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John Paul Browne (20 days ago)
Went to Cad west last Tuesday for 4 or 5 hours and saw nothing, all luck of the draw! Might hopefully get back there again some day, stunning scenery if nothing else!
ShrewBikers (23 days ago)
Great video David. Do you know if there’s a best day to watch?
CATdozerboy12 (25 days ago)
I'm still waiting for the video of the guy in his Cessna flying thru trying to be funny
Steven Edwards (26 days ago)
Have to go there this summer grandsons would love it too.what's the best day to catch the the jets flying or have you got to just chance it and be lucky
Steven Edwards (25 days ago)
David Tilbury cheers.still worth a trip just for the beautiful veiws and scenery .
David Tilbury (25 days ago)
Steven Edwards Its all pot luck up there.
SSaugaCriss (26 days ago)
excellent clips, too many hawk's but fantastic Eagle's & Tornadoes! this spot is still the best compared with Jedi canyon. the Jets against the green backdrop show more vivid and you can get more under them on a few passes from where you perched at the beginning.
Steve Clark (27 days ago)
Superb, thankyou.
MrKapeji (29 days ago)
At 1:19 is this a Hawk 200?
markosp99 (29 days ago)
That was really awesome!
David Tilbury (1 month ago)
It was yes, they were at RAF Valley the day before.
David Tilbury (1 month ago)
Thank You.
Kevin Springer (1 month ago)
Is that the Red Arrows
David Tilbury (28 days ago)
32TFS Aviation (1 month ago)
Very nice video, well done!
Colin Stimson (1 month ago)
Great clips there David. It still surprises me that there isn't a burger van in that layby, I bet you thought it too :)
Colin Stimson (1 month ago)
David Tilbury some sort of mini cable basket up the fence line maybe? 😉
David Tilbury (1 month ago)
Colin Stimson Haha , they would have to offer delivery.
Paul Cartlidge (1 month ago)
Great video
Mr Taylor (1 month ago)
So many people up there!

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