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http://www.engvid.com/ This lesson is the ONLY lesson of its kind! I will do more than JUST teach you English vocabulary. You MERELY need five minutes and will BARELY have to do any work to understand how to use these new words. All you have to do is take the quiz here: http://www.engvid.com/vocabulary-only-just-barely-merely/ TRANSCRIPT: If only I were a -- oh, hi. Sorry, I was just looking at a picture. I'll put that away. If you've been to Toronto and you know Now magazine, and you know the back of Now magazine -- I'm a bad, bad putty cat. Anyway, this lesson is about "only" and "just". I'm going to give you two more words that we also use, but specifically "only" and "just". Why? Because in English, these two words are used interchangeably. "Interchange" means "to change things", like you take this one, you take that one: Change them in different places. All right. Between. Because they have similar meanings, it's interchangeable. It doesn't matter that much. This lesson is for -- in case you were bothered by that -- it's our special guy -- it's like the Oscars here -- Allan from the Philippines wrote to us on Facebook, and I wrote it on my Chapters receipt. Anyway, Allan wanted to know what is the difference, and when do you use them. So why don't we go to the board and take a look. Ah, Mr. E is here before me. I like making things rhyme. And Mr. E is saying, "James merely has to do 1 lesson and he barely got it on the board. If only I were the teacher". Now, if you read this, there seems to be a limitation or a limit to something. Right. "Merely" means, like, just a small amount. "Barely": also small. And "only": seemingly small. What's the difference? Let's go to the board. "Just": "I'm just a gigolo, everywhere I go". David Lee, I'm stealing your stuff. Don't sue me. Okay. When we say "just", we use usually -- in English, it means "exactly", "just". "Just five people". "Just to the city", exactly. I'm lying a little bit. We also have "just", and it can be used a little bit like "not that much". Right. "It's just two of us coming for dinner." Not many of us. Exactly two, and it's not a lot. So you have to listen to the context. Okay. When you hear "just", people are saying "exactly", and in some ways they're saying, "and it's not a lot of stuff". Okay. "It's just two dollars". Well how much is it exactly? Well it's two dollars. We don't need to say "just". We say it to say, "it's not that much, relax". It's a tooney. All right. Go to Tim Hortons. Get your tooney, which is two dollars. "It's just two dollars" -- not that much, and an exact amount. There's another use for "just", okay? And it doesn't follow what the other words we're going to do, but you should hear it or know what it means because it's used a lot for law: "just". It's short for "justice". If something is not fair or not right, not correct, we'll say it is "not just" -- older English. You'll hear it in law, but you won't really hear people say it on the street. "It is not just. I did not get milk with my cookies!" You know, but in a court case they'll go, "We need to be more just in our society", or in university. So you'll see here: "it's not a just decision" -- it's not fair! It's not right, it's not morally right. Morals, you know, like lying and stealing and cheating. "He should go back to court." You hear it in court, okay? I know you see "merely", but it will be merely a moment before we come back. We have to go here. First the big guys, then the little guys. I said we'd start with "just", now we're going to go to "only". Okay? "Only" has an adverb usage, and it means "limited to". "Only": "Limited to a certain extent". And our example here: "There are only 100 tigers alive." It's limited, right? Adjective use, adjective. "One of a kind". "Only one of a kind", right? "He is an only child". It describes the child. How -- what kind of child? He's an "only" child, like a "big child", a "small child", an "only child". Another use for it: a conjunction. Okay. It's common. You may not see it as such because we use "and" a lot, but we use it because we have this meaning of "limited to" -- I'm going really fast, so I'll slow down so that not only I can understand myself, okay? "Limited to" plus "one of a kind". In this case, it's not just "and", it's an exception, "except that". So we're saying the idea may be similar, but there is a difference. So it's really useful when you're using your English: a conjunction that gives you an exception. Nice, huh? And you thought it was "just" little English we were doing or "only" English. In this case, I would say, she's like my girlfriend, only better. You know, because, like, she's a girlfriend, and she's better, right? "Except that". So that's how we use "only" and "just", okay? Those are the big guns, you know. Those are the ones we use a lot.
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Lucas Vasconcelos (9 days ago)
superb video Barely's the easiest
Narayanc Rakshit (16 days ago)
Mr.james.ur.teaching is superb.can u use bright ink while wrighting on the board? We can barely read on the board.
Azri Alias (22 days ago)
good job james 👍🏻👍🏻
Sonia Mayrink (1 month ago)
Very well explained. Thank you!
Cathy Francis (1 month ago)
what a good lesson on vocabulary
Great explanation teacher, cheers!!!
