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Scam The Scammer 180 "Medical Alert Handcuffs"

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Scam The Scammer Episode 180 - In this epic adventure, "Don" from "Medical Alert Company" calls to pitch Franklin Quigley (Colonel, USN, retired) a medical alert device. Things look so good for completing the scam that the call gets forwarded to the closer, "David Brown" who gets frustrated by the contant interruptions from bratty kids at the door just as he's getting the VISA card number. To make matters worse, confusion abounds as "David" keeps getting errors when he checks the card. Things reach a climax at the end (not the good kind) and certainly not a happy ending for David, leaving us doubting that Colonel Quigley will get his medical alert device.
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OCDTraci (9 days ago)
I very nearly pissed myself laughing at the "outfitting a naval battleship with bathrooms for people who are confused about what's between their legs" LMFAO I absolutely LOVE Col. Quigley. He tells it like it is LMFAO
Scam The Scammer (7 days ago)
Colonel Quigley is from the NO BS generation that just says it as they see it
D Shirvani (10 days ago)
love it, thanks for the great videos!
laurel lango (10 days ago)
"I have dedicated my life to helping ppl" but I've been doing this for 7 yrs!!!!
Scam The Scammer (10 days ago)
Scammer math
What's with this officer 👮 stuff they get the IRS mixed up with this ? Lol 😂 omg Franklin sexual confused 🤷‍♀️. They will do any scam to try and get either your credit card 💳 or bank information or Medicare information. A dollar a day keeps the IRS away 😂. You mean he has not gotten the hint yet. wisable 😂he did get to swim in the "great salt lake" he's to busy 🤔the idiot don't know what a taxidermist is ?... 😏 oh scamming is not a crime? 😲 and the funniest thing is he stayed on the phone all this time ! YOU GO FRANKLIN, WHEN you said about India 🇮🇳 lol 😂 thank you for such a great laugh.
that means Franklin is getting famous lol . hey did the scammer call back to see how your night went with your wife LOL that call was so funny
Scam The Scammer (10 days ago)
It's like you commented on earlier, they're like cockroaches. They keep coming back. These days, they call and ask for specific characters by name. Incredible.
Nigella Blum (10 days ago)
*So funny, a truly dedicated scammer all his life!* . Don't open the door, Col Quigley! _Trick or Treat!_ . (Trick question: seven digits number in the back of the card) How to you tolerate the scammers and the kids on Halloween? A glass of Jim Beam does magnify everything! *One finger becomes **_Seven fingers_* (better than a magnifying glass) Mango lassi goes with cannabis only. I am a vegetarian and love saag-paneer.
Scam The Scammer (10 days ago)
The kids are only scary on Halloween. The scammers are scary every day!

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