Singh (2 months ago)
Robert Smart (2 months ago)
I tried it and all i do is chase chickens ?
the real maestro (2 months ago)
Dislike.. because of auto voice.. so irritating 😠
Scott H (3 months ago)
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Underrated 77 (3 months ago)
Dont none of that stuff work. I tried cucumber,ginger,celery as a shake. Watermelon juice w ginger kiwi. I tried onion water. I took it over 2 hours ago my dick still aint hard
Khalid Md (3 months ago)
eva fox,have u tried ginger urself?
Jeffson Phiri (3 months ago)
I love it
Guillermo Yanez (4 months ago)
Joshua Rojas (4 months ago)
A lot of coconut water...make that nut taste sweet...
Musa Mwamburi (4 months ago)
Yes I have tried for a month now I have seen a big change it works .
Ali-Activ Plus (4 months ago)
Subscribed, There is best herb for all the above is Tongkat Ali, its actually the better for erection, energy and testosterone which is the best for young or elderly man to avoid sexual impotence. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5W0gL718cwY&t=26s REPLY
G Chabra (5 months ago)
Eva, have you benefited sexually from it. That's what we want to hear your experience otherwise do not give us cheap info.
Xcluzive Zake Energy (5 months ago)
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Scott Duffy (6 months ago)
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brian geffry (6 months ago)
cyb3r k1lla (7 months ago)
My wife told me to find something to give me bigger erections, so I did , she's 18 and her name is kim
Jay So (7 months ago)
you are not responsible....... and you sharing it with your computer dubbed voice. witch
mgtow 5513 (7 months ago)
Hookers cure my sexual impotence
Olegier Potans (7 months ago)
I've noticed my morning erections were becoming more frequent and very hard. We are having morning sex again, My wife is happy and I am too. I want something for a long term and this is what appeals me since it's made of all natural stuff and you can take it everyday and it doesn’t have any side effects. You may check Prolargentsize in the Google
Alois Tabereng (1 month ago)
Olegier Potans 7
Alois Tabereng (1 month ago)
Olegier Potans
MayDay GoingDown!! (8 months ago)
I tried Ginger once,.. she was pretty good:)
Wallace Mitchell (2 months ago)
What breed of dog was she?
Mathew Faz (8 months ago)
Great product! Highly recommend Prolargent 5x5 Extreme! Boost of energy and herbal ingredients. Easy to order and it shipped really quick.
54v115 (8 months ago)
what a load of bollox.... snake oil....
SexiRich Mi (9 months ago)
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andy higginbottom (9 months ago)
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nightmare mangle (9 months ago)
don't you need to put a pinch of pepper in with the teurmic for the teurmic to work?
Said Said (9 months ago)
Ramon Kariman (9 months ago)
Thanks for healthy tips😊😃👆
Assassin White Hat (10 months ago)
Lovely video content! Sorry for butting in, I would love your opinion. Have you tried - Gabraay Stiff Future (do a google search)? It is an awesome one of a kind guide for treating your erectile dysfunction without the headache. Ive heard some great things about it and my mate after a lifetime of fighting got astronomical success with it.
godfrey hides (4 months ago)
Natural herbs. Ginger
tolomjagroop john (10 months ago)
90 percent of your information is shit subscribe my ass all is shit
Mr. TheKidd (10 months ago)
...u trying to make me have twins?
Ahmad Mahmod (10 months ago)
is there any thing to make my penis go down ..its realy teasing and annoying me ..swear
John ConstantIne (10 months ago)
Erg Budster (11 months ago)
"We are not responsible for our information." Oh? Did your legal rep tell you that? If so, get another one. You are totally responsible as you will find out the first time you get sued.
Sugar Ray (11 months ago)
luv that chicken from Popeye's
Andrew Gulick (11 months ago)
I notice that nothing was said about the two main reasons tat ginger is used for. 1) As a stomach settler or for Motion sickness. 2) Ginger will help fight or prevent hormonal type cancers such as breast, vaginal, or prostate cancers.
Ronnie Rocha (11 months ago)
Erection dysfunction to make it go away just take L- Arginine every day before bed. you will see a fast result. try it for about couple of weeks. stop eating fatty foods, sugar and sodium.
Raymond Roy (1 month ago)
Ronnie Rocha L- Arginine is the best one.
54v115 (8 months ago)
L- Arginine?.. oh I thought you said margarine.... no wonder it didn't work...:D
steersman 1812 (11 months ago)
my biggest turn off is bot voices ...thumbs down to ya!
Pumpkin Head (11 months ago)
Eat clams for a rock hard.
Mohd Aidil (11 months ago)
love ya grace now
Mr. Larry (11 months ago)
I figured out how to make my cock 12" long! I just fold it in half!
MayDay GoingDown!! (8 months ago)
Mr. Larry 😄🤣🤣
nosashuly (9 months ago)
Lawrence Green
Albert Mclean (11 months ago)
Lawrence Green how?
sumanth krishnan (11 months ago)
irritating voice
Raju Panapana (11 months ago)
if your not responsible for the content, why at post and mislead people.