Thamsanqa Gamede (7 months ago)
I barely can hear you James 😂😂
Andres Gonzalez (7 months ago)
Are you crazy guy? Any way a like your madness.Your board looks like a messy but in the end I can understand something 😄 thanks
Timothy Tuttle (7 months ago)
Great lesson, thanks
ALEXANDER Coura (8 months ago)
Your videos are awesome!
never more (11 months ago)
"she's like my old gf, only better" can't you use "just" too?
Tommy Truth (11 months ago)
Patrick Gomes (1 year ago)
To be taught by you is like be in an ordinary conversation. And it's good! Keep it up!
Agnès Epelé (1 year ago)
Thank you so much!
Supratim Paul (1 year ago)
I enjoyed ur leason
wenbo Li (1 year ago)
i am interesting in practing english by speaking, if you want, talk with me in skype, my skype: wenboliii i can speak chinese, german and english.
Dmitry D (1 year ago)
This guy is my favourite teacher among engvid teachers
Abdulrahman ' (1 year ago)
Thank you for uploding this much of videos in this way all the time, i really thank you for that .. Such a great person.. Sir , wish all people have the same pretty soul.
Phrenesis Official (1 year ago)
Hi James, can you please explain why American people put "do" + infinitive in affirmative sentences?
Phrenesis Official (1 year ago)
Hans Varela Alvarez understood, thank you very much!
Hans Varela Alvarez (1 year ago)
Phrenesis Official in order to make focus in something which is correct
Raúl Ubaldo (1 year ago)
You're the best James.
Geovani Jakowatz (2 years ago)
You are the best teacher ever!!
Cristian Silva Cordano (2 years ago)
awesome lesson, now i'm merely clear!!
Nuraiym Sagynyshova (2 years ago)
Very useful video! Thanks James.
Nhung Lê (2 years ago)
thank you for your video!!!
marcomorana91 (2 years ago)
James, I want to congratulate with you, because you explain very well these things and I've nearly understood everything.
Candela_ (3 years ago)
Great video!! I like the way you teach English. Thank you!
Monika Nos (3 years ago)
Will U marry me?:)
Narendra Jakhar (3 months ago)
Elisha K Samuel Nani (3 years ago)
"I am here only " Is the above sentence correct ???
Tommy Truth (11 months ago)
The sentence makes no sense, you need more to it. For example: I am here only for the beer. I am here only for the free food.
TourGuide Chou (3 years ago)
According to James' quote, if you meant "you were the only kind of human that stay in here with other animals (no human being left except for you), you could say 'I am only man here". If not, I am only here meant I only stay in here which will be better. Cheers!
meilo cat (3 years ago)
I am only here is better.
xxiamfreexx (3 years ago)
James is great!
Deborah Briceño (3 years ago)
So Fun! and I did learn a lot!
Okta Falianda (3 years ago)
I like the way you teach, it is fun. Maybe I would apply it in my class. ;)
Mario Sepúlveda (3 years ago)
The way you teach is fun, while I was laughing at your jokes and puns I was learning, great video, keep it up!
Surayyo Khusenova (4 years ago)
Thank you James for teaching us. I am from Uzbekistan and I want to learn more.I think my dreams will come true.
jin (4 years ago)
Thanks!! You are awesome teacher
Daython Winston (4 years ago)
You do have a awesome way and personality for teaching James ! 
Daython Winston (4 years ago)
Great tips !!! I really like you video clips 
Elmy Sotelo (4 years ago)
Excelent =)
Meena S D (4 years ago)
Hello James, I hope will be fine This is Meena from India i liked your way of teaching and its more useful to me; thank you for effort.can you pls tell me what is the meaning of catch up and patch up i always see this one in yahoo news. I found n no of meaning for this in google but couldn understand the meaning exactly.
Manoel Wanderley (4 years ago)
Sirius (5 years ago)
8 disliker are merely idiots
Kwangjin Lee (5 years ago)
Thank you so much!
Daniele Davis (5 years ago)
You put live in your lessons! Lol i love it, but depending on my mood I hate too. Lol don't get mad at me because the overall is fantastic! Awesome way to learn English. Thank you
Zane L (5 years ago)
Love its about more than this video
nbddx1 (5 years ago)
thanks James, thats great.
Pietro La Russa (5 years ago)
I really like you man! I think you pretend to be funny and in a certain way so are you, but that board is just a mess... don't you think you should tide it up keeping beeing funny too...? just if you like... ;-)
Nevoj Angeles (5 years ago)
I like your style James. Thank you.
saeed alsadiq (5 years ago)
he's the best teacher ever !
