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Download Poshmark: https://pshmrk.app.link/Kn3qIULToK Shop my closet: @juliaaraleigh Buy or sell Fashion Thanks for watching, be sure to subscribe to our channel! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- LETS GET THIS VIDEO TO 2000+ LIKES!!! Shout out to our friend Brent for the awesome Thumbnail, check out his channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ToxICczZxx Follow our social media! INSTAGRAM : @juliaaraleigh / @a1saudd TWITTER: @juliaaraleigh / @a1saudd SNAPCHAT: juliaaraleigh / a1saud
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Jules & Saud (5 months ago)
If you have a problem with my body and the way I show it you don’t need to be subscribed to us or watching our channel. I’m a 20 yrs old and proud of my body. If I wanna wear low shirts that show my boobs I’m going to. No one is forcing you to watch this. :) -jules
Riquelma Edwards (12 days ago)
you go girl
You say it girl!
dxddy ashli (17 days ago)
Jules & Saud Can u follow me on Poshmark cuz I...like it doesn't let me search your name and I really want to buy something form u can u follow me just to follow u back
Madison Hallam (22 days ago)
Jules & Saud add me on poshmark immaddy6
Madison Hallam (22 days ago)
Jules & Saud I love y'all guys
Tiffany Cooke (10 hours ago)
How old are you
Manisha Shiwlal (19 hours ago)
I can tell how perfect Jules body is btw i love you guys soo much❤❤❤
Dayana Robles Acevedo (6 days ago)
❤️ y’all so much ur so butyful in that clothes❤️
Mickalia Gayle (7 days ago)
Saud really know how to dress girl
Miss Savage (8 days ago)
i just love that tongue thing that Saud always does!!!
Klaudia Tomaszkiewicz (16 days ago)
Saud u did a great job ❤❤❤❤❤❤🔥🔥🔥 love u guys ...A1family
Rylie Westerbeck (26 days ago)
The fact he dont look at the prices.....😂😂😂
Barb Losco (28 days ago)
He picked a lot of revealing stuff he likes guys looking at her best xDlol
Adriana Stogu (29 days ago)
Ch1ll ph (29 days ago)
Suprised you aint broke yet
Cupcake Smile (29 days ago)
He has good thoughts for clothes 😂🤣
Kynee Lx (1 month ago)
Can someone suggest a good place to buy dresses? TY!
bob cadet (1 month ago)
love your body so sexy jules xx
Mohammed A (1 month ago)
no one cares cuz it dont matter everyone is conftable in their own skin
Tionna Williams (1 month ago)
Do a said version
Xoxo Zoe (1 month ago)
Wait not complaining but I thought the guy was to shop and surprise the girl, but u went with him not complaining but I was confused anyway love your channel
KAYDEN PETTWAY (1 month ago)
You look like a slut in all of them
Sun GameZ (1 month ago)
Why you always put that pant jules
kats kit (1 month ago)
I know poshmark.i love buying stuff frome it i love shopping
Domenick Ragone (1 month ago)
fuck yhea
Jānis Lanka (1 month ago)
❤❤❤❤💋💋💋💋!!!!!!uonsuztwmnvi MSO,msoa
Jānis Lanka (1 month ago)
❤❤ eoimsomohsuozoHOSao
Kathleen Bartlein (1 month ago)
Jules is really pretty, and said is cute
beast 2468107 (1 month ago)
Saud did a good job
Chloe Reyes (1 month ago)
You did great on the outfits
Josselyn Delarosa (1 month ago)
I don't care what u fucking say "jules" Stop showing ur boobs and butt if u want to make ur own channel let saud run this channel if u wanna show ur boobs and butt enter porn hub you'll be great being a slut
Hailey Jones (1 month ago)
it's 12:37 at night well morning and i'm still watching you guys luv you so very much i'm a big fan
Alyssa Harvey (1 month ago)
Is it for free
Annlynn. Roadrik (1 month ago)
don't mind them they said something like that cause they are loser and you r winner...I love this channel.
Selena Hammoud (1 month ago)
the last one was awesome love the outfits
Jabuka Popović (1 month ago)
It hurts you****that she shows her tits and asss what she has to show and you do not have. It's not her problem. Btw I love you so much Jules & Saud❤❤
Desiree Torres (1 month ago)
You did good
luis pimentel (1 month ago)
i love your boobs
thank you for the app I'ma sell some of my old clothes and some shoes that don't fit me
I love this couple
Michaelx-Xz Gimeing (1 month ago)
You spent the whole f****** video talking about the little things like the free app for the free shirt or the free s*** or the free dick or the free pussy
Richard Smith Sr. (1 month ago)
he did awesome I give him from 1thour100 I give him a 99
cesar saenz (1 month ago)
you should do the vibrating underwear prank
Emilee Nestel (1 month ago)
Good job saud
Natalia Mary (2 months ago)
Oh.....okay girl!!!!