Anees Khan (11 months ago)
this video is just a fuckin waste of time. you better stop doing this type of sick videos. go and repair your own soft dick.
liz Miller (11 months ago)
men stop mastebating
Ralph Utt (12 days ago)
Ralph Utt (12 days ago)
Ralph Utt (12 days ago)
mahudnell28 Mac Ten
Ralph Utt (12 days ago)
liz Miller
mahudnell28 (3 months ago)
Mac Ten 😂
d man (1 year ago)
the best cure is finding a hot looking chick
R. Walker (19 days ago)
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Leonardo Nieto (22 days ago)
d man and m I Co b I
Leila R. Aiken (1 month ago)
Hey guys! The book I have linked below gives you a lot of natural remedies for ED that are effective. > https://t.co/NfAeyvBzS1?HUNYERTtrwdf65h
Daniel Grace (1 month ago)
d man 4
ger photo (2 months ago)
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Gary Jean (1 year ago)
I drink a cup every night
Thanks very much... Eating just greens for 30 days and drinking 10 kinds fruits liquid in the blender cold water from the faucet ... my organism is almost totally clean
Jahmelia Hoffman (1 year ago)
love it
J (1 year ago)
Never trust an add with that bogus Robot voice. I wish you tube would ban the robot voice!
raedeanlee (13 days ago)
J me, too!
Terry Weaver (2 months ago)
J - the "robot" voice is most likely used because seeking $$$ through donations, advertisements (probably here) or selling stuff (especially including refunds) from foreign based countries means NO REFUND is ever given! Moreover, to heavy an accent or not being able to speak English would restrict both subscriptions and advertisers ( Most likely the reason for the robot voice here.) SO ... Consider which is the most likely reason, first. This way you are not critizing someone that is actually an honest person, doing their best.... I don't care for the robot voice either, but understanding these things help.
Faith Veronica (1 year ago)
Helpful to me.
DJKingMagneto #1 (1 year ago)
I have been drinking ginger for years.  My mother bought us up on it.  I drink organic Ginger.  It give you a serious hard on LOL
KW Yuen (10 months ago)
Chris Johnson i
Chris Johnson (11 months ago)
doesnt seem to do much for me. I drink it w lemon, maybe i need to do it twice a day. .?
Marcus B (1 year ago)
half capsule of yohimbe will put a boner on you its natural n wks
Rick Saunders (1 year ago)
I can't get up with the help of a crane. Only we i see the young twenty something at work. It only half.
Elena Ragos (2 months ago)
Rick Saunders I
D-army Expert (1 year ago)
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Bitty Mukhwana (3 months ago)
U a family expertD-army Expert
de sm (5 months ago)
Mike Steele that is a very vague statement maybe ones in your neighborhood you can say the same for Caucasian when I see their kids yelling at them in store or telling them to shut up there is more to raising kids than financial stability. And believe me you may be talking negros in the hood who’s parents didn’t raise them but the peers. Just like Caucasians in poor areas same pattern!
GetOutoFHere Mate! (1 year ago)
i took this and i can't find my COCK....WTF!
John Smith (1 year ago)
If you are not responsible for the information herein then the information is useless.
Rubino Pride (1 year ago)
looks like potato soup
Donald Nelson (1 year ago)
Alois Tabereng (1 month ago)
Donald Nelson
Evan Herrera (1 year ago)
dude I swear on anything I have random and more stiffys than ur girl can handle
Open Heart (1 year ago)
Hector Ruiz (1 year ago)
wish to be horny again,Get me some ginger please,
Michael Prince (9 months ago)
Hector Ruiz LOL!
M3RCSL600 (1 year ago)
This vid lost me sat the moment of hearing that god foresaken computer voice.
Alex Baec (1 year ago)
Prolargent 5x5 Extreme improves your mood and desire for sexual interaction. I will certainly be purchasing again.
joseph Flores (1 year ago)
your wife is the cure should I try her?
Vinod Gupta (1 year ago)
Every day we Indians drink tea with Ginger 5 times a day- there is no improvement in Sexual performance only benefit is that it clears sore throat n reduces cough
Leonardo Nieto (16 days ago)
Vinod Gupta?. N..
Ram Jameson (1 month ago)
Indian (Desi) chicks are HOT🔥 I don't need to drink ginger for that. Their long black hair and cute voices do it all for Me ✌😙
Carefree Living (3 months ago)
Sam P (3 months ago)
Maybe you didn't need any help to begin with ????? How many times a day do you do it?
BMode32 (3 months ago)
So you must be a 1minute man
Van Ly (1 year ago)
Use this! It is amazing! X-Calibur Male Enhancement
Damian Martin (1 year ago)
Bask in the pure sunlight nothing else try it .
Be the change (1 year ago)
Yeah, I've noticed this is true. Taking D3 doesn't seem to have the same effect for me so maybe it's energetic? Don't know for sure but I know it works.