Vítor Lucas (5 years ago)
Good job, teacher! Good lesson, thanks!
Marcos Lopez (5 years ago)
I barely saw this video! Thank you! Now I know the difference between this words and I only watched once!
BeginBye (5 years ago)
and what about "hardly"? Can it be used interchangeably with "barely", or there is some difference between them?
Tommy Truth (11 months ago)
It means the same thing.
nana đinh (5 years ago)
love you so much, James.......
Đường Âu Dương (5 years ago)
very wonderful
Damilola Oredein (5 years ago)
I like your teaching skills and youre very helpful and fun .thankyou
Joan Clim (5 years ago)
That man teaches good!! Here u can learn some vocabuary too: youtube.com/watch?v=iiRhiko6Zfo
Henry Lopez (5 years ago)
ey elegant men
Uchechi Ikoro (5 years ago)
I'v had a good deal English with u , JamesESL , still my #1.
Joustme (5 years ago)
I like you so much!!! you're a kind and funny teacher
ratchapon lapvikai (5 years ago)
i have learn a lot from you, thank you.
Sophia Cruz (5 years ago)
No Idea what kind of scum dislike his vdo!
Daniel Felipe Muñoz (5 years ago)
That's right. Thank you so much James. (=
Nada Ayman (5 years ago)
you are so funny and that makes it easy to remember your lessons :D
Etch Aybe (5 years ago)
I wish u were my english teacher , thank you for ur exciting videos :D
Kristina K (5 years ago)
Excellent lesson! Thank you!
Nasser Al-ganobi (5 years ago)
Learn English NGLC (5 years ago)
James love this lesson, you really know the struggles that English students (like ours) have with what may seem basic to English speakers, but actually can be more complicated to those trying to learn the English Language. Can't wait for the next one.
Mokhtar saleh (5 years ago)
The teacher is just fabulous
Louis Li (5 years ago)
Thank you!
Subscribed for now :)
Frank B (5 years ago)
James is merely fantastic!
sosobabu (5 years ago)
Awdaly Saleh (5 years ago)
Thank you so so so much .
Mr Boos (5 years ago)
thank you a lot dude
Lara Fernández Goya (5 years ago)
oohhh I wish I lived in Toronto so I could go to your english lessons!
Lillie Cotta (5 years ago)
I've just found your channel and Love your lesson, thanks Teacher James :)
Awdaly Saleh (5 years ago)
Thank you teacher James , miss you .
xvzw (5 years ago)
"it's not just. I didn't get milk with my cookies" hahahaha
Khaled Abu Ali (5 years ago)
dear Mr James How are You ? I have to learning with you , and you are excellent teacher thank you
Abeer .A (5 years ago)
you're amazing xD thank you. greetings from saudi arabia :)
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thank you...
Mustafa Tube (5 years ago)
You ARE the man
McKulek (5 years ago)
I barely started looking, and at once noticed that this guy is not merely a teacher, but just such a person I'd need, if only I seriously got down to study English :)
6koko3 (5 years ago)
Thanks a lot for your class!!! Regards
7assan (5 years ago)
ibrahim youssef (5 years ago)
thanks a lot Mr. James .. funniest teacher ever :)
Chris B (5 years ago)
Im unsubscribing to this son of a bitch
Vanessa Lima (5 years ago)
I really enjoy your classes.. Thank you
moni6325 (5 years ago)
yea man, we'd get everything!
litadex (5 years ago)
great job!, thank you.
thank you
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listen to easily
Chris B (5 years ago)
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Thank's bro!! Cheers from Brazil
Elizabeth Medrano (5 years ago)
Ok!!! Thanks a lot for the correction!!! ;-)
badminside (5 years ago)
Incorrectly,you can't say "i did like" in affirmative form,you should say i liked it :)
Rodrigo C. (5 years ago)
Man, you are the best!
Vicent G (5 years ago)
siren sounds make you crazy lol
Storytellersmind (5 years ago)
You're merely an idiot!! That's it. You got ten out of ten. Jahaj xD I'm making it up, you're so nice. I'm bad at doing jokes, I'm afraid.
Gy House (5 years ago)
Warum schmirt die Auflösung dauernd ab....
Stefan Giermann (5 years ago)
Not favorite site..... The one and only. For me!
Stefan Giermann (5 years ago)
Engvid.com My favorite english teaching Website! Please always keep on teaching! Best regarts from Germany!..... How many mistakes? :-( or :-)

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