Emma Cruz (2 months ago)
At 2:53 saud:is this a skirt Jules:awwww *gets shook* that's a top GOT ME DEAD 😂😂
Erika Frias (2 months ago)
#Saud is so FREAKIN HOT
Shyla Herrington (2 months ago)
Saud did such a good job!
alexandra castellon (2 months ago)
Jules is so me 🤣 I literally am always looking at myself
hannah shirtcliff (3 months ago)
Yeah but it's not available in my country 😭😭
Maryellen Odonnell (3 months ago)
loves ye guys so much 😍 cutest couple but i started watching recent and saud ur unreal no hate but u girl or boy honestley just a question😍😍
Anshu Karki (3 months ago)
Aww cutest couple ❤
Maria Nason (3 months ago)
U a pretty
Michelle G. (3 months ago)
Saud nice job. 👏👍
#pfbfashion (3 months ago)
that intro though
Alexandra Patterson (3 months ago)
is saud a girl or a boy??? sorry for asking love you guys
grandma blood (3 months ago)
Yes pick ur outfit for u her or u
Hermilo Trejo lerma (3 months ago)
all of them are cute except for the dress
Mery Villegas (3 months ago)
The first shirt is shoulder off
Tanya Pangelinan (3 months ago)
Is saud transgender
Keilen Morales (3 months ago)
fav couple asf
Rokelle Cloud (3 months ago)
Yeah you did good and those clothes loook so cute 😍😍😍
Ray Espinosa (4 months ago)
anyone else hear shawn mendes tnhmb in forever 21? Mendes Army wya?!?!? Just me? okay okay
Mathebula Odwa (4 months ago)
Great job buddy👌🌸
Yesenia Hernandez (4 months ago)
you guys should do the ramen noodle challenge
Israa Almaliki (4 months ago)
Love video sweet girl love you ✨🖤
Kassandra Medina (4 months ago)
what bra do u use
Dolores Aguilar (4 months ago)
Jules ur so fucken ugly u show off a lot kys
Emily Franklin (3 months ago)
Why don’t you go take a long look in your mirror.. oh wait you can’t.. it probably breaks at the sight of you. Truth hurts sweetie, karmas a bitch :) Jules is beautiful, why shouldn’t she show it off? Jealous little girl👋🏼
Maria Rodriguez (4 months ago)
Jules there jelly bc you have a better body then them
francesca lathon (4 months ago)
Idk why i just like his hat off😂
paerangi john (4 months ago)
😂😂 love you guys😍😘
Jasmine a (4 months ago)
You guys need to do a killer clown. Prank
Richard Smith Sr. (1 month ago)
Jasmine a no they will not okay with that it is to scary!!!!
Bestfriends Forlife (4 months ago)
Not trying to be or mean or anything because I love you guys I'm just saying you Jules always be checking her self out love you guys😂💖
Vy Nguyen (4 months ago)
the outfits are super cute good job Saud!!
Hannahturnerxoxox Xx (4 months ago)
I am lit your best friend love you xxxx❤️❤️
Ebony_scott_16 (4 months ago)
Is saud a bit ??
Ebony_scott_16 (4 months ago)
alissa rodriguez (4 months ago)
That cherry coke outfit ✌🏻
Personal Masoon (4 months ago)
When I first read the title I thought it said “burning my girlfriends clothes”
zanntanix (4 months ago)
i love how saud noticed her highlight lmao
Sophia Jasmine (4 months ago)
Y’all are beautiful couples
King Katt (5 months ago)
You did good Saud but I didn't see the heels on Jules
Fangirlall (5 months ago)
That song is dope! At forever21 lol “True love” by destiny and Paris
Fangirlall (5 months ago)
Julia, What’s the shirt say? The one that says “feelings” but I see more haha
Marco & Syd (5 months ago)
slay babygirl
Jarod Silva (5 months ago)
I'm 7
Jarod Silva (5 months ago)
Brown I just read in to a woll.
mom a (5 months ago)
you guys didn't do the challenge right. jules you aren't supposed to follow saud ! saud shops ALONE not with you. its not a teamwork challenge. he buys the outfits he surprises you. this is pretty much us watching you both shop.
Richard Smith Sr. (1 month ago)
mom a calm your self okay or ok
Alayzia Beard (5 months ago)
You did great Saud. Jules you are one of my newest role models. You both are awesome.
Adhikari Adhikari (4 months ago)
Alayzia Beard hi where u live
Miaaa Morton (5 months ago)
Saud did good 😂💕
Eugene Haddad (5 months ago)
I love ur body and everything about u u and saud
Monica Lucero (5 months ago)
Great job saud love u guy's #A1FAMILY
Bharti Thakker (5 months ago)
hy jule . I love u so much both of u I m from India I guys are doing awsome ... we love u so much... 😘 Saud u r so handsome and she is so beautiful u both r 😙..# worlds best couples ✌
alyssa enriquez (5 months ago)
I love u guys so much ❤️
Sarah Humaidan (5 months ago)
When you were showing the Barbie thig you nipple cinda can out
Mom Kimpy (5 months ago)
saud .. ❤ ..
Jessica Alfaro (5 months ago)
Now Jules you should pick clothes out for saud
Baby Gurl (5 months ago)
Julia's face is too white prob bc the makeup #nohate
Danelie Solis (5 months ago)
Saud did good, Jules that dress girl ! you look like a BARBIE in it lol love you guys !
Stephanie Reardon (5 months ago)
You should do a prank video you haven’t done one in awhile
Girl_Gamer 123 (5 months ago)
I bought one of those shirts because I love u guys soon much
Mey GuerraLW (5 months ago)
4:37 I love when he talks in Spanish 😍
Amanda Xoxox77 (5 months ago)
And I have been watching you guys for minute and you guys are goals🔥💖
Amanda Xoxox77 (5 months ago)
That app that you were promoting Canadians can’t get I live in Canada and it’s not valid here you have to only be in the US to get it
Delonie Davis (5 months ago)
Sorry Saud but urmm........JULES UR BAE I’d steal you anyway ur so beautiful and sooooooo perfect in every wayy😍😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️👑YOUR WIFEY😘

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