El Nene .Galan (1 year ago)
How long before you feel curing or aiding your ED?..by bare back you mean baking your back on the sun or chest facing the sun?..do you do it daily? Thanks +Damian Martin​
Damian Martin (1 year ago)
Francisco Galan 30 min or more for me ,if your white could be less and you dont have to be fully naked just bear back in the hot sun .
El Nene .Galan (1 year ago)
Damian Martin for how long?..and how log does it take to notice a diference?..bask in the sun ..r u talking naked? doesn't your genitals get sunburned?
gracenow100 (1 year ago)
YOU so RIGHT ! dear you were correct on point .
WhitePigFuckAllah (1 year ago)
Mohammed Arif (11 months ago)
Arlon Barnett are you a retard or a pervert ?
Mac Ten (11 months ago)
U might want to cut down a bit, I heard that will make your balls shrink.
Arlon Barnett (1 year ago)
Zally Marko (1 year ago)
why for all those things; exercise is everything, am 50 and very strong enough
Juan Olivarez (1 year ago)
I tried it and I died. I'm suing.
Ora simon (1 month ago)
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Fermin Mancha (1 month ago)
Juan Olivarez ,hey dude keep me posted I certainly want to know what you took and does this mean they fucked it up for all home remedies I think so; get back to me Juan cool?
ger photo (2 months ago)
*> Erectile dysfunction affects both partners in a relationship. Here's how to talk about it. > **https://t.co/NfAeyvBzS1?Jyerder453ss** >*
KOKO (2 months ago)
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VICTOR ONOBRUDU (2 months ago)
can someone die while living. pls tell us the true situation, instead of scaring people.
Tiger. (1 year ago)
I don't seem to have a problem I'm turning 60 and I still have a hard on. Love my cock.
dennis hobbis (11 months ago)
The Black Knight j
Anwar Chisty (1 year ago)
BIg Steven how
The Black Knight (1 year ago)
BIg Steven Yeah right if you didn't have an issue you sure in hell wouldn't be on here. Nice try you old fart!!
Raymond Jackson (1 year ago)
BIg Steven I love more mine too.
Subrata Majumdar (1 year ago)
You guys learnt this now and we know this fact for time immemorial
artsychic2000 (1 year ago)
the main problem with erectional dysfunction is that the blood flow of the body is impeded by other foods that people consume without care. People need to eat greens in order to clear their arteries that are plugged so blood cannot flow freely. Eat well. Don't take toxic pills. Eat greens. Don't depend on doctors and educate yourself. You don't need this channel. Educate yourself.
bestfat (19 days ago)
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Jhonathan Marquez (5 months ago)
artsychic2000 I’m 33 years old would you help me with some of your recipes I want to eat healthy and have a better sexual life pls thanks a million
artsychic2000 (9 months ago)
believe me, I have seen it. What person wants to see their husband or wife deteriorate in front of them. I had to take responsibility for him as any good wife should. He wouldn't do it. He believed his doctor. Please listen. Stay away from carbs, processed bread, tim horton's. It will destroy your arteries. Fruit and veggies. Protein if you work out and some to maintain your strength if you don't. Clean out the arteries with veggies and stay of their damn prescription drugs designed to impede what the body does like God created it. God bless
artsychic2000 (9 months ago)
I could tell you how my husband regained his sight in one eye because of what I was feeding him. He almost lost his sight. I fed him veggies and no bread products. Stay away from refined breads and starches. Stay away from refined bread and sugars. Your body will change and renew itself. Not something it can do if it's fighting against invaders like refined starches, breads and sugars. It's over whelming to the body.
Linda Ollenu-Ludwig (1 year ago)
l really like it. thanks so much
gracenow100 (1 year ago)
The title /killer is to terminate - so it is wrong choice of word. good video it works .This I use daily for many reasons .
Paul Arungwa (5 months ago)
basiebotha (1 year ago)
Drone fishing
Meraj Uddin (1 year ago)
gracenow100 dear the title is not wrong.....its ''the killer of IMPOTENCE''.
agriperma (1 year ago)
Ginger and its cousin turmeric great to have in the kitchen, one excellent and very effective use of ginger, is for nausea, and morning sickness.
Sandra Motilal (1 year ago)
I use ginger regular it's really good thanks
G Chabra (5 months ago)
Sandra, how you say, you don;t ascend. You do not have the tool.
Ron (11 months ago)
you are a man. Sandra is a woman..
El Nene .Galan (1 year ago)
Sandra Motilal ginger does not work. .drank tea for years, it does not help...
Swanky 911 (1 year ago)
hey sandra
Sandra Motilal
Sandra Motilal (1 year ago)
thanks for the video
Vilma Mcleod (1 year ago)
Sandra Motilal .n/
Motshwari Pinky (1 year ago)
thanx very much
Jerry Scott (1 year ago)
Sandra Motilal
Sandra Motilal

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